Australia: Incompetent Australians refuse to face the truth and stand up strong against Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades.

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Past Memorial Combat Memories Australia does not want to repeat.

But the high risk of Xi Jinping Threatens us all.

Australia: Incompetent Australians refuse to face the truth and stand up strong against Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades.

Three Cheers for Peter Dutton, for speaking the truth, about the genuine danger of a war with ‘Communist China’. He said it the way it is.

An important subject title jumps off the page into the alert minds of all Australians that have the courage to face the serious danger that now threatens us and our right to live free in peace. Daniel Hurst ‘Foreign Affairs and Defence’ correspondent wrote on the 9th, July 2021 the truth titled, ‘Australians fear attack from China almost as much as Taiwanese do, survey finds.’ (i)

“More than four in 10 Australians are worried China may attack Australia, according to a new polling, expressing a level of fear that is nearly as high as among Taiwan’s population.(i)

The Australia Institute, a progressive thinktank that commissioned polling in both Australia and Taiwan, said the “astounding” findings may be partly explained by some government figures in Canberra “beating the drums of war”. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… There is nothing astounding about these ‘findings’ because it is a common-sense concern when we follow the bully threat thinking of Xi Jinping Beijing towards Taiwan and Australia since early 2020.

“When the 603 people polled in Australia were asked whether they thought China would launch an armed attack on Australia, 6% said soon and 36% said some time – totalling 42%.” (i)

“When a similar question was asked of the 606 respondents in Taiwan – whether they thought China would launch an armed attack on Taiwan – 4% said soon and 47% said some time – a total of 51% of the sample.” (i)

“The proportion of the respondents who said “never” was 24% among Australians and 14% among Taiwanese, with the rest saying they were unsure or did not know.” (i)

A.I. comments… Previously in my records, I have indicated that I do not trust polls. And sample counts do not clearly reflect the majority of a countries people’s views. However, those of us that understand human thinking know that there will always be people that do not believe, or recognize danger, or understand what is happening, whilst others will have clear understanding of reality. In the case of Xi Jinping Beijing, he has by his statements and behaviour made it quite clear that he intends to invade Taiwan and that he is openly threatening Australia and the Philippines and Japan. Only naïve ignorant fools refuse to recognize the danger of his agenda planned intentions. And Xi Jinping is currently focused on gaining control of PNG using ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ Deal strategy.

Allan Behm, the head of the international and security affairs program at the Australia Institute, said there was “no doubt that China’s recent actions and anti-China rhetoric in Australia have generated fear and insecurity in the Australian community.” (i)

A.I. comments… China’s recent actions are not so recent, the pressure against Australia began in February 2020, increasing in intensity month after month. The Australian people have every right to be concerned. Only fools are not prepared to expect the unexpected.

Behm seems complacent about the danger of ‘Communist Beijing’ and it is reasonable to question his patriotic loyalty to Australia. Why isn’t he speaking strongly against Xi Jinping? He should be agreeing with Dutton that Communist Beijing needs to be reviewed as potentially dangerous to Australians. I don’t trust intellectual weaklings like Allan Behm.

Behm said… “Given Australia and Taiwan’s historical and geographical differences, it is astounding that Australians could be more fearful than Taiwan in anticipating an attack from China,” said Behm, a former defence official and former adviser to Labor figures Greg Combet and Penny Wong.” (i)

A.I. comments… Behm said it wrong Taiwan is far more fearful than Australians because Xi Jinping has made it clear that his first priority is to invade Taiwan and force the 24 million Taiwanese to give up their freedom values and submit to the oppressed dictatorship of ‘Communist Beijing’. It rankles me when inferior thinking idiots like Behm cannot comprehend that the Taiwanese are far more concerned at present about the threat of Xi Jinping agenda than Australians. But having said that it also rankles me that idiot Behm thinks Australians should become more complacent about Xi Jinping’s threats.

Behm said… “For the Taiwanese, potential war and its consequences remain very real while Australians – and those ‘beating the drums of war’ – may not fully comprehend what a war with China would entail.” (i)

A.I. comments… Behm is suggesting by his comments that Australians do not understand what the horror of war is like. He thinks by this weak-minded statement that Australians are idiots and fails to recognize the terror of war and the serious danger of ‘Communist Beijing’s threats. The ANZAC March every year reminds Australians of the tragedy of war. They claim Behm is educated, with thinking like this he is not smart.

Australians are not ‘beating the drums of war’ this is an idiotic interpretation by Allan Behm. Wiser Australians are simply stating we need to lift our game and strengthen our self-sufficiency and military forces. Xi Jinping has been constantly promoting war strategy, the evidence is out there in volumes and I have since February 2020 posted volumes of truthful evidence. Behm could not keep up with me even if his life depended upon it.

“Australia’s national interests were ‘not served by clarion calls to war”, Behm said. (i)

A.I. comments… Not one Australian is blowing a war trumpet. No one is calling for war. Every Australian wants to live free in peace. But Xi Jinping by his constant threats refuses to allow us to live free in peace. His persistent bully threats and military behaviour proves he is striving to frighten us to submit to his dictatorship demands. Allan Behm is clearly a wimp; he cannot comprehend the common-sense strengthening of our Nation by expecting the unexpected. I would not want Behm standing with me in a street fight, he would run.

It is reported that Behm spent 30 years in the Australian Public Service, as a member of the Australian diplomatic service, the Prime Minister’s Department, the Department of Defence and the Attorney General’s Department. He specialized in international relations, defence strategy, counterterrorism and law enforcement policy.

Wow, Behm got around in soft cushy jobs playing diplomatic service, yes, they are the people who are so soft they cannot defend themselves in the Boxing Ring, or in a Street Fight. Where are his references of achievements? They are not on the table. Behm specialized in defence strategy that explains why our defence forces are so weak and unable to fight the military of Communist China. Counterterrorism? Where is the evidence that he stopped terrorist threats? Law enforcement policy? Which law? Why? How? When? This is a big bucket; I don’t believe he did a great solutions job. A person moving around in so many specializations would not become truly competent in any subject field. And this man is suggesting we tone down our response to Xi Jinping and stop challenging Xi Jinping’s clarion calls to war, by military demonstration, spy ships and threats to Australians. It is Xi Jinping sounding the calls of war not us. All we are doing, is saying, we must lift our game and rapidly become prepared. Behm will have to hide in a corner he will never fight the enemy.

Being delicate and sensitive as a diplomat towards Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades does not work. Xi Jinping has no respect for weak-minded diplomats.

“The defence minister, Peter Dutton, said in April the risk of conflict over Taiwan could not be discounted. Around the same time, the secretary of the Department of Home Affairs, Michael Pezzullo, said “free nations” were again hearing “the beating drums” towards conflict and needed to brace “for the curse of war”. (i)

A.I. comments… Peter Dutton is accurately correct in this statement. Xi Jinping is focused on invading Taiwan and Australia. Jinping has been constantly threatening Taiwan and Australia. We Aussies are not wanting war, but Xi Jinping has made it clear that he will launch war to get what he wants. Immediately, he wants ownership control of Taiwan and then he wants ownership control of Australia followed by PNG, Philippines and Japan and the rest of the entire South Pacific.

Michael Pezzullo said correctly, we needed to brace “for the curse of war”.

Weaklings like Allan Behm, refuse to face the truth and refuse to stand up strong against Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades. I have no respect for Allan Behm, and anytime he wants to fight me, he is welcome to try.

I stand for ‘Australian Patriots’ that value their right to live free and have a zero tolerance of Gangster Xi Jinping and his constant bully threats. I repeat again and again, I have no respect for wimps like Behm that will run and hide rather than have the courage to stand strong up against Xi Jinping.

We do not want naïve fools in leadership positions in our Nation. We want men and women with common-sense strength of character to lead our Nation focused head-on on ‘Making Australia Strong Again’ in ‘Self-Sufficiency’ and ‘Military Strength’.

As long as ‘Marxist Communism’ exists, we in the ‘Free World’ will always be threatened by the ‘curse of war’. Marxist Communism rejects ‘Freedom Values’ and for that reason Communist leaders cannot ever be trusted. They by commitment are persistent low-life liars.

“The Australians were also asked [in the polling survey], whether they thought China would launch an armed attack on Taiwan, with 13% saying soon and 36% some time, or a total of 49%.” (i)

A.I. comments… Our opinions are not worth much in answer to this question, because Xi Jinping has already said he is planning an armed attack on Taiwan, if they do not surrender peacefully to despot dictator Xi Jinping Beijing.

“And when asked whether Australia should send its defence forces to Taiwan to fight for their freedom “if China incorporated Taiwan”, 38% agreed and 29% disagreed and 34% did not know or were unsure.” (i)

A.I. comments… At this point of time, this is pointless question, no one can correctly answer this question until Xi Jinping launches an attack against Taiwan.

Morally as ‘Reality Based Ethics’, we are duty bound to support Taiwan’s right to live free with Independence. We are duty bound by codes of honour and decency to always oppose Communist Beijing’s plans to unjustly invade Taiwan.

In physical terms what we can do to help Taiwan is limited until we determine our own capability. We cannot ship troops into Taiwan, the Island is too small and when Beijing invades the country it will already have been completed swiftly. Anything we do to help Taiwan will be all too late. But we can launch long-range missiles and destroy Communist Beijing City without hesitation. Problem is our weak thinking past politicians have not established missiles bases in every State of Australia for defence in ground-to-air missile attacks and for long-range missile attacks. These essential missile bases should already be in place to attack Communist Chinese military locations if Communist Beijing launches war invasion of Taiwan, Australia and South Pacific. Missile air-to-air fighting will be the number one combat tactic in the next war. It is a good wise move that Australia is now participating in training war games with Americans and allies to defend the South Pacific against Xi Jinping Communist threats.

In any event, a tragic war with ‘Communist China’ will be a curse imposed upon all ‘Free Countries’ in the South Pacific because of the insanity of Xi Jinping. And such a war will be forced upon us by the survival rules of the right to self-defence. We alone cannot win such a fight without the support of USA Armed Forces and all allies banded together to stop Xi Jinping.

Let’s get our thinking right, such a war will not be against the millions of pro-democracy Chinese that are now living oppressed by the evil dictatorship of Xi Jinping and his 95 million Communist members. Our war forced upon us will be once again against Communist Gangsters that want to rule the world.

We must not ever forget Xi Jinping is pushing ‘Communist China’ to become number one Superpower to rule the World and Space. Xi Jinping wants to oppress every person on planet earth, no exceptions. If ‘Communist China’ starts a war over 100 million people will perish and that is fine with Xi Jinping because true to his cowardice, he will be hiding behind the lines avoiding risking his own life. He is quite happy to sacrifice every other person’s life, friend or enemy. As long as he can safely hide, he is okay with others being killed in war.

Yes, it is true Communist Gangster Xi Jinping has vowed to take Taiwan by Force. Xi Jinping is a low-life coward and that is easy to prove.

Click on Here to Read… Taiwan a Free Democratic Nation.

The following statement repeats what has been said by many of us over the last twelve months. We must not forget the fanatical ruthless agenda goals of Xi Jinping. This creep must be stopped.

“The Chinese Communist party (CCP) considers Taiwan to be a province of China despite the party never having ruled the island and has vowed to take it by force if necessary.” (i)

Such is the evil fanaticism of XI Jinping.

This is a repeat of what has been posted by us writers previously… “Last week, as he marked the centenary of the CCP, China’s president, Xi Jinping, said resolving the Taiwan question was an “unshakeable commitment” and he vowed to take “resolute action to utterly defeat any attempt toward ‘Taiwan independence’. (i)

A.I. comments… This aggressive dishonourable vow by Xi Jinping proves that he is a coward Gangster and is a low-life creep. Jinping has no right to destroy the ‘Freedom Privilege’ of Taiwan. Just like Xi Jinping had no right to take away ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege in Hong Kong. He has arrested many people in Hong Kong, destroying ‘Freedom of the Press’ and enforcing life imprisonment of those he arrested. Their crime? They had the courage to use freedom of speech to criticize the Communist Government.

Xi Jinping believes that every person in every Western Nation should be arrested for using ‘Free Speech’ and ‘Freedom of the Press’. Allan Behm is so busy being a gentle diplomat it is unlikely we will ever read a justified truthful barrage of attacks by him against Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades.

There is no doubt that deposited secretly in Xi Jinping dark thinking mind is his plans to make Australia a province of China including PNG and New Zealand. Step by step Xi Jinping wants to make all the countries in the South Pacific provinces of ‘Communist China’.

Melissa Conley Tyler, a research associate in the Asia Institute of the University of Melbourne and co-author of the polling report, said she was “astonished that a similar number of Australians think China will launch an armed attack on Australia as in Taiwan.” (i)

“It is doubtful that any military planner in the world would agree with this assessment, which begs the question of what is stoking this fear,” she said.

A.I. comments… Now you know why I do not have any respect for many degree qualified people that are supposed to be advanced educated but in reality, have no comprehension about life, human nature and the nature and character of existence. Tyler clearly has not been learning the dark character thinking of Xi Jinping and has failed to understand the true motive of Xi Jinping and his aggressive threats towards Australia. Melissa Tyler’s astonishment identifies how naïve she is about ‘Communist Beijing’ agenda and how she has underestimated the alert intelligence of many astute Australians that recognize the danger of Xi Jinping’s aggressive thinking towards Australia. In short, she is not bright in thinking. Tyler reminds me of people that walk down a street and are surprised by being attacked, because they failed to be prepared and stay alert and expect the unexpected. It is good to know Tyler is not a leader in ‘Australian Defence Strategy’. She would not be prepared for an attack by China and will when attacked just be astonished.

Any military planner that has good skills would recognize the threatening danger of a Communist China invasion of Australia. If military planners do not agree with the concern of a danger risk of ‘Communist China’ invasion of Australia, it is because such military planners are naïve and incompetent and not alert. In other words, such military planners are unreliably useless.

And once again Tyler makes a naïve ignorant statement with a question of what is stoking this fear. She has failed to do months of observation study into the thinking and behaviour of Xi Jinping towards Australia since February 2020. Stupid is as stupid does. Her education is not worth much if Tyler cannot recognize the valid fear and concern of why Australians feel a sense of danger, she has a limited education problem attitude. Ignorant educated people that shoot from the hip comments, void of common-sense research, proves they are incompetent thinkers.

Conley Tyler cannot keep up with me, she is not sharp enough.

“Conley Tyler, who is in Taiwan as a visiting fellow funded by a Taiwan ministry of foreign affairs fellowship, questioned whether Taiwan could rely on Australia in a crisis. “With these polling numbers, I would advise Taiwanese not to be sure,” she said. (i)

A.I. comments… Tyler made her remarks based upon a sample poll which is not a complete Statistics review of the entire countries population. Anyone that makes a decision based upon a sample poll is short on intelligence and common-sense.

As for the Taiwanese they should not be listening to her, if they want to know what Australia will do, they should be talking to the decision makers that is the Australian Government. In other words, Taiwan Government Discusses with Australian Government. Her opinion is incompetent and irresponsible. The Taiwan Government can only have reasonable confidence in what Australia will do, by talking to the Australian Government.

Tyler was funded by a Taiwan ministry of foreign affairs fellowship, they wasted their money, her opinion is not worth a damn. She has already demonstrated in her thinking comments that she does not have the skills to deal with people, human nature, belief system analysis and survival struggles. She clearly does not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ because if she did, she would not have made such blooper comments to the media.

Tyler seems like a good person but she has shaken my confidence in her ability by the naïve statements she made, tabled in this report. If it becomes necessary, I will check her other ideas. But for now, I am concerned with the dangerous anti-freedom attitude of Xi Jinping Beijing.

To learn more about Melissa Conley Tyler, click just below to read.

“Some commentators, in Australia and elsewhere, have argued that politicians who played up the prospect of war over Taiwan could inadvertently serve China’s goals.” (i)

A.I. comments… ‘Silence is Approval’. What these second-rate commentators are doing is moving away from facing the dangerous threat which Xi Jinping keeps tabling in thinking and actions. Don’t take any notice of these inferior thinking fools, they will be the first to run and hide if Xi Jinping attacks us and we are inadequately prepared.

We will not be serving ‘Communist China’s goals by doing the right thing, being prepared. Read all of my past reports to gain an accurate clear understanding. Go to my website

“Creating conditions of fear around large-scale conflict divides the international community, isolates Taiwan and creates conditions for striking a grand bargain on Beijing’s terms,” Lowy Institute research fellow Natasha Kassam and University of Tasmania senior lecturer Mark Harrison wrote in a piece for Guardian Australia.” (i)

A.I. comments… the idiotic statements by degree qualified people continues. Higher University Education is not worth much if this is the negative thinking coming out of Universities. The fear bully threatening tactics was started by Xi Jinping Beijing not by Australians. Opinions always divide a community for and against that is part of the problem with Homo Sapiens nature century after century, for thousands of years. There is always a conflict between the good guys and the bad guys. Question is… “Who are the bad guys?” And the answer is any person that supports any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ is not a nice person.

Anyone with common-sense and courage that values ‘Freedom’ will never submit to the dictatorship of ‘Communist Beijing’. Only the greedy and weak-minded cowards will sell their soul and do a deal with Gangster Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades.

As for their remark, a grand bargain on Beijing’s terms, will never be launched or approved by common-sense ‘True Blue’ Aussie Patriots. Only greedy people and cowards will submit to the demands of Xi Jinping. And in Australia such deals is an act of ‘High Treason’ against Australians.

The purpose of natural fear in nature is instinctive to help creatures human and non-human to survive. The purpose of fear used by coward Xi Jinping is to bully intimidate Taiwanese, Australians and others into submission. Anyone with intelligence recognizes the ‘International Community’ is divided over how to deal with the threats of Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades.

The good news is that Australia, America, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, The Philippines, India and France are united as allies. The bad news is that PNG and Indonesia are in bed with ‘Communist Beijing’ so far. And New Zealand is currently weak and failing to stand with Australia against ‘Communist Beijing’. NZ is part of the tough ANZACS and the NZ Government needs to toughen up and become more alert true to the ANZAC Spirit.

The bad news is that the United Nations is not a United Nations organisation. The United Nations is divided into three core conflict groups of Nations in opposition to each other. The three divisions are the ‘Free World’ Nations that treasure ‘Liberty’ versus the OIC that values oppression of all other belief systems, versus the ‘Communist Nations’ bloc that is striving to conquer the world one step at a time. The UN is now a weak divided incompetent organisation.

“… Dutton has previously defended his commentary about the risk of war over Taiwan, saying it was “more important than ever that we have a frank and nuanced discussion with the Australian people about the threats we face”. (i)

A.I. comments… Dutton is correct and common-sense Australians agree with Dutton, we need to lift our heads out-of-the-clouds and look at the threats and danger and the essential survival preparation actions we must launch.

“In June, Dutton argued leaders “cannot simply seek to ringfence Australians from complex and difficult issues”. He described the region as “far more complex and far less predictable than at any time since the Second World War.” (i)

A.I. comments… Dutton once again is correct. The truth must be on the table for all Australians to view. The current political complex and more difficult issues is caused by the aggressive anti-freedom of behaviour of Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades. The complex problems would vanish if Despot Xi Jinping gave the Chinese people their right to live free. And if Xi Jinping stopped his greed obsession to want to conquer and rule all Nations as a Dictator Superpower. Altruistic nature does not exist in Xi Jinping character. He reminds me of a scorpion, it is in his nature to sting all that collide with his movement.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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