My wife Jan and I have watched this below 1967 movie ‘To Sir, with Love’ several times since 1987, 15th August, when we met. One thing is clear true to our culture, every child had to learn right and wrong. Not one of us is exempt from that training experience. Every person that attended school was a boy or a girl, no exceptions.

As for ‘Transgender Activism’ throw it in the garbage bin when it pushes false knowledge lies. There is no place for transgender activism in the lives of children in schools. The biological rule still applies until the child becomes an adult, with the right then to choose their sexual orientation. Fortunately for the survival of the human race, the majority of men and women, will still choose their birth sex as boy or girl.

Watch this great presentation of music… Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, the story is too basic for those adults that cling to LGBTQI sexual philosophy, unable to think outside the square, at the beautiful joys people experience as boy or girl during their learning curve growing up childhood years, until they become an adult at eighteen years.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

“Life is like Popcorn something is always hopping.”

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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