Mentor Allan Ivarsson Chastises Australia to Lift their Education Standards and Fight to Save Australia from Death of their Once Lucky Country. Three Cheers for ‘Freedom Loving Americans’

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Feature Image: Koalas are an Endangered Free Species we have to fight to save them from Extinction.

Australians are an Endangered Free Species just like Koalas, we have to fight to save them from Extinction.

Authoritarianism inside Australia and inside Beijing Communist China wants to eliminate the rights of all Australians. And two Authoritarianism Groups inside Australia besides Communist Chinese Company Foreign Investments, are ‘Greens Mentality’ including inside the ‘Electronic Vehicle Market’ and Marxist Socialists pretending to care about ‘Climate Change’.

Meanwhile, Australian Freedom in Speech and Choice is gradually shrinking. Job Opportunities and Supplies are reducing, just like what in the end happened in Venezuela and imposed misery and suffering upon the people. Anti-Freedom Marxist Socialism Communism is the common enemy of every Nation.

Allan Ivarsson 8th October 2022.

Mentor Allan Ivarsson Chastises Australia to Lift their Education Standards and Fight to Save Australia from Death of their Once Lucky Country. Three Cheers for ‘Freedom Loving Americans’.

Allan Ivarsson is not only a ‘Highly Skilled’ ‘Cosmic Philosopher and ‘Professional Author/Writer but he also has Dynamic Skills as a ‘Professional Consultant’ in Manufacturing Industries, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Traffic Controllers, Poker Machines, Radios and Communication, Aero Space, Interscan Antennas, Cable Industry and Insulation Industry. He also understands the Food Manufacturing Industry. And he has High Levels Skills in Project Management since the age of 22 years in 1971.

This is why the wiser trust his advanced skills. There is more to his skills range, but this is all you need to know at present. I don’t want to overwhelm readers with his tough dynamic background. You can learn more by reading his Profiles.

Now I shall switch from writing in the ‘Third Person’ to writing in the ‘First Person’.

Allan Ivarsson comments…

My Website American support numbers are still climbing… Australian numbers are currently stagnated. I have decided to increase my attacks against Australians. It is time to challenge them into an ahimsa academic recorded written fight. Verbal Debates do not work. They are inevitably forgotten, nothing changes, only the written record serves history for every generation to review. If We do not educate Australians and wake them up… Australia is finished… a dead island surrounded by water.

I have never seen a ‘Demonstration’ that achieved anything except delivery of incompetence and criminal vandalism. The emotional rants and raves are soon forgotten, and nothing changes, and the coward vandals are justly prosecuted for their treasonous behaviour. The treasonous low life burns their Nations Flag.

Although I do not believe in the complete usefulness of sample Poll numbers as a guide, nevertheless my numbers tell me which countries are focused on better upgraded education of the young people in schools and universities.

It has been claimed on the Internet that the ‘China-Australia Free Trade Agreement’ (ChAFTA) is an historic agreement that is delivering enormous benefits to Australia, enhancing our competitive position in the Chinese market, boosting economic growth and creating jobs. That Idea is a Lie. Self-Sufficiency in Australia has rapidly declined.

Job Opportunities in Australia are in decline because Manufacturing Self-Sufficiency has rapidly degenerated. Skills in Manufacturing have been rapidly vanishing.

Food Supplies in Australia are shrinking and supply shortages on Supermarket shelves have been increasing. And it has nothing to do with the temporary two-year struggle with COVID.

The reason for the increasing incompetence in our Australian Nation is due to more Sinister thinking and behaviour including Greed, Corruption and increasing ‘Marxist Socialist Communist Authoritarianism’.

The Electric Vehicle Market Organizations is now threatening the use of bully gangster Authoritarianism. Read my EV reports on this subject.

The ‘Renewable Energy’ Activity Projects is now using Authoritarianism to oppress the people’s right to cheaper Energy Supplies.

Royal Commissions for Investigation are Incompetent and have limited ability to create needed solutions.

Education Standards and Values in Australian Schools and Universities have deteriorated. Many Australian children are now weak in Communication and Mathematic skills and cannot do Mental Arithmetic, without use of Calculators. Commonsense Philosophy, the Wisdom of ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ is vanishing from the Education system replaced by backward Socialist ‘Political Correctness’ often now called ‘Woke’. PC is an incompetent ignorant Socialist long-term Fad system to weaken people’s right to ‘Freedom of Speech’. PC was created by Socialist’s in the 1920’ in Europe and is now part of the Collective EU, (European Union).

The rise of wimps and lack of self-discipline, inspiring an increase in Societal conflict and violence is due to the increased use of irresponsible Wimp Psychology and system of excuses and lack of discipline, which has made it extremely difficult for teachers to educate children and teach them the importance of discipline and self-discipline. Teachers are being forbidden to comfort children who cry. Teachers are forbidden to use a ‘Red Pen’ to mark children’s work assignments, including ‘Spelling Errors’, lest it upsets children to be told the difference between right and wrong.

Australian children since 1998 C.E. are now being wrapped up in cotton wool through ‘Australian Education System’ and too ‘Gentle Parent System’ and by the time many children reach adult years they become more emotional in facing problems and societal conflict and panic and violence increases in their life. These Psychology Politically Correct Methods is weaking Australian Society.

This decay through decline in Education Standards is weakening Australia. Incompetence is rapidly increasing.

The prophesy of the ‘Death of our Lucky Country’ by Donald Horne is now in progress since 2015. It began in 1975 since PM Whitlam was dismissed on the 11th of November 1975. And increased to out-of-control since the trade deal with ‘Communist Beijing China’ came into force on 20th December 2015.

The Communication and Mathematics skills of Australians is sliding backwards and clearly by the incompetence in Australian Politics and Street Demonstrations, Australians are weak in commonsense and lack ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, whereas Americans are stiving to be Philosophically Smarter, despite their invasion of ignorant anti-freedom ideologies within their country, striving to overthrow their ‘First Amendment’. Using P.I. I am in this fight with Americans to stop anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ and anti-freedom ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’ from destroying their American ‘Freedom Values’ from within.

Likewise, I am focused on overthrowing all ‘Anti-Freedom Authoritarian Ideologies’ within Australia and making Australia once more ‘Strong Again’ as we were until 1975.

One thing I have observed is that American Education seems to be far better than Australian Education in Communication Skills and Patriotism Encouragement.

Communist China is not backward in teaching Chinese Children to be Patriotic Citizens loyal to their Nation. The Chinese do not burn their flag in protest.

The Australian China Trade Deal was completed on 17th November 2014 and details released two days later. The first round of negotiations began on the 23rd of May 2005. The Free Trade deal was signed by Australia and Communist Beijing China on 17th June 2015. The process came into force on the 20th of December 2015.

In early 2020 Xi Jinping President of Communist Beijing China began to renege on the Trade Agreement, declining their import deals (our exports) focusing on increase of export to Australia (our imports) to weaken more of our Manufacturing Self-Sufficiency thereby eliminating job opportunities for Australians in Manufacturing and encouraging ‘Greed Deals’ with Australians to import more Chinese Manufactured Product, including their poor quality manufactured items to flood our stores with pretend cheaper prices. Anyone with commonsense knows that the rule of life in deals is ‘Quality First’ then Price. Cheaper that does not last in Product Quality is more expensive, encouraged by replacement repetitive buying.

Xi Jinping did not like the idea that Australia could make more profit out of trade deals with China when our exports to China were higher than imports from China in value.

It was planned by the Trade Agreement that 95 percent of Australian exports to China will be tariff free. But such deals are an illusion, there are other ways countries can both increase their prices and profit margins without the use of tariffs.

As part of negotiations with ‘Communist Beijing China’ the Private Chinese Companies all reporting to Beijing China are allowed to invest in Australia in Industry and Property as per Australian Government ‘Foreign Investment Review Board’ standards. Communist Chinese Companies have wide open opportunities to invest in Australia without FIRB approval if the investment is under 1,078 million AU. This weak deal standard allowed Communist Chinese Companies which all report by mandatory rules by Beijing to China. Thus, Chinese Communist methods were allowed to enter Australia as a team of ‘Trojan Horses’ to eventually invade us from within with firing a shot.

Our incompetent Politicians in Federal and State, Labor, Liberal and Greens failed to recognize that they were trading with an ‘Anti-Freedom Ideology Marxist Socialist Communist Nation’ whose Mission is to become Number One Superpower to rule Earth and Space, committed to overruling USA and focused in the beginning of ruling the entire South Pacific including as Priority One… Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

Australian Politicians don’t seem to care about the 1.4 billion people being denied the right to live free. I do care, that fact is evident in all my previous written records, easily discernible by any Australian that has the persistent ability to read my collective works.

As the years have passed because of these Trade Deals and Acceptance of Chinese Communist Company investment in Australia including Property, Australia has been weakened and is no longer a Self-Sufficient Nation as it once was before 1975.

Authoritarianism encouraged by negligent ‘Green Mentality’ is destroying Australia from within. Range of Job Opportunities are less, Career Choices have reduced. ‘Freedom of Speech’ has been reduced and ‘Freedom of Opportunities’ is being restricted.

Electric Vehicles and ‘Renewable Energy’ Environmental Destruction of Trees and Wildlife proves that irresponsible greed ‘Authoritarianism’ is increasing.

Eventually as ‘Freedom Values’ continue to shrink in Australia ‘Freedom Equality Rights’ will also shrink. Don’t Believe? Look at how 1.4 billion Chinese people are oppressed in Communist China including in Tibet. The People are not allowed to live free. They are oppressed by ‘Military Gun Law’.

Idiot Australian Politicians wrapped up in their own greed and vanity negotiated with the devil that rejects ‘Freedom Values’.

Mao Zedong responsible for the murder of over 80 million Chinese people is still revered by Xi Jinping and Communist Beijing. And this fact is okay with Australian Politicians, because ‘Silence is Approval’ and ‘Greed’ is more important than doing the right thing to ‘Make Australia Strong Again’ and ‘Self-Sufficient’ so that it can once again become the ‘Lucky Country’ it once was before 1975.

The Register of the ‘Foreign Investment Review Board’ is maintained by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), it was established to provide greater transparency about levels of foreign investment in residential real estate in Australia.

As to how good this transparency is and how well it is managed is a question mark still blowing in the wind. The average Australian does not have a clue about what is really happening and most Australian Politicians don’t care. Greed and Incompetence is more important to Australian Politicians than striving to do the right thing.

The expanding reduction of ‘Freedom Values’ by the increase of ‘Authoritarianism’ is threatening average Australians Survival, they whinge at times, but the real concerns are not dealt with because ‘Project Management Skills are in short supply and that includes Politicians, most of whom do not have good Project Management Skills. That truth is easy to prove, by results performance that is, non-delivery of essential needs to society.

Protect your heritage with pride unto death.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a wholesome good decent society.

Chat with me demands Written Communication Standards, those rules are tabled in my Chat Program.

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