Australia: A.I. Boxing Ring Challenge against ‘Chicken’ Allegation by Anthony Albanese

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Feature Image: Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese.

Fractured Chicken Allegation by Albanese accusing all “No” Voters who oppose ‘The Voice’ planned Law Changes to our Australian Constitution as being ‘Chicken’.

Anthony Albanese the ‘Great Pretender’.

Australia: A.I. Boxing Ring Challenge against ‘Chicken’ Allegation by Anthony Albanese


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese labels Voice to Parliament No voters as “chicken little” and “doomsayers”, says Saturday Herald Sun columnist Steve Price.” (i)

“The Prime Minister says that he doesn’t want this to be a divisive argument,” he told Sky News host Paul Murray. (i)

“Then he stands up at that speech tonight and says to people like me who are at this stage inclined to vote No that I’m a ‘chicken little’ and that I’m a doomsayer.” (i)

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese labelled all “No” Voters opposing ‘The Voice’ being included in the ‘Australian Constitution’ as being ‘Chicken Little’. This means PM A.A. labels all ‘Resistance’ against ‘Blank Cheque’ changes as being “Alarmist” and that all “No” Voters are panicking easy. Problem is if the concern of the “No” proves to be correct, it means the change in the Constitution will give the Indigenous Voice the Power to enforce Authoritarianism and force their will whether it be justified or unjust upon the people.

Using PM Albanese allegation, it means by his allegation that all ‘Climate Change Activists’ are also ‘Chicken Little’ because of their bullying panicking Authoritarian dictatorship pressure tactics.

Australians Non-Indigenous have a right to be concerned. Even now Albanese has failed to give the people the planned word changes to the Constitution which means he has a deceitful objective for ‘The Voice’ and he is afraid to tell the people of his plan. Albanese is striving to ‘con’ the people and manipulate them to become ‘Puppets’ of the Federal Government.

I am watching this deceitful strategy very closely, as I know many Australians are doing likewise. The good news is that there are both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians that oppose the Referendum and ‘The Voice’ being included in the Australian Constitution.

Remember, the ‘Australian Constitution’ is Mandatory Law and even the ‘High Supreme Court’ must enforce it, even when the law is unjust.

Allan Ivarsson 9th July 2021.

Allan Ivarsson in Walker 3pm 30th August 2021 during Shopping Mall Covid Lockdown. After this date I became trapped using a Walker ever since. But for three minutes only, I can walk in an unsteady way. Thus, for three minutes against Authoritarian Leaders, I am still willing to fight one last fight unto death.

Based upon Albanese use of the words “Chicken Little” he is with a smug smile comment suggesting that all “No” voters are “Chicken” in other words “Cowards”. It also implies that all “No” Voters are afraid, fearful, apprehensive, scared, frightened.

But there is a difference between feeling afraid, fearful, apprehensive, scared, frightened and being a coward. Thousands of Combat Veterans will verify that ‘Fear’ is natural and any person who claims “No Fear’ is an idiot.

‘Courage’ says ‘Silence is Approval’ and that there is no place for ‘Cowardice’ if people want to live ‘Free in Speech, Choice and Equality’.

Hence in response to our Prime Ministers smug smile comments, I wrote…

“Prime Minister Albanese, I will Vote “No”. Anytime you want to fight me in the Boxing Ring under Marquis of Queensbury Rules over ‘The Voice’ change in our Australian Constitution, I will accept the challenge. Make your stand in the ‘Boxing Ring’ if you have the guts.”

Now the truth about my counter challenge to Albanese allegation comment of all “No” Voters being ‘Chicken Little’ is my response allegation that Anthony Albanese is a coward. Proof of my allegation is that he month after month has refused to publish the exact words, he plans to insert into our ‘Australian Constitution’ to become mandatory law to rule all Australians forevermore.

Being of ‘Viking Blood’ I am willing if sadly essential to die fighting for freedom. A friend once said to me several months ago, “What will you do if Xi Jinping attacks Australia?” I replied that even though I am now crippled, I can still fight sitting behind a machine gun post. I will not surrender to tyranny. Victory or Death. Eternal Freedom Rights shall always prevail.

The Memorials of the Anzacs Day in Australia and the Memorial Day in America reminds us of the sacrifice that thousands of Aussies, Kiwis and Yanks made to keep our societies always free. ‘Lest We Forget’.

Now if I am so crippled at the age of 74 years, can I fight in the ring? My answer is I cannot win such a fight. During my first twenty years as an adult, I could win easily as I had boxing experience and street fighting experience in Sydney when I was attacked. Or one occasion when I was forced to attack someone who was attacking others. Even at the age of 50 years I could still fight not as well as in my youth, but I could fight.

If you read my Profile History, you will note how I learned to face fear. And why I did Boxing for six months during my twenties. I went to boxing to learn how to take a hiding, because I knew to win a fight one must be able to take a physical beating so that they can deliver counter-defence punishment.

When I was twenty years old in 1968-69, I knew I could not learn good counterpunching skills in six months so I taught myself to use ‘Hammerhead Punches’ taking a beating and delivering a beating until both of us were suffering from cuts and bruises and blood running down our faces. I always asked to fight someone better than me, because I learned hard and faster how to stay longer in the fight, getting stronger in fight skills every time I went into the ring. That training served me well when I was attacked on the streets, usually by two. I never lost a fight on the streets of Sydney because I used the methods I learned in boxing.

With that understanding of my background, it is clear why I would fight Anthony Albanese in the Boxing Ring in opposition to The Voice being inserted into the Australian Constitution. I oppose all forms of Anti-Freedom Authoritarian Ideologies.

I would, if necessary, walk with my walker to the Boxing Ring and then climb into the ring to fight Anthony Albanese. Even though I cannot win the fight, I can stand in a crippled state for I think three minutes before I fall. It may cost me my life. But to me dying to protect ‘Freedom Values’ in a fair fight is an honourable thing to do.

Thus, since the Prime Minister calls those who vote “No” as ‘Chicken Little” which includes me, it follows that we must call the Prime Minister “Chicken” because he has month after month refused to table the planned wording. This, as I said previously, not only implies his planned deceit but also his cowardice for being too chicken to publish his planned words of change to the Constitution. The Albanese game appears to be one desperate effort to win popularity vote which is why millions of taxpayers’ money are spent on promoting “Yes” vote and “No” Voting is denied equal budgeting financial spend to keep the debate equal in challenge.

Thus, I repeat… “Prime Minister Albanese, I will Vote “No”. Anytime you want to fight me in the Boxing Ring under Marquis of Queensbury Rules over ‘The Voice’ change in our Australian Constitution, I will accept the challenge. Make your stand in the ‘Boxing Ring’ if you have the guts.”

Albanese Fighting in the Boxing Ring, ‘To Be Or Not To Be’, that is your decision.

The challenge I table will stand forever in history.

My advice to you Anthony Albanese is to apologize to all the “No” Voters. It is okay with me if you prefer to fight me in the Boxing Ring. I believe I have one fight in me before I die. Hence, I am willing to fight leaders either Anthony Albanese or Xi Jinping in the Ring in Australia.

It’s now your call Anthony Albanese.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 1st of June 2023 (74 years of age on Boxing Day 26th Dec 2022.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

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