Australia ACT ‘High Treason’ Plan for 2035 Bans Sale of Petroleum New Cars

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Feature Image: Battery Charging.

BMW Electric Car.

Electric Cars are Okay for Cities- Not suitable for Country Travel in Australia.

Discrimination Parking Banning Petroleum Engines Parking.

Freedom of Equality Banned by Electric Cars.

Persecution of Drivers of Petroleum Cars is evolving.

Electric Charging not in Rural Country.

Ernie and Bert teaching children to buy only Electric Vehicles.

These Children are not taught that they will not be able to travel and enjoy camping using Electric Vehicles. When Petroleum Vehicles are banned in total; Freedom to travel away from cities will need horseback or horse and cart travel. Only the use of CO2 Clean Energy Engines can travel into Rural Country Regions. But if Governments refuse to invest in CO2 Energy Technology for Engines the Nation will stagnate.

CO2 Energy conversion of Petroleum Cars will be cheaper than expensive ‘Electric Cars’.

Australia ACT ‘High Treason’ Plan for 2035 Bans Sale of Petroleum New Cars


The Danger of ‘Civil War’ in Australia will increase when the sale of new cars using Petroleum are banned to force people to mandatory purchase of ‘Electric Cars’. This anti-freedom of choice Marxist Socialist political decision of the ACT Government will face serious consequences for their irresponsible oppressive actions, founded upon incompetent treasonous wrong thinking.

Without hesitation, I Allan Ivarsson will fight this Authoritarian Bully Dictatorship ACT Government Legislation head-on. There is no place in our Society for Anti-Freedom of Choice Legislation. Those who reject ‘Freedom Values’ are automatically ‘Blacklisted’. And those who enforce any form of anti-freedom legislation will be charged with ‘High Treason’. The below Treatise Report deals with hard reality. The Battle Line has been drawn. I shall fight!


ABC News Alexander Lewis reported the following seriously disturbing news on the 19th of July 2022, titled, ‘Concerns electric vehicles still won’t be affordable for many by 2035 when ACT bans sale of new petrol cars.’

The Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA) has expressed concern over the ACT government’s announcement that it will ban the sale of new petrol cars from 2035, saying it is locking Canberrans into a commitment “at a time where we really don’t know what the future holds.” (i)

“The ACT government yesterday became the first Australian jurisdiction to name the date for the end of sales of new fossil fuel-burning cars.” (i)

“The ban is set to begin in 2035, meaning car dealers will be unable to sell any new cars that contain an internal combustion engine from then.” (i)

[ A.I. comments… This anti-freedom of choice ban also automatically includes the banning of engines technology CO2 Clean Energy Fuel founded upon the ignorant stupidity of Australian Politicians. The phase out of engines from the Market will eliminate the opportunity to convert engines from internal Petroleum Products use to use of CO2 ‘Clean Energy Technology which is a far smarter wiser technology than Electric Engines.]

Allan Ivarsson comments… It is an Act of ‘High Treason’ against all Australians to ban the sale of new Petrol and Diesel Cars. Why? Because the banning of ‘Freedom of Choice’ is an anti-democracy law. No Politician, No Government has the right to ban the free trade of buying and selling new engine cars using Petroleum products.

The law of banning the sale of new Petroleum Cars is an anti-freedom Marxist Socialist Law and must be outlawed as a crime of the state. I call for a Federal Law to be established making this ‘Crime of High Treason’ a punishable act. All Politicians enforcing such a law, must be by Federal Law, charged with ‘High Treason’ and serve Five Years in jail non-parole and be denied the right to serve as a Politician for life.

Politicians have the right to encourage evolution of changes in a society. Politicians do not have the right to use legislated force to oppress the people and industry by denying them the right to ‘Free Trade’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’.

Such enforced Anti-Freedom Laws by a Government would justify the right of the people to rise up against a Government by ‘Civil War’ action. There is no place for Marxist Socialist Communist oppressive anti-freedom laws.

“The ACT government signalled its intention to ban the sale of new petrol cars last year, when it signed up to the COP26 declaration to accelerate the transition to 100 per cent zero-emission vehicles.” (i)

“The South Australian government has also previously indicated it is aiming for all of its new passenger vehicle sales to be electric by 2035.” (i) [A.I. comments… This S.A. objective needs more independent investigation. How is South Australia going to achieve this? By anti-freedom of choice? How? By using dictatorship force? Which is a treasonous crime against ‘Freedom Values’.]

Allan Ivarsson comments… The COP26 Declaration is unlawfully in breach of human rights to encourage the exploration, research and development of the use of the technology of using CO2 ‘Green Clean Energy’ Fuel. This non-fossil fuel-powered engine using CO2 Green Clean Energy Fuel’, will gradually replace the use of Petroleum Products. And the conversion of engines at a low cost can be phased in, using ‘Freedom of Choice’ as an eternal right.

CO2 Engines are far better for protection of environment than expensive ‘Electric Cars’. The use of ‘Electric Cars’ increases excessive demand on ‘Societies Energy Power Grid’, reducing the availability of urgently needed power 24/7 for homes and industry. The risk of blackouts will increase.

Evolution process for change not forced revolution is always the right path for any healthy society. Anti-Freedom ideology force is not acceptable, not now, not ever.


See COP26 Transcript recorded below at end if the link on your computer does not work for you (ii).

Batteries increase in use versus Pollution of Planet Gaia/Earth

The increased manufacture of Batteries to support Electric Cars and Solar Panels has a serious pollution impact concern on environment. There is no organised plan to support the mandatory recycling of all Battery products to avoid Pollution of Earth with landfill of dead battery waste. Governments around the world are not dealing with this serious significant problem. Disposal strategies for recycling of batteries facilities are not being advertised by Governments, as information for the public, which indicates the political incompetence of Politicians in Government.

“The South Australian government has also previously indicated it is aiming for all of its new passenger vehicle sales to be electric by 2035.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Being forced to only buy new Electric Car vehicles after 2035 is an Act of ‘High Treason’ against the people. Australia is a large continent and for holiday adventures people will still need petroleum products cars, four-wheel drives (4WD), vans, trucks and converted buses. People will not be able to travel in rural locations and into the outback with ‘Electric Cars’. The decision based on COP26 Declaration is an incompetent disgraceful decision.

The ACT State and the South Australian State have failed due to their own ignorance and incompetence to investigate CO2 ‘Green Clean Energy Technology’ conversion of Petroleum Engines, which is far cheaper and wiser than using Electric Cars. Even Transport Trucks, Tractors, Boats, Planes and all engines used can be converted to using CO2 Energy Technology.

But then who said Politicians are smart? Not I, I can outperform everyone of them in ‘Project Management Skills’ and in use of the most advanced intelligence in the Universe, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

If I were were living in ACT, I would move out of ACT and leave this state for the ignorant buzzards. By ACT’s decision to ban the sale of petroleum new cars they have proven they are anti-freedom Socialists and are enemies of a ‘Free Australia’.

After this date 2035, the ACT as a Tourist State, will no longer be recognised or accepted as being a loyal State of Australia. Their only salvation now is to convert to the alternative use of CO2 powered cars. If people want Electric Cars for short distance driving that is their choice. But if they want to travel around Australia into the outback regions and they only have EV’s forget it, they will suffer negative Karma.

Dictatorship High Pressure Political Hypocrisy

“Under the ACT’s plan, while the sale of new petrol cars would be banned, the sale of second-hand petrol cars, or driving a fossil fuel-powered car on ACT roads would remain legal.” (i)

“The ACT’s commitment also does not currently include heavy vehicles such as shipping trucks, being focused on personal transport vehicles such as motorcycles, passenger cars and light trucks.” (i)

A.I. comments… As I stated previously the ACT Government does not have the right to invoke anti-freedom of choice banning sale of new petroleum Motor Vehicles. It is beyond a shadow of doubt an act of ‘High Treason’ to ban the sale of New Cars using Petroleum Engines. Such a ban is a crime in a ‘Freedom Values’ Society where ‘Freedom of Speech’, ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Freedom of Equality’ must always exist. Shaving away ‘Freedom Values’ to support ‘Totalitarian’ i.e., ‘Authoritarian’ Laws is a serious crime against humanity and those Politicians that enforce such anti-freedom legislation must be arrested and charged with ‘High Treason’ and when found guilty must be denied the right to practice as a Politician in Society forever. And I believe they should face a mandatory five years jail sentence. Punishment is a societal decision and cannot be decided by only one individual.

“But some of the legislative mechanics of the ban are currently unclear, including whether fossil fuel cars bought outside of the ACT will be able to be registered to an ACT address after the ban takes effect.” (i)

A.I. comments… If the unjust ban of the Sale of New Cars is enforced and it then bans people from purchasing a New Petroleum Vehicle outside of the ACT by denying them the right to register their purchase at their home address in the ACT, the Politicians enforcing this anti-freedom of choice law will automatically be held to account by the charge of ‘High Treason’ against society. It is by ‘Cosmic Law’ a crime to ban ‘Freedom Values’ in a ‘Free World’ and in a ‘Communist Society’ and in any other society structure.

Any individual or group of persons are automatically ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ for banning ‘Freedom Values’.

“… the ACT government is set to announce more details about the plan… when it releases its complete ACT Zero Emissions Vehicles Strategy 2022-2030.” (i)

ACT Emissions Reduction Minister Shane Rattenbury said announcing the ban now encouraged preparedness for the change and a smooth transition to a future where Electric Vehicles (EVs) were the standard.” (i)

“This 2035 goal is about being really clear that from that date we don’t intend for any new petrol vehicles to come onto the market,” he said.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… And now I shall be really clear… automatically by ‘Cosmic Law’ the way of ‘Cosmicism’ ACT Emissions Reduction Minister Shane Rattenbury has been ‘Blacklisted.

If this legislation is enforced by 2035 or at any other time… Shane Rattenbury will be automatically charged with ‘High Treason’ for legislating Authoritarian Legislation which does not have majority approval by Plebiscite/Referendum of all Australians in all States.

If all Australians by majority Plebiscite/Referendum want to foolishly live using only ‘Electric Cars’ then we that oppose must accept the societal decision to go 100% Electric EV. A State or Federal Government does not have the right to oppress the people by an anti-freedom decision upon the people without Plebiscite/Referendum of all Australians in all States.

The use of ‘Authoritarian Legislation’ upon the people is a ‘Treasonous Crime’ and all politicians enforcing such anti-freedom legislation must be arrested and charged with ‘High Treason’ for rejecting the ‘Freedom Rights’ of the people to make their own decisions of what type of energy vehicle they want to drive.

The wiser future is not to use Electric Vehiclesthe smarter future is to use CO2 Clean Energy Fuel, which will also reduce CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere. Ignorant ACT Emissions Reduction Minister Shane Rattenbury has failed by his incompetence in thinking, to recognize the importance of CO2 Energy Fuel Technology. He does not have much between the ears and neither do his fellow politicians in the ACT Government supporting the creation of the ‘Authoritarian Legislation’ to ban the sale of new petroleum car engines in 2035 without the National Approval of the Majority of the People.

Shane Rattenbury said… We’re about setting an early message now, being clear about where things are going and giving people time to organise the transition. The exact legal mechanism is yet to be determined, we’ll need to work closely with the federal government and with other states and territories, but our view is that by 2035 you should not be able to put a new petrol vehicle on the road. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… I am likewise setting an early warning message now… If any Government bans the sale of New Petroleum Vehicles without Majority Approval of the People by National Plebiscite/Referendum you and all politicians that push this bully anti-freedom authoritarian will be charged with ‘High Treason’ and if necessary to enforce the ‘Freedom Rights of the people to choose to buy New Petroleum Cars, a state of ‘Civil War’ may be launched against every Parliament that launches ‘Authoritarian’ Dictatorship Legislation.

It is a crime against Democracy and ‘Freedom Values’ to ban ‘Freedom of Choice’.

I will authorize by ‘Cosmic Law’ the right of people to challenge all Politicians creating and approving this ‘Authoritarian Legislation’ to fight them in the ‘Boxing Ring under Marquis of Queensbury Rules’ and if these politicians refuse to fight, they will be charged Publicly with Cowardice and ‘White Feathered’.

Politicians must be held accountable for Betrayal of Society.

If Bully Dictator Politicians want a fight you will get one, even if blood must flow in the Political Boxing Ring.

CEO of the Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA), James Voortman said he was concerned the cost of electric vehicles would not lower enough before the introduction of the ban in 2035.” (i)

“He [Voortman] said, customers from lower socio-economic groups may find themselves unable to afford a car if EV prices did not drop by 2035.” (i)

A.I. comments… good choice of words Voortman, ‘lower socio-economic groups’. I would have said Aussie Battlers poorer people and young people and pensioners will not be able to afford new ‘Electric Car’s. And the question ACT Politicians have not answered Can Electric Cars be reliably driven to any part of Australia without incident or breakdown and always find available charging facilities wherever they drive?” Fact: so far Petroleum Cars are more reliable in travelling to any part of Australia. This question is in the too hard basket for Ignorant ACT Emissions Reduction Minister Shane Rattenbury.

These below slide comments were what I wrote to a friend on the 20th of July 2022…

James Voortman continued to say… We know that electric vehicles are more expensive, and we hope that will change in the future, but what we’re seeing at the moment is that electric vehicles are not becoming cheaper, he said. (i)

“Critical minerals that are needed to manufacture these cars are scarce and they need to ramp up the mining of those minerals – such as lithium and cobalt – to ensure the price point that we need does emerge.” (i)

A.I. comments… Lithium flammable batteries have been boycotted by me because of the dangerous flammable nature of such fires that have started fires on Solar Panel Connections and at Electric Charger Connections and on lights sitting on Miner Style Hats.

“Mr. Voortman said even if the prices of electric vehicles dropped, a ban would still be irrelevant because the change in consumer behaviour would have already been driven by the market.” (i)

A.I. comments… Voortman’s truthful common-sense summation will not be understood by ACT Emissions Reduction Minister Shane Rattenbury and his political supporting team of puppet parrots that support the ACT Government ban of the sale of new Petroleum Engine Cars.

Voortman continues to say…These vehicles might become irrelevant, [so] why ban them? If we are seeing the consumer uptake which we are of hybrids at the moment, I am sure that will translate to electric vehicles,” he said. (i)

A.I. comments… James Voortman continues to truthfully table common-sense. I don’t believe that ‘Electric Cars’ have a good survival future. There are a lot of reasons why EV’s are the wrong choice of vehicle energy supply. The future as I said persistently several times over the last two years, the Future Technology for all Engines is the use of CO2 Clean Energy Fuel. But so far, the majority of people have limited vision about what is coming. They need to wake up and become enthusiastic with passion about the important use of CO2 Fuel Technology. Politicians are often not very bright like those incompetent politicians in the ACT that want to ban the sale of all petroleum cars by 2035. All of these politicians should be sacked because of their ignorant stupidity.

“If they are affordable and available en masse, people will buy them,” said Voortman. (i)

A.I. comments… Whilst many people as individuals cannot see the error of buying EV’s others more careful will recognize the danger problems that they will experience with using EV’s outside of city regions. Sadly, many people are ‘Fashion Trend Muppets’ they follow the crowd in ideas because they are motivated by fashion, which is not always the right thing to do. We cannot save such ignorant people from bad karma experience because they don’t listen. We have to let them suffer bad experience, because we cannot hold their hand if they refuse to learn truth.

Voortman continues to say… I don’t think a ban is the right way to do this. We are really locking ourselves in at a time where we really don’t know what the future holds.” (i)

A.I. comments… Once again, James Voortman, said it right.

Voortman continues… “Mr. Rattenburysaid the government expected EVs to become more affordable as more became available in the coming years.” (i)

“We are expecting a significant increase in the number of [zero emissions] vehicles available, and a price reduction,” he [Rattenbury] said. (i)

“Already the ACT has the highest rate of zero-emission vehicle uptake in the country.” (i)

Rattenbury concluded… “This is the beginning of an orderly transition, saying ‘let’s stop making the problem worse.” (i)

A.I. comments… Shane Rattenbury, is delivering a temporary societal dream of magical solutions ignoring the damage to Australia, if the entire country ran on ‘Electrical Vehicles’, ignoring all of the essential needs of engines which need petroleum products.

The Solution to Global Problems is the evolution of using CO2 Technology ‘Clean Energy Fuel’. Not a forced dictatorship technology like ‘Political Gangsters’ are striving to impose upon the people, but an evolution ‘Freedom of Choice’ process in the Market allowing people to make their own choice as to what they want to own and drive. There is no place in a decent wholesome society for the rule of Authoritarianism i.e., ‘Totalitarianism’.

The massive increase in use of Batteries threatens to pollute our planet with landfill. No good plans efficiently exists everywhere, to recycle all batteries when they are dead and need replacement.

Lithium and Cobalt are scarce expensive minerals and a shortage of these minerals could harm the reliable supply of electric cars now dependent on these materials in order for survival.

Lithium Batteries are dangerous Flammable Products and for that reason alone I would refuse to own an Electric Car.

If our country ceases to use Petroleum Products for Vehicles and our overseas volume of oil supply before refinement drops, overseas suppliers might give up on us and look for alternative markets and leave us in short supply of petroleum for all the other engine needs which still need oil supply. Difficulty in obtaining oil supplies could cripple our Industry, our food supplies and create famines.

Excessive electrical charging for EV’s on our Power Grids over dependent on unreliable ‘Renewable Energy’ could increase persistent ‘Blackouts’ throughout our society significantly hurting homes and industry needs, including water supply needs. This is a downtime experience none of us can afford.

The prices of secondhand petroleum engine vehicles will significantly increase beyond the affordability of the average person. Car thefts will dramatically increase.

The drop in use of Petroleum Products will close down petrol stations and secondhand petroleum engine vehicles, will cease to exit and shells of abandoned combustion engine cars will be scattered around the country.

Spare parts for secondhand petroleum cars will cease to be available and as cars breakdown with no parts to repair them, thousands of dollars will be lost sending Aussie Battlers broke without transport. This will anger the people as the tension increases towards ‘Civil War’ action.

The ability to travel anywhere in Australia will be stopped because Electric Car Chargers will not be available in many parts of the country, where petroleum products were once available.

The solution to stop all this misery, pollution of our country and to reduce emissions is the use of CO2 Clean Energy Fuel but politicians in Australia are too stupid to invest in that advanced technology which not only reduces emissions but also reduces CO2 in the atmosphere by use of engines, all using CO2 Fuel, including Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Boats, Planes, Lawnmowers and all pump engines etc.

We do not need ‘Carbon Trading’ all we need is the use of CO2 Clean Energy Fuel. But our roadblock is inferior thinking ignorant politicians like ACT Emissions Reduction Minister Shane Rattenbury.

World read with me and learn how to be smarter and wiser than inferior thinking politicians around the world.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

The Battle Line has been drawn. To be continued…

Conversation with BNI America below on this anti-freedom ‘Battle Line’ subject briefly dealing with the serious concern about ‘Electric Cars’ Bully Authoritarian Anti-Freedom Legislation in the ‘Free World. We are not Communism like oppressive Chinese Beijing Totalitarianism. And we will not allow Communism to take control of our Nations. Politicians striving to force anti-freedom ‘Electric Cars’ to replace Petroleum Vehicles will be fought head-on in the ‘Political Boxing Ring’ under Queensbury Rules if necessary. These anti-freedom creeps will be stopped!

There is no place for anti-freedom of movement demonstrations on the streets. Political Fights must be fought in the Boxing Ring.

Allan Ivarsson 22nd of July 2022


Transcript from above FB Slide A.I. Comments

It will be an act of ‘High Treason’ against Australians if the Government bans the Sale of Petrol Cars in 2035. Such anti-freedom tactics will encourage ‘Civil War’ against the Australian Government.

To erase Petrol & Diesel usage, the Australian Government must invest in use of CO2 Clean Energy Fuel Technology not in Electric Cars which are draining our Main Supply Grid for electricity power to homes and Industry.

Renewable Energy will not support Homes, Industry and Electric Cars.

We the people will suffer. We must smash the credibility of the Greens and all associated Net Zero Target Mentality. Communist China will continue to use Coal Power to negate Australians ‘pinprick’ efforts to stop ‘Global Warming’ which was overruled by an Antarctic Cold Blast this winter 2022 delivering ‘Freezing Conditions’ to Australia.

Transcript of COP26 Declaration

Released 11/11/2021(ii)

The ACT Government has signed onto the COP26 declaration on accelerating the transition to 100% zero emission vehicles. (ii)

At the UN Conference of Parties (COP) climate summit overnight, countries, governments and car manufacturers pledged to end the sale of petrol cars in developed countries by 2035 and work towards all sales of new cars and vans being zero emission globally by 2040. Australia did not sign the statement. [A.I. comments… the right Australian decision, which the backward ACT Government opposes.]

The statement commits to rapidly accelerating the transition to zero emission vehicles to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, including:

  • All sales of new cars and vans being zero emission by 2040 or earlier;
  • Converting owned or leased car and van fleets to zero emission vehicles by 2035 at the latest;
  • Putting in place policies that will enable, accelerate, or otherwise incentivise the transition to zero emission vehicles;
  • Make zero emission vehicles the new normal by making them accessible, affordable, and sustainable in all regions by 2030;
  • Commit to supporting a global, equitable and just transition so that no country or community is left behind.

The following can be attributed to Minister for Emissions Reduction, Shane Rattenbury:

“As the world starts the much-needed shift to zero-emission vehicles, the Federal Government has no phase-out timeline for petrol cars or targets for the take-up of zero emissions vehicles.

“This week, the Federal Government said they will not introduce incentives to make it more attractive for people to buy EVs and has ruled out introducing vehicle emissions reduction standards that would help drive down emissions and make cleaner cars available in Australia.

“The Federal Government projects zero emissions vehicles will make up 30% of new car sales by 2030, but that is too little too late. Many car manufacturers have committed to selling only electric vehicles by 2030 or 2035. There is an inevitable transformation taking place and Australia is stalled at the starting line.

“Meanwhile, the ACT is continuing to find new ways of encouraging the shift to zero emissions vehicles. We are currently finalising an Electric Vehicles Charging Masterplan to help guide the installation of charging infrastructure across the ACT.

“Our incentives of two years free registration and stamp duty exemption are helping to drive an increase in uptake of zero emissions vehicles with a 34% increase in zero emissions vehicles on ACT roads since these measures were introduced in May 2021. In the first half of next year, we will also announce our target for new car sales to be zero-emission by 2030.

“Our efforts in the ACT are helping to make zero emissions vehicles more affordable and recharging more convenient. We hope to see supportive national policies at some point in the future so Australia can catch up to the rest of the world on the electric vehicles revolution.”

– Statement ends –


Allan Ivarsson 22nd of July 2022 comments… Reference last three words in ACT Statement above… “Electric Vehicles Revolution’ Wrong Word! Thinking should be on Evolution void of Dictatorship, not by use of force Revolution.

Trust ACT Government Politicians? No Way!

The Future Starts in the Past and Keeps Moving Forward into a Dynamic Forever Changing Future but this is only good when everyone is able to live ‘Free’ in Peace. And for that reason, there is no place for any form of anti-freedom ideology… Authoritarianism” must always be rejected that which is also called ‘Totalitarianism’.

Allan Ivarsson 2022

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