Australia Sydney Lakemba – Now a No-Go Zone for all Non-Muslim Aussies

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It is not likely that we will ever witness Muslims caring for Koala’s and becoming involved in Wildlife Preservation and supporting the RSPCA, or Guide Dogs for the Blind or Wires Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation. With all the Bushfires in Australia, I don’t know of any Muslims fighting bushfires or any Muslims volunteering to help those forced to leave their homes and seek out overnight stay, often for several days in Fire Evacuation Centres.


Eventually the entire territory in this Map shall be a ‘Land Of Islam’

Ramadan Celebrations September 10 2010

I remember, when I was a teenager and a young adult in the 1960’s I could walk through Lakemba because it was an Australian Zone, even in the early 1970’s it was a safe place. But after the First Mosque was built in 1977 in Lakemba, the region began to change and as time passed it was no longer a safe zone for non-Muslims.

Australia Sydney Lakemba is now a No-Go Zone for all Non-Muslim Aussies.

Why? Because as the Australian NSW Police Officer in the below video said… [It is a] “Highly Religious” [area. And if a conflict starts,] “It is a Breach of the Peace”. Which means that even if you walk down the street in peace, if they ‘True Muslims’ confront you for whatever reasons, accidental or deliberately, you not them, are guilty of causing a ‘Breach of Peace’. Yes you can quietly walk down there in safety during daylight hours, without fear but don’t be naive to think you can walk through Lakemba in safety at night. And even in daylight if you accidently bump someone, their fault or your fault, it could cause a ‘Breach of Peace’ and you, not them, are accountable.

As for all Australian Media, they are forbidden to interview the locals in Lakemba, because as the Police Officer said, you can cause ‘Breach of Peace’. But the Media can talk to Aussies in non-Muslim territory with no fear of being accused of a ‘Breach of Peace’. But in Lakemba and other No-Go Zones in Australia, the Media must stay out of these ‘Highly Religious’ zones.

“Freedom of Speech” is not allowed in Lakemba.

‘Sharia Law’ now rules Lakemba NSW and other No-Go Zones in Australia. There is nothing Politicians in Australia can do to stop the illegal expansion of ‘Sharia Law’ in Australia by one suburb at a time, because all Politicians in both Federal and State Governments are afraid to enforce a ban on ‘Sharia Law’ and are afraid to ban the wearing of a Niqab or Burqa Face Covering. The latter is a security breach, but that is okay because they are highly religious. But if people non-Muslims start wearing Bike Helmets down the street and into shops and tell people they are wearing it for religious reasons they will be banned from wearing bike helmets. And if you decide to be a follower of the ‘Religion of Clowns’ and always wear a clown face you will be stopped even if you worship a ‘God of Clowns’. The real truth is that when the law becomes afraid of the ‘Highly Religious’ they can do what they like to ‘Keep the Peace’. But anyone else that follows a different religious belief system, cannot do what they like lest it become a ‘Breach of Peace’, caused by oversensitive Muslims being offended.

You cannot open a shop for business in Lakemba and then sell Christmas Decorations and Christmas Trees. Why? Because that would be a ‘Breach of Peace’. Anti-freedom Islam bans Christmas Celebrations.

Even though ‘True Christians’ are also ‘Highly Religious’ they don’t have the same rights in Lakemba because it is a ‘Breach of Peace’.

We no-longer have ‘Freedom of Speech’ in Australia lest it offends our 2.6% Population of Muslims. No other religion is offended by ‘Free Speech’ except Islam.

‘True Muslims’ are happy with this No-Go Zone arrangement, because they can enjoy ownership control of this territory which is now deemed by ‘Islamic Doctrine’ as being a Land of Islam. And when they gain larger population numbers as they gradually takeover more adjoining suburbs, their Land of Islam will grow stronger and they will eventually be able to secede from Australia and create their own Nation.

This invasion process is how Islam works. There is more, but people who truly know Islamic Doctrine Strategy don’t need to be told and those who refuse to learn the truth cannot be told. So it is better to walk away from them and let them fall to becoming victims of Islamic takeover. They can’t rely on coward politicians to support them. They are on their own.

When we look at all the No-Go Zones in Europe, we can observe that Australia’s No-Go Zones are a lot safer for now. But as more ‘True Muslims’ move into the region, the safety of all non-Muslims shall decline. And even Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigades shall not be safe, as is true in many parts of Europe.

We cannot rely on Politicians to do the right thing by the people… since 2001 the incompetence and personal greed of politicians is increasing. And the people will not get the support of good caring leaders that they have a right to expect.

Always remember that it is the taxpayers paying the Salaries of every Politician, they report to us, not the other way around. If they don’t get it right, we must vote them out of office.

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Nothing has changed since this report hit the table. Politicians in Federal and State Governments threw the problem into the too hard basket because to solve the issues requires real courage which most Australian Politicians do not have.

For security reasons the wearing of the Niqab/Burqa should be banned. But again Politicians are too yellow scared to pass legislation that bans the wearing of Face Coverings.

If Politicians are afraid to ban ‘Face Coverings’ they certainly will not find the courage to ban other anti-freedom Islamic Demands. And the lack of courage of CEO’s to say no to Islamic Demands tell us how submissive are all the Degree Qualified People coming out of our Universities. Now you know why I am not impressed with many degree qualifications.

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