The NSW ‘Public Health Regulation Act 2012’ is Incompetent… Allows Authoritarianism

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Mandatory Mask Reduces Freedom

Even Dogs do not Understand Lockdown.

The NSW ‘Public Health Regulation Act 2012’ is Incompetent… Allows Authoritarianism

Rules on paper where are the official Legislated Acts approved by Parliament? Why is the search so time wasting difficult for the common people?

Authoritarianism, in other words, allows the enforcement of strict obedience to authority with the elimination of personal freedom. Such Mandatory/Compulsory Dictatorship has a lack of concern for the wishes or opinions of others and encourages advocacy, i.e., public support for an enforced cause/policy.

‘Climate Change Activists’ Socialist in thinking are also supporters of Authoritarianism.

Communists are Authoritarians.


A.I. Challenges the NSW Government and Opposition.

The Internet recorded the following summary statement that ‘The Public Health Act 2010’ was passed by NSW Parliament in December 2010 and commenced on 1st September 2012. The objectives of the ‘Public Health Act’ are to protect and promote public health control [and reduce risk to public health.]

[Internet statement amended by A.I.]

Public health legislation (

The Link I selected is not very good and did not take me to where I wanted to be… to review COVID ACT. The limited link…

Public Health Regulation 2012 – NSW Legislation

To Find What I wanted, I had to stop using the ‘Public Health Legislation’ Link and use a different path. However, this above link did help me find Schedule 4 Penalty notice offences.

Public Health Act 2010, section 7 website search helped me find some pdf links of Acts.

And Parliament NSW Government gave me another path to painfully finding laws that I was searching for. But the information result was not good enough and still did not tell me what I was looking for. The Truth is that the Entire Search Engine Interfaced Link Process was very user unfriendly, and links of same subjects were interfaced in different programs but there was not one ‘Competent Public Health Regulation Act Program’ that gives the reader/searching easy access to laws…

In this case COVID laws and directives are floating buried on the Internet, which many young people believe does not exist. No wonder they believe this because they are not easy to find on the Internet. They are buried inside Internet various programs with no formal intelligent easy to follow trail of laws and penalties.

Everything is out-of-control. I have spent hours reading sections of the ‘NSW Public Health Act.It is the most incompetent presentation of law I have ever read. It clings to high level thinking and does not trace down to the actual COVID Law rules Police are obeying.

A lot of people cannot comprehend that the Police do not write the laws they just as instructed simply obey the laws and do their sworn duty to enforce the laws. It is the Politicians who are accountable for laws including unjust laws.

The COVID Laws enforced by Police seems to vanish out of sight in the ‘NSW Public Health Act’ from Top Level down the pyramid to readable rules for the public to review. Clearly the bully dictatorship laws have not been approved by Parliament. I keep searching for the bottom level rules approved by Parliament being enforced by Police and posted on the Internet as “Must Vaccinate Rules and Must Lockdown Rules“, which it is now clear has not been approved by Parliament.

The excessive Laws are out there but it is not easy for the public common people to find them. Thus, the misleading idea that many young people believe that the laws do not exist. This is increasing resentment by the young people who in turn are unjustly blaming the Police. It is the Politicians who are accountable, not the Police for these ‘Authoritarian Laws’. The question of whether they are right or wrong laws is another valid question of concern. But they do exist hanging on pdf documents in a very poorly presented path of traceability.

I saw two top level presentations under the umbrella of ‘Public Health Legislation’ approved by resigned Gladys Berejiklian due to corruption interface allegations, but nothing linked below in needed detail. The now gone Premier signed off nothing worth recognising.

In 2018 I found Federal Anti-Freedom of Speech Laws easily.

I knew somewhere out there on the Internet… Laws being enforced must exist, I found some of the ones I was seeking the hard way. The research process should have been easy to find and not buried like potatoes in the ground.

The history Medical Administration started in a primitive way in 1788 and rolled forward by evolution process into 1973 and beyond.

It is clear to the writer that earlier ‘Health Acts’ existed in past decades, and the upgrade of acts to cover more concerns was a good step forward. But it is also clear that over the decades the NSW Government has failed to write clear ‘Health Regulation Acts’ that should have been easily legible for the public people to read and understand at call.

With the amazing evolution of computer technology and better communication tools including the Internet, this project of establishing an excellent communication presentation of the complete range of ‘Health Act’s should have been easily completed by 2014 and by 2021 should have been a brilliant clear well written presented document for the people to easily read within minutes of access to selected subject documents. But the opposite is true the entire ‘Public Health Act’ is the most incompetent communication presentation I have ever read.

In all of my Senior and Executive years in numerous Manufacturing Industries, I would not have survived and done well in all of my professional seats, if I had written such confusing incompetent presentation of management procedures, policies, and objectives- associated with using ‘Computer Technology’. It is a disgrace that so many of our politicians in the seat of writing ‘Legal Acts’ have failed to deliver common-sense presentation of law for people to easily read, approved by Parliament.

No law should be enforced which has not been approved by Parliament and has not subsequently been clearly presented as an ‘Act of Legislated Law’ which people can read. It is not a valid law as a directive if it has not been approved officially by Parliament which the ‘Common People’ can easily read at call.

Both Labor and Liberal Parties are responsible for this disgraceful presentation by evolution process of ‘The Public Health Act.’ The Liberal Party had the best opportunity since 2011 to clean up the act of correct presentation of Health Laws… and they failed to do the job. [I am not a fan of Socialist Labor, but I have no hesitation into putting in the boot of critical attack wherever it is needed.]

I do not believe in holding peoples hands. Everyone must stand up and be counted as a responsible adult that uses common-sense, courage and commitment to do the right thing to their best of ability, in caring concern for what they believe is right for society.

As to which ideas are right or wrong is the discussion point of view. The majority rules but that does not always mean the majority is right. Sometimes throughout history the one has been right.

Only in a ‘Free World’ can we solve problems and create solutions. Anti-Freedom ‘Authoritarian Societies’ like ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’ are Dictators and must not ever be tolerated.

Authoritarianism has been ruling States since the invasion of COVID. That process of rule must be stopped!

NSW PREMIERS since 1856.

As a citizen of NSW Australia, I am duty bound to learn and understand the NSW ‘Public Health Act’.

Ignorance does not protect us or excuse us if we think wrong and thus do the wrong thing.

Before we act, we must know the law and make sure we are thinking and behaving correctly.

If a law is wrong and unjust and or anti-freedom, then we as ‘Free Citizens’ have the right to question and challenge such criticized law. However, until that law is corrected and changed, we still in the name of peaceful stability must respect and obey that law until it is legally changed. This process is common-sense.

There is no place for physical Demonstrations such misuse of ‘Freedom Privilege’ must be outlawed by the degree of force that is necessary to fine and imprison repeat offenders.

It is the responsibility of every Australian in every State to investigate and manage their own state legislations.

Personally, as a ‘True Blue’ Aussie, I think it is ridiculous that every State in Australia has different ‘Health Act’ laws which are not in agreement with other States.

We should have one ‘Federal Public Health Act’ law that governs every Australian in every State. Then all Australians have the same right to examine such laws and question its accuracy in care and justice for all Australians.

The ‘Public Health Act’ should include the subject category of Abortion and Euthanasia.

Most basic criminal laws fall under the umbrella of commonsense guidance ‘Cosmic Laws’ of ‘The Ten Commandments’. Even children can comprehend the importance of these Commandments.

As society has evolved in different cultures over the last three thousand years, more complex laws have been created to solve unjust problems in society. Sometimes these laws are just and valid, other times they are wrong and unjust and must be challenged by citizens.

The worst most unjust laws in the world are those under the ‘Direction of Anti-Freedom Ideologies, like ‘Sharia Law’ and worse still… Marxist Socialism and Marxist Communism.’ Such unjust laws must be criticized and rejected by citizens in ‘Free Countries’ to send a Global message to all Leaders and Ambassadors of anti-freedom territories that such injustice is not acceptable behaviour.

The Entire NSW ‘Public Health Regulation Act 2012’ is incompetent in communication presentation for the people to read. And needs to be completely rewritten and restructured from top down to bottom in an easy read traceable flow of law, with fines and punishment.

Failure to establish laws which are easy to read by the public for the purpose of their needed education is an incompetent irresponsible treasonous act against the free rights of the people to know the law that Police and Lawyers and Judges are enforcing.

A Wrong Path, not completely wrong Argument that Seems True, because Traceability of the Law Acts is difficult to find by the Common People who are not trained Lawyers…

“There are volumes of COVID Control Regulations but there is no direct evidence that all of those rules were signed off by Parliament Approval. These rules read more like a Despot Mandatory Dictatorship than a legalized section of legislation as an individual law.” [True]

“There is no visibility that all of the COVID Directive rules have been approved by Parliament as a formal Act of Law. All of the rules Police have been forced to enforce are coming from the Office of the Premier of NSW and from the Office of the Minister of Health and Medical Research and perhaps from the Deputy Premier’s Office.” [True.]

“Such Laws as Directives that have not been approved by Parliament as a formal recorded ‘Act of Law’ clearly written for the people to read, must be deemed automatically as an ‘Act of Treason’ against the people and must be deemed as a Despot imposed law which has not been approved by Parliament through Democratic Process of Legal Implementation. The Politicians in Parliament are the representatives of the people and all Politicians do report to the people and are accountable to the people. It looks like our Premier and Deputy and Minister of Health have failed to recognize this fact and have thus inadvertently and foolishly betrayed the people’s right to live free in decision.” [True and False… Foolish Parliament back in 2010 gave the Premier ‘Authoritarian’ Rights to Rule the People by Process of Dictatorship.]

End of Seemingly Wrong Argument.

This statement may not be completely true, but it seems true and mostly is true for reasons of stupidity by Parliament in 2010 and it shall need corrective adjustment because the truth is buried out there in overly complex incompetent presentation of laws founded upon legislated acts which are not easily found and read by the public.

A law as a directive is not a valid law if it has not been approved by parliament and the people have the right to read all laws pertaining to an important subject, which in this urgent case is reading all laws about COVID regulations that were approved by Parliament and are not just directives of the Premier of a State.

There are a mixture of reports, concerns and ‘Acts of Legislation’ but there is no easy direct path to find the ‘Legislated Laws’ which exist or do not exist to support all the verbal Police enforced laws, which they receive as directive instructions from above their level of authority. Even the Police workers do not know the source of all of these law directives they have been instructed to enforce.

The Public Health Act 2010 – Sect 7 Must be Immediately Rescinded/Repealed.

The entire copy of the act is tabled below in a PDF format and needs a complete review to ensure all ‘Authoritarian’ Powers in this Health Act are Repealed.

This Treasonous NSW Legislation Approved by Parliament in 2010 gives ‘Authoritarian’ Powers to the Premier and Health Ministers which have not been approved by the people. Gladys Berejiklian who resigned due to corruption interface allegations, did authorize misuse of this ‘Totalitarian’ Parliament Legislation which forced Police to impose many Acts of Unjust Tyranny upon the people of NSW including visitors from other States.

Berejiklian did not have the ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to figure out what she was doing in ‘Directives’ that was wrong.

It is clear to me that a large percentage of Politicians approve of Bills in Parliament void of any understanding of exactly what they are approving that has been pushed forward by some ‘Authoritarian’ Politician that should not be allowed to represent the people in Parliament. Any person that is focused on destroying ‘Freedom Values’ is an enemy of Society. And Authoritarian Acts that have not been approved by the people via Referendum are ‘Acts of High Treason’ against the people.

The enforcement of Anti-Freedom of Speech Laws is an Act of High Treason.

The Public Health Act 2010 – Sect 7 opens the gate to how much power the NSW Premier has been given. This section empowers the Minister to create instant laws without direct Parliament Act Approval on the grounds that there is a risk to public health. It gives the Premier an open cheque book authority to enforce authoritarian laws upon the people void of agreement by the majority of the people. It is a very dangerous anti-freedom power law to be given to a Premier which has not been authorized by Parliament Approval one subject objective at a time.

Such open gate authoritarian power must be rescinded from Legislation.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

PS. A typical example of misuse of Sect 7 law… I observed is the opening gate on laws by directive, not approved by Parliament which I found and opens with the words…

I, Brad Hazzard, the Minister for Health and Medical Research, make the following Order under the Public Health Act 2010, section 7.

This order then becomes ‘Authoritarian’ encouraging the rise and expansion of unjust dictatorship as happened recently when ‘Curfews’ Martial Law Tactics were enforced.

Warning Note to the People of Every Other State in Australia.

Just as NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has done the wrong thing to the people of NSW. So too has Premier Daniel Andrews in Victoria and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in Queensland. The people of each State in Australia should investigate their Laws of State to ensure that the Premier of the State has not been given ‘Authoritarian’ Powers approved by ‘Parliament Legislation’ as was foolishly approved in NSW in 2010.

It is difficult to hold a Politician Accountable for ‘Acts of High Treason’ when ‘Idiotic Politicians in Parliament’ gave them such Dictatorship Powers.

If Andrews and Palaszczuk have like NSW, been given such ‘Authoritarian’ Power by Parliament then it will explain their misuse and abuse of such power. If they have not been given such power by Parliament, they can face charges of ‘High Treason’ against the people of their State.

The Expansion of Unjust Tyranny and Oppression in NSW

This comes in two levels of orders.

  1. Directives authorized by Public Health Act 2010, section 7. And…
  2. Directives in COVID Law Acts approved incorrectly in Parliament.

One of the most obvious tyrannies that has not been approved by referendum majority of the people is the demand that every person must be vaccinated. And that people must be denied the right to work if they are not vaccinated.

The excessive process of ‘Industrial Lockdown’ destroying the Australian economy, motivated by the lack of courage to allow people to live with the danger of COVID is an act of treason against the people’s right to live free in choice.

It is disgraceful when people have used ‘Demonstrations’ backed by emotional violent behaviour but it is equally disgraceful when Premiers of State and Health Ministers have enforced ‘Dictatorship Laws’ which have not been approved by the majority of Politicians as an official act of law, which may or may not be subject to challenge by the people who have reviewed such legislation.

We are not a Marxist Social Communist anti-freedom ideology country and we must not ever make the mistake of approving of anti-freedom ideology laws to take control of our lives.

Furthermore, it is idiotic that all of the Premiers of every State are making different Health Laws in disagreement with each other. We are One Nation and through Federal Government must establish one ‘Health Law’ for all with no roadblocks denying Australians ‘Freedom of Movement’ anywhere in Australian Territory.

Politicians in Australia, Federal and State and Local Councils, are accountable to the people.

Labor, Liberals/Nationals, Greens and all other Independent Parties are accountable to the majority will of the people. And every politician needs to wisely remember that reality.

We are not ‘Communists’ who oppress their own people in ‘China’ and ‘North Korea.’

We are a ‘Free People’ and expect all politicians to be honourable and free of corruption loyal and true to our majority wishes at voting time. If they fail to do the right thing by the people and look after their quality-of-life survival needs as free people, they can be sacked by the people at election time. “Lest they Forget.”

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Appendix comments…

The Bills are often excessively complex in layout and fail to read easy for public review and examination.

Try finding bills for law guidance on the Internet. Very difficult if we do not know the exact full name of the bill. Using one word search of a subject of concern does not always help people striving to find a better understanding of law, fines and other penalties.

It is unjust for people to be prosecuted when availability of legislated laws i.e., Acts Approved by Parliament, cannot be easily found on the Internet for people to read.

It has been claimed that the ‘Passed by both Houses (PDF) version of a Bill is available on the website. But if you are not a trained lawyer which most of us, the common people are not, it is very difficult to find the correct needed bill for review if we do not know the exact complete name of the bill. I repeat… One-word searches to find a bill subject range for quick review often fails to help a person find the information they need. And being forced to spend money on lawyers all of the time for basic needed law review is unjust and too expensive for the common people.

Print version of a bill –

A bill is introduced into the Parliament as a ‘First Print’. If that bill is amended by the originating House, a ‘Second Print’ (or ‘Third Print’ if necessary) is produced in both hard copy and PDF format for consideration by the other House. Where a bill is amended by the other House, a revised print is not issued but a Schedule of Amendments is sent to the originating House for its consideration. Once both Houses have agreed to a bill, a ‘Vellum’ is produced for the Governor’s signature and a ‘Passed by both Houses’ (PDF) version is available on the website. #

# Source:

Passage of NSW Legislation.

Go to below link to watch full sequence of 6 part video series…

Legislative Process Explained.

I, Brad Hazzard, the Minister for Health and Medical Research, make the following Order under the Public Health Act 2010, section 7. Expands into pdf law instructions…

Laws in Detail Approved by Majority Vote of Parliament.

Public Health Act 2010 No 127 New South Wales An Act with respect to public health. [Assented to 7 December 2010]

[Agreement in principle speech made in Legislative Assembly on 24 November 2010 Second reading speech made in Legislative Council on 30 November 2010]

A.I. comments… This is the ‘Public Health Act’ that needs Authoritarian Sections which give the Premier and Minister for Health and Medical Research excessive powers to oppress the ‘Freedom Rights’ of the people void of their majority of agreement approval… to be rescinded/repealed.

Laws in Detail not approved by Majority Vote of Parliament.

This Order below has been repealed and replaced by the order underneath on 8th October 2021…

I, Brad Hazzard, the Minister for Health and Medical Research, make the following Order under the Public Health Act 2010, section 7. Dated 20 August 2021. (original order).

Minister for Health and Medical Research

Explanatory note

The object of this Order (No 2) is to repeal and remake the Public Health (COVID-19 Additional Restrictions for Delta Outbreak) Order 2021 which imposed a number of additional restrictions to address the outbreak of COVID-19 caused by the Delta variant of the virus.

A.I. comments… “When you find a Previous Order Approved by Parliament or Not, you will not see at the top of the original ‘Order’ heading a subtitle stating ‘Repealed on Date etc.’ The Politicians who write these documents are not that carefully and accurately self-disciplined by common-sense.”

Dated 3 October 2021 (original order). Time 7:23pm. As amended on 8 October 2021

Minister for Health and Medical Research

Explanatory note

The object of this Order is to repeal and remake the Public Health (COVID-19 Additional Restrictions for Delta Outbreak) Order (No 2) 2021 as part of the roadmap for easing restrictions when 70% of the population of New South Wales who are over 16 years of age are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This Order also incorporates matters that were in the Public Health (COVID-19 Safety) Order 2021 and the Public Health (COVID-19 Spitting and Coughing) Order (No 3) 2021 and repeals those Orders.

Editorial note

This is the order as amended by the Public Health (COVID-19 General) Amendment (No 1) Order 2021

Ahimsa Cold War Battle for Freedom to be continued…

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