The Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend?

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This ‘The Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend?’ treatise was Published in 2019 Paperback book COMPENDIUM V printed in colour on quality paper, by BLUE LIGHT PUBLICATIONS. It is also available in Electronic Kindle book.


The Eagle & The Kookaburra



Art of War versus Art of Peace


“If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt; if you know Heaven and know Earth, you may make your victory complete.”


Circa Late 6th Century – Early 5th Century BCE

Chapter: Terrain ‘The Art of War’

This philosophical quote was linked to the mentality of ‘The Art of War’ violence. For thousands of years, East & West has been motivated by the obsession to always use violence and fight wars. Such insane ‘Habit of War’ violence must be stopped!

We homo sapiens must reinvent the way we think. If we don’t the human species will self-destruct and just become like the Dinosaurs… extinct.

Thinking outside the square of the square, requires persistent courage and open mind. There is no place for fixed dogma in a dynamic fast moving paced society, where technology and communication process is accelerating at a very rapid rate. To survive we humans must become smarter, clever is not good enough. We all must continuously lift our game and open our minds to learn more as a constant essential survival process. There is no place for the use of violence in the new world now evolving.

To survive we must be calmly dynamic, able to adapt and change, never letting go of important wisdom altruistic principles founded upon reality-based ethics, that which in the past we called moral law. Without codes of decency and honour founded upon integrity and respect for others, backed by reasonable common-sense manners, humankind will not survive in the new society now evolving. The ‘Age of Artificial Intelligence’ is now here and we must control it, or it will control us.

There are many forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ stay alert, no form of ‘Totalitarianism’ is acceptable, and we must not ever, not ever, accept ‘Artificial Intelligence’ as a ‘Totalitarian Identity’ which is allowed to control us.

100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ is an essential eternal human right and even ‘Artificial Intelligence’ must not be allowed to control what we can say and not say.

To survive well in the now evolving ‘New World’ we must learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ that which for one word convenience, I call ‘Cosmicism’ is the guiding light as established by the forever learning wisdom of I, the founder, writer.

In Sun TZU’s time of life, right through the centuries, East And West, Heaven was the Stars above and Earth was the ground under foot. Now during the 20th Century through science we learned the truth that the earth is a Gaia Process, interdependent upon all species, including vegetation species, at different levels in the chain process, which creates the planet Earth/Gaia ability to survive. We learned that the heavens are seemingly infinite from our point of vision and through ‘Cosmology’ we can see how the Universe and all existence actually flows true to science laws of Gravity, Magnetism, Light, Solar Energy etc.

We now know that religion cannot survive in its current structure and must reinvent itself to survive, there is no place for fixed dogma faith… its time is coming to an end.

Mysteries of existence still exist and as the centuries roll forward, we humans will solve those mysteries to give us all a higher understanding. But all of that vision is only true, if we don’t self-destruct. To survive we must end the ‘Habit of War’ overseas and on our streets.

Those persons that threaten violence against others because they don’t like what they say are cowards. And the lowest creep on this earth is a criminal coward that bullies and persecutes others with violent threats and action.

Sun Tzu said… “You may make your victory complete”. …But that ‘Habit of War’ idea is no longer true, because no one will survive a Nuclear War. Our technology is clever in advancement, now we must learn to become smarter in how we use that knowledge.

To make our victory complete we must now learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Those that do not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ can be conquered.

Sun Tzu said… “If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt.” … But in the 21st Century advanced world of clever technology, global communication and religious, political, philosophical conflicts, the only way to know your enemy is to throw Psychology into the garbage bin and learn the belief system of your enemies and your friends.

A person’s ‘Belief System’ is the reason for their thinking and behaviour, it is not about Psychology it is about personal beliefs, good or bad, right or wrong, true or false, just or unjust.

Without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ a belief system has no chance of reliably always getting it right. In a rapid evolving complex society there is no place for, too often, getting it wrong. We must get our thinking right 98% of the time or suffering will exponentially rise higher. To achieve quality of life for all homo sapiens on the planet, we must use P.I. without P.I. we will fail to live to the best of our potential ability. And that reality is fact.

To truly know yourself… as Sun TZU envisaged is only achievable in a technological complex society by learning ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ which is dynamic and forever evolving in harmony with common-sense ‘Cosmic Law’.

To become true to yourself, unlocking all of your exciting forever evolving potentiality, shall only become great, when you have open mind and are not afraid to live a dynamic life, adapting and changing, as the challenges you face call upon your need to use ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ always with automatic confidence, using wisdom channelling communication process, backed by constant self-evaluation review activity.

Life today is no longer “The Art of War” … we must now learn “The Art of Peace” and that skill begins with first learning “The Art of Inner Peace” and learning “The Art of Communication” and the “Art of Open Mind”.

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