The High Level Danger of Anti-Freedom Socialism in Australia and USA

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“Now look Fred, I stand for Socialism. We will get a fairer deal. More seed, more welfare.”
“Did you hear that mindless parrot up there? Venezuela believed that idea and now they are suffering in misery. Like they say, ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ and run short of seed.”

The High Level Danger of Anti-Freedom Socialism in Australia and USA

Socialists in Australia are claiming… “Australia is a Socialist Country” this idea is a lie. Australia is a Capitalist Country, albeit Australia has failed over the last two decades to be a ‘Self-Sufficient’ country in Manufacturing and has never been successful in manufacturing of Military needs. Australia at times has even floundered in supply of Primary Industry Food Supplies but that is a different specialist subject of concern which does not threaten the foundation of ‘Capitalism’ in Australia.

Australia is a Capitalist Country which is one of the least regulated economies in the capitalist world. Australia has a market economy and even banking and utility provisions are owned by corporations.

Australia’s least regulated economy has one flaw, it fails to stop foreign investment in Australia that is funded by anti-freedom countries that are committed to enforcing anti-freedom control of the people in their Nation. Classic examples of Nations that reject ‘Freedom Values’ are Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and ‘Communist China’. The former Soviet Union also rejected ‘Freedom Values’ after 1917. Millions perished as a consequence of tyranny in these Nations.

A classic example of failed Socialism during the second decade of the 21st Century is in Venezuela where famine and inflation is running out of control and people are living in misery and tragically dying, including children and babies.

Venezuela is an authoritarian regime. In 1999 Socialist changes in Venezuela motivated by radical policy ideas moved away from a government of ‘free-market economy’ towards income redistribution and social welfare programs. Using ‘Democratic Socialism’ encouragement, the people were baited by welfare gains and thus foolishly voted in Socialist Politicians in the beginning years.

As a consequence of Socialism taking control of Venezuela, violent crimes such as murder and kidnapping has increased. Crime has increased in Venezuela due to the poor economic environment caused by Socialism. It has been suggested that Venezuela now has the second highest murder rate in the world. Whether that is true or not needs more investigation. But one thing is true… due to Socialism, poverty and survival misery and desperation has increased to the point which encourages a rapid growth in crime and injustice.

Venezuela is now governed by a dominant-party system, as a consequence of Socialism ideology, Venezuela democracy collapsed years ago. Venezuela was once one of the wealthiest, democratic countries in South America, until Socialism strangled the economic prosperity of the country. Now a democratic mechanism does not exist because of ‘Totalitarian’ Socialist takeover of political power. Elections are now rigged so that ‘people power’ opposing a political dictatorship regime is now prevented from winning in overthrow of bad leadership. Many of the opposition are now political prisoners who are oppressed by the evil dictatorship.

The authoritarianism of Socialism encourages the creation of a ‘den of thieves’ denying the existence of a worker’s paradise. The dreamy idea that people prosper under Socialism is naïve nonsense. The collapse of Socialism in Venezuela is at high risk of being taken over by Communism which is worse.

Only invasion by the United Nations has any chance of saving the freedom rights of the people to a return to a ‘Capitalism Democracy’. In the event of a successful elimination of Socialism, it would take four decades for economic prosperity to grow. Problem with the United Nations, too many members of the U.N. are ‘Totalitarian’ Countries that have no respect for ‘Freedom Values’.

Once Socialism gains control of a Nation, Prosperity and Quality of life decays and it gets worse down-the-track because Marxist Socialism is the transition stage to Marxist Communism.

The investment of ‘Communist China’ in Australia in the early 21st Century is currently a serious high level alert concern, in which Australian Politicians have been negligent.

The wholesome survival of a good ‘Market Economy’ needs the existence of Capitalism thriving in a ‘Freedom Based Society’.

Despite the wrong thinking of Australian Politicians that enforce anti-freedom of speech laws like 18C, nevertheless Australia is still basically living free because it is a ‘Capitalist Nation’ backed by a human right to enjoy the privilege of ‘Free Trade’ which is denied in Socialist and Communist Countries.

It has been claimed that Australia’s good ‘Health Care’ System ‘Medicare is a Socialist System… that idea is a lie.

Australia’s ‘Health Care’ System is a ‘Humanitarianism’ Ideology which only works successfully in a ‘Capitalist’ Society.

The ‘Societal Health System’ Medannuation designed by Allan Ivarsson in 2003 is founded upon a ‘Humanitarianism’ ideology. The world has to learn the concepts of this funding process. This document is available on Kindle and other Amazon locations around the world.

They claim that Socialism offers free health care but that is an illusion, in a dictatorship Socialist Country, welfare support can be withdrawn, and the people are powerless to oppose such decisions.

In a ‘Libertarian’ Society founded upon ‘Capitalism’, the delivery of a free healthcare system is a Humanitarian commitment to deliver health care to every person rich, middleclass, or poor.

However, in reality nothing is free, not under Socialism, Communism, or Capitalism, taxes must be paid to finance costs of quality health care.

Ignore what socialists say, capitalism with all of its flaws is the best economic system to eliminate poverty and make society a productive prosperous society. Capitalism rewards merit whilst socialism rewards mediocrity. Only fools encourage and support the existence of Marxist Socialism and Marxist Communism.

Lower intelligence claims that Socialism is a fairer system for all… that idea is a lie.

Far too many young people in Australia and USA are foolishly defining Socialism as a blend of good causes currently being claimed to be essential progressives and are failing to recognise the dangerous anti-freedom flaws of Socialism.

Another dangerously flawed argument by todays naïve believers in Socialism is that todays Socialist Governments are not real Socialism. Even the Socialist disastrous failing of Socialism in Venezuela has been argued by stupid thinkers that Socialism has not failed in Venezuela because it has not been tried. The mind boggles as to where these misguided thinkers got their basic training in wrong thinking.

The allure of Socialism as a solution to life’s problems is a tragic attraction for young people and can be compared to the allure of drug addiction, both attractions can impose misery and death.

Capitalism and Civil Liberties are being persistently threatened around the world by the rise of acceptance of anti-freedom ideologies, Socialism, Communism and ‘Sharia Law’.

Too many Socialist ideas are being sold through school education and college education as good objectives. Many young ones as members of ‘Mutual Admiration Societies’ are collectively supporting wrong thinking and wrong beliefs to give them a comfort zone feeling that all will be well and good when Socialism rules. But the truth is that such ideas are lies, it is just the opposite, under Socialism misery and ignorance will increase. Socialism is not a solution it only leads to disastrous experiences.

Socialism encourages an increase in poverty whilst Capitalism encourages an increase in prosperity opportunities for every person motivated to work.

Western Press often ignores the truth and dark realities of life under Socialism. The Western Press often publishes false knowledge ideas by Socialists as being the truth. Never trust Socialist thinkers.

Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organisation which advocates that production and distribution and exchange should be owned and regulated by the whole community.

It has in the past been stated that the difference between Communism and Socialism is that Socialism aimed to only socialise production while Communism focuses on control of production and consumption.

Socialism slows down economic growth and discourages entrepreneurial opportunity and good competition to achieve the highest level of performance in quality business production and delivery.

Socialism encourages lack of motivation by individuals due to lessor reward opportunities.

You cannot own a business in a Socialist Society. The Socialist Government owns the business by overregulation or outright dictatorship control.

Communism denies people the right to own their own home and any property, including personal likes and needs.

Fortunately, the American Constitution ‘First Amendment’ protects the ‘Freedom Values’ of Americans but Americans must not forget that Socialists and ‘Sharia Law’ advocates want to destroy ‘Freedom Values’ by abolishing the ‘First Amendment’ and the American Constitution.

A classic example of ‘Socialism’ running deceitfully out-of-control in America during the second decade of the early 21st Century is the deliberate lies perpetrated by Socialists in American against Donald Trump President of the United States. He has often been falsely accused of wrong doings, which proved to be not true. When all other attacks by Socialists against Donald Trump failed, the Socialists then in desperation strived to ‘Impeach’ Trump, again they failed. Constantly Socialists claim Donald Trump is an idiot. This idea is another lie which is even tabled by Aussies that have been brain-wrecked by false knowledge media news presentations in Australia which are focused on Socialist ‘Sensationalism’, not truth.

President Donald Trump is a very caring man who loves his Country and all the good people. He is not ‘Racist’ and is committed to delivery of the best performance results to help the people of America to become more prosperous and safer in security.

Trump has to deal with the harassment bully pressure of insane people determined to destroy ‘Liberty Values’. Insane? Any person that rejects values of freedom is insane. And people who riot on the streets have a ‘Totalitarian’ mentality and thus are enemies of ‘Liberty’. Their behaviour is an act of ‘High Treason’ against the people that value freedom and codes of decency.

Warning: Do not trust the political illusion called ‘Democratic Socialism’.

‘Democratic Socialism’ is a political philosophy which claims to support a political democracy within a socialist economy. It claims to support an economic democracy, a workplace democracy and a worker’s self-management within a socialist market economy or some form of decentralised socialist organisation.

The danger of accepting the political system of ‘Democratic Socialism’ is that eventually the democratic process collapses and becomes corrupted by rigged elections and thus as a consequence is replaced by a dominant-party system and a subsequent authoritarian regime.

All ‘Totalitarian’ governments do enforce censorship of books and other reading information rejecting ‘Freedom of Speech’ and the truth about any subject and about ‘Totalitarian’ ideologies. The children through controlled education become puppets of the state and by their ignorance are denied understanding of ‘The Truth’ which can set them free.

There is no place for ‘Totalitarianism’ in any form throughout the Universe.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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