Ivarsson Profile VIII

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An expanding ‘Paper Towel’ of Stories that helped shaped my knowledge, skills & understanding. I will add-on stories when I find time to jot them down…


Societal Class Attitudes

Snob Thinking and Behaviour in Britain and Australia

A.I. comments… “I wouldn’t worry about false knowledge societal class conflicts. People that cling to class status suffer from ‘Inferior Intelligence Syndrome’. Snobs have a false knowledge exaggerated respect for high social positions usually associated with wealth. In many cases such wealth is inherited not earned from scratch. These snobs seek to associate with falsely believed ‘social superiors’ and look down on those who they deem incorrectly to be social inferiors. In the age of the Internet, it is now easier for people to fast-track education and communication skills upgrade, even without a University Degree, hence all Snobs can be exposed for their ignorance, incompetence and stupidity. Education, ethics, manners and ahimsa goodwill altruistic caring humanitarian thinking and behaviour which values freedom and rejects all forms of totalitarianism, is the key to overthrowing snob attitudes.” But having said that read the following…

I read a British comment about the middle-class bias, which exists in England. He used a single word penname so I cannot identify him. But to focus on his concern he was not impressed by the British middle-class attitude of looking down on the working class who have their own pubs and bars and areas to live and are deemed as not being socially acceptable to the middle-class. He said in 2013, “I have worked and studied with the middle-class they are hypocrites. The working class are fine for the army, fine for doing those jobs the middle-class don’t want but for heavens sake they must not be seen to associate with them.”

I do not believe all middle-class Brits have that superior thinking class mentality, but I have no doubt that many do. Thus, I wrote my response hereunder for cosmic philosophy… afterwards… he wrote… “Allan thank you for your kind response. On a social basis, their actions and attitudes do have political, social and personal implications founded upon their smugness.”

Allan Ivarsson says…

March 12, 2013

I would not worry about false knowledge class beliefs. It is easy to smash the credibility of incompetent people. And snob attitudes are incompetent.

Back in the late 1960’s in Sydney Australia, during my youth, I was a mail boy/clerk in an office and later became a storeman working for Corporation Ampol Petroleum Balmain Sydney (March 1966-August 1967). I remember the white-collar workers looked down on the blue-collar workers, the mechanics, truckies and other important maintenance workers associated with oil/petroleum physical management procedures.

A few years later in the early 1970’s I became a blue-collar truckie. Later I returned to the white-collar world and became a young executive. After 3 years, I resigned and worked as a Retail Manager. After 12 months, I resigned and returned to the blue-collar world as a truck driver and truck loader. I had the skills to drive semi-trailer vehicles. After a near death accident by two-storey fall not vehicular collision, I returned to the white-collar world as an executive and then trained myself in Manufacturing executive management skills by investing over six hundred dollars in appropriate textbooks and taught myself a variety of skills in Purchasing, Warehousing, and Production Control Time-Phased Planning (MRP) and Sales and Operations Planning (MRPII) and Business Planning (MRPII). And in business excellence. Thus, my self-taught skills as a Materials Manager in Logistics grew and along the way I mastered engineering administration skills in product structures and production routings. Because of my dynamic commitment since I left school at the age of 17 years in 1965, I was able to walk in cold know nothing about a subject and master the skills I needed to do a competent job gradually evolving to become in the workforce a very multiskilled dynamic worker. I even learned how to walk in and identify the strength and weaknesses of every department in a Corporation. After 1984, I evolved to become highly skilled in writing through the study of philosophy, history and science and thus in old age became a highly skilled ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ writer. I deliberately work under the radar of the mainstream media staying as an unknown, to buy me time to give the Universe the most advanced intelligence that exists, which I called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in 2007.

In my Senior Years in Manufacturing, I became a Materials Manager (now called Logistics Manager) as a hands-on Consultant, and later as a Consultant specialist in teaching ‘Class A’ World Class Manufacturing MRPII and Kanban Just in Time Flow Charts.

I became a fan of Toyota and have been driving RAV4 vehicles since 1995, after I ceased using Company Cars in different companies where I once worked. I know how the excellent Toyota manufacturing quality control disciplines work, which is why I stayed with Toyota.

My product management skills include Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Poker Machines, Communications- Radio, Traffic Systems, Aerospace – Airways, Interscan- Radar Antenna’s, Cables and finally building insulation products. I had the skills to also understand the food industry and the mechanics industries, though I never worked in these manufacturing fields.

My yo-yo years of deliberately working as both a blue-collar and a white-collar person exposed me to the misguided attitudes of people that looked down on me as a blue-collar worker and accepted me as a white-collar worker. These class variation attitudes proved to be foolish hypocrisy.

The snobbery I experienced as a blue-collar worker from white-collar people and the observation of white-collar snobbery towards blue-collar workers when I worked as an executive never ceased to amaze me. How could such societal wrong thinking stupidity exist? And the answer is… because people are intellectually lazy and refuse to learn higher understanding.

Working on both sides of the fence taught me that I was still the same person, nothing had changed, except the type of job experience that I selected.

Fools that look down on people are incapable of communicating intelligently with people at all working levels. I never recognise class distinction which is why I had no problem with communicating with the blue-collar worker and the white-collar worker.

During my successful years as a young door to door salesman of product by sale or cold canvas service delivery, I was successful because I had good calm verbal communication skills and could keep talking always focused on the needs of my potential customer, never selling them what they did not need. I learned to ‘Always Walk with a Million Dollar Walk’ even in the face of temporary defeat. No one wins every round, but a calm person backed by ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ and courage to accept loss and defeat can achieve successful victory by balancing falls and rises.

We must always do our homework well, check our facts, and focus on getting it right every time. Using ahimsa methods, I give no quarter to anti-freedom people that have superiority attitudes.

If in doubt, back-off do more homework, self-evaluate more and regroup. Always sell by objection. The best asset a person has in communication skills is to be able to sell by objection.

I always consider those people that object to be inadvertently my communication friends even when we do not trust each other.

The only time we are justified to physically fight is in self-defence when being attacked. Sadly, during my young years I had to fight bullies and hoodlum creeps too many times.

Snobs are incompetent people. And those who strive to enforce anti-freedom ideologies are dangerous evil people and they must always face zero tolerance.

Now I start with experiences during my life that helped me design the best dynamic selection of wisdom and cosmic philosophy which evolved to become ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ by 2007…


My First Conflict with a Peer.

In 1953 I was four years old; I became five years on the 26th of December 1953. I went to Kindergarten at Abbotsford Primary School Sydney, in 1954. My first learning experience was when I came home and told my mother, excitedly that I could tie my shoelaces. They trained us using a wooden square frame with four rows of different colour ribbons to practice learning.

My mother used to every fine day take me outside to play in the backyard of our house in Abbotsford. She always kept an eye on me. I was a gentle child but that changed in the years ahead when I had to defend myself against bullies. One day in 1953, a little boy about my age, climbed under our backyard fence and came into play with me, but instead started hitting me whilst I was sitting on the lawn. My mother called out, “Allan hit him back”. I sat there and said, “Why Mummy?”

She then told the boy to go home.

In the years ahead, I learned the answer to my question, “Why.”

I have always been gentle, kind and nice to good people, but I learned there is a time to be gentle and there is a time to be hard and tough.



I, Allan Ivarsson, was appointed by ‘God of Creation’ at the age of 12 years in 1961 to do an important job. I have done the job. As guided by my mentor, ‘God of Creation’ I designed and founded the most advanced intelligent belief system in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ which is duty-bound to fight for the protection and preservation of the eternal human right to live free from all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’. There is no place for the ‘Habit of War’ in the Universe. Sadly, to free people, we must fight tyranny until it is overthrown. The only way each generation can live free, is by the elimination of authoritarian creeps and their evil organisations and their evil anti-freedom ideologies.

The greatest leaders all have one altruistic ethical value in their character, they reject all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ with the contempt it deserves.


FOOTLOOSE… The Corsage

In the movie Footloose the parents give the girl her corsage for the dance. But in my real life back in 1963, when I took a girl to our first Dance at Drummoyne Boy’s High School when I was two months short of 15 years of age; I bought an orchid corsage and pinned it on my girlfriend’s dress for the dance. She was one of the few girls at the dance that had a corsage, and she loved her orchid. She went to Riverside Girls High School at Gladesville. I knew her from our primary school years at Abbotsford Sydney. We both were in Kindergarten together in 1954. Her name Margaret Marshall, she was a young lady, and I was a young gentleman, and we both behaved well because our ‘Baby Boomer’ generation were taught from a young age the conduct rules of good behaviour and standards of decency.

In the years after we started work our roads of destiny took different paths. We never conflicted or broke up, we just moved on in different directions and lost contact. I wonder sometimes, I trust she had a happy life. She stands as one of my best teenage years memories. And the school dance was not ‘Footloose’ but it was in its day a great fun loving night. We like every generation, love dancing.

History should know that the ‘Baby Boomers’ were raised to believe in the significant values of dressing well and being a Lady and a Gentlemen in Manners and Courtesy at all times.

Coalcliff Beach

When we were there in 1967 that Swimming Pool did not exist. And the Lifeguard were only there between September and April of each year. It was cold when two of us went into the water, which is why most people did not venture into the water.


When I was a young man of 18 years old in early May 1967 living in Sydney, I went with mates as I often did on surfing trips down south. On this day in Autumn the weather was cooler. And the ocean water at Coalcliff Beach was colder. People were on the beach, but no one would go into the water. There were no lifeguards around and no flags. The ocean looked lonely and quiet, on impulse I decided to charge into the light rolling surf. I didn’t realise it then, a sixteen-year-old boy followed me into the water.

We were the only one’s swimming around slightly out in deep water. When we decided to return to shore, we quickly discovered we could not return to shore and that we were caught in a rip, pulling us out to sea. There were no lifesavers we were on our own. The boy said to me, “what are we going to do?”. And I replied I read an article a year ago in a magazine, that if we are caught in a rip, we must not fight it. We must swim diagonal towards the nearest point and using breaststroke is wiser and uses less energy.” He looked at me for a silent moment with a concerned expression. And then I said, “Well let’s try it, we have nothing more to lose.”

I then remarked as I looked for the nearest point, I said, “I am swimming towards that point”. Later I learned that point location was called Coalcliff Park. The boy followed me, and we got lucky and were able to reach a location before the point and then had to walk across rocky terrain in parts that was hard on our feet, before we got back to Coalcliff Beach. And thus our adventure ended, and we parted company. I then joined my driving companion mate and we headed for Thirroul, where I got hit over the head by my mate’s surfboard in the surf, when I fell off whilst riding it. After that we travelled further south and that is another story for someday.

The moral of the story it pays to read widely… it saved my life because that is what knowledge can do. The more we know and understand the wiser and more dynamic we can become. Never stop reading all subjects and never stop striving to learn more.

‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is the most advanced intelligence in the world. When backed by good communication skills a person with P.I. can defeat any person in academic battle that does not have P.I. Why? Because P.I. ‘Belief System’ is dynamic and very open minded and is not hamstrung by fixed dogma belief systems that flounder in illogical ideas.


The Incident:

A six-foot man harassed a young girl on a bus.

I worked in the city of Sydney, for several years, during my young years, in between jobs working in the suburbs. On this day I caught the single bus (green and cream in colour scheme) # at Fivedock, where I lived as a young adult. This was near the beginning of the bus run, into the city. I always sat down at the back of the bus where the men sat in the rear and stood. The women mostly sat towards the front of the bus as the bus moved closer to the city, the bus filled with passengers, and the men stood up in the aisles, leaving the seats to the women. That was our culture then, most men always stood up and gave their seats to women and elderly men in their eighties.

As we neared the city, the bus was packed with people. I stood up for an elderly gentleman down the back of the bus. When I looked down the aisle towards the front of the bus, I saw a six-foot man harassing a young girl standing near the front of the bus hanging onto the rail, she was only 17 years. The man appeared to be of European origin and had been drinking. He kept putting his arms around her, and she kept pulling away. Mostly men stood in the aisle of the bus with most women seated, but there were exceptions. The conductress was short and powerless, and the male driver was too focused on the road to notice what was happening.

I moved from the back of the bus and pushed my way through the men standing hanging onto the rail. When I reached, the front of the bus, I grabbed the man harassing the girl, by the arm and pulled him forward down onto the platform of the bus entrance. I said, “You are getting off this bus now!”

I called out, “Driver stop this bus!” I stood behind the man and he got off the bus. The girl and the conductress thanked me. The man did not say anything, he just did as he was told. I received no resistance.

This was one of my first public observations of men on public transport, when a problem existed. There were several men standing far closer to the girl and they did nothing to stop the man harassing the girl. I was only 19.

In the years ahead, when I became caught up in street fights, I six foot three inches in height, learned never to count on friends or strangers to back me up. I stood alone and held my position in conflict against hoodlums when it was necessary to fight. On rare occasions a man, a stranger, did watch my back to make sure no one else attacked me. Thus, as I grew older, I learned to stand alone. Although I met hundreds of people over the years, I treated most people kindly as social conversationalists for a moment of time and like a ship in the night or day, I moved on and let go of future contact. I was a sociable character, but I trusted very few people, “Trust is earned not given”. I learned that most school friends, not all, when they became adults did not have the strength of character to stand and fight when necessary. Thus, I chose the adventure of often walking alone.

The only time I was not kind or respectful, was when I was forced to fight troublemakers.

Being alone never frightened me by day or night, life to me was simply just an adventure, talking to people was fun, reading, watching, learning and experiencing more insight on my quest for truth was enjoyable and fascinating. The adventure of life is the challenge, an experience of always learning. It is the journey of life in adventure that gives us meaning and purpose and the reason for existence when we share our insight with others who are willing to open their minds and exchange understanding.

To learn the ‘Truth’ we often must walk alone.

# Note: Sydney buses in the Post War Era 1946 to 1983 were Green and Cream in Colour Scheme. This colour scheme replaced the Pre-World War II red and cream colours. After 1983 blue and white colour schemes were often used, light and dark blue, and different bus operators used different colour schemes, including yellow. After 2010 universal colour strategy changed again and Sky-Blue Bus Colours became common, with Red Metrobuses, Green Shuttle Buses (rapid transport). Colours became branded for purpose of bus type instead of who was the operator of the fleet of buses in transport activity.



When I was twenty years old, I was troubled by my growing fear of getting hurt. I was never allowed to play football as a child, and I was not allowed to do boxing when I first felt the interest at sixteen years. I was not allowed to own a pushbike. And I rarely gained the opportunity to ride anyone else’s bicycle. So, I was not aspiring with confidence. I decided to join the Army. I was called up for National Service in 1968. But they would not take me. I was knocked back on medical reasons- I found out fifteen years later that the so-called health complaint was a mistake. I did not have a problem. My childhood ailment was cured by my eighteenth year, and no doctor told me. They just kept writing out prescriptions without question and failed to check my progress. Anyway, back to the story. Disappointed I decided to do boxing. I told my parents I was going to the library, which I often did in the past to study the history of Sydney. Instead, twice a week I went to the gym. Well as the weeks rolled by, I came home with black eyes, bloody lips and my parents nailed me with a barrage of questions. I said “I didn’t tell you because I did not want a conflict when you tried to talk me out of doing boxing. I have been going for the last four weeks.” They asked me why and I said, “to learn how to defend myself.” I said to Dad, “you never taught me, I didn’t even know basics.” But the real driving reason inside of me was I went to learn how to take a physical hiding. I knew I had to eliminate my fear of getting hurt. I knew if I could take a beating, I could also with confidence fight back hard in self-defence.

When I went to the boxing ring on the first night, I stood with my arms stiff as I had seen in old bare fisted pictures of eighteenth-century boxers. The trainer said, “What are you doing? Are you afraid of getting hurt?” “No,” I lied feeling embarrassed. He said, “this is how you stand.” He showed me, after that I got the picture. The first time I went into the sparring ring I was afraid. As the weeks rolled by, I grew more skilled, fitter and confident. The trainer would weeks later say, “fight him tonight.” And I would say, “No, I can beat him. I can’t beat the big guy. I want to fight him.”

Twice a week I went into the ring fighting Alan, by coincidence that was his name, and he was equal to my size and height. Actually, I think he was one inch shorter. I was six foot three inches in height. Anyway, Alan was a good fighter, far superior to me; he bounced me around the ring like a rubber ball. In the beginning he dropped me in the first round. As the weeks passed, I got better in skill and I was able to survive more time in the rounds before I went down. I remember hitting him hard the first time I was in the ring with him. I stopped and said, “Sorry did I hurt you?” He answered, “no keep going.” I laughed at my own stress and fear of hurting others years later, but at the time my innocence and artless beliefs aroused in me too much concern. I knew I could not beat him by counter punch. He was too good. So, I developed a hammer head style. In short, I just went in slamming punch after punch. It used up my energy levels a lot faster, but as my fitness strengthened so did my staying power. This attack method in the short run exposed me to a more frequent volley of punches, but I did not care. I just wanted to prove to myself, that I had the staying power, that I could give good account of myself, and most important that I could take the punishment. In the end I could stay six to seven rounds before tiredness wore me down. I never fell once I learnt how to hold my own, and I left him sometimes with a bloody face in return for my bruises. After nine months, of boxing I was happy. I now had confidence. I did not really like fighting and I was starting to experience headaches, so I decided to give up further boxing- a decision which at the time I did not know, years later when I raised my own children, I would regret.

In my twenties and early thirties, I started to venture alone into back alley streets of Kings Cross, Redfern, Surry Hills, all of Sydney, and many other rough areas. I regularly walked into bars, pubs, and back streets… conflict came my way. I never started troubled, but I never ran. I stood my ground and fought when I had to fight. I never lost one street fight even when two attacked me. And once I called out all six starting with the leader. I was probably lucky they turned me down but that is another story. The point of this story is simple… I faced my fear of getting hurt. I conquered my fear and, in the process, learnt the basics of how to fight. A confidence I have never lost.

I now have only one fear and that fear is the fear of failure. Which is why I have worked so hard over the years, to be the best in myself of everything I can give in diligent effort to maximize results. This is my challenge. This is my motivation. This is my feeling of importance. I live for the challenge- it enlivens me. Confidence grows with effort. There is no other way.”

Source: Profile VII Extract


Dangerous Stunt

For several years, I lived as a young working adult, with my parents at Unit 1/65 Garfield Street, Five Dock, Sydney suburb NSW. The units were built as a two-storey block above garages. I had my 21st Birthday in that unit. My Grandfather and I were close, he was suffering from lung cancer, but he insisted that he wanted to be there for my 21st Birthday. It was the last time we Ivarsson’s, three generations were together in Australia. He passed away in 1970 at the age of 69 years. I miss the good times we enjoyed as family during my first 21 years.

One day on the weekend in the afternoon… an elderly lady who owned the unit next door to us on the first storey accidently locked herself out of her unit, her keys were inside, and the balcony door was unlocked. Her front door was on the opposite side of the building.

I decided to climb out of our Dining Room window to reach her balcony so that I could open her door. All the balconies were made of brick, not metal.

The span distance between our outside windowsill to her balcony edge were level to each other and the distance was equal left to right, to my outstretched arms and legs. I was six feet three inches tall with a long reach in arms and legs. Like a spider on a wall facing a brick wall, I stretched across the wall and pulled myself over into her balcony, with only my fingers and toes as grips. If I had fallen backwards, I would have fallen one storey onto cement and no doubt would have been killed.

When my parents came home and I told them about my adventure, my mother was horrified. It was not until my elderly years, that when I looked back on my experiences, that I felt uneasy about the crazy challenge that I actioned. It could have easily become a disaster. During that moment of time my life hanged on a thread by the grips of my fingers and toes.

What possessed me to do this dangerous stunt, has always in later years concerned me. It was a miracle that I survived my next few years of living dangerously. I took too many risks and in 1975 after an accident which almost cost me my life twice, I was forced to start changing.

In 1984, I started to review my wild years since 1970 and began to realise I had a destiny to fulfil. And thus, my work for finding the truth about existence and ideas started with dedicated focus. During my previous years, I read widely to educate myself, but from 1984 I became very committed to learning the truth, because I knew that all the hundreds of belief systems around the globe, past and present were riddled with wrong false knowledge ideas. I became determined to figure out what was the right path to live by. I knew Atheism, New Age and all the Cults and Religions on earth were a dead end, a no through road which did not lead to higher intelligence.

Still wild after the accident I began to gradually change to a new way of thinking.


Street Fight

I have never liked fighting bullies and thus I do not like fighting on the streets, in a debate or in the boxing ring.

But as I learned at the age of eight years, there are times when we must fight bullies and wrong thinking ideas.

This story was not my first fight against bullies, but it was my first fight on the streets against a ‘Punch-drunk Hoodlum’ who preyed upon weaker people. The Time… near Midnight, Saturday 4th September 1971, one week before my ‘First Marriage’ on Monday the 13th, September 1971. The Place… outside Cabramatta RSL Club in a car park. Thus, the story begins.

We, my friends and I had watched an excellent entertainment show at the RSL Club and enjoyed dancing and light drinks. In those days there was no breathalyser for light drinking. Only heavy drinking could get a person arrested for drink driving. Sadly, sometimes too late.

My lifetime platonic friend Josette, and her first husband Bruce, now divorced, and my first wife, Robyn, now divorced, at the time of this fight they were fiancé (male)/ fiancée (female).

I was wearing glasses, a tie and an orange-striped shirt, which I liked at the time but as I grew older would never wear such a flamboyant shirt again. I went back to being conservative.

I looked across the carpark and saw a fight between two men. One was on the ground being kicked in the head by the standing man. Three elderly men in their late fifties, tried to stop the guy kicking the man on the ground in the head. He turned on the three men and started punching all three. The punch-drunk was young about my age, I was 22 years of age. When I saw him attack those elderly men, I became angry.

I handed my glasses to Robyn and ripped off my orange tie as I ran fifty metres towards the hoodlum. As I reached him, I yelled out, “Hey you!” and punched him in the face again and again with my left fist. I only ever used my right fist as a Sunday punch when it was necessary to stop someone. Usually, my left did the job. In desperation he tried to headbutt me in the stomach, and I slammed him down on my knee and locked him down against a wooden paling fence.

During the fight Josette yelled, “Hit him Allan, hit him again.” Robyn and Bruce were silent.

I said to the hoodlum, “I don’t like fighting, but I shall not tolerate a person who goes around bashing other people.” He replied, “Oh… I don’t like fighting either.” I then let him go.

Towards the end of the fight, some other men, came in to have a go at me, for hitting this hoodlum, and a stranger stepped in and backed me up telling the others to back off because I was right, and he explained why, thus they walked away. Meanwhile my friend Bruce, said nothing, staying silent.

My beloved orange striped shirt was ripped to shreds, covered in blood, his blood. I did not suffer in this fight I was fit and tough. We went back to Josette’s parent’s house, they were great people, talked about the incident and then I took Robyn home.

Years later, after Josette and Bruce were divorced, I said to her, “it’s about time. I never liked him, he was selfish, and a coward and I have never forgotten that he did not watch my back in 71.” She moved on and lived happily thereafter.

This fight incident and Bruce’s failure to watch my back, taught me to look back at all my school friends. After this fight, I chose to not include my friends in my adventures, night and day, on the streets of Sydney. I preferred to stand alone, meeting strangers having a good time, like a ship in the night and then moving on forward over the years to meet others. I met a lot of good people, I learned volumes about human nature, but I trusted no one to back me up in a fight, like that good stranger did in September 1971. I stood against hoodlums on the streets several times over the years, often two at a time, sometimes four and once five and once six. I never lost, because usually the people that caused trouble were not that good, most backed down and the ones who attacked me underestimated my ability to defend myself. There were a few times I had to fight in car road rage battles when hoodlums threatened me. Thus, although I had friends mostly, I chose to walk alone and enjoy the moment of meeting people male and female before moving on.

Walking alone at times was not new to me because throughout my teenage years into young adult years, I chose to go alone to the theatre to watch movies, because I wanted to see something that held my interest. It was not until I had a car in my eighteenth year and new girlfriends that I started taking women to the drive-in theatre. But even then, I still travelled into the city of Sydney alone to watch great now classic films.

Years later a friend from 1954 Kindergarten and school years, found me 700 k’s north of Sydney in my 58th year and once criticised me for walking away from my school mates. I said, my name was in the phone book, you could have easily found me. I didn’t bother to explain to him that not one of them could cut it, during my dynamic adventures on the streets of Sydney. It is pointless trying to explain to people who are not interested in learning dynamic thinking.

The Moral of the Story… Always Stand for What is Right. Never Tolerate Oppression. There is no place for bullies in a ‘Free World’, they must be stopped. If their behaviour is not criminal and is simply wrong, then after their defeat release them back into society after teaching them a good lesson about how not to behave. Never be cruel in a fight if they are not trying to kill you. If their behaviour is cowardly criminal, arrest them to face the punishment of legislated law.


Bike Stunt


I don’t play cards, oh I tell a fib, when I was a young infant, I played ‘Fish’ and ‘Old Maid’. I once, a month before my near death accident in 1975, when I worked as a truck driver and truck loader for IPEC, was invited to an all-night gambling game. I went out of curiosity, for I never feared new experience, this is how we learn. I read the room at the location of the gambling card table at 8 pm. Poker was the game, and I told all the players that win or lose, I am leaving at 2 am. When the moment of time came after the last hand, I said, “Well goodnight guys…time for me to go.” As I stood up, a man opposite me responded in a loud intense voice, “You can’t go, you’ve got all of the money.”

 “I am going,” I said, “You were told earlier.” “No you’re not,” he said as he stood up. “Who’s going to stop me?” I said. The NSW State Transport Manager at the table spoke firmly, “I’d like to see this. Who is going to stop him?” As I looked silently hard into his eyes, the man that challenged me said nothing, and just quietly sat down and I left.

 That was my first and last gambling card poker game; I learned, I enjoyed the experience and then moved on into my next adventure. My overview training about poker, came from James Garner, Maverick. I don’t gamble my life, I love, I learn, I share, I exchange, I take calculated risks and then I move on. That is life, living the challenge, the adventure, sharing friendship and understanding, is what makes life great and true.

 We are not all destined to travel through life together, hence when we meet, we enjoy the moment and then listening to our own drummer, we march forward living true as guided by our star of destiny.

 Open mind, the way of ‘Cosmicism’ forever learning, explores ‘Cards on the Table’… we each must choose, what we like and don’t like.

Author’s Note: ‘Cards on the Table’ was first published in pdf format on e-mail to global friends on 14th November 2015. For the complete reflection read Cards on the Table with images published in 2018 book COMPENDIUM III Amazon.com


The Last Epitaph’ was written by me, Allan Ivarsson in 1975 whilst in Hospital after a serious accident. At 3 am in the morning my parents were told I would not survive the night. I was given three hours to live. When I overheard the remarks, I said, “Like Hell” and despite intense pain, I refused to go to sleep. I prayed to my ‘God of Creation’ and gave God a promise that if I survived, I would fight for Truth, Justice, and the Right Way of protecting and preserving ‘Freedom Values’ for all ahimsa existence. I kept my promise on Saturday March 3rd, 1984, at 3 am- thus my commitment in writing began. I survived because of my calm persistent ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ and thus wrote ‘The Last Epitaph’. My advice to the world… “Focus on stopping the ‘Habit of War’. And the only way that can be achieved is by freeing every society, every Nation from the rule of ‘Totalitarianism’. The entire world must live ‘Free’ to stop the dangers of a Nuclear War.”

Source: http://allanivarsson.com/2020/05/12/nuclear-winter-is-a-more-dangerous-threat-than-climate-change/


I was once abused by ‘Cantonese Chinese’ people in a restaurant in Sydney in 1978 who followed me and my girlfriend outside at night in Coogee Beach suburb, to fight me, three of them against one of me. Being experienced in street fighting, I started to move towards them, and my girlfriend grabbed my arm and pulled me back, asking me to leave. I agreed and left them standing there. That was the first time as a lesson of life that I had ever experienced the prejudiced hate of Chinese against me. In the past I went to high school in the 1960’s and made friends with Chinese people, we shared some great times, and I met many good Chinese people in the years ahead. There was no conflict, no hate and some have been my friendly neighbours and others were work mates and associates.


Once standing alone in a car park at 9:30 pm at night in Five Dock, Sydney 1979 late winter, after I closed my ‘Stamp Dealing Shop’, I challenged five men breaking into the boot of a car. I took a risk sure enough, but if they were trying to steal someone’s car, I had no intention of letting them do it. When I spoke to them and asked what they were doing, one said, “I locked my keys in the car, we thought it would be easier to get in through the boot.” I replied, “Show me your registration papers.” He showed me his papers and I said, “Carry on- I just protected your car.”


In 1984 I finished my night of ‘Weightlifting’ Training. I had finished a day’s work it was now 9pm. I had been separated from my second marriage for just over a year. I didn’t feel in the mood for going directly home to an empty house. So, I went to the local theatre to see what was on. The only film was ‘Streets of Fire’.

I went to the counter to buy a ticket for the show. I said to the lady usherette, when I walked into the theatre, “There’s nobody here.” She replied, “No, it’s quiet tonight.” And I said, “Is this film good?” And she replied, “I think so.” And I said, “Well okay then.”

I chose a seat in the upper level in the centre to watch the show. And thus, I became inspired… here is the link to read and the music link to listen to.

This song “Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young” was adopted by Allan Ivarsson as the ‘Music Mascot’ for the evolution of ‘Cosmicism’. The year 1984, when the beginning of ‘Cosmicism’ was conceived, before his ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ had a name in 1988.

This is the key words from a section of the song that inspired me…

“Tonight, is what it means to be young Tonight is what it means to be young…

“Let the rebels begin Let the fire be started We’re dancing for the restless and the broken-hearted Let the rebels begin Let the fire be started We’re dancing for the desperate and the broken-hearted Let the rebels begin (Tonight is what it means to be young) Let the fire be started (Before you know it it’s gone) We’re dancing for the restless and the broken-hearted Let the rebels begin Let the fire be started We’re dancing for the desperate and the broken-hearted

“Say a prayer in the darkness for the magic to come No matter what it seems Tonight is what it means to be young Before you know it it’s gone Tonight is what it means to be young Before you know it it’s gone…

Three years later I met my current wife Jan on the 15th of August 1987… we clicked and lived together for the rest of our life. Married on the 3rd of March 1990. We moved in together one week after we met and never looked back. We enjoyed a good marriage.

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Before the Crash

The overview route before the crash… In September 2003 I was driving in the last section of my journey home after visiting a bookshop in Castle Hill Sydney along Prospect Highway, heading towards the A44 Great Western Highway on my way home to Cambridge Park Western Sydney. There was a traffic congestion slowdown to at one point stopped by Traffic Lights, before entering the crossover towards A44 and M4 Western Motorway. Not far from Blacktown Region, which I had passed by a few minutes earlier.

Since 2003 the road layouts have changed constantly around Sydney. I miss the old Sydney I grew up in during the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. It was an easier more relaxed lifestyle before highway crossovers were created to speed up traffic flow moving around North, South, East and West of Sydney. Modernization might be clever and look great at times, but it lacks the character of the Old Sydney I knew. Back in the 1960’s the West was all rural country territory with country style towns to visit; by the 1980’s rural land had gradually vanished, replaced by suburb after suburb, and thousands of us who lived in the inner city of Sydney suburbs in our youth were forced to move out further West to buy a home. By 2020, even the West was now a vast suburban extension of inner Sydney suburbs.

The situation just before the crash… My white 1995 Toyota Rav4 Car came to a standstill, in bumper-to-bumper traffic, three lanes wide. I was the last car to arrive in the right-hand lane. On the right-hand side of the main road, three lanes of vehicular traffic were moving forward at legal speed limit. [This three-lane location no longer exists. By 2020 it has been replaced by a two-lane Prospect Highway and is still being upgraded further as I write in 2021.]

I always stop behind the vehicle in front using a car-length parking space. Likewise, the vehicles stopped in front of me did the same.

The Crash

Looking in my rear-view mirror, I saw in the distance a large Landcruiser with Bull Bars approximately one kilometre behind me in the right-hand lane, driving forward towards me. It was travelling at a speed of eighty k’s.

As it moved closer towards me, I realised it was not slowing down, I only had seconds to decide on what to do… I looked to the right with the oncoming traffic flowing fast, I instinctively knew I could not safely get out of my car to cross the road. I decided to stay in the car and take the hit, as I looked in the rear-view mirror, I saw the guy in the Landcruiser suddenly brake when he saw too late all the vehicles stopped in front of him in three lanes. I looked ahead, and sat calm, I knew panic was self-destructive. I sat relaxed and waited. He hit the back of my car with such force, my car was pushed into the back of the car in front, which in turn was pushed into the back of the car in front. Four cars were damaged in front to back collision. Though because of his Bull Bars the Landcruiser only suffered minor damage.

Upon impact the force was so intense all my windows shattered glass flew everywhere, I was lucky the glass did not hit me. My front right hand-side door was buckled, I could not get out of the car. Another male driver came forward from the front row of cars and pull my door as I pushed, eventually my door opened, and I got out of the car. I was not injured, no bruises, no cuts. I did not experience whiplash injury because I had sat calmly relaxed in my driver seat. The car was a write-off. Upon inspection later, the chassis underneath was twisted.

The two cars in front were small cars. And the car in front of me was driven by a lady. I thought to myself, “Being there at that moment of impact was bad luck for me, but it was fortunate that I was there. If that Landcruiser had hit that small car with the force it hit me, the lady in front might have been critically injured or killed. Her car was so small and would have been crushed by the impact.” As it was, her car suffered back and front damage, and the car in front of her suffered rear damage.

I thanked my ‘God of Creation’, my mentor, for teaching me in 1970, to be the ‘Eye of Calm in a Storm’, and for guiding me to learn ‘Positive Mental Attitude’. If I had failed to sit calmly when I knew the Landcruiser was going to hit me, I would have been injured by stress and tension. Fortunately, these instincts existed within me, when I was caught in a rip being pulled out to sea, years earlier in 1967.

The moral of this story is not only the obvious of “pay attention when you are driving” but equally as important be patient, and always be the ‘Eye of Calm in a Storm’. There is no guarantee that calm will save us from death, but our chances/opportunity to survive is far greater, if we do not panic, and stay calmly alert.

Because of my inner peace and positive mental attitude, I have never suffered from depression or writer’s block. And I always teach since 1984, ‘Think Safety, Think Survive’. In my younger years during the 1970’s I did not always think safety, I took some risks, obsessed with challenge, which I learned was unwise. I learned through experience and self-evaluation there is a fine red line between courage and stupidity, being brave is only physically essential when you have no choice to save life. Taking risks just for the challenge might be courageous but it is also foolish and stupid.

Ps… I was lucky, I was able to buy another white 1995 RAV4 second-hand car in first class condition and low mileage at a fair price that had been driven by an elderly lady that sold it for a smaller car. Thus, my mentor ‘God of Creation’ had guided me to the right location to buy a good car replacement, which served me well for another ten years, before I gave it to one of my sons.


10th of July 2022

All of our thinking and behaviour is founded upon our Belief System Philosophy, good and bad, right and wrong, true and false, just and unjust. We need to educate every person that our ‘Belief System’ that is, our ‘Philosophy’ is the reason for our thinking and behaviour. When we get our thinking right, we can live better than when we get it wrong.

Karma Result/Consequence gives us guidance and direction by experience. Hence, it is essential in Survival Process to “Think Safety, Think Survive.” Greed destroys us and is a foolish obsession.

People have said to me during the decades of my life, “I hate Philosophy” and I have asked what you believe and when they told me their viewpoint, I replied, “That is your Philosophy”.

We don’t need Psychology, we do need ‘Good Wisdom Philosophy’ and ‘Cosmic Law’ helps guide us along the ‘Path of Wisdom, Decency and Honour.’

There is an important place for specialist professional Psychiatry, not Psychology. Too many Psychologists, Shrinks as Americans call them, are incompetent Amateurs, their degrees are not worth a damn. The only rare Psychologist I have read who is good, is a dynamic Psychologist who is a caring human being and a ‘Commonsense Wisdom Philosopher’. It will be great when they learn and Practice ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and put PhD P.I. after their name. [I have in my younger years met Psychologists who are not caring human beings.]

PhD P.I. ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ including ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a wholesome good decent society.

Sadly, the ‘Habit of War’ shall not end whilst ‘Anti-Freedom Ideologies Exist’ like ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’ and ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Fascism’.

We have no choice but to expect the unexpected and be prepared to defend ourselves against evil creeps, despot dictators focused on waging war against free countries. These Evil Creeps must be Stopped!

Ps. After 52 years of Dynamic research learning in Self-Trained Education since 1970, I designed by Evolution Process ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ (1984-2024) the most advanced intelligence in the Universe. I am the Einstein of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’. This year on the 10th of July 2022 I awarded myself a degree in PhD P.I. ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ including ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.



Brief Conversation with God.

I report to ‘God of Creation’ ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of the Universe. Whom condemns treasonous behaviour and by ‘Cosmic Law’ supports the right of every person to live free from tyranny. I was given my first instruction by God at the age of 12 years, on March 3rd, 1961 at 3pm, during my first year of High School. I reluctantly followed the instruction to focus on learning truth. I had no idea what that meant then. I was told that I had something important to do during my life. What that activity was, I had no idea. I learned the hard way during my life what I was called to do. Often during my life, I was reluctant, but the ‘Force of Wisdom’ kept pushing me down a path. Thus ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ (1988) evolved, ‘Cosmic Law’ was identified (1981), and ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ (2007) was recognised.

I did the job as instructed by My God. (1984-2024)

Since 1984 after God spoke to me again, I have focused on freeing the world by the research and development of a philosophy that gave people encouragement to free themselves and others from the dictatorship of anti-freedom ideologies.

The words ‘Blue Light’ were selected by me, because ‘Blue Light’ reflected peace and calm, thus ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ evolved.

It came to pass…

March 1984, Third Day, Saturday 3 a.m.

In this moment of time, a vision opened my mind; God rose from within my heart and gave me my final destiny, the message was clear… “The Doorway of Eternity’ is before you, enter that doorway, and you shall find yourself.”

In 1961, I thought the message was from ‘God Creator’ I was raised as a Christian. After walking away from Christianity in 1977, I thought the message was from a Spiritual Medium. A few years later I learned in 1994 that all the ‘Cosmic Messages’ I received were coming from a ‘God of Creation’, by 2007, I clearly understood in evaluation of my dynamic history of changing events, where I was receiving my training and guidance. God of Creation had always been within me. Thus, I asked the question, “Where do all ideas come from?”

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