The Imperfect Fallible Koran

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Disbelief travels from generation to generation.

This song started in 1935 in the Musical Porgy & Bess, it’s presentation has since been delivered in many different musical styles… this is the Normie Rowe version I listened to as young teenager in the 1960’s.

You never know what surprise you are going to get when you follow the dynamic works of Allan Ivarsson. Enjoy the videos top & bottom of this treatise.

The wiser keep an open mind and avoid fixed dogma in Philosophy, Psychology, Marxism, Cults and Religion. The path of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ is dynamic.

What you are about to read below needs courage to reject false knowledge organised beliefs which strive to dictate to us demands of what we are allowed to believe, even when it is wrong in ideas. It is our duty to walk free away from all erroneous beliefs. And only an open mind can do that. Freedom is about thinking calmly dynamic.

Allan Ivarsson


The Imperfect Fallible Koran

Muslim Clerics- leaders of Islam made the following statements during the late period of the 20th Century and the early 21st Century…

“The Earth is Flat. Whoever claims it is round is an Atheist, deserving of Punishment.”

Sheik Abdul-Aziz ibn Baaz, supreme religious authority of ‘Saudi Arabia’ 1993.

And thus, Islam rejects Science and teaches volumes of false knowledge lies to gullible Muslim followers. After all, Bazz is the supreme leader, how can he get it wrong?

“I call for an immediate ban on the movie ‘Gravity’ as it shows ‘Earth’ to be spherical, which is against the Qur’an and thus insulting to Muslims.”

Dr. Zakir Naik 12.05 pm 5th October 2013 tabled on social media ‘Twitter’.

Doctor of what? A Degree in stupidity?

Such ‘Muslim Clerics’ truly are insane and dangerous. Given the power and opportunity, such Muslim Leaders would enforce ‘Blasphemy Law’ which is the death penalty, usually by beheading or stoning.

I had the misfortune of listening to a 6:30 minutes 2010 Naik speech, delivered to a Muslim audience, recorded on video. I made myself go through the terrible experience, so that I could understand such stupidity. Naik spoke about Muslim Science and how Muslims must go back to Islam and must read the Koran daily. Zakir Naik was a boring speaker tabling absolute waffle nonsense that would only hold the regular attention of an audience of monkeys that like to listen to the constant sound of meaningless chatter. His need for self-importance can be seen in his eyes as he pushed onto the table his mythical ideas; selling the false knowledge Koran, which clearly satisfied his excessive vanity. Desperately striving to sell the phoney idea that Islam is the leader in science, I have no choice but to list Zakir Naik as a boring false knowledge, inferior thinking person, with no sense of reality. His title ‘Doctor’ is an insult to the meaning of the word ‘Doctor’.

Evidence exists in volumes of global information that Islam is planning to when they ‘Islamize the World’…destroy science and truth and send mankind back to the barbaric 7th Century belief system of ignorance and deceit. Islam is working hard to create a new false history of the world that makes Muslims the inventors and discoverers of all that we now know. After ‘Islamization of the World’ the names of all European and Asian inventors and discoverers shall be changed to ‘Islamic Names’ to sell deceit that it was Islam that created all the progress created by Westerners and Asians.

If you are naïve and don’t believe what I am telling you, get off your butt and do your research homework- a person could write a book about Islam’s intentions; reams and reams of information abounds around the world about Islam’s great deceit program to fool future generations.

In early February 15th, 2017, I received a copy of a 1:51 mins video presentation by MEMRI TV which posted a statement on the Internet on January 28-31, 2015 by Saudi Preacher Bandal Al-Khaybaria. I posted 3 images of this video further along below, which at the time I saw it, had been watched by over 3 million people, Muslims and non-Muslims.

This is what Al-Khaybaria said to all Muslims watching him speak…

“Someone is asking whether the earth moves or whether it is fixed in place. Does it move or remain fixed? The truth, as described by our Scholars, Imam IBN Baz and Sheik Saleh Al-Fawzan, is that the earth is fixed and does not move.”

There is ample Quranic evidence that it is the sun that revolves around the earth. As for evidence based on reason…

“The (Westerners) present all kinds of theories, but we Muslims also have theories and brains.”

A.I. comments… It is not just Westerners that recognise the true facts discovered by science, Communists in China and Russia also recognise the proven path facts science has identified as truth. Even totalitarian Communists are smarter than totalitarian Muslims. This is the reason why… throughout Islamic history that Muslims never succeeded in inventing, discovering or creating anything that conflicted with Quran statements. Islamic Doctrine founded upon the Qur’an, verified by Hadiths, enforced by anti-freedom of speech Blasphemy Law and anti-Liberty Sharia Law, roadblocked all potential Muslim intelligence to explore and discover truth. The Christian Inquisition for centuries roadblocked scientific progress, but they were eventually defeated by science. Now it’s time to defeat Islam and likewise give Islam no quarter, in much the same way the Christian Inquisition was given no quarter.

Al-Khaybaria concludes…

“First, let’s say we go from here to Sharjah Airport and take a plane to China. Are you with me? Concentrate now. (The audience thinks… “I am ready!”)

“Let’s say this is the earth, (he held a small ball in his hand and waved it around as he spoke), and let’s assume that it is turning… if we take an International Flight from Sharjah to China… you say that the earth is turning… right? If the plane stopped in mid-air, wouldn’t China come to it?

“Am I right or not? If the earth does turn- China should come to the plane. Now, let’s assume that the earth revolves the other way- the plane will never catch up with China no matter how long it flies. Since China is also revolving, you will never get there.

“Secondly, Allah talked about the (celestial) house frequented (by Angels).

“This house is located in the seventh heaven. The Prophet Muhammad said that if it fell from the sky, it would fall on the Kaaba. (The dark cube-house in Mecca toward which naive Muslims pray five times a day.)

“But if the earth revolves, it would not fall on the Kaaba. It would fall in the ocean or somewhere on dry land. This proves that the earth is fixed in place. (Now that is Muslim logic, no wonder, science failed to progress in the Islamic World).

“The (Americans) say that they landed on the moon, but they never set foot or laid their eyes on it. They produced it all in Hollywood or I don’t know where. They said that they had gone to the moon and we just took their word for it.”

A.I. comments… I remember as young mid 20-year-old, watching with excitement on television Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) the first person to walk on the moon, on July 21st, 1969. Followed by the rest of the Apollo 11 crew Michael Collins (1930- ) and Buzz Aldrin (1930- ) landing on the moon.

Al-Khaybaria a true ignorant, intellectually backward Muslim lied when he claimed that Armstrong and other Americans did not land on the moon. One could understandably think that he is the mother of all liars, but there are so many liars in Islam that he is just one small ignorant fool amongst many. Muhammad is the mother of all Islamic liars, because he lied to naïve Arabs when he claimed that Allah dictated to him the Qur’an teachings.

‘Freedom of Speech’ gives Al-Khaybaria the right to talk stupid, but because Islam does not believe in freedom of speech and believes every person should be persecuted, because they reject Islamic Doctrine, it is correct to table the reality that this fool preacher automatically loses his right to be respected with the right to speak freely, and he also loses his right to be respected as an individual in any which way. His deliberate attempt to lie, by rejecting the proven path science evidence about life, the world and the Universe, reveals that he is a brain-wrecked insane enemy of the world.

The disturbing part of this speech is the fact that millions of naïve Muslims believe this false knowledge rubbish. The ignorance of so many Muslims is so dark and misguided that it has created for global society a nightmare reality that encourages constant conflict and ‘Habit of War’ mentality. In short, Muslims are being brain-wrecked by false knowledge beliefs taught in the Qur’an by brain-wrecked Muhammad, the phony prophet of Islam.

But the most disturbing part of this brain-wrecking emotional tidal wave threatening to destroy the world, is all the non-Muslim people that do not have the courage to openly criticise and denounce and reject the false knowledge teachings in the Qur’an.

And I am talking about every degree qualified person coming out of our now inferior thinking Universities that are supposed to be highly educated. Politicians, CEO’s, Professors of Universities, Lawyers, Barristers, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Journalists, Scientists and many more are all afraid to criticise and reject Qur’anic False Knowledge, for fear of being bullied by hoodlum, gangster Jihad Muslims. This lack of courage to speak against the Qur’an is unacceptable thinking and behaviour.

Worse… cowards, enemies and traitors are misusing Western Law to legally bully, harass and persecute people by the unjust use of lawsuits. This gangster misuse of the lawsuit system must be outlawed, for the criminal behaviour it is.

To enforce this reality, it is illegal by ‘Cosmic Law’ to ban ‘Freedom of Speech’ in any which way.

We the wiser ones know that Science has proven the truth about the Universe and that Muhammad was wrong when he claimed the world was flat. We know all Muslims that agree with Muhammad and the Qur’an are not only fools, but by their lack of emotional intelligence and jihad violent abuse and threats are insane. Islamic Doctrine, ruled by Sharia Law and Blasphemy Law has brain-wrecked all Muslim Clerics and all ‘True Muslims’.

People that refuse to openly criticise the Qur’an are either naïve ignorant Muslims or they are non-Muslim cowards that should receive the white feather, for refusing to table the dark truth about the Qur’an.

Cosmicism teaches that it is an act of high treason against ‘Truth, Justice and the Right Way’ to refuse to speak against doctrine which is clearly not the truth.

All Muslim Clerics are brainwashing Muslims with Jihad hate speech anti-assimilation false knowledge and for that reason, all Muslim Clerics are classified as enemies of Freedom, enemies of Truth and Justice and are thus classified by ‘Cosmicism’ as outlaws of decency.

Cosmicism is the only belief system in the world that is united in total, which has the courage to put every idea on the table and review, question and challenge in the name of protecting the right of every human being, Muslim and non-Muslim, to live free in speech and choice, provided such freedom of speech is not abusive, threatening, violent or totalitarian in any form. That reality, immediately rejects all hoodlums, gangsters and totalitarian belief systems backed by zero tolerance of enemies of freedom values.

The rules of self-defence against tyranny then applies.




There are many Muslims rejecting Muslim Clerics insistence that the Qur’an says the world is flat. Many Muslims are now claiming that the Koran says that the earth is spherical shaped like an egg. If that was true the Koran would still be wrong, because the earth is not shaped like an egg. In fact, the Koran does not use exact words like ‘flat’ ‘spherical’ or ‘egg shaped’. But it does indicate that the writer of the Koran did believe that the earth was flat; which has been verified by Muslim Clerics beliefs.

 This belief fact alone, proves that Muhammad dictated the Koran and that Allah did not teach the Koran statements. If Allah is the perfect God, he would have known that he did not create a flat earth. This truth, needs to be tabled again and again, until people Muslim and non-Muslim wake up and recognise reality.

 In fact, most of society, be it, Muslims in the ‘Middle East’ to ‘Non-Muslims’ in Europe, during the ‘Middle Ages’ all believed the earth was flat. This included my ancient ancestors the ‘Vikings’, 200 years after the death of Muhammad and it included many Christians not educated by the views of the Catholic Church leaders during their time. The idea of a round earth using the Ptolemaic model was enforced by Popes as being the truth. But not everyone felt confident that earth was round, this became evident by sailors being afraid to travel too far, lest they sail over the edge and fall off downwards, to where was not understood-but the fear was real. Any person that rejected the flat earth idea was guilty of ‘Blasphemy’ in Islam and any person that rejected the Ptolemaic model in Christianity was guilty of ‘Blasphemy’ and thus faced the death penalty per the dictatorship laws of Christianity or Islam. Both creeds held the same ignorant ‘Blasphemy’ belief, even though they disagreed as to whether the earth was flat or round.  Both creeds refused to recognise the truth, even when science proved the earth was round and was not the centre of the cosmos system.

So why are ‘Muslim Clerics’ saying even now in this early 21st Century that the world is flat? They are saying this adamantly, because they know that the Koran teaches that the world is flat, and they truly believe that the Koran is the infallible perfect word of ‘Allah’ and that the world is flat and that science is wrong, Allah would not lie.

So then why are other numerous Muslims now saying that the world is spherical, and that the Koran did reveal this fact before the rest of the world learned this scientific fact? This new variant breed of Muslim is forced to use ‘Taqiyya’, because to their embarrassment they know that science has proven that earth is indeed a not perfect shaped sphere. And the Koran which they believe is the infallible perfect word of Allah must be defended as being true. In short…this group of Muslims is hell-bent on protecting the perfect infallible image of the Koran by lying and making false claims.

By falsely claiming that the Koran did identify that the earth was egg shaped these Muslims are arguing that the Koran is the divine word, because it was recorded in the Koran in the 7th Century long before science discovered the fact. What Muslims have failed to recognise is that a great Greek Mathematician identified that the world was round before Jesus Christ was born.

Recap: That Mathematician was…Eratosthenes (276-194 BC) using mathematics with shadows estimated the earth’s circumference around 240 BC. “Eratosthenes was the first man to measure the circumference of the Earth.”

The truth is that because the Koran does suggest by 7th Century belief that the world is flat, not round, it does absolutely reveal that the writer of the Koran was wrong, and science proves this fact. This reality identifies that the Koran is not a perfect book and is in fact very fallible. Thus, the Koran cannot be trusted with telling the truth.

Now at this point of time it not my intention to tackle the credibility of the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah, but I must state these books are also riddled with erroneous ideas. In fact, the so-called ‘Holy Books’ of all the Abrahamic Creeds are indeed not perfect and are very fallible and everything they state in the texts is definitely ‘not necessarily so’.

 Sitting alongside these false knowledge books, are more like the ‘The Book of Mormon’ and the Scientology book ‘Dianetics’ …the problem of ‘Belief System’ false knowledge compounds itself with no end in sight when we add the excessive list of ‘New Age false knowledge books to the dark muddy waters of untruth. Many of us have stumbled across so many erroneous ‘Belief Systems’ that a ‘False Knowledge Encyclopaedia’ A to Z could be written, but such an effort would be a waste of human time, it is better to deal with false knowledge by exception, when it’s problematic nonsense blocks wholesome progress and the development of decent free society. No wonder so many people become disenchanted and walk away from the complete lot proudly calling themselves irreligious or agnostic or Atheist. But even Atheism can and does get bogged down in false knowledge.

It takes a lifetime of effort and courage in a ‘Quest for Truth’ to find the truth and that is what ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ is about. There is no final truth– the research exploration to identify truth is sometimes painfully slow, but the jigsaw pieces are gradually being found and clicked together. The final evolving forever expanding picture cannot ever be completed by one person. It shall take societies millions of years to collect all the information and images to create a great vision, three-dimensional painting of the Universe, the ‘Cosmic Nature of Existence’ and the ‘Spiritual Essence of Life’ that dynamically exists in light and darkness forever changing, forever seeking, forever learning, knowing no final limits.

The secret to discovering truth begins with open mind, always striving to think outside the square, enthusiastically forever exploring knowledge, sharing and exchanging insight with each other, choosing a dynamic lifestyle that is not afraid of pragmatic change, void of mood swings and emotional overreaction.

The secret of life is always ‘Be the Eye of Calm in a Storm’. When others are losing control of their emotions, due to intellectual laziness and wrong thinking ‘Belief Systems’…those that are calm have the best opportunity to survive the raging storm of conflict.

Some people believe that the Qur’an is a unique wonder in the world, even though they do not believe it is divine.

Proof exists that the Koran is not divine. To call the Qur’an a unique wonder is stretching attraction to its insidious writings too far. There is nothing unique about a deceitful book. And the Koran is founded upon absolute deceit. The false knowledge Koran is not a wonder, it is in the history of literature an absolute disgrace. The ‘Book of Mormon’ is a senseless false knowledge book founded upon deceit. But the difference between the Koran and the ‘Book of Mormon’ is that the Koran is filled with hate speech and calls for the execution of all unbelievers. The Book of Mormon does not threaten to hurt any person that rejects belief in Mormonism. It is this fact of reason, why we in the West in the name of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ do respect the right of Mormonism to exist as a ‘Belief System’ and why we reject the right of Islam to exist as a ‘Belief System’. Mormonism respects and supports the values of ‘Liberty’ whilst ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Totalitarian Islam’ seeks to destroy ‘Liberty’.

Every Muslim Cleric around the globe has one thing in common…they are intellectually backward. Those that claim earth is flat, because the Koran says it is flat are the dumbest of all Muslim Clerics. This inferior thinking breed are seriously dangerous and are in fact the common enemy of both Muslims and non-Muslims when they want to enforce ‘Blasphemy Law’ and kill any person that claims the earth is round.

 The other Muslim Clerics that claim the Koran suggests the earth was a sphere and was the first to suggest it, are downright absolute liars. The ‘Ancient Early Greeks’ were the first to state that the earth was not flat and was round. This statement was made by the ‘Ancient Greek Philosophers and Mathematicians’ several centuries before the 610 CE beginning of the creation of Islam and long before the birth of Jesus Christ.

The very fact that the Koran teaches that the Earth is Flat proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Qur’an is not the infallible word of Allah and is not a perfect book. When we identify all the ‘Jihad Hate Speech’ in the Koran, which are in fact ‘Satanic Verses’, it becomes clear that the Koran was not written by Allah as ‘Paedophile Muhammad’ claimed but was in fact recorded by Muslim followers as Muhammad had deceitfully dictated to them. Through the process of dictation Muhammad is the writer of the Koran. Allah did not write the insidious verses in the Qur’an.

All Muslims are being lied to by Muslim Clerics whom are the true enemies of the entire world.

 ‘Dawah’ means the call to Islam, proselytizing the message to convince unbelievers that the Qur’an/Koran is the infallible word of Allah and of course since the Koran is deemed infallible, it follows logically by ‘Muslim Cleric Guidance’ that the Earth is indeed Flat and that Science is wrong and that astronomical photos are false invented images.

As noted earlier, even though proven path evidence exists that ‘Evolution Process’ is an eternal fact of cosmic existence- Islam still rejects such scientific evidence clinging to its ignorant belief that Allah created Earth without the use of ‘Evolution Process’.

Oddly enough in 2014 more than 50% of ‘True Christians’ still reject ‘Evolution’ and are just as dumb as ‘True Muslims’ that reject the scientific evidence proving that ‘Evolution’ is a natural eternal process throughout the Universe.

Christianity foolishly supports Islam’s rejection of ‘Evolution Theorem’ and thus increases by that agreement process the false knowledge naïve belief that Islam is a credible valid religion. After all the Bible is believed to be the absolute word of God and is deemed infallible, and it states quiet clearly how the earth and mankind was made by God Creator.

As one young Christian in his 30’s faithfully tabled last year in 2013 to one of my sons, “There is no mention of Dinosaurs in the Bible” … and said, “God put those bones on earth to test us.”

Therefore, by this Christian logic, Islam is also right. Or the truth is that both Islam and Christianity are both wrong.

Well no doubt, more religious people are offended by my comments, but then that is what I expect…an immature emotional response. Thank God, scientists use ‘Emotional Intelligence’ they wouldn’t last long in their technical field, as truly progressive thinkers, if they didn’t possess emotional calm and pragmatic logic reasoning skills, void of fixed dogma thinking.




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