Cosmic Law on Freedom for the Chinese People in China

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Feature Image: Wooden Bridge Guizhou Province China

Panda enjoys his right to live free, asleep & awake.

The Great Wall of China was built to protect the rights of the Chinese People to Live Free.

The building of the Wall commenced in the 7th Century BCE and continued being built stop/start until the 17th Century CE. Marxist Communists lead by evil Mao Zedong, attacked the Chinese people in 1949 from within, denying them the right to live free like the Panda.

The Taiwanese successfully rejected Mao Zedong much to the chagrin of Xi Jinping.

Cosmic Law on Freedom for the Chinese People in China

Aka. Allan Ivarsson’s Instruction to Xi Jinping

Pro-Democracy Freedom of the Chinese People

Xi Jinping, I know your Communist Intelligence have been reading all of my Website Post work since 2018 for the last four years, because you have censorship banned 1.4 billion Chinese People, denying them the right to read outside China, Western World Internet programs. I know it is your ‘Intelligence Propaganda’ teams that are reading my work and keeping you informed of what I have written and said about you. And it is true using ahimsa words I have critically not given you any quarter. By your wrong thinking and behaviour, Xi Jinping you deserve such intense criticism.

Vladimir Putin has committed ‘War Crimes’ against the people of Ukraine and cruelly authorized the execution of innocent men, women, children and babies.

If you invade Taiwan, you will also be guilty of ‘War Crimes’ against the Taiwanese people. I hope you will prove too be more decent than Putin and have the common-sense decency to cancel your invasion plans of Taiwan and allow the people of Taiwan to live free in peace in their Pro-Freedom Democracy Environment. Contrary to what you think they have a right to live free.

If you follow my instructions, you will have the opportunity to become a great man in history, forever remembered for your courage to change your ideas. If you choose to continue to follow the evil path of anti-freedom Marxist Communism, you will be recorded in history as an evil man like Mao Zedong. And the majority of the people will hate your character and memory forever, in much the same way we hate Stalin, Hitler, Gaddafi and Hussein and other evil Despots of history.

It is your call be remembered as a good man or be remembered as an evil man.

I am qualified by skills and experience as being highly talented as a ‘Project Manager’, including in Class ‘A’ World Class Manufacturing and Retail; and I am the most advanced person in ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in the world, during my time of existence. I am the Einstein of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’, “Not brag, fact!”

I do not waste time on verbal communication as I know that all information must be written down for history to give people of future generations the right to review and decide what they believe in ideas was good or bad. I am not afraid to be judged by future generations, are you?

I have no doubt that you will ignore my instructions and continue on a political authoritarian path of doing the wrong thing focused on oppressing people, denying them the right to live free in speech, choice and equality. Maybe you will surprise me and do the right thing, I hope so, but I doubt it. Anyway, history should know what I said and if you do the wrong thing, you will be held accountable.

Xi Jinping, you need to free all of the Chinese people throughout China and Tibet. But to protect the wholesome survival of your people you must use common-sense and free all of the Provinces one step at a time to protect the economic strength of the Chinese people’s right to live free of Poverty. And there is one mistake, the West constantly makes‘Freedom of Speech’ in publications and in Seminars, and Meeting Halls, does not give the people the right to abuse ‘Freedom of Speech’ Privilege by Marching on the streets as a mob of disorganized abusive, vandalistic creeps. The right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ does not and must not give people the right to use violence, and abuse and does not give them the right to blockade freedom of movement of the people. All public places belong to the people to freely move around in peace. Protest passage blockades must be outlawed.

Mob protests are nothing more than Gangster Tactics focused on bullying the people into submission of their dictatorship demands. People have the right to protest to demand their right to live free in speech, choice and equality as they did in Hong Kong in 2020-2021, and in Tiananmen Square in 1989. But when ‘Freedom Exists’ they do not have the right to abuse ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege by bully tactics in demonstrations on the streets and in parks and other public locations.

Criminal violent harassment and persecution of the people must be outlawed as recorded in ‘Cosmic Law’.

And parents who allow their schoolchildren to protest in street demonstrations and school strikes have no honour or sense of responsibility and decency.

Martial Law’ must be outlawed.

Now my instructions…

Effective Immediately Xi Jinping thou shalt…

  1. Thou Shalt Cease threatening Taiwan and denying them the right to live free in their Pro-Freedom Democracy Immediately.

2. Thou Shalt Free the people of Hong Kong S.A.R. and give them their right to live free When? Immediately.

3. Thou shalt free all writers in prison and allow them to rebuild their lives as writers, journalists, editors and owners of publication organisations. We do not have to like or agree with everything recorded, but freedom of speech is an eternal human right and must be always respected and allowed to exist. When? Immediately.

4. Thou Shalt Free the People of Tibet and allow the Tibetans to live freely in their ancient Buddhist Culture as an inspirational guidance belief system that may through visitation of people to China encourage others to learn ahimsa better peaceful ways of thinking. When? Immediately.

5. Thou shalt Free the People of Macau S.A.R When? Immediately.

6. Thou shalt free the people of Province Guangdong When? By June 2023.

7. Thou shalt free the people of Province Fujian When? By June 2023.

8. Thou shalt free the people of Province Zhejiang When? By June 2023.

9. Thou shalt free the people of Province Jiangxi When? By June 2024.

10. Thou shalt free the people of Province Anhui When? By June 2024.

11. Thou shalt free the people of Province Jiangsu When? By June 2024.

12. Thou shalt free the people of three more Provinces each year thereafter until all Provinces as Democratic States report to the ‘Free State’ of Federal Government Beijing, which thou shalt establish as a Democratic Republic of China and all Provinces shall operate as Pro-Democracy in much the same way as successful Taiwan.

13. Thou Shalt establish by 2033 a 100% Free Democratic China and thereafter every Political Leadership Seat as Premier of Province/State and President of Nation shall serve six years in the seat until election time. A person maybe elected every six years if the people choose to vote that individual male or female into the leadership seat.

14. Thou shalt remember good leadership talent should be allowed to be reelected by the people when they the people by majority, continue to choose and thus vote for that person again.

15. Thou shalt ensure by Law that no person over the age of Seventy Years may serve as a Political Leader. Every person by ‘Cosmic Law’ must retire at their 71st year as a Leader. After the age of 71 years, experienced Politicians may only serve as Political Mentors hopefully wiser ones, still subject to ‘Freedom of Speech’ criticism when they are right or wrong in their thinking.

16. Thou shalt remember that over the age of Seventy Years, People’s Energy Levels naturally decline in Performance Levels and thus younger higher levels of Energy Performance is needed.

17. Thou shalt also remember that the rise of old age incompetence as leaders does endanger the wholesome wellbeing safety of the Nation and for that ‘Think Safety, Think Survive’ reason every leader must retire by their end of their Seventieth Year. As it was written into ‘Cosmic Law’ thus it is true for all Eternity. Amen.

18. Thou shalt phase out the anti-freedom ideology of Marxist Communism and give the people of China the right to live free in speech, choice and equality.

19. Thou shall phase out Censorship of Television and the Internet and allow the Chinese people to freely communicate with the ‘Free World’ around the globe.

20. Thou shalt remember there is no such thing as Heaven or Paradise or Hell, but there is such a thing as Spiritual Life for all altruistic animals and Spiritual Death for all anti-freedom of choice life forms. In other words, any Homo Sapiens that deny people the right to live free in peace shall lose their right to eternal life and within three seconds after death their spirit shall drift into the dark flow of matter and energy to be automatically consumed in a ‘Black Hole’. Eternal Death has always been the consequent death of those who deny others the right to live free in peace.

Xi Jinping you have been warned… be a good man, do not be an evil man. Do the right thing and you will be praised, do the wrong thing and your name will face eternal condemnation. The choice is yours be good or be bad.

I, Allan Ivarsson, was appointed by ‘God of Creation’ at the age of 12 years in 1961 to do an important job. I have done the job. As guided by my mentor, ‘God of Creation’ I designed and founded the most advanced intelligent belief system in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ which is duty-bound to fight for the protection and preservation of the eternal human right to live free from all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’. There is no place for the ‘Habit of War’ in the Universe. Sadly, to free people, we must fight tyranny until it is overthrown. The only way each generation can live free, is by the elimination of authoritarian creeps and their evil organisations and their evil anti-freedom ideologies.

The greatest leaders all have one altruistic ethical value in their character, they reject all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ with the contempt it deserves.

Xi Jinping, I do not believe you will have courage and wisdom to obey my instructions as directed to me by God of Creation. I hope you change and prove me wrong and become a good man defending the protection and preservation of ‘Freedom Values’.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

I report to ‘God of Creation’ ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of the Universe. By ‘Cosmic Law’ God condemns the treasonous behaviour of any person that denies a person not guilty of ‘Criminal Cowardice’, to live Free in Peace.

A person is as understood by wise decent societies, “Innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of doubt by factual evidence.” Justice only exists when truth is proven to be true.

As it is written so shall it be for all eternity ‘Cosmic Law’.

Karma shall deal with every person that deliberately disobeys ‘Cosmic Law’.

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