Australia: NSW Education Government Betrays the Safety of Children in Schools

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Feature Image: The NSW Flag.

The NSW Flag design was adopted in 1876.

The Flag has the Union Jack and the NSW State badge, which is the old badge of the colony.

The badge/ emblem design is inspired by the coat of arms of the St George Cross on a white disc with a golden lion in the centre of the cross and an 8-pointed star on each arm of the cross.

Australia: NSW Education Government Betrays the Safety of Children in Schools

In World War II Australians Fought for our right to live free of Oppression.

Freedom includes the right to live safe from the threat of violence inside a Nation.

There is no place for Knives in Schools or on the Streets as Weapons.

Government Education Departments are Accountable for Allowing Knives in Schools.

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Prue MacSween above and Peta Credlin both do not approve of the ‘backflip’ decision by the Education NSW Government.

‘True Blue’ Tough Australian ‘Peta Credlin’

“It is an act of ‘Treason’ to allow Children to carry weapons, including Knives in Schools.”

A.I. 2021

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As I previously said, I strongly repeat…

Using the most advanced intelligence in the World, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ it is a criminal offence to allow children to carry knives in school. Capitulation (surrendering) to the demands of the Sikhs is a cowardly unjust act, which denies children the eternal right to safety and protection from dangerous threats.

This is not India, this is Australia. There are no Muslims here, striving to violently force Sikhs to convert to Islam as they have done since the pre-17th Century in India. The ‘Kirpan’ (small sword/ dagger) is not a genuine religious knife, there is no such thing; the Sikhs do not need a knife to serve their God. The ‘Kirpan’ was introduced to the Sikhs in India as a weapon of self-defence against Muslims. It is wrong to call it a ‘Religious Knife’. It was no doubt a justified weapon for reasons of self-protection in India.

If we approve of the wearing of a knife in public by adults or children, it means that every person in Australia including children, has the right to carry a knife as a weapon. And that is equally as dangerous as allowing everyone to wear a gun. That is not acceptable behaviour.

The people that ‘backflipped’ and allowed children to wear the knife in schools are automatically guilty of cowardice and treason against all children and their parents. These ‘backflip’ adults must be sacked from their positions of authority and charged with treasonous thinking and behaviour.

Any lawyer that misuses loopholes in the law to manipulate acceptance of children wearing knives must be reprimanded and sacked, if necessary, for striving to overthrow responsible duty of care for the safety of children.

Was there greed for money involved in this ‘backflip’?

I strongly disagree with allowing students to carry knives into schools; I do not recognize the drama excuse “For Religious Reasons”. From now on, every time a child is stabbed, maimed or killed by a knife attack, the Government who approved this insidious acceptance of knives in schools must always be automatically charged with ‘High Treason’ against the victim Child and their Parents, and must also be charged as an accessory to attempted murder or murder, following whatever happened. The Sikh religion must automatically be charged with inciting the violent behaviour, by approving the carrying of knives to school. I do not accept the manipulated phony excuse of loopholes in the law allowing children to carry knives.

‘Cosmicism’ uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and has outlawed the carrying of weapons of any kind to schools.

Do not make the mistake of fighting the academic founder of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, I guarantee you will lose.

Ps. I was once mildly threatened by a boy carrying a knife in a paddock just outside school grounds, on the way home from school at the age of nine years in 1958. My father a ‘Police Officer’ went down to calmly talk to the boy and his mother. The boy never made that mistake again. The boy grew up without a father, and my father became his mentor. When the boy left school, he joined the Police Academy after seeking advice from my father and succeeded in building an excellent career path for himself as an ethical good cop.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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