Energy: Freedom Values and Dynamic Lifestyle

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Feature Image: Old Timer ‘Lest We Forget’.

Energy: Freedom Values and Dynamic Lifestyle

I am dedicating this brief treatise to my communication Muslim Friend in Singapore, who started out as my enemy and became my communication friend through American BNI, who also welcomed Ghulam as a friend. We have all enjoyed over two years of many soul-stirring nice natured written conversations.

Allan Ivarsson 20th April 2023.

Read my ‘Think Tank’ treatise first before exploring website links.

Our Quality-of-Life Survival Expects us to learn and share information throughout our life about Energy and the Eternal Human Right to Live Free in Peace.

Learning Science, History, Cosmology, Philosophy, Various Craft Technology and Work Skills and Adeptness in Sport helps strengthen the quality of our life. It’s our choice about what we want to learn. The more dynamic our training the more adaptable we become during our life adventures and struggles.

Being dynamic for me has been a fun adventure, an exciting challenge founded upon my sense of being the eye of calm in a storm since the age of 12 years and mastering ‘The Art of Positive Mental Attitude’ by the age of 21 years. I never suffered depression or writers block when I started writing at the age of 26 years in November 1975 at the time I faced death again, only this time I had been given three hours to live by doctors. I beat death because I refused to go to sleep and started writing every idea in my head, which I later destroyed, and kept myself awake for 20 hours, despite excruciating pain in my lungs every second I breathed. Thus, I survived the danger of death once again, since I was 18 years old trapped in a rip being dragged out to sea. No one saved me that day, I saved myself. There we no lifesavers around.

The only thing I kept during my struggle fight in hospital for life that was published years later, is a poem called ‘The Last Epitaph’.

Freedom Values

Without Freedom, Solutions cannot be achieved which democratically protects and preserves every person’s eternal right to live safely in peace void of the evil ‘Habit of War’, void of being unjustly abused in our homes, in business, walking down our streets, travelling in transport and in our Shopping Centre’s. Every person has the right to live freely and safely. No one has the right to deny us freedom of movement. Hence, people must be denied the right to demonstrate on our streets, which blocks other people’s right to freedom of movement. Even Mass Prayer on the streets is an abuse of ‘Freedom Privilege’.

There are volumes of peaceful ways to use ‘Freedom of Speech’ without using abusive forceful demonstrations blocking streets.

All Anti-Freedom Ideologies must be outlawed in a ‘Free Society’ that includes, Marxist Socialist Communism, ‘Sharia Law’, Nazism, Fascism, Blasphemy Law, and Bullying Political Correctness, Censorship Tactics, i.e., now often called ‘Woke’ mentality and ‘Cancel Culture’ which denies people ‘Freedom of Speech’.

Agree to Disagree Peacefully in Debate or discussion by exchange of information that is, when people are interested in receiving such insight. Wisdom recognizes we can all learn from each other. ‘Freedom of Choice’ is a ‘Human Right’ but only after anti-freedom ideologies are rejected.

This opposition to anti-freedom ideologies must be taught in School Education and Universities. People in Society must understand that to live ‘Free’ anti-freedom ideologies must be outlawed.

Achievements by Communist China, Communist Putin Russia and Communist North Korea are not wholesome achievements because the people in these Nations are cruelly oppressed and denied ‘Freedom Values’. Without Freedom people cannot live safely in peace, there is no reliable kindness in an oppressed society, where slavery in different forms thrives.

Energy Choices

It is essential that every person learns about all the advantages and disadvantages of every Energy type in power for our homes and industries and for our engines of every category type.

Allan Ivarsson is committed in his retirement to the research and development of Energy Choices that directly impact upon our Quality-of-Life Survival. And he is also committed to protection and preservation of the eternal human right to live ‘Free in Speech’ and ‘Free in Choice’ and ‘Free in Equality’.

Follow the complete works of Allan Ivarsson, he works for free in his retirement to help people upgrade their knowledge in important fields of survival knowledge.

Energy: ‘CO2 Clean Energy Technology’ is wiser than Electric Vehicle Technology.

The next step from Low-Carbon Fuel Technology, past Synthetic Fuels is the Evolution Creation of CO2 Clean Energy Engines Technology.

Phase out Electric Vehicles Expensive Drain on Electricity Grids.

The idea that Electric Vehicles is cheaper than ICE Vehicles in long-term is an illusion.

Previously Allan Ivarsson has said…

The World needs to commit further to phasing out ‘Electric Vehicles’ draining ‘Electricity Grids’ by focusing on development of ‘CO2 Clean Energy Fuel’ using existing Technology.

This commitment objective needs to be made ‘Number One Priority’ in every Western Nation.

The excessive use of Electricity by EV’s is expensive and harms the wholesome wellbeing of homes increasing risk of ‘Blackouts and make Industrial Energy’ too expensive thus pushing cost of products and food supplies and other services increasingly too high.

Overreliance on ‘Renewable Energy’ Power Supply like Wind and Solar, also makes Society Vulnerable to anti-survival Blackouts.

Wind Farms & Solar Farms on Land and Sea are harming earth’s environment and destroying earth’s wildlife and Gaia’s natural environment process. The building of Wind Farms and Solar Farms destroying thousands of hectares is irresponsible and grossly negligent of needed care of our Planet Earth.

Solar Farms

Thousands of Hectares of Land cleared around the world.

If ‘Nuclear War’ does not drive us into extinction excessive clearing of land will.

Australian Governments are responsible for the gradual destruction of Koala environments and corridors of important movement for Koala’s that are now in danger of extinction.

The use of ‘CO2 Clean Energy Technology’ is wiser and smarter than EV Technology.

The battle between ‘Electric Vehicles’ striving to wipe out the ICE Market is a significant concern.

The Future belongs to the more intelligent technology, research and development of ‘CO2 Clean Energy Combustion Engines’ to replace ‘Electric Vehicles’ and ‘Fossil Fuel ICE vehicles.

ICE is the acronym for ‘Internal Combustion Engine’ using ‘Fossil Fuel’. However, the advanced future of ICE with modification can become what the world urgently needs, far superior to ‘Electric Vehicles’, which drain ‘Electric Grids Energy’.

The Future Engine needs are ICE CO2 Clean Energy Technology, which through conversion process will be cheaper than investing in ‘Electric Cars’ and enable even Antiques to stay mobile on roads.

The World’s Future Advanced Technology starts with what I previously passed forward in March 2020.

The Future of the World Next Step: CO2 Clean Energy Engines for Vehicles, Motor Bikes, Boats, Planes, Lawn Mowers, Tractors, Chainsaws etc.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 20th of April 2023 (74 years of age on Boxing Day 26th Dec 2022.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

Researched Energy History by Allan Ivarsson.

Progressively Review all Website Links for increased ‘Think Tank’ information.

With good reason, I Allan Ivarsson reject ‘Electric Vehicles’.

Australian Politicians currently don’t have the ability to keep up reading the Collected Works written by Allan Ivarsson, they are not smart enough. The works of Allan Ivarsson is easy to read, but it currently is too onerous for Political Aussies. I trust the lack of Political Wisdom in Australia will change.

Australian Politicians have been making far too many mistakes since Whitlam PM 1975. And with each new political generation the mistakes are getting worse. This foolish thinking behaviour by incompetent politicians must be stopped.

I have posted many important reports over the last four years for those who have the ability to read.

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