Australia: ‘High Treason’ Call to Ban Petrol Cars within 5 years in Sydney

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(i) Committee for Sydney warns the state will not reach emission targets | — Australia’s leading news site

Australia: ‘High Treason’ Call to Ban Petrol Cars within 5 years in Sydney

Courtney Gould tabled brief News Report on the 29th of August 2022 titled, “Call to Ban Petrol Cars within five years or not meet emission targets.” (i)

“Sydneysiders have been given a big wake-up call, with a new report revealing the city is not pulling its weight.” (i)

“Sydneysiders are being told they need to change the way they live under a radical new plan to decarbonize the nation’s most populous city.” (i)

“Petrol and diesel cars would be banned in just five years’ time and there should be no new gas connections to buildings across the city, a Committee for Sydney proposal suggests.” (i)

“Under the plan, gas connections would be phased out from 2035 and there should be no new gas appliances by 2030.” (i)

“The influential body of business leaders and infrastructure experts have said that without more aggressive action the state will fail to meet its 2030 or 2050 targets.” (i)

A.I. comments… These Authoritarian Leaders are not experts, they are all mouth and no guts when they claim they want to enforce ‘more aggressive action.’

How many of these ‘Bully Creeps’ will defend their aggressive ideas in the Boxing Ring, fighting under ‘Marquis of Queensberry Rules’? These ‘Desk Warriors’ will run the other way being too afraid to physically fight in the ring.

How many of these inferior thinking Authoritarian Mentality Creeps will fight a ‘Civil War’ to enforce their dictatorship ideas? Answer: They will all run and hide if they have to defend their oppressive ideas in combat.

Allan Ivarsson Warns

The ‘High Treason’ objective motivated by reasons of Greed to deny Australians ‘Freedom of Choice’ is fighting aggressively to force every person to Buy Electric Vehicles to support their ‘Greed Project’ of making Corporations and Individuals Wealthy. Corrupt thinking Politicians that do not care about the rights of the people, who as political individuals and in political groups are focused on increasing their ‘Greed Growth’ of Power and Money, will be aggressively dealt with.

The Entire Multi-Billions Greed Industry investing in Forcing the Purchase of ‘Electric Vehicles’ by the entire population, does not care about all the Australian Pensioners and Poor people that will not be able to afford ‘Electric Vehicles’ and will be stranded without a vehicle, with no reliable support for ‘Food Supplies’ and Essential Needed Transport. This Societal Disaster will have major impact upon the wholesome well-being of the Australian People.

The Evil Greed Culprits behind this agenda to ban the use of Petrol and Diesel and impose forced procurement of ‘Electric Vehicles’ refuse to invest in the CO2 Clean Energy Technology, which will enable Vehicles to be converted from Petroleum Energy Combustion to use of CO2 Clean Energy Combustion.

‘CO2 Clean Energy Combustion’ will be cheaper than ‘EV Technology’ and more affordable in ‘Conversion Process’ for the Lower Income People.

The ‘Planned Bully Authoritarian Tactics’ of the ‘Greed Organizations’ to ban the supply of Petroleum Products and Force People to Purchase ‘Electric Vehicles’ denying them ‘Freedom of Choice’ is an act of ‘High Treason’.

The ‘Act of High Treason’ against the Australian People must be a ‘Capital Punishment’ Offence. It is a crime to use ‘Authoritarian Laws’ denying people ‘Freedom of Choice’. And it is a crime to force people to live in Poverty because they cannot afford ‘Electric Vehicles.

If a supply of Petrol and Diesel Energy Products are closed down, the Australian Battler will have no choice and will be forced by default to create a ‘Civil War Council’ to overthrow the ‘Greed Dictators’ striving to Oppress the Australian People with the imposition of ‘Electric Vehicles’.

The phase in by evolution process of CO2 Clean Energy Technology will be essential to reduce emissions.

“NSW’s climate policies are leading the nation, but this research is a wakeup call that Sydney’s not on track for net zero – we’ve got plenty of work to do,” committee spokesman Sam Kernaghan said.” (i)

A.I. comments… Kernaghan is a liar. NSW Climate Policies are not leading the Nation. These Policies are leading the ‘Green Murder’ of the Nation. ‘Net Zero Target’ is an insane objective founded by people in panic who are cowards that refuse to use common-sense. Their bully authoritarian tactics must be fought in the Boxing Ring to send a message loud and clear… “We the people will not tolerate these coward creeps threatening our right to live ‘Free in Choice’.

They claim they want to enforce ‘more aggressive action.’ If that is what they want… ‘more aggressive action’… then give it to them head-on.

If this Organization wants to make Recommendations, they can using ‘Freedom of Speech’ but they do not have the right to invoke ‘Forceful Banning’ which denies people ‘Freedom of Choice’.

Allan Ivarsson 31st August 2022

Wimp Sam Kernaghan said…To halve emissions by 2030, the only levers big enough to make a real difference are getting many more electric vehicles on the road and reducing the carbon intensity of the energy we use.” (i)

A.I. comments… In other words, in his desperate hours to win his dream Wishlist Fight, Kernaghan is willing to oppress the people who cannot afford ‘Electric Vehicles’ and make them poorer in quality of life so that he can live more prosperously than others.

‘The ‘Committee for Sydney’, The Board and The Team including Sam Kernaghan are focused on developing solutions for Greater Sydney to be the best city in the world. They are focused on developing solutions for the most important problems we face. The only problem with their mission is that the people are not informed about their plans and objectives. Most people in Sydney do not even know of this Organization Existence nor its objectives. And the ideas are not on the public table for the people to review and determine whether the plans and agenda targets are correct or not. Clearly this Organization is being financed by Wealthy Corporations that are in the business of making money from their Business Projects.

Whether these selected objectives are right for Sydney and the People is a Big Question Mark.

Certainly, they are not thinking about the people as the ‘Electric Car’ mandatory purchase objective reveals.

And they talk about getting rid of gas, but there is no cost comparison between gas and electricity on the table for public discussion. In other words, ‘Freedom of Choice’ is planned to be banned by Authoritarian Dictatorship. Never mind the ‘Freedom of Choice’ rights of the people. I personally don’t like gas; I grew up living with it as a child as did my friends. But still ‘Freedom of Choice’ must still exist as a human right to choose what type of energy people want to use. My wife and I chose Electricity but that was our ‘Freedom of Choice’ we were not ordered to submit to ‘Authoritarian Oppression’ as this ‘Committee for Sydney’ is striving to dictate.

As said previously… “Petrol and diesel cars would be banned in just five years’ time.” This objective proves the ‘Committee for Sydney’ is an ‘Authoritarian Organisation’ and is not concerned with what is right for the people, they are only concerned about profit for them and the Corporations financing their Agenda Targets to make more profit.

Sam Kernaghan said… “Both come with big social, logistical and political challenges, but the reduced energy bills that come with electrifying transport and buildings will be worth it.” (i)

A.I. comments… There is no evidence that ‘Electric’ will be cheaper. Home and Industrial Electricity is currently increasing in cost and Australia is one of the most expensive Electricity Energy Suppliers in the world. As for EV’s the cost of these Electric Vehicles is still excessive compared to ‘Fossil Fuel Combustion Engine’ vehicles.

This ‘Committee for Sydney’ is not even thinking about Australian Pensioners and the Aussie Battlers poorer class of working citizens, striving to survive. This Board and Team is only thinking about Profit for themselves and those who invest in their designed objectives. What is right for the people is not considered in their objectives of aggressively eliminating ‘Gas’ and ‘Fossil Fuel’ Engines.

This ‘Committee for Sydney’ is not interested in the genuine needs of the people they are only concerned for the ‘Greater Good of Sydney’ for investors.

Sam Kernaghan said… “Both come with big social, logistical and political challenges, but the reduced energy bills that come with electrifying transport and buildings will be worth it.” (i)

A.I. comments… Kernaghan lied. Energy Bills are increasing not reducing.

“To achieve the projected reductions, the committee said that there needed twice the amount electric vehicles on the road than the Steady Transition approach calls for.” (i)

All government and commercial fleets should be converted to electric vehicles by 2030 (i)

A.I. comments… What this inferior thinking committee is saying, “Governments’ should spend more taxpayers money increasing State Government Debt past ‘Steady Transition’ common-sense expenditure budget, to make more profit for EV Investor Corporations on the assumption that this will help society achieve ‘Net Zero Targets’, even though it will be negated around the globe by Communist China, Communist Russia, India and other Communist Nations. The backward thinking ‘Sydney Committee’ is not even thinking about how ‘Net Zero Targets’ will always be negated by ‘Communist Nations’. Meanwhile to satisfy Greed and Vanity, Australians by the use of ‘Green Murder’ will become poorer as the gap between Poor and Rich increases.

The ‘Sydney Committee’ does not have the guts to fight Xi Jinping’s commitment to use ‘Fossil Fuel’ Coal Energy Plants. The ‘Sydney Committee’ will not ban supply of coal exports. Such is their hypocrisy.

A petrol and diesel car sales ban, announced well in advance, would also send a clear signal to industry that EV charging, servicing and supply chain networks need to be in -place,” the report states. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This statement… “A petrol and diesel car sales ban, announced well in advance” … proves that the ‘Committee for Sydney’ is an ‘Authoritarian Organization’ hell-bent on aggressively oppressing first the ‘People of Sydney’ and then encouraging the oppression of every citizen around Australia.

The Planned Car Sales Ban of Petrol and Diesel Cars followed by the inevitable closing down of all Petrol Stations will cripple the people of Australia and definitely the Pensioners and Aussie Battlers poorer working-class will be struggling to survive. Millions of Australians will find themselves hamstrung by poverty caused by the forceful banning of Petrol and Diesel Cars, void of conversion of Engines to the use of CO2 Clean Energy Technology.

Governments that rush in by ‘Revolution Tactics’ to ban sale of Petrol and Diesel Cars Aggressively, Forcibly and subsequently force closing down of Petrol Stations will be automatically guilty of ‘High Treason’ against the Australian People.

Remember, a lot of poorer working-class people, including Pensioners look after their ‘Fossil Fuel’ Combustion Engine vehicles for fifty years or more, because they cannot afford to buy a new car, even when they like the idea.

If people cannot afford an ‘Electric Vehicle’ and cannot buy essential Petrol or Diesel because Petrol Stations have been forced to close downbelieve this single fact‘Violent Anger’ will expand across the Nation and Bloodshed will be the consequence, and every person that encouraged the banning of Petrol and Diesel Vehicles will face violent attacks.

I have always been against ‘Civil War’ but if Governments Ban Petroleum Vehicles, I will support the creation of a ‘Civil War’ Council. I cannot afford an ‘Electric Vehicle’ and neither can millions of us ‘Aussie Battlers’. If Governments want a ‘Civil War’ all they have to do is ban the sale of New and Used Petrol and Diesel Vehicles.

And the naïve ignorant idea that people can buy used Combustion Engine Vehicles, but new vehicles are banned is an idiotic objective. Used Vehicles will suddenly rise in price and make them no longer affordable to Aussie Poorer Class Battlers, and in addition the crime of car theft will increase to get second-hand combustion engine vehicles. This phony faked increase in old car market demand can only happen in an out-of-control market, if idiot Green Mentality enemies of the people are allowed to forcibly ban the sale of ‘New Combustion Engine Vehicles’ and the sale of ‘Fossil Fuel’.

Mark my words the banning of ‘Fossil Fuel’ Engine Vehicles New and Use will incite ‘Civil War’ Violence. And Organizations like the Green Mentality ‘Committee for Sydney’ will face violent aggression.

As I said previously… They [‘Committee for Sydney’ Board and Team] claim they want to enforce ‘more aggressive action.’ If that is what they want… ‘more aggressive action’… then give it to them head-on.

Fuel Taxes in Australia.

The Australian Government is dependent upon the essential income of Fuel Taxes. When Petrol and Diesel Sales are abolished, the Government will be forced to increase the cost of electrical charging of ‘Electronic Vehicles’ to gain the equivalent Billions of Dollars income they once received from the sale of Petroleum Vehicles Fuel.

The Government cannot afford to write off that essential annual sale income, hence, every person that thinks charging costs will be cheaper than fossil fuels are naïve. Costs for Electrical Charging will rapidly increase as sale of ‘Fossil Fuels’ vanishes from the market.

Reference insight…,-paying-and-rates—excisable-fuel/Excise-duty-rates-for-fuel-and-petroleum-products/

The Essential Fuel Excise Revenue Tax Traditional use has been for Spending on Roads and sometimes rail projects. Some surplus allocation may be used sometimes to reduce the Nations annual debt.

Funding may often be used for road building and improvements including repairing Flood Damage and risk of Road Accidents, which also includes fixing ‘Black Spot’ road stretches with a bad record for accidents.

The Point is… that when Petrol Fuel Excise Revenue Tax fades out, i.e., vanishing the Government will be forced to impose an EV Energy Tax at the point of charging for energy needed to operate an ‘Electric Vehicle’. If you think that you will get a cheaper energy ride by owning an ‘Electric Vehicle’ you will not. The ‘Committee for Sydney’ Board and Team and other do-gooder Green Organizations like them will not table the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Negative surprises will surface.

“Modelling by the urban policy think tank released with the report said on average a household could save around $1250 a year in fuel costs if they could afford to make the switch.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… that savings claim is a Mythical Lie. As the Government is forced to increase ‘Energy Revenue Tax’ for Electrical Charging, including plus GST costs of Electrical Charging, cost prices will increase. And don’t forget that as the cost of Electricity used in Homes and Industry increases so too will the cost of ‘Electrical Vehicle Charging’.

The ‘Committee for Sydney’ and other pro-EV promoters are not being completely honest about the disadvantages and handicaps of owning an ‘Electrical Vehicle’.

Ownership of an EV is not all rosy sunshine advantage. Negative surprises will become more apparent in the years ahead, including the aging problem of ‘Electrical Vehicles’.

“A home battery could reduce those bills by a further $850 per year and converting gas appliances to electric could save another $150 per year on average.” (i)

A.I. comments… This above claim is not truth. The savings of converting from Gas to Electric will vary throughout Australia, dependent on location and available sources of reliable energy. Gas has in past decades been cheaper, in other locations electricity may be cheaper. Don’t trust Net Zero Greens, they are fanatics, void of common-sense logic.

Lithium Home Batteries have a history of being dangerously flammable. I watched a video of an EV Charging suddenly exploded into fire destroying instantly the vehicle. Fortunately, there was no passenger inside the vehicle when it exploded into flames.

Disabled and Elderly People and Children cannot safely sit in an Electrical Charging Vehicle like they can in a Fossil Fuel Filling Station.

I have seen film of Solar Panels linked to Lithium Batteries suddenly explode on fire, not only in USA but also in Australia. Houses have burned down. Trust Lithium Batteries? Never!

The EV Market expects an increase in sales as ‘Authoritarian Governments’ bully the people to convert to EV’s using the phony pretext that converting to EV is cheaper. Down-the-track EV ownership and running costs will increase but it will be too late; society will now be oppressed by the EV market because incompetent Governments refused to invest in CO2 Clean Energy Technology.

“The report also recommended expanding rental and apartment access to rooftop solar and battery storage.” (i)

A.I. comments… The ‘Committee for Sydney’ is encouraging access to rooftop solar and battery storage. Clearly these amateur advisors have no idea about the dangerous aspects of rooftop solar linked to Lithium Battery Storage.

How safe are ‘Electric Vehicles’ when they get old? When does an EV expire in safety? Petrol/Diesel cars can survive safely for over fifty years by mechanical repairs. Can electrical power structure survive the lifetime safety test? Answer is still ‘Blowing in the Wind’.

Current ‘Electric Vehicle’ marketing never talks about aging safety of EV’s.

Now I shall be watching for Accident Reports as more EV’s hit the roads. And I shall be watching Car Theft of EV’s. How Safe are EV’s? What is the Life History of EV’s versus Petrol Vehicles?

Sudden rapid speed will increase excessively high. How survival safe is this ability in the control of a driver? Looks exciting to the ignorant- but is it, safety wise?

Wealthy people can cope with the handicaps of the EV Market. Can the poor who can survive with Petrol Cars, survive in a more expensive EV World? The answer is ticking away.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a wholesome good decent society.

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