Clever versus Smart & Why does Negativity exist?

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 Clever versus Smart


A large percentage of people in the world are clever, but not as many are smart. A smart person can be clever; but being clever does not mean a person is smart. A person with high I.Q. may be clever but may not be very smart. A person with average I.Q. who is not very clever, may with E.I. be smarter than a person with high I.Q. who does not have E.I. Likewise, a person with average I.Q. who is not very clever, may with P.I. be smarter than a person with high I.Q, who does not have P.I.

Clever traditionally means sharp intelligence, a sense of mental alertness, which may seem smart in a superficial way. A clever person can have excellent skills in a field of expertise. But this does not always mean that a clever person is smart. A smart person is astute, alert, and has good pragmatic common sense. Clever people do not always have pragmatic common sense. Truly smart people do have pragmatic common sense. A smart person may be smarter than clever. A smart person who is also clever has a decisive advantage. A clever person may not be as smart. A clever person who is not smart has a great disadvantage handicap. A clever person can learn to be smarter, by learning philosophical intelligence. A smart person who learns philosophical intelligence will have a great survival asset, but it does not mean that they will successfully learn to be truly clever. The hard reality of evolution process is that our natural talents are inherited. We may be smart in learning the words to a song; but we will never be clever enough to sing it well if we have not genetically inherited a good singing voice. We may be clever enough to sing a song with ‘sounds of excellence’, but we may never be smart enough to reason correctly, if we do not have E.I. or P.I. A good driver with high I.Q. who speeds may be clever, but not very smart. A good driver with average I.Q., who does not speed, may not be very clever, but they are smarter.

The sad reality of life often identifies the difference between clever and smart. A clever computer hacker that creates spyware and virus attacks may be naturally talented, but by their unscrupulous behavior they are not very smart. An honest person is smarter but may not be as clever as a low-life computer hacker, whom is not very smart.

There have been great actors, comedians, singers, musicians with so much natural talent that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were very clever. Many led very happy successful positive mental attitude lives, they were also smarter. But others chose the world of depression and negativity in their personal lives, they were not very smart. Clinging to the excessive use of alcohol and worse drugs, the tragedies of great talent dying too young, by accident, overdose and suicide, has been a constant trend for several decades during the 20th Century into the early 21st Century so far. No doubt more tragedy is on its way. Bad attitude thinking is not very smart, no matter how clever a person may be.

Clever is not always smart.

Smart is not always clever.

Recap extended… A large majority of people around the globe in work and personal interests are very clever, but not as many are truly smart.

It is collectively very important to human survival that ‘clever’ thinking and skills contributes to the constant evolution of human progress. But this essentially needed constant contribution is not enough.

Being ‘Clever’ and not being ‘Smart’ makes us vulnerable to being conquered by many forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.

Being ‘Smarter’ and not being ‘Clever’ makes us vulnerable to not being able to comfortably survive without the creativity of clever people.

I am ‘Smarter’ than I am ‘Clever’, others are ‘Cleverer’ than I, but are not as ‘Smart’.

 We humans must absolutely change the way we think to survive well and avoid extinction of humanity. Every ‘Belief System’ is now on the table, all false knowledge must be discarded, and all truth and wisdom must be carefully extracted and added to the way of ‘Cosmicism’ an eternal forever expanding library of ‘Truth, Justice and the Right Way’.

We must bring together as one team, the companions, Science and Cosmic Philosophy. And use our higher understanding to help us collectively evolve to become both clever and smarter as one information intelligence.

As Scientists teach us… ‘Theory and Fact’ are two different realities. One is speculation the other is proven to be true.


There are many ‘Clever People’ that believe in all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ and ‘Fixed Dogma’… but only ‘Smarter’ people believe in the essential values of ‘Liberty’ in ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ and reject all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ and all ‘Fixed Dogma Belief Systems’.

It is an insane belief system that values tyranny and rejects liberty values.

Why does negativity exist? What about the thousands of other people, the unknowns that suffer similar terrible fates like some famous people? Some of them, homeless people wandering the streets, are unable for whatever reasons, to make a reasonable success of life, however moderate and simple that lifestyle may be. The next part identifies the overview reason.

Why does Negativity exist?

Misery versus Happiness


The real reason for all the misery in the world is not because of ‘Psychological Thinking’. Dump the word ‘Psychological’ into the garbage bin- never use such misguided thinking words to describe ideas and feelings.

Our problems are not of the subconscious; our problems are linked to the conscious even when we try to suppress that consciousness. We must have the courage to face our consciousness and deal with our scar bad experiences and through corrective action fix those issues which trouble us using ‘Wisdom’, ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Pragmatism’. We must have the calm courage and the ‘Positive Mental Attitude, Persistent Willpower’ to always adapt and change as the challenges of life are put onto the table in front of us. We can never run away from reality- we must deal with it, face it and live true to our self, by calmly following our heart with ‘Positive Self-Confidence’.

As Mike Ditka (1939- ) American footballer, coach and television commentator, once correctly said… “Success isn’t permanent, and failure isn’t fatal.” … he also wisely said…

“Success isn’t measured by money or power or social rank. Success is measured by your discipline and inner peace.”

The key to gaining control of our life and a sense of happiness does not come by the pursuit of happiness. It comes through our ‘Belief System’ good or bad, right or wrong, true or false. Therefore, it is mandatory, being imperative that every day of our life, we stay alert, through checks and balances, scrutineering our ‘Beliefs’ to ensure that what we believe is accurate and wholesome and does in truth guide us in the right way, so that we can enjoy reasonable opportunities void of excessive greed and lust.

Cynicism, bitterness, envy, jealousy, self-pity, revenge and hate are negatives…throw these backward feelings into the garbage bin and replace all negativity with can-do positive mental attitudes. Flexibility, dynamic thinking and the courage to accept pragmatic adaptation, when survival needs demand change, is essential to wholesome wellbeing. Using persistent determined will power, backed by living ethical integrity, is the key to happiness and potential success. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but wholesome right feeling is guaranteed, unto all persons that truly learn the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.


Money is an important part of inner peace survival necessity. However, we don’t need wealth to be happy. But we do need basic comfort, a secure roof over our head and food on the table, and a safe living location. Therefore, it is pragmatic survival common sense that every person manages their money wisely and budgets according to what they can afford. Wasteful spending, buying what one does not need to survive, only serves to increase misery, when one cannot pay their basic survival bills. Therefore, the wiser every day of their life are careful in money management, no matter how wealthy or successful they may become. There is no happiness in greed or envy, both obsessions only bring misery into a person’s life. And living like a ‘Scrooge’ when one can afford some expenditure, is also an act of self-imposed meanness and misery.

Every education system, in every high school, should teach basic home management budgeting too ensure that every child knows basics in preparation for adult life. The shorter in funds we are, the more important budgeting becomes. A person in the financial ‘red’, cannot trade out their poor economic position, if they don’t manage a budget. A person cannot live in the financial ‘black’, if they don’t manage a budget. The path of survival happiness also includes the diligent practice of money management. To just exist without progress is not fun. Slow progress, no matter how mediocre it may be, is far better than zero achievement. Faster progress in achievement is simply a bonus.

Parents should also teach their teenage children and young adult children about budgeting and money management. But unfortunately, not all parents understand this essential basic skill. And even when, the parents do impart good advice, foolish children do not listen to that guidance. Hence, to back up knowledgeable parents, it is imperative all ‘High School Education’ does teach every child basic home management budgeting.

The fable of the hare and the tortoise is correct, slow and steady wins.

To be truly happy, one must reject excessive gambling, reject excessive alcohol, reject drug use in total and for better health, also reject smoking. These four bad habits are soul destructive and encourage the existence of life to be harder and unhappy.


‘Positive Mental Attitude’is very important in life, but it only works when bad habits are dumped into the garbage bin. The mind must be cleansed of wrong thinking to be happy. The wiser learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the way of ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’.

‘The pursuit of happiness for its own sake is folly’. The foundation of happiness begins with ‘Inner Peace’ founded upon good wholesome ahimsa beliefs.


The first step in the gaining of wisdom includes the lifetime objective of being alert and always striving to improve our communication skills- there is no end to this goal, it is a lifetime challenge, until death do us part.


Life is about choices, right and wrong, good and bad, honourable and dishonourable. We decide our direction- it is our choice, our decision alone that creates our karma, good or bad.

In a World of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ all ‘Totalitarianism’ will disintegrate.


It has been said that Christian Catholics don’t believe in Karma. But it should be noted that the word Karma is an Anglicized word derived from the Sanskrit word Karman.

Karma is the synonym of Result, Consequence and Kamma a Pali word.

Christians believe in the existence of heaven and hell. That alternative destiny after death, if true, is a consequence, a result, a Kamma, founded upon the belief in good and bad thinking action.

Therefore, Christians cannot reject the existence of Karma, because Karma is a consequence, a result of good or bad thinking and behaviour.

Karma is the Sum of Actions.

And Karman a Sanskrit word is the synonym of Action, Deed.

Fixed Dogma Belief Systems trap themselves too often in limited thinking, unable to think wisely outside the square of the square. The Truth is out there… and needs wisdom philosophy and Science as companions to solve the mysteries of existence and identify the truth. ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is the way.


Ask by sharing information. And by reading Science, History & Philosophy, including Pre-History and Ancient History and Cosmology, for further insight and understanding about the nature and character of existence. Reject all anti-freedom belief system doctrine and choose pragmatic common-sense wisdom as your guide founded upon the values of ‘Truth, Justice and the Right Way’ which always protects and preserves the eternal values of…

100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’.

 Three valid thinking words…



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