Marxist ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Australian Traitors Burn Australian Flag.

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Flag Burning in Demonstrations in Public Places Must be Banned in every Nation.

There is no place for Traitors in a Nation.

Australian Flag Being Burnt by Traitors.

‘Extinction Rebellion Organisation’ are oppressive bully enemies of the ‘Free World’.


This demonstration was approved by the fanatic Bully Organisation ‘Extinction Rebellion’ founded in May 2018 by British Activists in the United Kingdom. More about the insidious thinking and behaviour of this organisation later. The groundswell of bully harassment in public locations has been increasing since British Activists set the world up to face another form of threatening tyranny. They claim they are ‘Non-Violent’. – They lied. Their demand tactics have a ‘Marxist Mentality’.

The demonstrators use of coloured smoke from ‘Flares’ polluting the atmosphere is used in the demonstration to approve of the hypocrisy of ‘Climate Change’ Activists that deceitfully claim they care about the planet.

The use of smoke, burning and flares is an act of violence against our environment.

They knew that the best way to prove they do not care about ‘Climate Change’ and Environment was to use smoke to pollute the environment and subject all witnesses to their tyrannical demonstration tactic to a large dose of ‘Passive Smoking’ polluting their lungs.

Remember this fact… Many people who suffer from ‘Passive Smoking’ often in elder years suffer from dangerous ‘Mini-Strokes’. Unlawful burning in ‘Public Places’ is an act of violence against others.

The demonstrators burning of the ‘Australian Flag, proved these people are enemies of Australia and are by their oppressive act ‘Marxist’ in mentality, enemies of decency and patriotism, and have no sense of loyalty to Australians and their Flag.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Burning a Flag in a Public Place is an unlawful Act of Arson.

It is… and must always be a ‘Criminal Offence’ in every Nation around the world.

Source: Australian Flag Burning

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Marxist ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Australian Traitors Burn Australian Flag.

A news report dated 1st; November 2021 tabled a story about a ‘Threatening Dictatorship Demonstration’ launched to force Australians to submit to their Bully Authoritarian Mentality.

The story by Olivia Day for Daily Mail Australia, was titled, Extreme global warming protestors BURN an Australian flag on the steps of the Victorian Parliament declaring Australia a ‘climate pariah’.

“Notorious climate activists have burned an Australian flag on the steps of the Victorian Parliament and declared Australia a ‘climate pariah’.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… These Traitors Burned the Australian Flag. They falsely claimed Australia is a ‘Climate Pariah’. Their behaviour proves they are Marxists. They used anti-freedom ideology Marxist tactics when they burned our Australian Flag. Their betrayal of our International Flag is an act of treason.

There is no protest cause which justifies burning of our Australian Flag. Their treasonous behaviour proves that they are enemies of Australia and by their act of betrayal they have no honour.

If they disagree with Political ideas, they should still respect the Australian Flag when they challenge ideas and actions.

‘Free Speech’ gives people the right to express their opinions but it does not give them the right to be traitors.

The two men in suits who burned the Australian Flag are cowards and that is easy to prove.

The word ‘Pariah’ means ‘an outcast’. It means that all Australians are lepers, untouchables, undesirable persons. This claim by these ‘Climate Activists proves they are enemies of all ‘True Blue’ Australians.

I am disgusted with their treacherous behaviour. I reject their dictatorship bully tactics against all ‘Patriotic Australians’ with the contempt they earned.

“The ‘rebels’ demanded more action from the government, private enterprise, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison as the COP26 Summit in Glasgow approaches.” (i)

A.I. comments… They are not rebels they are Marxist Gangsters. They want to force their ideas down upon every Australian using Authoritarian tactics.

‘Extinction Rebellion’ rejects the right of the common people to disagree with their ideas.

‘Climate Change Activity’ decisions belong to the people and not to the government. All serious issues must be voted by ‘Referendum’.

Dictatorship by any ‘Political Force’ is not acceptable behaviour and is founded upon anti-freedom ideology.

These Extremists have no right to oppress the Australian people with their ideas. Many Australians and I am one of them reject the taxpayer spending at Glasgow Summit. And I reject spending 2 billion Australian Taxpayers dollars on Net Zero Target, and more, when ‘Communist Beijing’ is planning to invade Australia and our Self-Defence and Self-Sufficiency in Manufacturing is weak.

We know these ‘Protestors’ are enemies because they pretend to care about ‘Climate Change’ so that they can weaken Australia by diverting us away from strengthening Australian Self-Sufficiency in Manufacturing and Military Defence. They are fine with Xi Jinping invading us. How do I know this is true? “Silence is Approval”.

‘Extinction Rebellion’ Climate Change Activists would rather burn our Australian Flag than fight under the flag to defend ourselves against ‘Communist Beijing’ invasion.

I have classified ‘Extinction Rebellion’ as an anti-freedom ideology outlaw organisation.

“As one of the Extinction Rebellion activists waved the scorched national flag, another made an impassioned speech outside the government building.” (i)

A.I. comments… Only a rare few people heard this insignificant speech, because it was not published on the Internet for all Australians to read. Their misuse of ‘Freedom of Speech’ vanished into the air and has already been forgotten by the few who heard its passionate words about nothing of useful reference for or against in support of their propaganda false knowledge ideas.

Climate Change Activists members of ‘Extinction Rebellion’ like Greta Thunberg and many others rant a lot of ‘Hot Air’ incompetent ideas into the wind true to the mentality of ‘Blah Blah Thunberg’ who is all mouth spin and cannot deliver a professional website which reveals educated detailed objectives and concerns about ‘Climate Change’.

Even the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Website is incompetent and void of ‘Climate Change’ articles for and against, including science information.

The vanity of ‘Climate Change Activists’ is so high that it gets lost in the Ozone Layer and fails to table educated common-sense information which can be proven as being true.

As I have written previously protests on the streets have a history decade after decade of always failing to deliver the right results. Demonstrations are an ‘Abuse of ‘Freedom of Speech Privilege’. And the why this is true has been recorded in my previous records. Of course, if ‘Climate Activists’ cannot read, they will not be clever enough to keep up with my collected records of information.

There were other foolish protests in Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra.

These ignorant protests were delivered to deliberately hurt Australians.

Britain… hosted the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow from October 31 to November 12.” (i)

“The conference will aim to bring countries together to work towards the goals of the Paris Agreement of 2015 and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.” (i)

A.I. comments… This entire Climate Change series of Conferences is a persistent table of ‘Political Spin’ pushing the Wishlist idea that governments can change ‘Climate’. The entire process is founded upon Panic by many foolishly thinking people. Fact is… no human being can control ‘Climate Change’. It has operated for over three billion years and homo sapiens have never been able to control it and never will.

Extinction Rebellion members recently launched a new website dedicated to providing an ‘alternative view’ to coverage of the COP26 Summit.” (i)

A.I. comments… If the website was an accurate information site, I would be keen to read their alternative views. But they are not in the movement of presenting ‘alternative views’ they in the movement of dictating forceful ideas, demanding that we all submit to their dictatorship demands. They claim they are non-violent; they lie… their violent forceful behaviour proves they are Marxists.

The very name of their organisation is called ‘Extinction Rebellion’ to incite panic promoting the false knowledge fear that the end of the world is coming soon. This overreaction panic tactic proves that all members are cowards, afraid to live life using emotional calm common-sense.

Panic fanatics claim the climate action is needed by 2030 and that reaching net zero carbon by 2050 is too late. This claim is fiction nonsense to force people to panic and submit to the Marxist demands of ‘Climate Change’ Activists.

What if I am wrong, no worries we will all be dead, sleeping in peace. But if I am right, everyone will live happy thereafter enjoying greening of the planet, and more good food supplies, and an opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life existence. Our only real danger is ‘Nuclear Winter’ & Asteroids– watch fanatical ‘Communist’ and ‘Sharia Law’ Nations focused on gaining ‘Nuclear Weapons’ they are the potential flashpoints for extinction programs.

“A video on the site features a call to arms from environmental campaigner George Monbiot who warns the earth faces the possible collapse of our life systems.” (i)

A.I. comments… Evolution is a powerful force in the Universe, and I do not believe that the collapse of our life systems on earth will completely occur during the next one billion years. Three billion years of ‘Climate Change’ history of earth has revealed five extinctions so far… but life kept evolving forward and extinctions of species continued. And shall continue…

Nuclear Winter’ is the worst danger we face and we can only stop such an event by dissolving all anti-freedom ideology Governments. And replacing them with ‘Free Values’ Democratic Republic Nations, working generation after generation, to eliminate the ‘Habit of War’.

We will never eliminate the ‘Habit of War’ until we eliminate the ‘Habit of Street Demonstrations’.

George Monbiot is a brave man and an educated man, but his fear reveals that his education needs to be upgraded, to a smarter level, he must learn the most advanced intelligence in the world, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Monbiot’s mistake is that he is supporting Extinction Rebellion, a wrong thinking organisation.

“Mr. Monbiot said people around the world were gathering in large numbers to urge world leaders to do more to combat the climate crisis.” (i)

A.I. comments… that is true, we cannot argue with that reality. But the words need rewrite correction…

People around the world are panicking and gathering in large numbers to urge world leaders to join the ‘Panic Movement’ now encouraged by Marxist ‘Extinction Rebellion’ founded in 2018. Desperate to convince governments they need to do more to save us all from ‘Climate Change’ destruction, the uneducated, intellectually lazy people who refuse to read more advanced intelligence records are like sheep being moved down a path of false knowledge encouraged by Marxist ‘Extinction Rebellion’ who are cowards if they believe in the panic they are selling constantly as phony propaganda. If they are not cowards, it is because they are Marxists focused on manipulation of world societies to submit to their dictatorship.

Time is running out. It is time for us to push our governments to do the right thing. It’s not too late. We still have the capacity to do it, the campaigner urged.” (i) [They Lied.]

A.I. comments… Thus, ‘Doomsday Panic Climate Change Activists’ cry out for help, pushing a false knowledge objective so that they can impose a political society of Marxism to oppress all the world and turn everyone into puppets of a ‘Police State’ in much the same way as ‘Communist China’ and ‘North Korea’ now rules the people, denying them the right to live free.

British writer George Monbiot is wrong in his panic approach to ‘Climate Activism’ but that is another story for another time.

‘Extinction Rebellion’ …They claim they are non-violent; they lie…

“In Sydney, activist Larissa Payne – wearing a colourful headpiece made of flowers – stood at the top of a tall ladder on Macquarie Street outside the Opera House.” (i)

A.I. comments… This was a very foolish precarious thing to do. If she had fallen as many others have, she could have been crippled, paralyzed for life, or even killed. For what? A stunt to prove how crazy her misguided thinking is. Hundreds of people have suffered such consequences when they risked their life. I was one such person, who at the age of 26 years in October 1975 was crippled by a fall and given three hours to live. I lived a life of pain 24/7 for the rest of my existence. Her fall would have been inadvertent violence against her own self. Extinction Rebellion approves of this dangerous bad thinking behaviour.

“Police officers were forced to coax the protestor down from the ladder which hung a sign reading: ‘COP26: Decolonise to survive’. (i)

“At one point the lone activist lit a bright orange flare and waved it above her head.” (i)

A.I. comments… As an Extinction Rebellion Climate Change Activist, she lit an orange flare to pollute the planet… such was her hypocrisy in beliefs.

She was lucky the Police did a good deed and coaxed her to come down safely from the ladder. If the public or another demonstrator had accidently collided with her ladder she could have been maimed or killed. Three Cheers for these good caring Police.

Her sign ‘Decolonise to survive’ was a senseless idea. The world’s population is 7.8 billion in 2021. The world’s population in 1900 C.E. was only 1.7 billion people. An increase of 6.1 billion people. At 2100 C.E. it will be a minimum of 20 billion people on our planet. People need to change their belief system thinking and learn to live together more wisely or violent conflict will increase and people in conflict will drive each other into extinction. “Decolonise? Not in your dreams.”

“In Brisbane, four Extinction Rebellion protestors were arrested after they padlocked themselves to a kayak on the William Jolly Bridge near the city’s CBD on Monday.” (i)

“The climate activists parked a Ute across two lanes at the intersection of the bridge and Coronation Drive causing delays for motorists trying to enter the city.” (i)

“The protestors locked their arms into metal pipes attached to the kayak and were eventually removed by police, the Courier Mail reported.” (i)

A.I. comments… Think about it. They may not have physically assaulted anyone but these Four Extinction Rebellion protestors, did use violent force to stop people from entering the city. The Motorists would been within their self-defence rights to physically remove the Four Culprit Blockade by whatever degree of force is necessary. Fortunately, for the protestors Police were there to save them from harm.

“One of the four who claimed to be an environmental scientist said the group was protesting Australia’s net zero target.” (i)

A.I. comments… I have read reports by Scientists who reject the panic thinking of ‘Climate Change’ Activists and identify evidence exists that we have no fear threats from ‘Climate Change’ and that our real concerns are ‘Pollution of the Planet’. And CO2 is not the danger.

This so-called environmental scientist is not a very good scientist, if his communication skills are limited to getting involved with foolish demonstrations. As for his claim that they were protesting ‘Australia’s net zero target’ which did not table any special detailed reports of what they were protesting and why, for the public to read, proves that their entire protest was a fake false knowledge drama stunt. Such demonstrations are forgotten within a week and only us professional philosophers trying to get to the ‘why’ of the problem make the effort to solve what is really behind all of these protest stunts. So far… no sign of intelligence exists amongst the Extinction Rebellion protestors.

“Seven protestors from the same organisation glued themselves to a bridge in Melbourne’s CBD.” (i)

A.I. comments… Solution don’t help them unglue themselves let them suffer day after day stuck together.

“The ‘rebels’ disrupted peak-hour traffic on the Princes Bridge near Flinders Street Station last Wednesday, as dozens of demonstrators held signs and chanted.” (i)

A.I. comments… Such demonstrations are using physical force deliberately disrupting peak-hour traffic which again proves that Extinction Rebellion is a Marxist anti-freedom ideology organisation and must be shutdown by ‘Force’ in every country. Their Authoritarian Tactics must be forcibly overthrown, even if blood runs.

We cannot and must not ever tolerate such gangster-hoodlum organisations. And if women choose to join men in acts of bully threats and violence against people they must go down with the men and face the consequences of their acts.

“A rope was hung across the road with placards that symbolized ‘human life is hanging by a thread’ as members of the public asked attendees to move.” (i)

A.I. comments… The hanging of a rope across a road to stop public access is an act of force and the public does have the self-defence right to use counter-force to take out the protestors and give them a choice run or fight.

“The week before, eight Extinction Rebellion activists were arrested in Adelaide after gluing their feet or chaining themselves to buildings in the city’s CBD.” (i)

A.I. comments… again these Marxist Extinction Rebellion activists used ‘Physical Force’ to bully others into accepting the tyrannical cause agenda. They claim that they use nonviolent civil disobedience but that claim is a lie.

When demonstrators chain themselves down and glue themselves down and blockade public areas denying people freedom of movement they are using ‘Physical Force’ …

which regardless of method is an anti-freedom oppression of the people and as such is an act of violence.

For the truth is… the common people, the public has the right to move freely and when anyone uses any type of force to stop freedom of movement, they are using violent physical force.

We as a society in every Nation must stop all Forceful Demonstration Tactics which deny people ‘Freedom of Movement’ in Public Places caused by ‘Blockade’ Strategies which is correctly deemed as an act of ‘Physical Force’. Such ‘Physical Force’ is not a nonviolent civil disobedience action. It is a subtle violent action and must be prosecuted for that what it is…

An act of forceful coercion to force people to submit to the tyrannical demands of the treacherous ‘Extinction Rebellion’ organisation.

I believe to stop all of this demonstration dictatorship bully harassment tyranny that every person engaged in non-violent and violent forceful tactics must be arrested and fined one million dollars per person and made to pay the bill or face a mandatory twenty years in prison no exceptions.

We need to get ruthlessly tough to free our societies from the bully tyranny of protestors. We do not need protestors on the street.

In a ‘Free Speech’ world people can excise freedom of speech in ‘Social Media’ and on Websites and in ‘Freedom of Press’ and in conferences and seminars and by written petitions and in books. They do not need to use ‘Public Demonstrations’ causing physical problems and harassing people who disagree with their bully dictatorship demands.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Final Notes

Extinction Rebellion’ violent demonstration bully harassment tactics.

4th November report… Glasgow Protest.

A.I. comments… Many of the people in the protest were more interested in dressing up in costumes to have fun in the protest. They were more concerned with their own vanity of enjoying themselves in the protest and were only pretending to be a protestor so they could dress up and have fun.

Activists tried to force their way into the building and were stopped by private security and police officers.” (ii) [Violent Action by Protestors.]

“But the demonstrators locked themselves to each other outside.” (ii)

A.I. comments… This self-locking process is an act of blockade force against others to stop their freedom of movement.

“Police said the arrests were made after officers were sprayed with paint.” (ii)

“Assistant Chief Constable Gary Ritchie said: ‘During one of these protests, a number of officers were assaulted after being sprayed with paint.” (ii)

“Two arrests have been made in relation to this so far and cans of spray paint have been seized.” (ii)

“We will protect the rights of people who wish to peacefully protest or counter-protest at COP26, balanced against the rights of the wider community. (ii)

A.I. comments… And the rights of the ‘Community’ is to be able to walk free of being harassed and abused and free to walk anywhere. Demonstrations do forcibly by their blockade presence deny people freedom of movement. Demonstrations are an abuse of ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege.

“We will provide a proportionate policing response to any protest and violence will not be tolerated.” (ii)

A.I. comments…

The hypocrisy of the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ is that they do tolerate the use of violence, which proves they have a ‘Marxist Mentality.’

Assaults on officers, who put their safety at risk every day to keep the public safe and have adopted a facilitative and rights-based approach to protest, is totally unacceptable.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Agreed.

“Earlier in the day, flares were also set off outside JP Morgan bank on the same city street.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Once again, the use of flares pollution of the atmosphere proves that ‘Climate Change’ Activists do not care about looking after Planet Earth Environment they are only interested in threatening harassment of others.

As I said previously…

The demonstrators use of coloured smoke from ‘Flares’ polluting the atmosphere is used in the demonstration to approve of the hypocrisy of ‘Climate Change’ Activists that deceitfully claim they care about the planet.

The use of smoke, burning and flares is an act of violence against our environment.

They knew that the best way to prove they do not care about ‘Climate Change’ and Environment was to use smoke to pollute the environment and subject all witnesses to their tyrannical demonstration tactic to a large dose of ‘Passive Smoking’ polluting their lungs.

Remember this fact… Many people who suffer from ‘Passive Smoking’ often in elder years suffer from dangerous ‘Mini-Strokes’. Unlawful burning in ‘Public Places’ is an act of violence against others.


Search Engine News on the Internet Recognises Greta Thunberg as a member of ‘Extinction Rebellion’ which explains where some of her Donation funding is coming from to finance her protest ‘Climate Change’ Activism tactics.

I have not ever heard Thunberg denounce the violent tactics of ‘Extinction Rebellion’ protestors. “Silence is Approval.”

Extract from their so-called caring Website.

They lie… they do approve of violence.

And Greta Thunberg supports their mission.

The list of violence by ‘Extinction Rebellion’ is almost endless.

Street Protests is not the right method to persuade governments… the above comment proves Marxist Extinction Rebellion is not smart.

Extinction Rebellion has been criticised as “environmental fanatics” who plan to ruin thousands of holidays and risk alienating thousands of potential supporters. Its 2019 protest cost the Metropolitan police an extra £7.5m.(iii)

A.I. comments… It is the hard-working taxpayers who are paying the 7.5 million pounds. The Big Question… “Why are not governments sending the bill to the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ organisation and forcing them to pay all financial loses caused by their protests?”

It is time to bill all protestors for the true cost of their demonstrations. It is stealing money from the Taxpayer when the taxpayer is paying for their dictatorship protests.

“It [‘Extinction Rebellion’] has also defended causing criminal damage, such as smashing windows. It says such tactics are sometimes necessary and that it is careful not to put anyone at risk.” (iii)

A.I. comments… Once again ‘Extinction Rebellion’ lied. Flares polluting the air with smoke is putting people at risk, including asthmatic’s and diabetics. Spraying police with paint risking their eyes being blinded is putting people at risk. Breaking glass puts people at risk when glass flies in the air and and risks people cutting themselves when they have to repair the damage. All of these ‘Protest Tactics’ are acts of violence by demonstrators that have no sense of honour or decency. Protestors do not have manners, respect for the peaceful rights of others.


When Governments fail to charge the cost of all demonstrations to the organisation of the demonstration that Government is betraying the rights of the taxpayers, who should not have to pay as much tax when governments waste their money, poorly spent on supporting demonstrations. Such weak incompetent Governments must be sacked by the people and the demonstrators must pay the bill by whatever degree of force is required.

To be continued…

Complete 76 Trombones from Live in Australia in Melbourne’s Telstra Dome

‘Lest we Forget’

Around the Western World during WWII Patriotism in every Nation lived tough and committed to opposing all enemies of Freedom. No Patriot would think of Burning their Flag, they would defend it unto death.

Every person who burns their flag today is a traitor and an enemy of ‘Freedom’ never tolerate such coward creeps. Use whatever degree of force is necessary to take them down.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Our Ancestors fought for our right to live free…

Why would we tolerate coward Extinction Rebellion activists… we the people in a ‘Street Fight’ can defeat these wimps. They are only brave when they are challenged. Watch these Marxist creeps run in a battle on the streets.

Allan 2021

Fact the majority of people hate these enemy traitors, only idiots support them. Greta Thunberg supports the society of ‘Climate Change’ Activist idiots led by Extinction Rebellion. Their disintegration shall come as their credibility shatters. And Thunberg’s day of recognition shall vanish.

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