Energy: Batteries

The Electrical World of Batteries over decades have become an essential energy tool for people’s needed use in so many ways that it does not need to be recorded in detail for this collective presentation, because everyone during their life knows what batteries serve their daily needs.

Now with the creation of ‘Renewable Solar Energy’ the use of batteries has been upgraded further to support ‘Off-Grid Solar Power Battery Bank Systems’ and even ‘On-Grid’ support systems.

But then a serious question hits the table, which Batteries are safe and which ones are not safe? Battery Technology is still evolving and upgrading but one thing has become clear the use of ‘Lithium Batteries’ are not safe because of their high risk of being flammable as a dangerous fire hazard. As we research further, we learn there are better safer battery alternatives being created now in evolution process. Wisdom says, “Look Before You Leap.” Hence, do your homework. “Think Safety, Think Survive.”

The First Battery was invented in 1800 by Volta.

Invention of the Rechargeable Battery in 1859 by the French Physician Gaston Plante using lead acid system, which is still used today, was the beginning of a new important tool that evolved to give society the beginning of a supply in energy which rapidly in the 20th into the 21st Century, evolved to serve mankind in a multitude of energy services where we now exist today. Quality upgrades of battery keep evolving to the status where we are every day moving forward. The History of the Battery is a separate subject research read for the keen education explorer.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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