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There is an estimated 6,500 languages spoken in the world today. Approximately 2,000 of those languages are spoken by less than 1,000 persons. Talk about confusion? In past ages, when many cultures primitive and advanced civilizations existed, it did not matter if societal groups all spoke different languages. But now through the evolution of world population growth to over seven billion people in the early 21st Century, this huge bucket of different languages is encouraging conflict, confusion and breakdown of potential unity which is needed in spirit to establish a world society, founded upon the eternal values of 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’. If you cannot handle my vision, you are part of the problem, which is encouraging confusion to exist between different cultures. English is now the Universal Language, but it is no longer English and needs a new name to identify one ‘Mother Earth’ language. And the name for ‘Mother Earth’ is Gaia. Hence, English must evolve to become Gaia Language with the best words from different languages inserted as synonyms. As time passes, the people by regular use will comfortably choose the right synonymous words to build a ‘Universal Gaia Language’ for the world to use to eliminate communication confusion.

It is ridiculous that people have to learn several languages in order to read and listen to what others have to say in their language. We humans cannot learn every language, we must change and adapt to the global use of one language to help eliminate conflict, misunderstanding and confusion.

The true problematic groups in writing is Chinese and Arabic. Those writing styles need to be phased out. Chinese writing is easier to learn than Arabic. But English/Gaia Language writing is far easier to learn, and it will be wiser for Chinese and Arabic societies to phase in the replacement writing of Gaia Language to upgrade communication understanding around the world.

The problem we have is most societies cling to their own language and refuse to evolve in change to one language. The reason for refusal to change is a mixture of vanity, obsession and fear of change. Only those with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ are not afraid to change and adapt in the flow of upgrading science, technology and communication enhancement.

The below brief papers recorded in 2015 & 1991 reflect some of the vision evolving in my insight to the problems of society and the corrective action needed to fix concerns. It takes philosophical courage to change, I wonder how many people have that kind of courage to learn to be dynamic in thinking and understanding with open mind?

With today’s Internet Computer Technology, we now have the tools to take the foundation of the English Language and change the name to Gaia Language, i.e. A ‘Universal Mother Earth Language’ and add the best synonyms from other languages to this leader best choice language. The competition in the generations to come is who has the ability to create and evolve the best ‘Gaia Dictionary’. The people will gradually decide by their use of the best common mother earth language.

Let the games of ‘Mother Earth’ Language begin!

Allan Ivarsson 2018

‘Philosophical Visionary’

An important word and most people cannot understand what others are saying when they say “Now” in their language.

How can we understand the answers to six critical path concerns, “Who, When, How, Where, What, Why” on any subject, any issue and any discovery, if the answer is recorded in one or more of 4,000 plus languages. Where is the common-sense understanding of different cultural logic and beliefs if we cannot read the language? Human nature has not changed for the last 5,000 years. The only thing that changes is belief systems and technology. We will reduce the confusion and conflict when the world learns to talk one Universal Mother Earth Language.

Dutch person listening to the comments of a French person and a German person, all three do not understand each other, because they do not talk the same language. How can Europe be united, whilst it is divided into so many different languages?

We homo sapiens need one footprint universal language for all of humanity.

Gaia Language


In 1991 Australian born, Allan Peter Ivarsson of Danish Swedish ancestry, founder of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ 1984-2024, replaced the word ‘English Language’ with the word ‘Gaia Language’- the universal constantly evolving language. English is no longer ‘True English’, it includes many words from other languages, which increase the word power of universal language, including variants in spelling in the U.S. In fact ‘True English’ in its origins was another language so different to today that only language experts would understand it.

In overview, the history of English Language an evolution cultural process…

English is mostly in origin a West Germanic language, which evolved from Anglo-Frisian dialects. Germanic invaders/settlers from places like North West Germany and the Netherlands delivered the foundations of ‘Old English’ to Britain during the fifth century. Anglo-Saxon invasions continued, after Roman Legions left Britain, during the fifth century to fight barbarians from the North in their Roman home territory, which is Italy that became unified again in 1861, several centuries after the fall of the Roman empire. Old English used a vocabulary far different to any other language, which existed throughout Europe during the 5th Century. Other invasions in the centuries to follow into Britain, gradually added new word power to the English Language, including Latin, Old Norse the language of the invading Vikings and the Anglo-Norman French after the 1066 Norman conquest.

English is an evolving descendent of ‘Ancestor Languages’ ancient Greek, Latin and Sanskrit. Influenced by common points in ‘Old Norse’, Gothic, Icelandic, and Norwegian, ‘Old English’ evolved, expanding, moving forward, changing, towards its destiny of ‘Modern English’ eventually becoming the start of ‘Gaia Language’ in 1991.

A large percentage of us in ‘High School’ read ‘William Shakespeare’ (1564-1616) i.e. Early Modern English and we students remember some of the word power meanings, we encountered at variance to ‘Modern English’. I remember over thirty years ago reading some 13th Century English poems and that was a completely different language struggle, compared to Modern English. It is imperative for the peaceful harmonious growth of global humanity that we evolve into using one universal language.

Cosmicism is gradually adding new words to ‘Gaia Language’. This concept was tabled in the ‘Test Pilot’ ‘Blue Light’ book published in 2003. I believe the concept went over most readers heads and that they did not recognise the extended power and the importance, behind the essential evolution of this visionary objective.

Furthermore, Dictionaries tend to dump rarely used words, which were once frequently used language and I believe this is a serious mistake. These archaic words should be posted electronically, to a volume II to volume XX etc. A-Z ‘Gaia History Archive Language Dictionary’, tabling the word and its original meaning and the century it was used. It is very important that we understand word meanings past and present, the stronger our communication skills, and word power, the better we are equipped to understand each other; and such important communication skills, helps us eliminate frustration, accompanied by the learning of ‘Emotional Intelligence’, and thus our understanding of each other and ideas, expands within our consciousness.

One of the key causes of conflict, is the failure of people being able to understand each other in communication. Over the next two thousand years, humankind needs to evolve one ‘Gaia Language’ and phase out all other languages preserving the best words for everyday use and moving old now archived words into a ‘History Archive Language Dictionary’ for eternal reference.

We must never forget the root origins of all words and languages, but we must phase in one universal language for all societies, all Nations, and that language is ‘Gaia Language’ which means ‘Mother Earth Language’.

How smart are you, can you keep up with ‘Blue Light Insight’? ‘Blue Light’ is not that hard to learn; ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is far easier to learn than any other ‘Belief System’ on planet earth.

Some old mythical fables claim that God created all the different languages around planet earth. Of course that idea, we know is absolute nonsense. Through humankinds evolution process over two million years, communication expanded and changed through global migration movements, thus the creation of expanded communication variations likewise evolved. The problem is that different cultures primitive and advanced, often were engaged in violent conflict with each other, because they did not understand each other’s language. The tragedy of all of this conflict was that both sides often fought for similar ideas, opposing each other, not recognising that both different language sides, were actually in common, in a lot of ideas. In other words, misunderstanding was the real cause of the conflict.

If a God Creator actually deliberately created all of the thousands of languages on planet earth, many of which are now extinct, one would have to recognise that such a God is not only very mischievous, but is also deliberately very evil, to impose such language confusion amongst humans. But the truth is obvious, no such imaginary God Creator exists, for humankind like all of life is a consequence of evolution, and so too is the evolution of different languages.

We must continue always to teach strict behaviour codes including respect for elders, each other and other people’s property, combined with survival training, environmental education and ethics guidelines. If the education process, backing good parents, does not teach each student a good overview of all these subjects, then education has failed the young. Society must be vigilant and ensure they are always learning about cosmic reality, which includes behaviour codes and wisdom. They also must know that freedom is fragile and must always be preserved- defended and protected, by whatever degree of force is necessary, to ensure ‘Liberty’ survives.

Thought for the Day…

Part of my ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ includes the following need…

“I am not looking for praise, not now, not ever… praise does not solve problems. Feeling good is not a benefit, when others are suffering, as a consequence of wrong thinking and thus wrong behaviour. ‘Calm Constructive Criticism’ is welcomed, because it helps creation of good solutions. But that is only true, when the criticism tables pragmatic common sense and logical analysis, verified by reality and quality of information facts.” #

Authors Note: Refer down the track ‘Gaia Language’, in Gaia Dictionary, which is still evolving, towards Book Publication. The following introduction to Gaia Language concept was originally published in 2003.

All children, all colours, need to learn one Universal Language so that they can understand each other better.

The Earth and the Moon are dependent upon each other to function in harmony within the cycle of cosmic existence. Likewise humans are dependent upon each other to live in harmony within the cycle of communication and understanding. We cannot survive well if we do not understand each other.

Let the light of our different cultures inspire us to communicate more wisely with understanding using one ‘Universal Mother Earth Language’.


‘A Universal Language’


Over the last one thousand years, English has evolved from a language word spelling and meaning base that very few of us could truly understand. To increase our understanding, we would have to make a lifetime commitment to the study of language and its origin. Few of us can afford the time to make such an enormous commitment. Experts in language specialise in this field of needed insight to guide modern language development. Though most of us are not language experts, nevertheless, we all, almost unwittingly, during our life invent one new word, or nurture the existence of a newly created word, or change the meaning of an old word giving it a new perspective. Thus language evolves some words last only one generation in use and then is discarded; some words are retained forever. So it is language evolves through birth and death.

English has spread across the globe and become the basis of a universal language, but its height, breadth, and depth of language, shall in millenniums to come, expand beyond current recognition, and give us extended insight and understanding, beyond our wildest dreams. Believe this inevitable reality, English shall become a form of communication far further advanced than the inadequate language which now exists in this twentieth century. There are many gaps in the English language, which need words from other foreign languages to strengthen our understanding. English shall expand its range of words into higher levels of sensitivity and meaning, increasing universal comprehension beyond all current imagination.

Synonyms shall also expand as we gradually select key words from other languages in the Universe. Many words from Pali and Sanskrit language shall begin to move English into a new level of insight. A word, which gives focus to a specific cosmic spiritual feeling, a complete experience, shall increase our ability to explain higher levels of insight. A word, which summarises a sentence or a phrase, or even a paragraph, shall increase our ability to translate higher levels of understanding.

Upon this new stage of awareness let us cautiously begin to unlearn all false knowledge, and commence elimination of our fears, apprehensions and inhibitions. Become afresh with new vigour, enthusiasm, and inspiration. Rise to greater heights of insight, where self shall become a house for storing base knowledge. And meditation shall become a peaceful carrier to transport our caring spirit, encouraging the expansion of our creative process, which will lead us into a state of spiritual awareness so vast, that the essence of that which it is, will take us beyond the finite world. A place where desire for treasures of the earth shall not be wanting, and shall become nothing, but illusional monuments of beauty, or mere amusement, or simply tools of action, building blocks of temporary value.

The priceless personal experience of unfolding self-realisation, leads the expanding spirit of goodwill towards the gateway of Nirvana, into eternal Cosmic Consciousness. As we pass through Nirvana, our spiritual being links with other spiritual beings, and together, we flow united into the eternal channel of cosmic communication. In this infinite stream of existence, we shall evolve in spiritual insight to a dimension of comprehension so vast, that we will never be able to return to the old finite world, we once experienced, the way we were.

Something beautiful will happen to all those persons who have the courage to reach out and travel beyond themselves. Through evolution of universal language, communication shall strengthen; understanding shall unfold and expand the revelation. The Universal Language name Gaia, shall be born.

‘Gaia Language’ a Universal Voice of Infinite Expressions.



Protector means that a universal language, which everyone understands, helps reduce conflict, caused by misunderstanding, and thus helps through common communication training process, to guide us all in mutual open-minded understanding. #

# Source: Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ by A.I.

“I can’t talk, but you can, I am listening, be nice and strive to understand.”

Love each other, be kind and caring, but also love life, appreciate existence and work to create one common language, to help us understand each other more easily.

To be continued…

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