Taiwan small island can build Submarines… Australia larger Island cannot. Why?

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Feature Image: Taiwanese Navy Submarines.

Taiwan small island can build Submarines… Australia larger Island cannot. Why?

(i) https://www.theigmp.org/2022/07/meet-taiwans-most-capable-weapon-against-china-its-1st-indigenously-developed-submarine-to-sink-invading-warships.html?

Allan Ivarsson comments… The Slides Below table the important story of Taiwan’s overview hard work to build its own submarines. Meanwhile, incompetent Australian Politicians cannot build their own submarines, they need other countries to hold their hand and build them for Australia. Australian Politicians are not very good at Project Planning, they lack the common-sense skills. How do I know this is true? Performance Results is the measure. Since 1975 every Prime Minister in Australia has failed to strengthen Australia’s Defence Force in Army, Navy, Airforce and Missile Programs – Air to Air & Long Range. We no longer have any Aircraft Carriers to protect our Island; that failure reflects the failure of all our Politicians since 1975. They should all be ashamed of themselves. During this time, Communist China, Taiwan & USA has worked hard on increasing their Military Strength, whilst Australian Politicians focused on greed and incompetence did nothing.

Will Australian Descendants, Immigrants, and Aborigines be conquered by ‘Communist China’ because of all the incompetence of Politician Prime Ministers since 1975? The risk and danger is high, due to lack of Military Strength Preparation by PM’s and Parliament. For the moment the answer is blowing in the wind, only USA is protecting us, whilst USA stays united and strong. ‘Communist Beijing’ will not order an invasion of Australia until they know they can defeat USA.

Taiwan is achieving what Australian Prime Ministers cannot establish. Australia’s Failure is lack of Vision and Good Project Management.

First Submarine built at Kaohsiung City.

Taiwan’s Progress…

Transcript of FB Slide Comments by A.I. above.

Taiwan can build Submarines, Australia cannot. Why?

Taiwan is a small Island; Australia is a larger Island.

The Taiwanese are tougher and more focused in Defence Politics and Self-Sufficiency concerns, whereas Australians are not.

Australian Politicians are incompetent in Labor, Liberal, Greens and Independents, in Federal and State. It is true Australian Politicians are wimps whilst Taiwanese Politicians are not.

Australians need to toughen up. Xi Jinping Communist China is planning to invade us, when he is confident that USA will not stop him. And Joe Biden is a wimp compared to Xi Jinping.

After the invasion of Australia by Communist Beijing China, will the Australia Flag just be a Cartoon in history like this image below?

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind.

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