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I Still Call Australia Home

Dear Young Aussies,

How many of you have the ability to keep up with us educated ‘Baby Boomers’?

Can you follow all the below links, read all articles, watch all film clips, and keep up with me?

Some of you can, but not all.


Because far too many young people are intellectually lazy.

That sad reality, must change.

How do you expect to continue to live free, if you refuse to become dynamically educated with ‘Open Mind’?

You young ones were born in an electronic age. You have amazing opportunities at your finger tips. Opportunities in technology advantages that us ‘Baby Boomers’ never had.

But one thing us elders had… “We lived Free” and if you young ones do not educate yourself with dynamic open mind, you will lose your right to live free.

There are educated forces working hard to destroy your right to live free. And I know who they are. I can’t hold your hand, you must stand up and be counted. To stop them you must be educated, and skilled in accurate communication. Every average person has the ability to upgrade their communication and knowledge skills, simply by reading and practicing writing, using daily a dictionary and as required a thesaurus, it’s not that hard, just a simple common-sense discipline.

University Degrees are an advantage, but there are a lot of clever ‘Degree Qualified’ people that can be defeated in academic battle, simply because they have limited minds.

‘Fixed Dogma’ thinking is easy to defeat.

Us ‘Baby Boomers’ started out in a ‘Manual World’. There was no such things as Computers, Calculators, Play Stations, Electronic Toys. We lived in a ‘Mechanical World’ and did all Mathematics calculations in our brain. Complicated maths we used paper and pen, but we were able to do a lot of mathematics in our head, without pen and paper.

Most of us were in our infancy, living in a world of ‘Iceboxes’ no refrigerators. Our mums, used copper boiling tubs for hand washing clothes, no washing machines, a hand wringer was a luxury. No washing baskets, clothes were carried out by hand in bundles, put on grass and then hung up on lines walking along the line. No rotary clothes lines.

Most of us did not have TV’s, until our young teenage years in early 1960’s and if we did have a Television, they were Black & White, no Colour. Record players were a luxury, I was 15 years old in 1963, before my parents could afford a record player. There were no CD’s DVD’s or even tapes. And telephones were a luxury, most of us had to walk down to a ‘Telephone Box’, fifty to 250 metres away, to make a phone call, with coin inserts. Mobiles did not exist. If we were lucky, as I was, in my young primary years, my parents owned a radio and I could listen to an hour of shows after school like ‘Superman’ & ‘Clean Cut Comedies’.

There was no such thing as Supermarkets and Fast Food. Everyone cooked their food and walked 2 to 5 kilometres shopping for their food, to the Butcher, the Green Grocer, the Delicatessen, Newsagent, Cake Shops and Clothing Shops etc. We used shopping strollers to walk food and supplies home. And children often did the Saturday morning shopping to help Mum.

We didn’t waste petrol on shopping, cars were expensive to run, we walked. Not everyone could afford a pushbike. We couldn’t buy skateboards, we teenagers, made our own skateboards on smaller pieces of board, the size of our feet. Kids and Dads made their own Billy Carts, no one could afford to buy one.

We kids hated being inside, we played ball games, including sting branding, ran after each other, struggled in tug of war games and wrestling and when available mud fights. Sitting inside playing boards games was our last choice, only during wet weather. Most kids could play the intelligent game of Chess.

Most of our fathers could not afford the primitive mechanical lawnmowers. They used hard to push manual lawnmowers. And us kids had the job of raking the grass and carrying the piles of grass to a compost heap.

There was no such thing as obesity in our childhood generation, because we were physically active and tough and ate quality homemade food, not junk takeaway food.

And we didn’t whinge about bullies, we simply defended ourselves and fought back. Wimps were a rare breed. There was no Psychologists holding our hands, we held our ground. We were disciplined by Parents and Teachers by the slap, the ruler, the strap and in high school by the Cane. Parents, Teachers and Police worked together in cooperation to protect all children, even strangers children, And no-one was afraid to use corporal punishment like the coward psychology controllers are today.

The cane, the slap, the ruler and the strap kept us kids in check. Sure they stung, but pain doesn’t hurt, if you are tough, it was not brutal punishment and it was not enforced as a regular event, because we grew up respecting our elders and were not rude like many of you kids today. We didn’t use coarse language, or we would have had our mouth washed out with soap. We were tough, respectful, courteous, kind to each other, and chivalrous. Girls were Ladies and Boys were Gentlemen, backed by strict manner codes, which means “I respect you”.

And if you have read this far, you are off to a good start, most of you won’t have the educational fortitude to read this brief insight, into the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation. I can’t put everything about ‘Baby Boomer’ culture and lifestyle on paper, it would become a descriptive book of past history. But if you are smart, listen to your elders history, I did and learned heaps about my parents and grandparents stories.

Your next challenge is reading all the links and listening to the music videos.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

69 years old.

Read… ‘Australia Land of the Not Free’ in book COMPENDIUM III Theme: Australia is under attack by Socialism.




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