Wimp United Nations Fails to Protect the ‘Free World’ against Marxist Communism

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Feature Image: United Nations Vienna

When? Has never happened, we are still living the ‘Habit of War’ because of anti-freedom ideologies. The UN needs a complete restructure to defeat all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.

The United Nation Freedom Heart has holes in it. The holes are pierced by Marxist Communist antifreedom ideology countries. Thus, the threat of the ‘Habit of War’ continues.

Wimp United Nations Fails to Protect the ‘Free World’ against Marxist Communism

aka, ‘The Lame ‘Spin Statements’ by the United Nations has failed to stand strong against Vladimir Putin’s cruel war invasion of Ukraine’.

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/un-council-backs-ukraine-statement/ar-AAX0f3a?

Original Source…

(i) https://www.crikey.com.au/2022/05/06/un-council-to-back-ukraine-statement

Reuters AAP posted on May 06, 2022, report titled, ‘UN council backs Ukraine statement’. (i)

“Members of the United Nations Security Council have agreed on a statement expressing “strong support” to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… When I read the Statement, I was not impressed. It is a weak rubber stamp mentality statement, saying what people around the world in different countries, have been saying since the start of Vladimir Putin’s cruel invasion of Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022.

What this UN statement said was weeks too late, the people around the world have been criticizing and condemning ‘Vladimir Putin’ since Day One of the Invasion. Even many brave pro-freedom Russians have opposed Putin’s War Invasion of Ukraine. Many of these Russians have been jailed for having the courage to use ‘Freedom of Speech’ opposing Vladimir Putin’s evil criminal war on Ukraine.

This is the front section of the report…

“The United Nations Security Council, including Russia, has expressed “deep concern regarding the maintenance of peace and security of Ukraine” and backed efforts by the UN chief to find a peaceful solution in the body’s first statement since the Russian invasion.” (i)

A.I. comments… Those representing Russia in the UN lied. Putin is two-faced. Pretending to care about finding a ‘peaceful solution’ to a war he started. Vladimir Putin has only one peaceful solution in mind and that is that Ukraine must submit to the dictatorship of Communist Putin Russia. The people in Russia who are pro-freedom and oppose the invasion of Ukraine are being jailed and many have been forced to flee Russia.

The solution is very simple… the United Nations should have ordered Vladimir Putin to withdraw from the Ukraine and that he be held accountable for ‘War Crimes’ against the Ukrainian people. But all the ‘Wimps’ in the United Nations, said nothing gutsy, and chose to walk soft in their comments.

Why should we the people around the globe trust all the Political Representatives in the United Nations when their performance on the ‘World Stage’ is failing to stop ‘The Habit of War’ and is failing to stop the accumulation of ‘Nuclear Weapons’? Constantly all of the political members of the United Nations talk like wimps.

“Security Council statements are agreed by consensus. The brief text adopted on Friday was drafted by Norway and Mexico. (i)

A.I. comments… Mexico is not an ally of USA nor are they a military enemy. They work together dealing with ‘Drug Cartels’. That in itself is another serious subject. ‘Drug Cartels’ are by their Gangster Character totalitarian enemies of ‘Freedom Values’. Mexico plays it safe with USA. Mexico entered WWII in 1942 becoming an ally of the Communist Soviet Union. After the end of the Soviet Union. Mexico continued to be an ally of Russia.

Wiki reports… “In 2009, a joint Mexican-Russian Tatiana-2 mission was launched into space. Another joint satellite (Mijailo Lomonosov) between both nations will launch in the near future. In 2015, both nations celebrated 125 years of diplomatic relations.”

(ii) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexico%E2%80%93Russia_relations

In 2022 Mexico condemned ‘Putin Russian’ invasion of Ukraine and requested respect for Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Mexico condemned Russia’s action at the United Nations Security Council. This was the right thing to do, but is it enough?

In reality Mexico’s condemnation were just words, with no strength of character enforcement of such objection. It did not change anything, there was no solution on the table by Mexico to stop Putin. Besides of which Mexico has no desire to collide with Putin’s ally Jinping Beijing China.

“On 1 March, President Andres Manual Lopez Obrador announced that Mexico would not be participating in any economic sanctions against Russia and criticised the overseas censorship of Russian state media.” (ii)

It was obvious why Mexico refused to engage in sanctions against Russia because both traded with each other in a two-way flow of Imports and Exports. Mexico might have publicly criticised the invasion of Ukraine, but that is where it stopped. They refuse to kill their trade deals with Russia. Sorry Ukraine, Mexico may criticize your invasion by Vladimir Putin, but money is more important to Mexico than doing the right thing by imposing sanctions against Putin.

The Mexican President was right… The Overseas Censorship of Russian state media was the wrong thing to do. We need to keep ‘Freedom of Speech’ open, even when bias thinking is tabled, the truth and wisdom can filter through false knowledge statements to keep people alert. ‘Freedom of Speech’ as a human right must always be protected and preserved. Censorship against Russian speech is foolish and very unwise.

It is reported that Russia’s main allies are India, China, Belarus, Iran and Syria. Russia and India have been close allies like Mexico for decades. And North Korea is an ally via friendship with Xi Jinping Communist Beijing China.

Now you know why I am not too impressed with Australia relying too much on trade with India.

The draft by Norway and Mexico

The Security Council expresses deep concern regarding the maintenance of peace and security of Ukraine,” it reads. (i)

“The Security Council recalls that all Member States have undertaken, under the Charter of the United Nations, the obligation to settle their international disputes by peaceful means.” (i)

A.I. comments… That Charter objective has become a ‘Rubber Stamp’ Toothless Charter. When a Country Member State refuses to settle disputes by peaceful means, like ‘Putin Russia’ refused to do, nothing is said or done. Vladimir Putin Russia should have been expelled by the United Nations for his ‘War Criminal’ invasion of Ukraine. But like a bunch of wimps all the ‘Member States’ did nothing.

And of course, the power to veto ideas in the UN should be challenged when such motive behind the veto is focused on the use of war as an aggressor. Vladimir Putin vetoed a draft Security Council resolution on February 25, 2022, that deplored his invasion of Ukraine on 24th of February 2022. It should be noted that many Russians opposed the war invasion of Ukraine, but despot Putin had all opposition imprisoned, in much the same way his ally friend Xi Jinping did in Hong Kong to silence critics, many jailed for life, for having the courage to use ‘Freedom of Speech’, which is banned in all Marxist Communist countries. Many Russians that want to live free have been forced to flee Russia. And again, the wimp United Nations members are silent.

Many Russian Parents wailed that their sons were being sent to die in a war invasion with Ukraine, that peace-loving Russians did not want. But again, the United Nations ‘Member States’ said nothing and did nothing. Vladimir Putin Russia was not expelled from the United Nations for his ‘War Crimes’ against humanity; men, women and children have been cruelly murdered by his war obsessed aggression, motivated by his lust for power and recognition approval by Xi Jinping Beijing. It is easy to prove Vladimir Putin is a coward. He refused to lead his Military Troops into Ukraine at the frontline risk of his own life. Putin chose instead true to his cowardice to protect his own life from endangerment by sacrificing other Russian lives. Putin truly is a coward. The United Nations is weak for failing to expel ‘Putin Russia’ from the UN. Russia must be denied membership in the UN until the Russians eliminate Putin and free the Russian people from the tyranny of Marxist Communist oppression.

“The Security Council expresses strong support for the efforts of the Secretary-General in the search for a peaceful solution,” reads the statement, which also requests UN chief Antonio Guterres brief the council again “in due course”. (i)

A.I. comments… being a nice guy does not get results when dealing with a despot like Putin.

Despots Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, were not defeated by being nice, they were taken down by force and in the face of conflict all three proved they were cowards. Most despots with rare exceptions throughout history are cowards, they are only brave behind the scenes when others fight for them unto their own death. Only fools fight for despots. That is why throughout Europe during WWII, the ‘Freedom Resistance’ was bravely strong against coward Adolph Hitler who hid behind the lines. Even during the last battles before the allies won the war, Hitler did not have the courage to die leading his troops into battle, instead he died as a coward, for suicide is the way of the coward.

There is no peaceful solution until Vladimir Putin is overthrown by physical force. Putin wants ownership control of Ukraine and he does not want to lose face with his ally friend Xi Jinping Communist Beijing.

“Guterres welcomed the council support on Friday, saying he would “spare no effort to save lives, reduce suffering and find the path of peace.” (i)

A.I. comments… Nice ideas, but all too late… thousands of Ukrainians and Russians are dead in a senseless evil war. And ‘War Criminal’ Vladimir Putin is still alive and has not been expelled by the United Nations. And the UN Member States still have not charged Vladimir Putin with ‘War Crimes’. Like I said the United Nations Member States are all wimps. All mouth, no guts to be justified ‘hard case’ against Putin.

Refer Member State List in United Nationshttps://www.un.org/en/about-us/member-states

Guterres correctly blasted as Russia’s “absurd war”. But incorrectly, Guterres used the words ‘Russia’ when he should have said ‘Putin Russia’. For thousands of pro-freedom, pro-peace Russians opposed the invasion of Ukraine, but they were silenced by Putin’s violent force behaving like the now obsolete KGB of which Vladimir Putin was a clerical member, not a spy for member years. Putin loved the KGB and the Soviet Union and he wants to rebuild the power base of the Soviet Union and the objective of a ‘Putin Russia’ with Vladimir as its President leader. Hence, his first steps to take control of Crimea and Ukraine.

“China, the United Arab Emirates and India abstained from the vote.” (i)

A.I. comments… These three countries abstaining from the vote proves all three countries support Vladimir’s invasion of Ukraine and thus, cannot be trusted when the threat of more wars begin launched by Marxist Communist Nations. Xi Jinping still wants to invade Taiwan, Australia and the entire South Pacific.

Does the UN have the guts to stand up strong against Communist Beijing? Not so far, they lack the courage to expel Putin from the UN. And Jinping is tougher than Putin.

“A council resolution needs nine votes in favour and no vetoes by the United States, Russia, China, France or the United Kingdom to pass.” (i)

“The 193-member UN General Assembly, where no country has a veto, has since overwhelmingly adopted two resolutions, illustrating Russia’s international isolation over Ukraine.” (i)

“Such resolutions are non-binding but they carry political weight.” (i)

“The General Assembly has deplored Russia’s “aggression against Ukraine,” demanding both that Russian troops stop fighting and withdraw and that there be aid access and civilian protection.” (i)

“It also criticised Russia for creating a “dire” humanitarian situation.” (i)

A.I. comments…A council resolution needs nine votes in favour and no vetoes by the United States, Russia, China, France or the United Kingdom to pass.” (i) That is a ‘Stalemate Chess Game’. Russia and China are pro-Marxist Communist anti-freedom ideology Authoritarian Nations. They can shut down a council resolution whenever it suits their ambitious agenda. Meanwhile all the other United Nation Member States, hide in silence, giving agreement that Marxist Communism can block any United Nations Council resolution even when all the other Pro-Freedom, Pro-Democracy Nations approve of the UN Council Resolution. Now how stupid is that UN organisation strategy? Yes, Marxist Communism has control over the UN when it serves their purpose.

“The 193-member UN General Assembly, where no country has a veto, has since overwhelmingly adopted two resolutions, illustrating Russia’s international isolation over Ukraine.” (i)

“Such resolutions are non-binding but they carry political weight.” (i)

A.I. comments… Another false knowledge statement, criticism and isolation of ‘Putin Russia’ has not isolated Putin. Germany alone is paying Putin millions for energy supplies, the sanctions by different countries has not hurt Putin or stopped his objective to conquer Ukraine.

Such resolutions ‘carry political weight’? “No, they don’t until they expel ‘Putin Russia’ from the United Nations.” Even Mexico a critic of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine refuses to cancel all import/export trade with ‘Putin Russia’. Hence, Putin is empowered to keep doing what he is doing, bloodshed will continue. Like I said previously, the United Nations State Members are all ‘Political Wimps’.

The United Nations can deplore Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine all they like and criticize his evil behaviour but nothing will change until Putin is expelled from the United Nations and expelled from his seat as President by the Russian people by force if necessary.

Instructing Putin to withdraw his troops from Ukraine is all ‘Political Spin’ pretending to the world that the UN is doing something. The UN has not done anything. Putin is still committed to takeover ownership of Ukraine and to killing all opposition, including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his wife and two children.

The problem with the Political ‘Free World’ we have too many wimps and not enough highly skilled tough hardcase leaders. Which is why the United Nations is incompetent in protecting the right of all people to live free from tyranny.

What will the UN do when Xi Jinping invades Taiwan, Australia and the South Pacific?

Nothing? They will do the same again criticize Xi Jinping in much the same way they criticised Vladimir Putin and sit back and watch more millions of once ‘Free People’ be slaughtered in a ‘Holocaust’ war.

So far Jinping is not backing down and still supports Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

I have no respect for wimps, cowards and traitors. We all need to toughen up and reject with contempt all Marxist Socialist Communists. – No exceptions. And if the United Nations does not have the courage to do that hardcase stand they are not worth a damn.

Transcript of above slide comments by Allan Ivarsson

A.I. comments… I am not impressed with the refusal of China, UAE and India abstaining from the vote. I expected China would support ‘Putin Russia’ invasion of Ukraine.

But India’s abstain vote tells me the Indian Government is afraid to oppose Communist China & Russia. India relies on trade with Russia. And I don’t believe India will support Australia if China attacks us. We need to dump trade with China. But the switch to India for trade exchange is vulnerable during war to betray us. We Aussies need to walk away from trading with China, but because of the refusal to choose a side in the UN, we can discern that creating India as a trading partner is not a wise move.

Furthermore, I am not impressed by the way the United Nations operates. When Marxist Communist Nations can block protection of the right of people to live free, then it means that the UN is founded on weak political structures and will subsequently often fail to protect the right of people around the globe to live free. And that means the UN is a weak organisation and thus incompetent.

The American Government who was involved in the foundation of the United Nations in 1945, needs to lift its game. It should be noted that China was an original founding member of the UN. But it was a ‘Free China’ that helped create the UN. China become overthrown by Marxist Communism in 1949 and China should have been expelled from the UN, but its incompetent members failed to expel the new evil Marxist Communist Government from the UN. Hence, the dangerous situation which now exists in the world, caused by the incompetent United Nations.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Readers, Don’t Worry I know Xi Jinping will not obey this ‘Cosmic Law’… but I will increase the pressure against him. One day… he will spit the dummy against me… and then I will increase the pressure more. A.I. 2022.

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