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“Flat is Flat” it can be fixed. But ignorant thinking is not so easy to fix.

Muhammad & Christians for Hundreds of Years did not know the Earth was not Flat and was not the Centre of the Universe. Such was their ignorance and evil stupidity when they cruelly persecuted others that identified the truth through the spirit of Philosophy and Science… called the Quest for Wisdom and Truth, which many religious fanatics even in the 21st Century reject.

There are still hundreds of Americans true to their high-level stupidity that believe the Earth is Flat and reject the proven path history of science and do not believe Armstrong walked upon the moon in 1969.

The adage is accurate… “Stupid is as Stupid Does.”

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. My time on Earth is running out. Sadly, many of my past friends and relatives, sister, parents and grandparents are already deceased. Not one of us survives forever. We had good past times still in my memory unto death. Imaginary God Creator is not that kind, he gave hundreds of other species on land and sea a better right to live longer than us humans. But of course, true religious believers would only know that if they chose to be educated about the nature and character of existence. The truth is ‘Evolution Process’ is a natural chaos flow of existence throughout the Universe and on Planet Gaia/Earth forever changing as species evolve and others perish in the unjust process called ‘Existence’. I refuse to worship an imaginary God that has an eternal history of not caring kindly about life suffering. Humans have often proven to care more about wildlife than so-called ‘God Creator’.

My God is easier to believe in.

Below is my contents list in my book ‘Flat Earth’.

After my death, payments by me for my non-profit website display will vanish and so to will all my Posts. So, take print copies of things you want to keep in your library and to share with others. The books both Paperback & Electronic will always be available to purchase decade after decade through Amazon links around the world.

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Some subjects were published in the COMPENDIUM Series and will be republished on my website down the track for those who missed out on the insight. New cross links coming soon…

‘Blue Light’ Defiance Series… The most controversial books ever written, since Charles Darwin ‘On the Origin of Species’.

Slide image… Love is the essence of life…

Copyright Information.

Slide image… ‘Eleven Noble Truths’

Blue Light Mission Statement

Who is Allan Ivarsson?

Allan Ivarsson is founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’.
Join the movement share the way.

Freedom & Security

Blue Light Club [Refer Below Slide]

Slide image… In response to people & organisations that demand Censorship

Slide image… Anti-Freedom of Speech Blasphemy Law is…

All ‘Blue Light’ books… may only be published in the English Language

Slide image… The last person in Britain to be executed for Blasphemy…

Slide image… A strawberry has more…

Whom is the Greatest Idiot of All?

Slide image… Zero Freedom

Slide image… To escape ‘Blasphemy Law’

It’s Okay to Disagree- No Offence Taken

Slide image… The OIC…

Slide image… In Ireland…

Law Suits Eye of the Tiger

Cosmic Law… Lawsuit

Slide image… Blasphemy Law = Oppression

Slide image… Even the good man Jesus was accused of…

Flat Earth Science versus the Koran

Proof that the Qur’an is not a Perfect Infallible Book

Thick Face Black Heart Spear Facts

The Hellenic (776-323 B.C.) & Hellenistic Period (323-30 B.C.)

Dark Ages in Europe (c.476 A.D.-c.1000 A.D.)

Middle Ages in Europe (476 A.D.-1455 A.D.)

476 A.D. marks the ‘Final Fall of Ancient Rome’.

Middle Ages Summary Timeline Breakdown

Early Middle Ages – 5th to 10th Century

High Middle Ages – 11th to 13th Century

Late Middle Ages – 14th to 15th Century

Renaissance Period (c.1300 A.D. – c.1700 A.D.)

A cultural movement period of education change process.

Christian Persecution Ages

Roman Pagan Persecutions of Christians Part 1

 Jesus and his Disciple/Followers (Christ 0.A.D. – Simon 74 A.D.)

Roman Pagan Persecutions of Christians Part 2

(Nero 67 A.D. – Death of St George 303 A.D.)

European Pagan Persecutions of Christians

(Nero 67 A.D.-Vikings 1000 A.D.)

Persian Pagan Persecutions of Christians

(Death of Arius 325 A.D. – Muhammad 610 A.D.)

Christian Dark Ages in Europe…later overseas (1231 A.D. -1834 A.D.)

Papal Persecution began in 1160 inspiring creation of Christian Inquisition.

The Imperfect Fallible Koran

Slide images (Three)… Identifying a fool


Koran Surah/Chapters Flat Earth

Logistics about Planet Earth/Gaia

Totalitarian Books versus Censorship

By law every copy of the Koran, Mein Kampf and Communist Manifesto should have a warning printed on the front cover for all future generations…

Warning: The ideas in these books are Insidious and Completely Totalitarian, tabling what a world that values ‘Liberty’ in ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ must always reject. The ‘Dictatorship Anti-Freedom Fixed Dogma Ideology’ and ‘Hate Speech’ in these documents represent a very clear danger to all living persons that treasure ‘Freedom’.

These books must never be banned or censored, lest we forget that such evil ideas do exist in the minds of men who seek to rule others. We must never forget that such ‘clear dangerous ideas’ are eternally a constant threat to the ‘Free World’.

Censorship must never ban these evil books because it would open the door to some future generation dictator reinventing another ‘Tyrannical Document’ that a new generation must fight in the name of protection of ‘Liberty’ for all.

Now all we should do is find enough politicians with the guts to impose such warning labels to take effect by legislated law which is absolutely enforced.

That’s our problem- we need ‘People Power’ by mass in the ‘Freedom Resistance’ to force our politicians to toughen up against ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Totalitarian Islam’.

Every person must join the genuine ‘Freedom Resistance’ in their Nation if they want to stop the cancer of Islam.

A Great Man –The Muslim by Birth that Rejected Islam

The Decline of Christianity?

One Religion- Chrislam & Pope Francis Vatican

Is Mormonism In Bed with Islam?

Who is Allan Ivarsson?

Brain Wreck

Slide image… World Truth Summit

Jehovah’s Witnesses Rejected by ‘Cosmicism’ Science versus the Bible

All religions must pay taxes…

Slide image… Dinosaurs & Evolution

Evolution – The Theory that is Now Fact Part I

Slide image… from Rats to Monkeys

Slide image… Altruistic Rats

Islam, Christianity and Evolution Part II [Sequel to above Evolution link]     

Surprise News Flash October 2014…


Author’s final note on this paper…

Slide image… Galaxy

The Gods

Who is Allan Ivarsson?

Allan is a professional in writing, global research and study, philosophical analysis and project management. He analyses thinking of people by exploring their belief system, their emotional level of intelligence, and their communication skills. He does not look at grammar, he looks at ideas, and looks for pragmatic common sense. He rejects Psychology and instead uses the spiritual and logical power of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. His youth sales background and his basic training in sales by objection has served his career well. In fact, he succeeded, without a University degree, because of his sales and communication training and his project management skills.

Allan wrote to friends on Facebook when they were writing to each other, discussing likes and dislikes in art. His friends ticked like, when in conclusion of the discussion, with which they were all in harmony with each other; Allan wrote…

“Words are limiting, and there are so many ways to express and explain things, just like in art.”

Koran Rejects Assimilation

Koran 5:57


Koran 5:51

Politicians Swearing on the Koran

Slide image… Muslim Cleric rejects jeans

Slide image… Elimination of Mickey Mouse

Orlando Massacre Why, How, When

The use of the word ‘terrorist’ is like the use of the word ‘Islamist’…

Don’t use the words ‘terrorist’ and ‘Islamist’ when talking about Muslims. Do…

CAIR never condemns anti-freedom apartheid ‘Sharia Law’

Less than one quarter of one percent of people are…




Cosmic Law… Totalitarianism


Moral Law

Film Industry Censorship Standards


Bastard Children

Qur’an 16:106

Qur’an 3:28


Freedom of Speech Qualifier



Morality or Pragmatic Common Sense?

Ultra-Orthodox Judaism aka. Haredi Judaism


Civil Marriage & Divorce


Cosmic Law… Public Access


Apartheid Segregation

Bikini & mini-skirt

Freedom of Religion

Cosmic Law… Segregation

Degree Qualifications are they worth recognition?

Female University Student from Michigan Bullies Store Owner

‘Social Justice Warrior’



Slide image… ‘The Fear of Offending Others…’

Freedom of Speech Freedom of Choice

Inner Peace, Beautiful Music

Who is Allan Ivarsson?

Freedom of Speech

No person can be prosecuted… for what they say…

Freedom of Religion does not work with Islam, because Islam rejects Freedom.

The Truth about BNI

Slide image… The very idea…

Political Postscript 2016

European Union

Slide image… Falling Skies

Western Politics Sliding Downhill…

Sacrificing Freedom, submitting to Islam, proving the University Degree is too often, a worthless piece of paper.

Islamophobia a criminal act?

British Liberal Democrats Plan to Force Britain To Stay In European Union

Compulsory Voting

Street Demonstrations/Petitions

Government Intelligence

War Memorials

Electronic Voting

Sadiq Khan the new President of London coming soon?

The Schengen Zone

THE VALIANT Nigel Farage resigns…

I do not condone violent threats…

Hoodlum Demonstrators Rejecting Democracy Decisions by Majority

Gaia Dictionary: Hoodlum


Psychology and its gentle excuse system…

Demonstrations fail…


A ‘Cosmicist’ is forbidden…

Cosmic Law… Mockery

Street Demonstrations are no longer…

War on Terror

Who is Allan Ivarsson?

Slide image… Winston Churchill

Slide image… Persistence

Combat Women

Author’s Note: These ‘Contents’ were originally published unabridged in a rough cut ‘Complete Works’ Kindle book titled ‘Blue Light Defiance 2016 … Learn Philosophical Intelligence’… first published as a Kindle electronic book, through Amazon USA. December 2016. Now republished as the second of a quality 2017 mini-book series.

First Mini-Book was ‘Combat Women’ published on 12th February, 2017

The original typed manuscript of ‘Flat Earth’ contents, was written in Word ‘Times Roman’ font size 12, in A4 size format and contained 232 pages, 85,882 words.

Question did Boney M and others who loved the song really know the history of Babylon & Zion? I am a professional research writer and ‘Cosmic Philosopher’ and even I have not yet studied the important history of Babylon where over 200,000 once lived in an exciting culture and Zion which is mentioned 152 times in the Hebrew Bible.

We too often enjoy things we know nothing about. If old age lets me… I shall correct this missing link of knowledge by learning more about Babylon and Zion. I trust you the younger, will grab the opportunity to research study the history and motive of the song and past existence in these regions of time.

Allan Ivarsson 2022

Coming soon to my website… more links to this exploration problem of religion versus atheism versus anti-freedom ideologies versus ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

It will be interesting to observe how many people in every Nation around the globe have the ability and interest to expand their intelligence skills into the outer limits of dynamic open mind exploration.

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