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Volumes of false allegations have been made in past years, accusing BNI (Bare Naked Islam) website of being a ‘Hate Speech Website’. That deceitful idea is a false knowledge lie.

Organisations like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), is an anti-freedom of speech Muslim civil rights group, that often uses hate litigation action against non-Muslims.

And the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Centre) specialises in anti-freedom of speech civil rights and public interest litigation.

Public Interest Litigation? Whose public interest? SPLC does not stand for those who believe in 100% ‘Freedom of Speech & Equality’ Values. And neither does CAIR. There are many other anti-freedom of speech organisations out there around the globe in different countries.

CAIR is openly committed to destruction of freedom values by replacing the American Constitution and all laws with anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’. And SPLC will never prosecute CAIR for what they say and do. CAIR is determined to ‘Islamize America’ and SPLC will never oppose that objective. Their loyalties can be discerned as not being pro-American Liberty Values.

CAIR is seditious in its teachings and makes no secret of its support for anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’. Hence, the American Government does have the legal right to pass legislation expelling CAIR and all its leaders permanently from America. It is unfortunate politicians in America lack the courage to create permanent expulsion legislation of those leaders and organisations that deliberately reject freedom values.

BNI is not a ‘Hate Speech’ website.

BNI is a ‘Truth Speech’ website.

BNI treasures ‘Liberty Values’.

True enough, there are many ‘Hate Speech’ comments made on BNI comment lines, around the world, from different countries. But BNI does not make those comments, people around the world make those remarks. And I have read thousands of comments over the years, made by Muslims and non-Muslims that can be called ‘Hate Speech’. It must be remembered that 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ gives people Muslim and non-Muslim, the right to use ‘Hate Speech’.

And good and bad comments are not recorded just on BNI. They are made constantly on many ‘Social Media’ and news report sites, around the globe in different languages.

‘Freedom of Speech’ also includes the right to offend and use ‘Hate Speech’. Thousands of people over the centuries around the globe that treasure ‘Freedom of Speech’ recognise this essential human right, to say things which might make people’s blood boil. Get over it, if you cannot accept freedom of speech, you are an enemy of ‘Liberty Values’. And are not worth a damn as a human being. There is no place for Censorship, not now, not ever.

Anti-Freedom of Speech ‘Blasphemy Law’ is ‘Hate Speech’. Islamic Leaders and many Christian leaders support the enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’. Why are not they all being prosecuted for ‘Hate Speech’? In a society of anti-freedom of speech laws, ‘Blasphemy Law’ allows religions to prosecute each other. Even the Qur’an can be prosecuted under ‘Blasphemy Law’, I have explained this reality in other previous writings.

BNI is not a professional writer, she simply specialises in researching stories and other information around the word and collates them together for review and discussion on comment lines. The information is not invented by BNI, it is already out there, recorded by others in reports and on videos and in images, by Muslims and non-Muslims. The Truth, good and bad, is already in existence. BNI just finds the information and puts it under one collective roof for others to read and observe. Often contributed by others.

BNI cannot deal with all the wrong thinking in the world, there is too much of it. That is why ‘Freedom of Speech’ is eternally essential. We humans cannot fix wrong and incompetence, without freedom of speech. Those persons that support restrictions on freedom of speech are totalitarian bullies and thus are enemies of ‘Liberty Values’. And humanity needs to understand that fact. There is no place for censorship, not now, not ever.

Organisations that strive to persecute BNI are enemies of ‘Freedom Values’ and must not ever be tolerated. There is no place in a ‘Free World’ for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’.

Law suits persecuting people for ‘Defamation’ allegations and ‘Freedom of Speech’ comments, is a deliberate vindictive bully action process. Which is what all hoodlums do that strive to oppress people. All anti-freedom of speech laws, are gangster laws, designed to oppress people and bully them into submission. It is time for the world to recognise that reality.

Fight for 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’… chant “No Blasphemy Law”.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2018

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