Cosmology: In memory of Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)

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In memory of the great brilliant Stephen Hawking (1942-2018) 76 years. “I have always enjoyed reading his books, and watching his documentary DVD’s.”

Allan Ivarsson 2018

PS. I must watch the movie… “The Theory of Everything”.




‘Philosophical Intelligence’ can help us in so many ways. One path is in the world of cosmological science and philosophy– the branch of astronomy and philosophy concerned with the study of the origin, evolution, structure and nature of the universe.

“My interest in the origin and fate of the universe was reawakened when I attended a conference on Cosmology in the Vatican (1981 C.E). Afterwards we were granted an audience with the pope. He told us that it was all right to study the evolution of the universe after the big bang. But we should not inquire into the big bang itself, because that was a moment of creation and therefore the work of God. I was glad that he did not know the subject of the talk I had just given- the possibility that the universe had no beginning, no moment of creation.” (iii)

Professor Stephen Hawking 1991

(iii) Source: A Brief History of Time. An Errol Morris film, 1991 documentary based upon Stephen Hawking’s worldwide bestselling book.

Here we go again Popes and religious thinking limited minds, striving to impose definite limitation rules on learning. That is what has been constantly happening throughout the entire history of religion, Christianity and other creeds. The guideposts in religion keep changing as science tables’ new proven reality. Copernicus and Galileo plus others were blocked and denounced by past Popes. But in the end science won and the Popes lost. The rules have constantly changed and religion is losing ground, trapped by its own fixed dogma. If religion wants to survive, it must adapt and accept the hard reality that God is not the creator, but rather God is of the Creation. When people learn and understand the difference, they will be ready for expansion of insight into higher understanding.

The universe does not need a creator. The universe is the creation. The word ‘universe’ and the word ‘creation’ are synonyms of each other. God is not the creator; God is of the creation like us. Until you can comprehend this hard reality, you will never learn philosophical intelligence and will always be intellectually inferior to those who do have philosophical intelligence. If this statement offends you, it is because you are emotionally immature and do not have philosophical intelligence.

The universal expansion process and the contraction process constantly occur in terms of observation, physical change and physical measure. Likewise spiritual expansion and contraction does happen. Religion and cult founded upon fixed dogma belief systems is a spiritual contraction process, which leads to the evolutionary degeneration of the soul/mind…the karma/result being fundamentalist dark spirit.

Open-minded ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the way of living in the light leads to spiritual expansion and strengthens the soul/mind and the karma/result.

In a sense, the advanced mathematical understanding of the nature and structure of the universe, is a mirror illusion to the non-mathematical mind like that of the writer and the average human being. But this illusion is misleading, for in the world of mathematics, the numbers are often significantly true, correct and proven. Religion can no longer fight scientific fact with its false knowledge beliefs. However, despite the average person’s mathematical handicap, we can understand the universe and all existence, through the way of philosophical intelligence. But first we must open our mind, step outside the box of fear, inhibitions and fixed dogma. Until we have the courage to do this we will always be intellectually lost and second best. Intelligence quotient does not give you a true edge, if you do not have philosophical intelligence.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2007

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