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OPEN MIND: BRAIN FOOD: The Undesigned Universe – Peter Ward

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The Undesigned Universe – Peter Ward

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

Published on Jun 14, 2014 on YouTube

Make time and also listen to the Questions & Answers including on CO2

“Quality Survival demands Open Mind, Thinking Outside the Square, Knowledge.”

A.I. 2018

“There’s no Altruism in Nature that I can see, it takes Intelligence for Real Altruism.”

Peter Ward 2007

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“This comment by Peter Ward is a true observation within species diversity, but a type of natural altruism does exist in many mammals. For example, many not all,  Humans, Dolphins, Dogs, and Horses.”

Allan Ivarsson 2018


Of the Creation is far more dynamic true to the nature of the Cosmos. The Creator is design restrictive, and evolution process has proven that creation is not design restrictive. Evolution is a trial and error natural chaos process of good and bad. A good caring Creator is always responsibly ‘design restrictive’. A bad uncaring Creator, is not design restrictive, and does not behave with a sense of caring concern for consequences. The history of life throughout the universe has never been design restrictive. And that is because chaos evolution process is a natural existence. Searching for a designer of life and the universe is an erroneous futile quest. Searching for truth is an achievable progressive objective. Knowledge forever expands upon itself.

Allan Ivarsson 2012

Source: 2017 Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ ‘History repeats itself time and again…’ Amazon com

“It is clear that higher levels of Intelligence and smarter planet-wide engineering is needed for the species humans to survive. Without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ we will not survive.”

A.I. 2018

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“It requires courage and truthful common sense to understand reality that a ‘God Creator’, a Design Intelligence, does not exist. The proof in the late 20th Century, and thereafter, is now evident. We simply need open mind courage to recognise the truth.”

Allan Ivarsson 2018


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