Violence Against Women… Part IA Hijab Day… Posted Again by readers request.

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Violence Against Women


Part IA

 Hijab Day

Qur’an ‘Women’ Al-Nisa Sura 4

“Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the others, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. Allah is high, supreme.” Qur’an 4:34

(N.J. Dawood 1956 translation.) It is ‘Blasphemy’ to disobey this instruction. Penalty for criticising and rejecting Koran texts is death. Approved by political silence.


Psychology teaches that the word “No” is a dangerous word.

Psychology allows the Qur’an to say “No”.

Throw Psychology into the Garbage Bin and learn wiser ‘Cosmicism’.

Always say “No” to wrong thinking and bad behaviour.

Teaching Parents that they cannot say “No” to their children is wrong.

Remember the original understanding…

“No” means “No” & “Yes” means “Yes”.

Qur’an ‘The Confederate Tribes’ Al-Ahzab Sura 33

“O Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers that they should draw close to them portions of their loose outer coverings. [i.e. Their veils and hijabs.] That is nearer that they may thus be distinguished and not molested.” 33:59 (Maulawi Sher Ali translation 1955)


Islam claims that all Muslim women who wear the hijab are free women, being automatically protected from sexual harassment by Muslim men. All concubines, female slaves and non-Muslim women are forbidden to wear the hijab as a permanent dress standard. Any non-Muslim woman that wears the hijab and covers their body like Muslim women may be flogged/beaten by ‘Sharia Law’. Non-Muslim women, all slaves and concubines are deemed by Islam as not being ‘free women’ and do not have the right in true Islamic Nations, to wear full body covering and thus Muslim men do have the right to rape them, because they are uncovered, according to the insane backward teachings of Islam. This is why, there is such a high rate of rape by Muslim men, in the West and extremely high in Europe, because of the Muslim male invasion; Muslim men think they have found paradise on earth in Europe, becoming very excited, because the continent has millions of uncovered women, whom are not free, by Islamic Mentality, and thus they have the right to rape them. Idiot ‘Western Politicians’ don’t comprehend this reality, which is why political parties are floundering in high levels of incompetence.

The trick Taqiyya stunt of getting non-Muslim women to wear the hijab, sends a message to Islam that they are weak and submissive and contrary to what fool non-Muslim politicians think… “wearing of the hijab to display respect as a symbol of diplomacy, has the opposite impact upon the minds of Muslims”.

The wearing of the Hijab by Muslim women, is in fact a deliberate act of discrimination against all non-Muslim women and intentionally encourages hatred against all non-Muslim women. All uncovered women are deemed by ‘True Muslims’ to be cheap women that are not respected by Muslims, and are fair game prey, to be raped by Muslim men, when they so choose to take what they want. The fact is… the clear and present danger of the wearing of the hejab in Western Society, sends a clear message to all Muslims that they have the right to harass non-Muslim women. The scary part of this insane Islamic belief system, is that Muslims truly believe this dark rubbish thinking, just like many fools believe in crazy superstitions and voodoo taboos.

Terrorism violence comes easy to Muslim men who are taught in the Koran and in Hadiths that it is okay, acceptable to beat and rape women, and to kill people by beheadings and stoning to death, and that it is okay to amputate hands and feet, because the Koran says it is acceptable. All Western Politicians that refuse to publicly denounce such teachings in the Koran, are by their cowardly silence, approving of these instructions.

Before you start supporting the wearing of the Hijab and ‘Hijab Day’ read the following extracts (i) from a book, written by a Muslim whistle-blower, whom is telling us the truth…if we don’t listen then we are fools… the detail source of the must-read book is below…

“I will explain how the Islamic hejab, or head-scarf, is closely linked to terrorism – how it can lead to the creation of non-tolerant individuals, distort the minds of Muslim children, and ultimately produce terrorists.”

“The veil/Islamic scarf for Muslims today represents the sign of superiority over the Western world. Muslims, including myself, when I was a strict follower of Islam, feel they are superior to non-Muslims, because the ladies of non-Muslims do not wear the Islamic scarf, or veil. This feeling of superiority stems from the fact that Muslim men can see the hair and parts of the body of Western ladies, while non-Muslims cannot see the hair of Muslim women!”

“The veil/Islamic scarf for Muslims today is a symbol of Islam and the superiority of Muslims. In their viewpoint, it is the main distinguishing feature between themselves and the “inferior” non-Muslims.”

“This feeling of the superiority of veiled Islamic women amongst Muslims, instills in them the idea that others are inferior, because their women don’t wear the veil. When the feeling of superiority is combined with the Quranic verses and Hadiths which justify killing non-Muslims, we have some of the seeds of terrorism in the Islamic world.”

“…the hejab of a Muslim mother causes her children to judge what is good or bad from a distorted viewpoint. For example, to a Muslim child living in a Western country, he would believe his mother is superior, or better, than his Jewish or Christian neighbours’ mothers, just because she wears the veil/scarf, regardless of their deeds. This distorted way of thinking makes a Muslim child judge people by what they wear and not by who they are or what they do.”

“Many cultures and religions may have head coverings for women, but it is not considered to be a sign of superiority over others. Thus, it does not generate problems.”

Dr. Tawfik Hamid 2005

(i) ‘The Roots of Jihad’ by Tawfik Hamid, a Muslim that has come forth in his book to warn us about Islam. The extracts are from Chapter 5 ‘The Hejab and Its Relationship to Terrorism’, published in 2005. Allan Ivarsson read this book in early 2007. It is an excellent, very informative must-read book.

I also recommend you read ‘Hamid’s other book titled ‘Inside Jihad’ published in 2008, which includes more insight about the ‘Oppression of Women’ and the Hijab in Chapter 3: The Failure of Islamic Societies. These two books should be in every person’s library, together with a copy of the Koran, to help them understand the dark side of fanatical ‘Islamic Doctrine’. Any Politicians that have not read these important books, should not be a leader in politics, because their ignorance about Islamic Beliefs, will lead them down the path of delivering constantly incompetent decisions and recommendations, which will threaten the wholesome wellbeing of a western countries ‘Freedom Values’.

Clearly the Senior Commanders of the Royal Australian Navy have no comprehension of reality… so much for ‘Intelligence’ leading our defence forces.

No doubt most Muslims will not admit in public that they believe they are superior to non-Muslim women, but in private they clearly believe it is true, and so do their children.

All non-Muslim women in the Navy not wearing a Hijab scarf in their uniform are automatically deemed by all Muslim women wearing the Hijab scarf in the Navy, as inferiors in their private thoughts. No doubt not one of these Muslim women would admit that reality to their non-Muslim shipmates.

So much for true assimilation and credibility… the only solution, is too outlaw the wearing of the Hijab in all military uniforms, all school uniforms, all scout uniforms and all other uniform Western standards organisations.

Will leaders have the courage to ban the wearing of the hijab in uniforms? I doubt it…Western Leaders are too yellow scared to enforce true standards of right control, out of fear, of offending emotional Muslims that are childishly, easily offended, by such important standards.

Loyalty to a Nation? How can we believe that ‘True Muslims’ in our Nation are loyal to our country, when they believe all of us non-Muslims are inferiors?

We in the West are now all divided Nations, because the belief system of Islam rejects assimilation. And demands the imposition of ‘Sharia Law’.

There is nothing wrong with wearing head covering, in fact at times it is common sense, and should be mandatory in food manufacturing and restaurants. But I am only talking about covering hair. Back in the late 1970’s when I was a young executive in a Pharmaceutical Company as a ‘Purchasing Officer’, I once had to reject and reprimand a woman in the company cafeteria, whom served me a salad, laced with her purple dyed moulting hair, interfaced, scattered throughout my plate of food.

Hindus wear head coverings, whom have a history in India, of being attacked by Muslims, and Hindus are not claiming they are superior.

Sikhs wear head coverings and they reject Islam as being their enemies, justified by the cruelty they endured in India, under attack from Muslims. The Sikhs are not claiming they are superior.

Uniform standards often have head covering hats, but there is no justification whatsoever to alter uniform standards to support the demands of Islam, when all other creeds do not have such rights. In combat, the Hijab is not a practical dress standard. Could you image the chaos caused, if all creeds had the right to choose their own variant uniform standards? Why does Islam have special apartheid privileges that no one else has?


Nazma Khan founder of ‘Hijab Day’ stated in her 11:25 minutes speech YouTube video presentation, published Jan 19, 2014, the reasons why she started ‘Hijab Day’; she opened her statement whinging how she was bullied by children’s statements, when she wore a hijab, during her school years; she said in her speech, “I was discriminated verbally and physically; I was called names such as Batman and Ninja.” During the early part of her speech, she used emotional blackmail to soften people towards her childhood struggle, by sniffling and holding back tears in her speech and eyes. She complained about one of her teachers making fun of her head covering. Suddenly that part of her tears speech, all ended, when she became positive in mental attitude, promoting her dream of annual Hijab Day. Khan deserves an actors’ nomination.

Let’s make something clear now… I am sick of hearing how Muslim women in the West complain about how they are treated. When I went to Primary School in the 1950’s I was called ‘big ears’ and ‘four eyes’, because I had to wear glasses from the age six years for life. [I was 65 years of age, before I was freed from wearing glasses by new laser eye surgery technology, which cost us over $8,000.00 AU.] I was bullied in Primary and High School and on occasions, I had to defend myself in fights. Every generation of boys and girls have had to deal with bullies, since the beginning of public schools back into the 19th & 18th Centuries. This bleeding heart pretend tear jerker presentation by Khan did nothing for me but create a sense of disgust for her emotional weakness presentation. I don’t like wimps. If you don’t like it Khan in the West, leave…

I was harassed by some teachers, so what? Teachers had their favourites, and sometimes we were singled out and made fun of. Khan is not the only child to experience such torment.

We children, generation after generation, were taught an old wise adage… “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me”.

Tens of thousands of immigrants from Europe and Asia travelled into Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America for the last 250 years, starting broke with nothing and Khan made out how her Bangladesh family started with nothing, as being the only ones that endured such hardship. My wife and I, have German friends in their late 80 years of age, whom came to Australia after World War II with nothing, completely broke; likewise, my Danish Grandparents arrived here in 1939, just before war started, escaping from China, being forced to leave their two-story home and my Grandfathers Excellent Engineering job, when the Japanese invaded China. I am sick to death of hearing Muslim whingers, make out how much they have had to endure, without any thought about the millions of non-Muslim immigrants that endured severe hardship, when they arrived on the Continents of Pacific Rim/Atlantic regions of the world.

Bangladeshi Khan never mentioned in her speech, how Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasrin, also spelt Nasreen, was bullied and sentenced to death by Muslims in Bangladesh, just for writing a novelette, the struggle story of a Bangladeshi Hindu family being harassed by Muslims, titled ‘Lajja’ (Shame) in 1993. She had to leave her home, going into exile in 1994, to escape execution by evil insane Muslims. The novelette was revised by Taslima to become a full-length novel, over six months, it sold 50,000 copies in Bangladesh, before being banned, by the Totalitarian Islamic Bangladesh Government. And Taslima didn’t cry in public when she was bullied by Jihad Muslims.

Taslima supports the human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’, which Islam has made absolutely clear in the West that they oppose ‘Freedom’ in many of their demonstrations, on Western Nations streets. Taslima supports… ‘Women’s Rights, Gender Equality, Human Rights and Secular Humanism.’ All of which Islam rejects. The Koran and Hadiths teach apartheid and reject gender equality. And Khan a ‘True Muslim’ has made it clear in statement, in her video speech that she wears the Hijab, true to her belief in her creator, as she was taught by Anti-Freedom Apartheid Islam. Khan will never denounce the apartheid bully hate speech Surah’s in the Koran. Thus, the ‘Belief System’ of Khan and Nasrin are on opposite sides, in conflict with each other. Khan fights for oppression and Nasrin fights for freedom and both are in origin by birth, from Bangladesh.

In an opinion Poll, whom would you vote for? Nasrin or Khan? Yes, I would vote for Nasrin.

Khan created ‘Hijab Day’ because she wanted all non-Muslims to experience her lifestyle of wearing a Hijab. She wants all women in every Nation to walk in her shoes for a day. Seems reasonable…but hang on… is it?

If we had a Global ‘Bikini Day’ or a Global ‘Mini-Skirt Day’ void of wearing head covering, would Khan extend herself and walk in the shoes of Western Women for the day? The answer is no, because as she said in her speech, she wears the Hijab, because she believes her God Creator demands it. Of course, she clearly doesn’t know much about dress culture in ancient times, before the foundation of Islam in 610 C.E. Head covering has nothing to do with Allah, even Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman women wore head coverings and they are accused by Abrahamic creeds of being pagans.

Khan claims on her website… that 145 countries are participating in ‘Hijab Day’, including Australia, Canada and America… that is a lie. As an Australian, I know the majority of Aussie women refuse to participate in wearing a Hijab, only a minority of weak minded, left thinking women in Australia, plus Muslim women, would submit to Islam and wear the Hijab. Her exaggerated claims that many Nations are participating is an extended lie. Islamic Nations already wear the Hejab, so including them in the logistics, like Saudi Arabia the heart of Islam, is absolute nonsense. She did not create that participation, they have been living that cultural dress for centuries. Take out all of the Islamic Nations and the numbers truly supporting her just shrank. Take out the majority of western women in every Nation that refuse to wear the Hijab, and all Khan has is a skeleton of left thinking fool women supporting her, just a drop in the ocean. Khan has nothing but dreams. Muslim women will support her, but that’s an obvious event, they have been wearing the Hijab even before the creation of ‘Hijab Day’. So, what has Khan really got? She has a website living in her dreams, making claims that do not truly exist by majority. Superior thinking ‘Hijab Day’, in your dreams Khan. The Free True West is not interested. Islam is rejected in total.


Khan advertises… “Help Us Fight Hate” … not one comment by Khan opposing all the ‘Hate Speech’ in the Qur’an, which proves she is a hypocrite.

And now in her summary speech conclusion Nazma Khan made the following statement…

“This life is too short to hold grudges or hate for each other. At the end of the day, we are all part of one big family called human race. I pray that the movement like One Hijab Day, gives an opportunity to learn to be tolerant of each other, by accepting and respecting each other’s differences. It is only through tolerance and understanding that we can co-exist peacefully.”

What’s wrong with this statement? A lot of naïve fools whom can’t think outside the square, would instantly admire her beautiful words of tolerance and peace.

Yes, she spoke good words, like a parrot, but if she truly believes in what she said, then Khan should immediately leave Islam and declare herself as an ex-Muslim. Khan is now an educated young lady, she would definitely know the Koran and all of the anti-assimilation ‘Jihad Hate’ verses in the Koran. And she would know many of the Hadiths about Muhammad. In other words, she in great deception, fails to table that dark knowledge, choosing instead to sell herself and other Muslim women, as being victims of Western bully tactics.

Not once in her speech did Nazma Khan, denounce all of the intolerant ‘Hate Speeches’ in the Koran, not once did she denounce the evil hate speech Hadiths, not once did she reject ‘Sharia Law’, nor did she denounce the flying of Muhammad’s black Jihad Flag. Nor did she swear an allegiance to the American Flag and the American Constitution, thereby rejecting the rule of Sharia Law. In other words, all of her nice tolerant peaceful great speech, is nothing more than Taqiyya cover up, to con fools into submitting to Islam.

Ask Khan to wear a Bikini in public on ‘Bikini Day’ and see what happens.

But more important, ask her to publicly reject ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Blasphemy Law’ and to denounce all the Hate Speech Surah’s in the Koran.

Did I hear silence? … you bet… because Islamic demands are one sided… founded upon ‘Apartheid Anti-Freedom Totalitarianism’. Now Khan you can go back and weep… that is what you are good at.

Additional thoughts for the day…

If you go door to door in our nation and talk to citizens about domestic violence, almost everyone will insist that they do not support male violence against women, that they believe it to be morally and ethically wrong. However, if you then explain that we cannot end male violence against women by refusing to challenge patriarchy, and that means no longer accepting the notion that men should have more rights and privileges than women, because of biological difference, or that men should have the power to rule over women, that is when the agreement stops. There is a gap between the values they claim to hold and their willingness to do the work of connecting thought and action, theory and practice to realize these values and thus create a more just society.

Bell Hooks

All About Love: New Visions

Gloria Jean Watkins aka. Bell Hooks (pen name) born 25th September 1952 USA.

Allan Ivarsson comments… “I may easily be wrong, but I suspect that Gloria Jean Watkins loved the story of ‘Peter Pan’ as a child, as I did, and that is how she was inspired to coin the pen name, ‘Bell Hooks’. (Tinker Bell & Captain Hook).

Power feminism is just another scam in which women get to play patriarchs and pretend that the power we seek, and gain liberates us.”

Bell Hooks

“I don’t recognise ‘Feminism’ just like I don’t recognise ‘Chauvinism’ and I reject the ego/vanity of ‘Patriarchy’, there is a wiser philosophical golden middleway attitude, respect for the sexes, it’s called equality, founded upon love, kindness, consideration, courtesy and caring.”

“The word sexist is a gasoline word, I have read and heard it used too many times falsely to abuse men, focused on forcing them to submit to ‘Power Feminism’.”

Allan Ivarsson 2016

“The political core of any movement for freedom in the society has to have the political imperative to protect free speech.”

Bell Hooks

“In the Western World, today, far too many inferior thinking politicians, claiming to be degree qualified from our Universities, are rejecting ‘Freedom of Speech’ and submitting to the dictatorship demands of anti-freedom apartheid Islam. Why should I respect degree qualifications, when so many reject the values of ‘True Liberty’?”


We Non-Muslims are being watched by Islam and automatically being judged by ‘True Muslims’ as inferior unbelievers, as instructed in the Qur’an.

A person is intellectually backward if they cannot comprehend this truthful reality.

To stop ‘Violence Against Women’ by Muslims and Non-Muslims we must also publicly criticise and reject the Qur’an instruction 4:34.

Question is… “How many Politicians & Christian Leaders have the courage to openly reject 4:34?”

White Ribbon Day? Just another Dream until 4:34 is rejected.

‘Violence Against Women Part IA Hijab Day’ was Published in 2018 Book COMPENDIUM II printed in Colour on Quality Paper, by ‘Blue Light Publications’. Also available in Electronic Kindle Book.

The Qur’an is fallible…


Read… ‘White Ribbon Day’ – Disturbing Reality… in book COMPENDIUM II



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