What is Cosmic Law?


Accountability is defined:

# First by Cosmic Law

# Second by Moral Law (i)

# Third by Legislated Law.

Source: Blue Light A-Z records… ‘Red Light’ 1981.

‘When at the summit of his power, he [King Canute] ordered a seat to be placed for him on the sea-shore when the tide was coming in; thus seated, he shouted to the flowing sea, “Thou, too, art subject to my command, as the iwis [certainty] on which I am seated is mine; and no one has ever resisted my commands with impunity. I command you, then, not to flow over my land, nor presume to wet the feet and the robe of your lord.” The tide, however, continuing to rise as usual, dashed over his feet and legs without respect to his royal person. Then the king leaped backwards, saying: “Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings, for there is none worthy of the name, but He whom heaven, earth, and the sea obey by eternal laws.”’

 Source: The Chronicle, Henry of Huntingdon, 13th century

(i)      Author’s Note: In 2017, I threw ‘Moral Law’ into the garbage bin and replaced it with ‘Reality Based Ethics’ and values of common-sense decency. My reason? Moral Law over the centuries, in different cultures keeps changing and shifting. What is moral in one culture is not moral in another culture. From Primitive to Modern 21st Century Society so-called, Moral Values keep shifting. No one in different societies agree as to what is moral and immoral. And imaginary Gods in ‘Belief System’ Texts cannot agree with each other. Therefore, we must trust the altruistic caring nature of humans to identify by common-sense wisdom, what is ‘Reality Based Ethics’ and ‘Decency’. Religion never gets it right.

A classic example of ‘Morality’ difference in opinion, is the subject of Naturism/Nakedness and standards of attire. From Ancient Primitive times to Modern early 21st Century times, no one agrees as to what is moral and immoral about nakedness and dress styles.

Hence, I rewrite my 1981 understanding statement as follows…

Accountability is defined:

# First by Cosmic Law.

# Second by Reality Based Ethics and Values of Decency. (i)

# Third by Legislated Law.

‘Cosmicism’ is dynamic, it changes when common sense reveals new valid considerations must be inserted into insight and understanding. However, it never ceases to use P.I.

End of Author’s December 2017 inserted note.

‘Philosophical Intelligence’ recognises the clear evidence that a ‘God Creator’ does not exist, which is why, God/YHWH/Allah has never had the power to intervene and save innocent lives, being attacked by nature’s fury or by the evil behaviour of human beings, or by the natural instincts of wildlife predators, also focused upon their own evolutionary survival.

Even astronauts travelling in space are not protected by a ‘God Creator’, they are only guided by ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ that which in communication process is ‘God of Creation’. To understand this natural channelling process, one must learn the way of ‘Cosmicism’, the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ that uses pragmatic common-sense ‘Cosmic Law’ for guidance.

All good ideas, discoveries and all truthful knowledge is delivered by God of Creation, infinite ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, through finite cosmic consciousness of intelligent beings. They may or may not recognise the source of their inspiration and discoveries. Though he probably did not recognise the source of his expanding new awareness… God taught Christian Charles Darwin about the natural cosmic process called ‘evolution’. The communication process link between God and Intelligent Life is called Channelling’. To learn more, study ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ which is God’s Channel to higher understanding.

When adults teach children knowledge, they teach them gradually at the child’s receptive pace and ability to understand. Throughout human history God has gradually given us more insight. But unfortunately, there have been evil fools who misunderstood this knowledge, and instead of striving to learn and understand, they destroyed the information and persecuted those who did understand. A Reckoning is coming…

All ‘Legislated Laws’ should endeavour to equal the standards of ‘Cosmic Law’ which rules the Universe. Cosmic Law is the ‘Higher Law’ superior to ‘Legislated Law’ until ‘Man’s Law’ is equal in standard to Cosmic Law.

“Without Penalty, there is no Law.”


The Wiser remember…

“Break Cosmic Laws and Penalty is Automatic delivered by Natural Reality.”

Cosmic Law is simply…

‘Pragmatic Common-Sense Law’

Many good Legislated Laws exist, but due to inferior thinking of devious politicians some ‘Legislated Laws’ are not only wrong, they are enemies of the people; and hence such ‘Clear and Present Dangerous Laws’ can be overruled by ‘Cosmic Law’, which is the keystone principle of the Universe.

All ‘Fatwas’ are ‘Null & Void’ by ‘Cosmic Law’.

‘Cosmic Law’ automatically being the highest level of law in the Universe does reject and overrule all ‘Sharia Laws’.

‘Cosmic Law’ protects and preserves forever the human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ provided such freedom does not deliberately, or by negligence, deny others the same right of freedom to live in peace without harassment.

‘Cosmic Law’ does not recognise any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ and does overrule all dictatorship and anti-discrimination laws, which are designed to oppress the human right to live free in speech and choice.

A Classic example: The ‘Ten Commandments’ are ‘Cosmic Law’ not because religion teaches them, but because they are pragmatic common sense. When we fail to live by those laws we do inevitably hurt ourselves and others.

Some Biblical texts need simplification in wording and removal of emotional suggestions, to identify clearly the simple wisdom of the ‘Ten Commandments’.

One of the biggest mistakes we make with ‘Belief Systems’ that we reject… is that too often we toss out the ‘baby’ with the ‘bathwater’ …in other words we toss out the wisdom with the false knowledge. The wiser learn how to separate ‘Truth’ from ‘Fiction’.

Society must manage and rule itself by ‘Legislated Law’. But these ‘Man Made Laws’ must be founded upon pragmatic common sense. Thus all ‘Legislated Laws’ should endeavour to equal the standards of ‘Cosmic Law’ which rules the Universe.

Pragmatic common-sense Rule No. 1 –use the KISS method when writing and approving ‘Legislated Law’. In other words, … “Keep it simple silly”.

It should be noted that ‘Proven Path Laws’ identified by Science, are in fact ‘Cosmic Laws’ of existence, being the natural order process laws of universal reality.

The wisest path maintains simple laws.

Excessive regulation unnecessarily complicates society and creates organised dictatorship; such excessive laws do create the destruction of the human right to freedom of expression in speech and in choice. All legislated laws must be scrutineered very carefully, to make sure they always protect and preserve the human right to freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

Unfortunately, God will not tell us what punishments should be enforced for wrongdoing. God’s Cosmic Laws simply tell us what not to do. God leaves punishment decisions to society, and only tables behaviour guidelines.

Thou shalt know when Cosmic Law is a true law by its wholesome essence of Love, compassion, goodwill, ethics, decency, respect for freedom and human rights, founded upon survival common sense and pragmatic logic.

God’s true Bible is not recorded in just one book;

It is a collection of Cosmic Law and Wisdom.

Our constant bounding forward expanding knowledge progress has no academic limits- only Cosmic Law controls us.

The survival of mankind now depends absolutely upon the speedy evolution of ahimsa methods, which subscribes to the cosmic articles of universal law that all human beings have a living right to freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and freedom of action. This human right is subject to cosmic law that such freedom does not hurt anyone else’s right to same trilogy of freedom.

The three most important critical path groups of Cosmic Law tabled by God of Creation are…

  1. ‘The Ten Commandments.’
  2. ‘The Eightfold Path.’
  3. ‘The Sermon of the Mount.’

But remember the interpretation of these ‘Cosmic Laws’ must also be cross-linked to the right of self-defence, true also to ‘Cosmic Law’.

“I do not believe in the God of theology who rewards good and punishes evil. My God created laws that take care of that. His universe is not ruled by wishful thinking but by immutable laws.”

Albert Einstein


Author’s Note: ‘What is Cosmic Law?’ was first published in pdf format on e-mail to global friends on 3rd December 2015. And later published in 2017 with ‘What is Cosmic Law II’ in book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. 

What is Cosmic Law? II


I don’t believe in the value of debates, I have never seen one yet that reflected truly that one won and one lost. Truth is… people walked away, still believing in what they said, and their followers still believing that they were victorious, when in truth… in every debate no one wins both sides are of the same opinion still.

To me… debates are just a vanity battle… a struggle of egos challenging each other to gain the upper hand in conquest of ideas.

School Education would be wiser to toss out debate programs and focus on simply teaching children the art of communication in Public Speaking and draw upon the wisdom training of ‘Toastmasters International’.

And I do not believe that Philosophy recorded on sound or film is the right way to teach ideas. Truth is… philosophy needs to be written down for accurate valid analysis of ideas. There is no better way to learn ideas.

However, history and science can be taught visually on film, because images are often an excellent way to teach better understanding. Philosophical quotations may be posted on images, but real complete understanding, in philosophy requires reading and analysis of ideas. Having tabled that observation, I shall move onto the real purpose of What is Cosmic Law? Part II.

The Ten Commandments has been a centre of controversy for centuries, millenniums in fact, especially in circles of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics, New Age, and the irreligious. A lot of people, strive to misinterpret the commandments to suit their own agenda. But if we ignore those erroneous ideas and simply return to basic logic, philosophically the ‘Ten Commandments’ were in ancient times a good foundation guidance on codes of behaviour at a time of human existence when no good codes existed in the Middle East, or in fact anywhere else in the world. The wisdom of Buddhism in Asian territory did not start to evolve until centuries later starting in approximately 500 BCE.

I have rewritten the Ten Commandment word ideas to fit todays cosmic reality. Even though it is now evident that a ‘God Creator’ does not exist, it does not mean that the word ‘God’ is not a useful word to describe the way of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ until we humans have a better understanding of the animal mind and where all ideas come from. Hence, the term, “God of Creation” not “God Creator” is an appropriate way to deal with the unknown ‘Consciousness Entity’ for want of a better word, that holds the mystery question, “Where do all ideas come from?”

We will not bog down too much on this at present. To reject the Ten Commandments in total is foolish. The idea in Commandment One that thou should not have many Gods is pragmatic common sense. The idea in Commandment Two of not making carved images of God as foolish Christians have done and likewise ancient worshippers of many Gods have done, is also pragmatic common sense. Hence, I have added cosmic explanation words to the below Ten Commandments to strengthen the understanding of why these Ten Commandments are founded upon wisdom. We do not have to be religious or God worshipping, to appreciate the common-sense wisdom in these ‘Ten Commandments’.

One other thing, these Ten Commandments delivered by Moses prove by his belief system thinking that Moses was a good kind man that respected and valued these laws he tabled, albeit he erroneously believed it was handed down to him by a God Creator, nevertheless it is absolutely clear by the sixth commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill” that Moses did not ever order the killing of people as depicted in the Torah and Old Testament, and did not table all of the Punishment cruel killing Satanic Verses in Ancient Texts. Nor did Moses teach “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” And that reality is verified by the teachings of Jesus on the Sermon of the Mount, who clearly rejected some of the violent teachings in the Torah, later foolishly translated into the Old Testament by misguided Roman Christians.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2010, 2016

To be Continued… 


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