80% of Greens reject Australia Day Celebrations choosing to betray the Spirit of fair dinkum Aussies

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The Greens Party, an anti-freedom Socialist Party, also rejects the Australian right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’. Because of its anti-freedom, anti-Australian Mentality the “Greens” have been ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ as enemies of every ‘True Blue Aussie’ that treasures the right to live 100% Free in speech, choice and equality.

There is no place for the Socialist Totalitarian Greens Political Agenda in Australia. As long as the Labor Party insists on supporting the Greens Mentality there is no place for the Socialist Labor Party. 

The Labor Party needs to reinvent itself and return to its roots and once more become a genuine ‘Workers Party’ void of Socialist doctrine and void of association with the inferior thinking intellectually backward Greens.

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An unknown author posted the above green background message on Facebook Circulation during 2018. Every point of concern tabled in this brief poster message is true.

We do need more dams, we do need more hazard reduction burning by professional firemen and firewomen, and we do need lower energy costs. Our energy costs are excessively high in Australia and this reality is not only hurting the people, it is also slowing down the growth of business in Australia, including small business, large Corporation expansion, and it is hurting Primary Industry and Manufacturing expansion. As a consequence unemployment is higher, because of excessive energy costs.

The culprit behind these high energy costs, is the inferior thinking, intellectually absent anti-freedom of speech Greens. There is no place for the Greens in Australia. They are an incompetent political party. 

To rebuild Australian Freedom and become once more ‘The Lucky Country’ we must start by voting the Greens permanently out of Politics. There is no place for Political Fools like the Greens that cannot even comprehend the concept of ‘Gaia Management’ and the need for 100% Freedom of Speech and the need for the growth of ‘Capitalism’ in Australia to create more employment opportunities and better quality Jobs for all Australians.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

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