Freedom… “A Grave Duty Confronts Us All”

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Freedom… “A Grave Duty Confronts Us All”


Throughout many films and television shows, founded upon fiction and fact, moments of wisdom jump off the screen just like in books. Stay alert and think about all the wisdom that floats in our records which inspires us with an understanding that the knowledge of wisdom is an essential attribute to our learning and survival process. Those that learn and teach the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ are on the right path to higher learning and understanding.

Those that refuse to learn P.I. are very vulnerable to the rise and fall of misery process inflicted by a chaos thinking society, enveloped in mindless fixed dogma beliefs void of dynamic open mind wiser thinking.

A classic example are doomsday cults including climate change panic merchants that are so obsessed with panic that they cannot understand ‘Gaia Management’ and the common-sense of preservation of freedom values. Without 100% freedom, solutions shall never be identified and actioned correctly.

# In the classic historical element 1940 film “The Sea Hawk” starring Errol Flynn and Flora Robson, the following cosmic message stands not only on celluloid but as a warning message to all generations to come…

“A grave duty confronts us all to prepare our Nation for a war that none of us wants…

[Which every generation may sadly face, until freedom rules the globe.]

“But when the ruthless ambition of a man [or woman] threatens to engulf the world, it becomes a solemn obligation of all free men [and free women] to affirm that the earth belongs not to anyone man [or woman] but to all men [and women] and that freedom is the deed and title to the soil on which we exist. Firm in this faith…” #

Every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in Politics, Religion, Philosophy and Psychology must be always rejected. There is no place for dictatorship in a good decent caring free world.

And thus this cosmic message stands clear and true for all eternity that ‘Freedom’ must always be protected and defended against all tyrants that strive to impose dictatorship upon others.

Any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ also includes all anti-freedom of speech laws including insidious ‘Blasphemy Law’.

Look closely at all ‘Belief Systems’ political, religious and philosophical. Reject all ideas that encourage and enforce totalitarian thinking and activities. Even many street demonstrations are the consequence in thinking and action of totalitarian mentality that seeks to dictate to others how people should think and behave. Many protests in Universities are totalitarian in thinking and behaviour. Many decisions by CEO’s and Board of Directors in Corporations vying for Monopoly control may at times be guilty of excessive greed in decision making process, leaning towards totalitarian behaviour at the expense of what is the right thing to do.


Never trust people that cling to fixed dogma ideas and consequently refuse to think dynamic with open mind defending as priority one the essential human right to live 100% Free, in Speech, Choice and Equality.

Allan Ivarsson




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