2019 Introduction…


To all the generations of destiny…

Be careful lest you fail to learn from history and recreate the very false knowledge that past generations have struggled to erase.

Truth habitually weaves in and out of untruth and thus creates a new stronger fabric of knowledge. The danger exists that untruth mixed with truth becomes easily accepted and leads myth to become false fact. The advantage of pragmatism, when it is rationally utilised to examine knowledge is that, it helps eliminate past twisted, intensely entangled pieces of false knowledge. Untruth is slowly disintegrating, and in present moments of eternal destiny, each generation shall look back to see the threads of myth vanishing, and the unity of truth evolving to become the cosmic leader. Sadly for the early 21st century, we still have a long journey ahead of us, before we will successfully eliminate false knowledge.

The way of mendacity surrounds us, and leads us through excessive amounts of useless, meaningless experiences, which rob us of peace of mind, and thus happiness. We must unlearn those ideas handed down to us from generation to generation, which teach mindless concepts of mendacity. People are always making a fuss in one form or another, for or against, nudism. And yet these same people fired up with aggressive energy rarely channel this energy towards the more important essential issues of society which is non-violence, and manners- social conduct the way of cleanliness, codes of behaviour, courtesy, chivalry, consideration, and kindness and respect for self, others, and property. All backed by the essential virtues of integrity, discipline, and diligence. All of which need love, compassion, and inner peace to become true. Common decency is not about styles of dress or lack thereof. Common decency is living good attitudes of non-violence and social conduct, founded upon love, compassion, and inner peace. Commitment, courage, and enthusiasm, with a will to win, helps make truth a dream come true. Dress sense is the ability to select clothes which suit a persons needed best appearance, backed by manners, respect, cleanliness, courtesy and survival common-sense.

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Common decency, protects and preserves the eternal human right to 100% Freedom Values in Speech, Choice and Equality provided actions of Choice do not deny other people the same eternal right.

Street demonstrations protesting in the name of freedom of speech are misusing freedom of speech rights to abuse and harass others striving to force everyone to submit to their dictatorship. Demonstrators block streets and parks denying people freedom of access. The bully tactic of demonstrators is rarely peaceful and is mostly leaning towards physical abuse, often becoming violent. These demonstrations are anti-freedom of speech and are anti-freedom of choice and are anti-equality of human rights. Street Demonstrations are forms of Totalitarianism.

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The use of vindictive bully Lawsuits is out-of-control and creates unjust misery for thousands of people in Western Nations that do not deserve to be harassed and threatened by such insidious (treacherous) legalised behaviour. Criminal Laws should be in place to deal with destruction of environment and supply of dangerous products; And criminal laws should be in place to deal with accidents by negligence or deliberate intent. Lawsuits should not be used to deal with criminal behaviour. It should be illegal to file a Lawsuit against an employer for sacking an employee. Lawsuits are another form of anti-freedom of speech ‘Totalitarianism’. They are often launched to silence freedom of speech and to silence allegations which need investigation to determine if the allegations are true or not.

Cosmic Law states… “Thou Shalt not sue for reasons of defamation or greed”.

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Common decency rejects every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ with the contempt all Dictatorships deserve.

Common decency rejects all forms of cruelty and strives to protect the rights of ahimsa animals to live free from mistreatment and persecution.

The Islamic hate obsession of cruelly treating dogs and pigs is not acceptable behaviour. And the inhumane Halal throat slitting, blood-letting of animals and humans must not be tolerated and must be outlawed throughout the Universe, no exceptions.

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Be careful things are not always what they seem to be, sometimes they turn out to be something entirely different. The author sometimes writes in circular style, just when you think you know where he is going with his recordings, suddenly there is a twist and a turnabout conclusion.

In the 1940’s. 1950’s & 1960’s Aussies wore on the streets well-dressed attire, usually smart casual and often for men, suits. That all changed from the 80’s as clothing became often tasteless not very smart even in casual attire, both men and women began to dump self-respect standards in clothing.

In Sweden women became very open sexually, many thought nothing of publicly being seen topless. With the gradual invasion of Islam, Sweden began to lose its free spirited uninhibited sexual presentations. Muslims swarmed in… males thought they had found a paradise of women that they according to anti-freedom Islam had the right to abuse and sexually rape. By 2010 Sweden became a rape capital. Many women suffered and the Swedish politicians ran the other way afraid to stop the abusive Islamic invasion of Muslim Men that were hellbent on conquering Sweden. Muslim women wore the hejab according to the instructions in the Qur’an to protect them from being raped by Muslim men. The social structure of Islam does not approve of Polygamy because Polyandry in which a woman can have more than one husband is banned by Sharia Law. But Polygyny in which a man can have more than one wife is legal under Sharia Law.

Read ‘Polygyny’ in COMPENDIUM I

In 1993 Allan sensed that decline of freedom and the expansion of Polygyny was coming. So it evolved one law for non-Muslims banning Polygyny held true, whilst Muslims practicing Polygyny were accepted. Silence is approval. Thus in every which way the West became now decidedly split down the centre between freedom values and anti-freedom Islamic beliefs. To add to the fire of anti-freedom of speech, Socialism raised its ugly head of ‘Political Correctness’ to silence those who dared table the truth about reality. And worse still Christianity stuck to its bully obsession to enforce ‘Blasphemy Law’ and many forms of anti-freedom of speech laws. Foolishly Christianity supports Islam demand for enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’ failing to recognise that ‘Blasphemy Law’ is the superglue that holds Islam together and gives all Muslims the right to persecute Christians for being guilty of ‘Blasphemy’ because they disobey the Qur’an and ‘Sharia Law’ instructions. In short… Christianity has committed suicide and is gradually disintegrating as ‘Islamization of the West’ takes over.

The following fictional character story setting on Planet Zenith talks about Planet Earth and wanders along a path of philosophical ideas, looking at the question what is right or wrong? With a surprise ending.

It should be noted that the rise of swinging began in the 1980’s and even Hollywood made movies about such freedom thinking sexual behaviour failing to recognise the downside of swinging. Many naturists that are comfortable with nudity do not approve of swinging and are completely monogamous. I will bet a lot of people don’t know that fact.

And so we come to the question is nude swimming in public places wrong and is Polygyny, right? Are we in society allowing ourselves to become confused by what is good and bad behaviour?

Who is right and who is wrong?

Beginning of 1993 story recorded originally as 31 A4 pages without illustrations …

 Starring the Scholar of Life, the Messenger of Time, the Student of Ideality and the Pupil of Understanding. The actor playing the Scholar, the Student and the Pupil is Allan Ivarsson, the actor playing the Messenger is Alien Metteyya. And ‘God’ makes a guest appearance.


Far away, in the tierra (# i) of revelation upon the planet Zenith

Standing in the marketplace, the Scholar of Life watched the area with deep interest. There was very little activity in focus. A few pigeons fluttered about scrimmaging for food. Most people chose to stay indoors on this day. Three naked young women sat on a circular park bench under the shade of a flame-tree.

“Boy oh boy,” the Scholar softly remarked, “it sure is hot today.”

“Yes,” the Messenger of Time said, “it’s a real scorcher, the temperature this morning is now 36 degrees centigrade, by midday it will be 42 degrees.”

“No wonder everyone is staying indoors,” the Scholar said, “I am the only fool out here…”

“And I,” the Messenger added, “and those girls sitting over there.”

“Yeah,” the Scholar responded, “I forgot about them, gosh they sure are beautiful. That’s one thing about this Zenith planet, naturism is an accepted way of life. Violence is non-existent; love is enjoyed, shared and given. Polygamy, both polyandry and polygyny are practiced legally here with the same equal enthusiasm as monogamy, homosexuality, bisexuality, and heterosexuality. Swinging has been rejected and instead many totally committed loyal couples are married together sharing community alternative lifestyles. Guarded by safe sex practices, loyal to each other as couples. In an ahimsa atmosphere the system works, love, and work is freely shared and given. The marriage community raises the children. For practical reasons the law restricts a marriage community to twelve persons, which has a group name. Combined with permaculture, their lifestyle is very self-sufficient and satisfying. People wear clothes to protect themselves from changing environmental conditions, and when the climate is comfortable, they actively move around naked as they feel, in harmony with nature, and the beautiful way of Gaia.”

“What a lovely life-style. There are no nut cases running around condemning nudists as being shameful. All the puritanical crackpots are now non-existent. Their violence is gone replaced by the freedom of love and peace, the way of sharing, and individuality. If only earth would unlearn the habit of violence and learn the way of love and peace- they too would then be free to enjoy life as it was meant to be lived.”

“Yes,” the Messenger agreed, “thank God for that… one day the mortal world of earth, will rise from its zero level to the zenith, and live the way of higher truth. They will by evolution move closer to living body and soul in harmony with the cosmic spirit of revelation. This is their destiny.”

“I think the girls have got the right idea,” the Scholar smiled as he spoke. “Let’s strip for half an hour and enjoy the natural sun and the oneness of love and sharing in harmony with nature’s higher truth.”

“Good idea,” the Messenger agreed, “it is wiser to be at peace with nature free of inhibitions. But only for half an hour, you do not want skin cancer, caused by overexposure, now do you?”

“No certainly not,” the Scholar agreed, “I am not that stupid. Neither are those girls. I’ve seen them here before. Looking at each other’s body is not shameful as some claim. It’s simply sightseeing, the joy of witnessing and appreciating the beauty of nature in all her adorned glory. Just like we feel when we gaze upon a seascape, or a landscape. A beautiful consciousness flows within us, peace fills our spirit with joy and wonder. An awakening inspires us with sensitivity, a magic feeling, in much the same way as a sunrise, the dawn of a new moment. As the sun sets, we know in truth there is no difference between the beauty of clothes and nakedness. Each holds its own in a very special way. And the way is freedom from fear and inhibitions, the way of inner peace. Happiness grows from goodness, truth, and beauty. We should take time to enjoy.”

“Anyway ‘Messenger’, you can stay naked as long as you like. For your of the spirit, the sun will not hurt you. It’s only us mortals who have to be careful.”

“Yes,” the Messenger said, “you sure can see through me. I’m here because I have no choice. I am here because I am of eternal truth. I do not seek choice, for I do not need it. I am the result of choice. Your choice- your acceptance or rejection, your request or neglect, your inspiration or disinterest. I am accumulated consciousness, cosmic expansion collected over millenniums of time. Such insight extended through revelation becomes circular unto itself, and becomes of God, the essence of that which I feel by encouragement. So there it is… unlike you, I have no choice, now do I”

“No,” the Scholar agreed, “you do not have any choice. For you are the accumulation of past choices, and subsequent conscious realisation. You are the awakening of new opportunities; new choices passed down to you for recycling unto others. The destiny of cosmic consciousness is truly with you. So it is by your higher morality, you are my conscience, my guiding light- my star. Through your encouragement free from choice, I learn to rise above myself, freed from fear and inhibition. Without shame, I reach out to learn the revelation and live in the light.”

So you have got it,” the Messenger cheered, “By George you’ve got it! I go where you go. Your vision of love is where I am. I am your vision of truth. I am your spiritual medium, your guide. I am that which I am, you are. I am not living in this world, for I am eternal, of this world and all other worlds. I have always been thus. I am apart of you, as I am a part of everyone else who seeks to walk with me. I am within you, and outside you. I am within all persons who feel the conviction; I am eternal guidance. I am a link to God.”

A moment of silence touched consciousness. Standing naked the Scholar gazed once more upon the three attractive ladies. They smiled and waved. He waved back. Such was the natural peace between them. They knew not each other, and yet there was a spiritual bond of understanding between them. In harmony with Gaia, the essence of nature inspired all players.

The Messenger broke the temporary silence. “Yeah well,” he said, “it is time to ask another question.”

“What question?” the Scholar responded.

“That’s for you to meditate,” the Messenger replied, begin by new research, extend your understanding. Then ask the question. Relax; let the flow of peace spread within your mind, and throughout your body. Encourage your spirit to reach out to cosmic consciousness, seek affirmation and feedback from God. I am your spiritual medium, together linked in threefold power, we shall become one with God. But remember well, this can only come true when you feel no hate, no anger, no bitterness, no envy, and no jealousy, and no greed for material possessions. You must feel only caring love and inner peace. You, your spirit, must feel relaxed and free inside your soul. Let your spirit of feeling expand within. Receive me and I shall guide you. Your body may still feel tense, and apprehensive, but fear not. Follow this affirmation. First release all hate, anger, bitterness, envy, jealousy, and greed. Relax your mind. Be patient with yourself. Give yourself time. Feel the flow of calm and peace expanding within you. Think of beautiful thoughts, ahimsa concepts, which give you a sense of goodness, beauty, and truth. As your spirit with your soul relaxes, your body shall likewise relax. Know this is true, feel this cosmic power and love shall fill your spirit, and the wonder of peace shall lead your consciousness so far past self, you will sense with awe the magic of your experience when you return to conscious activity. Never again will you be the same. As time progresses forward you shall became born again, in a way least expected. The way of Karma Yoga shall transcend, even when you do not seek it directly, it shall come, and you shall know cosmic freedom, and inspiration beyond all past understanding.”

“In your meditative tranquil state, your senses of feeling shall come alive in universal cosmic consciousness, and we will become one with God, Gaia, and each other. In this naked enlightenment the highest of cosmic feeling, you will become receptive to new understanding. There are no limits. You can soar as high as you choose.”

“Ah well,” the Scholar sighed, “here I go again, soul searching and seeking new truth and understanding. I know there are no limits, but boy oh boy, I sure could do with a break. Tell me, have you really got a link with God? Or is it just my imagination playing tricks on me?”

“Of course, they don’t call me the ‘Messenger of Time,’ just for the fun of it. The evidence is within you. As truth expands within you thereby increasing your understanding, your sense of inner peace, and your feelings of love, and need for greater spiritual freedom, you will soar with enthusiasm. You shall strengthen your personal confidence, your fears and inhibitions will decrease, becoming less and less, gradually disappearing. Then you shall know with supreme confidence through enlightenment that I am linked to God, and that God is now directly within you. At this point we are all now one.”

“Say something, don’t just stare into sky, feel the power of love, feel freedom, feel peace. Let go… fly like a kite, float on air, in the currents of life, soar higher, and drift down slowly, patiently, in harmony with all existence. Let go of your anchor and flow with existence for all eternity. There are no boundaries, except those limits you place upon yourself. I am not your imagination. I am real; I am here when you need me- always.”

“Good God! This is great! Well,” the Scholar said fired with enthusiasm, “now I feel even stronger conviction, beyond all doubt, I am ready. God, I will receive your power. Do you mind if today I don’t call you the Messenger? Can I call you by your real name?”

“Surely,” the Messenger replied, “if that makes you happy, go for it.”

“It does,” the Scholar said, “well anyway Alien, tell me, am I right now really hooked up to God?”

“The channel is all clear,” the Messenger answered, “all you need is confidence. Go for it now. Retain positive faith. Not blind faith. Know why you have faith. Feel the conviction. Let loose your feelings. God will respond. You will be surprised by the growing peace within yourself, as you love God, Gaia, and Humanity. God will share with you the freedom of expression you seek, and understanding shall slowly fill your spirit with enlightenment. Be patient with yourself. Grow gradually, living in the light.”

“Now go for it!”

“Here goes!” the Scholar responded, “whoops um hang on a minute, the day is getting hotter. First, I’ll put my clothes back on. I don’t want my skin to be cancered by the sun. Damit, where have the girls gone? They were gorgeous, six beautiful nipples. Boy they were well stacked, ‘Natures Godsend.’ I wonder when they left, I didn’t see them leave, did you?”

“Yes,” the Messenger answered, “of course, I see all. They wisely left fifteen minutes ago; they got dressed before they left. The sun is now too harsh to be standing under it bare bottom, stark naked.”

“You know,” the Scholar remarked,” there is an old science adage, ‘If it moves… test it!”

“Don’t believe literally everything you hear and see,” the Messenger warned, “use your senses of higher perception and add simple pragmatic common-sense. Those girls move. You would be in a lot of trouble if you tried to test it.”

“There is another adage that says, ‘silence is approval.’ In business, politics, and religion, the adage is true. If we disagree, we should speak up. If we say nothing, everything is going well, and is right. But remember well… there are limitations to adages. They can blind your perception and lead you into a short view. Be careful; strive to see the complete open-ended spectrum of existence. Avoid living by adages, which lead your thoughts locked into a fixed context that does not allow flexibility and expansion of understanding. Blinkered thoughts can diminish your insight.”

“Women may be silent, but that does not mean they approve of you. A wrong assumption by your part can lead you into trouble. In sex, it maybe the opposite, ‘silence is not approval.’”

“Hi there!” the Pupil yelled out. Walking quickly towards the duo, he smiled with exuberance. A twinkle flashed in his eyes. Guess what! I picked up a communication from earth.”

“How did you do that?” the Scholar quizzed mischievously as if he didn’t know.

“Channelling of course. What other way is there. Radio is out. We are not linked. So there you have it. There is no other way. I tuned into cosmic conscious frequency. I heard a big debate on earth about polygamy, for and against. It lasted for an hour the puritans versus the pragmatic. At the end of the hour the session finished. No one won. No one was convinced. Both parties walked away from each other, locked into their original convictions. The pragmatists seemed to have the edge, but the puritans clung fiercely to their religion. No was their final exclamation. Anyway, it was fun listening to it. But in the end, I felt more confused than before. What is right? What is wrong? I wonder? Will ‘Polygamy’ ever become legalized?”

“Society on Earth may be slow to officially legalize Polygamy,” the Scholar said, “but it is inevitable, Polygamy will be legalized.”

“Come again?” the Pupil curiously looked at the Scholar. “How do you figure this?”

Polygyny,” the Scholar began, “is now unofficially legal in western democratic nations. And it is legal in Islamic Nations.”

“That’s not right!” the Pupil exclaimed. “The Government, and the Courts have not legalized Polygamy.”

“Ah yes you’re right officially,” the Scholar agreed, “but unwittingly they have accepted the right of individuals to practice polygamy. Even a large percentage of churches are now in acceptance. Islam has always believed in Polygyny. Likewise Mormonism encouraged Polygyny and was only roadblocked by past puritans. The Government and the Courts cannot stop Polygamy.”

“I do not agree,” the Pupil challenged, “many earthlings practice swinging, but most couples reject this behaviour. Earth society is still basically monogamous. Even nudists reject swinging. No-one, I mean no one practices polygamy.”

“Not many will acknowledge it,” the Scholar replied, “but many are practicing polygamists, de facto or not. Earth society has some surprises ahead, which shall be progressively revealed. Like I said, Polygamy is being practiced, it just has not been truly identified. The alternative lifestyle will expand within society, very happily. People will not condone the unsafe sex system of swinging, but they will gradually accept the benefits of safe sex polygamy. Reality will dawn, swinging is out as unsafe sex. Polygamy is in as safe sex.”

“Hang on,” the Pupil stalled the Scholar, “this may be true, but the government and the courts will never recognise polygamy.”

“Like I said,” the Scholar continued, “polygamy has already been inadvertently given recognition.”

“Bulls..t!” the Pupil exclaimed.

“Think about it!” the Scholar raised his voice slighter in a higher pitch. The day the courts gave ‘De facto Relationships’ legal rights to property claims, and child access in much the same way as Monogamy legal rights to such claims, the courts by this precedent automatically negated the principles of the marriage certificate- the symbol of responsible commitment. The law reduced the importance and unique significance of marriage. The foundation stones of monogamy were toppled by the decision to recognise the rights of the de facto. The churches in recent times have not squawked too much, which means they too have accepted. Silence is approval. Though no one has the courage to give polygamy legal status, nevertheless, polygamy is equally as acceptable as monogamy. If you accept de facto, you must by cosmic truth, also accept polygamy, and the legal rights of polygamists.”

“Yea okay,” the Pupil responded, “I get your point. The current practice on earth, which accepts monogamy and de facto’ as having the same rights, proves that polygamy is right. No law can stop the practice of polygamy when we accept the practice of de facto. Hang on, what about homosexuality? It is now legal.”

“Yes,” the Scholar said with a light smile upon his face. They legalized homosexuality; and religion, which in the past was against it, has largely converted, and many religious groups are actively accepting homosexuality as being in harmony with God. After all God is Love. Jesus loved all persons. So it follows homosexuality is acceptable. I mean, that is, if you accept homosexuality and reject sexual discrimination. If you claim the right of all persons to equal opportunity, regardless of sex, then it follows naturally. You cannot reject the legalization of polygamy. To accept monogamy, de facto and homosexuality means that you must accept polygamy. To accept three lifestyles, and three forms of sexuality, and then to reject the fourth lifestyle and shared sexuality, is by nature an act of blinkered thinking, and is an act of hypocrisy.”

“Now some people may defend monogamy and reject polygamy. But then why are they accepting de facto and homosexuality? Why did they live in silence? The answer is obvious. Deep down they know that de facto and homosexuality is equally as right as monogamy. When you accept de facto and homosexuality as legal rights, you must also accept the rights of homosexuals to marry and adopt children. # One right cannot exist without the other right. To condone half of an idea and reject the other half of a concept is hypocrisy. Acceptance is approval. Silence is approval.”

# Note this comment recorded in 1993 was written many years before Gays fought for the right to marry, and Allan wrote about this turn of events in 2018 Published in COMPENDIUM I. Allan has a vision history of being able to forecast events… read his complete work to see what else he has tabled.

“In actual fact, no court or government should have the right to enforce laws which have not been approved by the people. Such action is undemocratic, and is a tyranny imposed upon society. All great social changes should only be made by referendum, a vote of the people- majority rules. Any government, any court who passes legislation, which is actually a deprivation of democratic principles is by their decision and subsequent enforced action a direct misuse of power, and is in short, an abuse of power. But how can you criticise the courts and the government too harshly, when public apathy is so prevalent.”

“It follows in the end. Society by their indifference will not protest against the legalization of polygamy. A few small protest groups will bark for a few years. However, in the end the minority groups will dissipate, and polygamy will be accepted as a positive alternative lifestyle enjoyed by many persons. It follows in truth… Polygamy is morally acceptable by God, and cosmic conscience, and is true to higher cosmic consciousness as often being pragmatic when all persons married in polygamy are truly compatible in love, inner peace, and respect for each other’s need of space and freedom. The right of freedom of choice belongs to all persons. No government, no law has the right to oppose freedom of choice, when the individual has not committed any criminal actions against person, property or organisation. Polygamous relationships are here to stay. Earth get used to it. You cannot back down acceptance now. You have gone too far in your acceptance of de facto rights and homosexual rights and anti-sexual discrimination laws. You are stuck with it. Polygamy is here to stay.”

“Now I understand,” the Pupil said, “anyone who opposes polygamy will fail. To oppose polygamy, you must first eliminate the legalization of de facto and homosexual rights. Of course such a retraction of legal rights would fail.”

“Of course…” the Scholar agreed, “now you are truly with it. Polygamy wins. Monogamy for many shall not come to an end. But individual choice will thrive. Monogamy can no longer stand-alone. Alongside monogamy stands de facto, stands homosexuality, and stands polygamy. Many persons will start by choosing de facto polygamy, in preference to swinging and monogamy. They will choose de facto polygamy as a path towards the legalization and social acceptance of polygamy. Legalized polygamy marriage will become reality.”

“You certainly know how to look at alternative points of view,” the Pupil remarked. “What do you think?” he said, letting go of eye contact with the Scholar.

“You cannot accept one value,” the Messenger replied, “one standard, one principle, and reject the other equal value, equal standard, equal principle. This is hypocrisy. You must either accept all equal values, standards, and principles, or reject the total lot of equal values, standards, and principles. Any person, who rejects wholesome values, wholesome, standards, and wholesome principles, is by their ignorance, very foolish. The survival peace, health, happiness and prosperity, of humanity require wholesome acceptance of all equal right values, right standards, and right principles. True values, standards, and principles, all support, goodness, beauty, and truth. Revelation in spirit, mind, and body, is consistent- that is all I have to say on this subject.”

“What are wholesome values, standards, and principles?” the Pupil asked.

“Ah,” the Messenger responded, “that is for you to find out. Humanity already knows that answer. The Truth is linked to ‘Eternal Cosmic Consciousness,’ just reach out with ‘Inner Peace,’ and it shall come to you.”

“Mm,” well the Pupil said, “I’ll think on it. Time to go. See you.”

“Yeah,” the Scholar smiled, “till next time.”

There was a brief moment of silence. The spirit of the Scholar drifted into meditation. Elation filled his mind. A soft sensation floated through his body. He sensed a cosmic channel opening up within his soul, a frequency not planned, not sought, just automatic awakening, linked, tuned in message relaying questions and answers from beyond. Thoughts without a thinker flowed through his soul. His spirit expanded within, as he felt a mind-meld with the Messenger. Confident, and relaxed, he did not resist the ahimsa feelings, which saturated his whole being. He knew… now was the moment, an opportunity, to communicate beyond self with cosmic consciousness in harmony with the universe. As the years have rolled by, his channelling experiences have grown stronger and stronger. In the beginning he was apprehensive and distrusting of his first few channelling experiences. But as time and experience moved forward, forever expanding his insight, he gained confidence, trust, and faith, in sources of information beyond his previous comprehension. Such is the goodness, beauty, and truth, derived from channelling when lived in the light, of inner peace.

“Tell me,” the Scholar asked, “why didn’t Moses, Buddha, and Jesus on earth, record all the answers to modern day problems, that would help people solve their current concerns?”

“They did not record these answers because they did not know the answers. For many questions had not been created which needed answers.” The Messenger paused for a moment before continuing his mind-meld response. “Questions and answers are related to each other. If there is no original question, there is no final answer. Knowledge evolves; wisdom the best highest part of knowledge likewise evolves. Not even Moses, Buddha, or Jesus was ready for the total reception of knowledge. They were in fact mere mortals who simply learnt how to communicate with God, and thus learn higher truth. Not even I, Metteyya, have been given total knowledge from God. Be aware that many persons communicate with God and did not recognise that their insight came from God. All good ideas come from God. All truth comes from God. All goodness comes from God. The essence of all beauty is God.”

“I have been given additional knowledge, and new power, and I am continuously expanding my knowledge of earthly, cosmic, and spiritual things. You Scholar of Life are eagerly receiving this knowledge, the wisdom, and the instructions. You are spiritually motivated. You are ready, willing and able to convert this knowledge to positive action on my behalf, on God’s behalf; for I give you only what God teaches me.”

“Well,” the Scholar said, “since you are linked directly to God, tell me who is God?”

“First,” the Messenger answered, “take a step back, unlearn your inhibitions, and grasp this reality. In the beginning, all was one, and one was all. Physical and Spiritual reality has always existed. There was no beginning. There is no end. In physical terms, forms keep changing, forever evolving, one form born, one form dies. But the essence of physical existence is eternal, no beginning, and no ending. In spiritual terms form is intangible, non-physical, highly active and energic (i) existence. Spiritual essence has not changed, and the life of consciousness, which is the true essence of the spirit, has not changed. Its essence simply keeps expanding in consciousness, eternally growing, knowing no limits. The spirit of light has no beginning and has no ending.”

“Such spiritual power (spiritual spirit) of light leads to good, order, and direction. Only spiritual darkness has a beginning and ending, but the light of wholesome consciousness lives forever. For this reason, be warned, if you allow your spirit to become dark in essence, upon your earthly death, your spirit of darkness will diminish and perish. You will not ever see the eternal light. To see eternity, you must live by the light of God of Creation in life. Do not neglect the right way of right truth, of right life.”

“It has often been said, “This is God’s World.” But I tell you now… God is not the creator. God is of the creation. God has always existed. The universe has always existed. To learn the ‘Mind of God,’ you must live by the light of God.”

“God’s consciousness is forever expanding. Man is of the creation. Man has not always existed. Mankind has the opportunity as a collective, generation after generation, (not individuals) to always mortally exist. Do not squander this opportunity by living wastefully in fields of violence, lest you perish forever.”

“It is not God’s World. God is ‘Infinite Eternal Consciousness of Universal Gaia.’ The planet earth, and the planet Zenith, is both of Gaia, of itself, of us, of cosmic self. The planets of Gaia, is of ‘Cosmic Gaia,’ which is ‘Universal Gaia.’ Spiritual God Consciousness, and all physical existence is of ‘Universal Gaia.’ Do not limit thy thinking into believing God is the creator. God is more than this limitation. God is greater than this finite concept. God is not a finite maker of things. God is not a Supreme Being. God is not a he or she. God is “It” that which it is… ‘Nameless’. God is ‘Supreme Infinite Eternal Consciousness.’ God is the highest state of universal consciousness. When we come to understand the ‘Mind of God,’ we shall know existence past, present, and present destiny.”

“Universal Gaia is ‘Mother Universe’.”

“Cosmic Gaia’ & ‘Universal Gaia’ are synonyms.”

“Upon the stages of destined present existence… truth shall continue to unfold and expand.”

“If this is true,” the Scholar queried, “why then, is God a lawgiver?”

“God,” the Messenger answered, “is a lawgiver because the mind of God understands and knows all truth about universal law. God can see our strengths and weaknesses. God knows our rights and wrongs. God is our conscience. God knows why. God recognises our errors in thought and action. God elevated consciousness, enables us to draw from the infinite well of truth, the reservoir of spiritual insight for all existence, “Ask, Seek, and Knock,” and you shall find guidance, truth, and understanding.”

“God gives common-sense pragmatic ‘Cosmic Law’ commandments through the power of Cosmic Consciousness. It’s easy, all we have to do, is by positive belief, conviction and faith, link our consciousness with the spiritual medium to ‘Gods Consciousness’ and truth, then unfolds and the ‘Cosmic Light of Eternity’ expands its power within us. The ‘Blue Light’ shines within all persons who open their hearts to ‘Love and Peace.’”

“Why,” the Scholar asked, “is there so much conflict in the world?”

“There are many reasons for conflict,” the Messenger replied, “too numerous for detailed comment right now. So I shall simplify the answer. Focus on the real cause of all ‘out of control’ conflict. Self-centred vanity, greed for financial gain, and lust for physical power to dominate others all encourage conflict. Hatred and desires for revenge create serious conflicts, which sadly often result in violence. Jealousy and envy, and emotional insecurity are another cause of conflict. But all these motivations are driven by the true difference, which divides us all… that is, our beliefs, our convictions, and our faith. Our personal creed may be financially based, politically based, or religiously based, or a combination of all three foundations. Our creed is our motivation, the guiding conviction that develops our belief system. Our ideas, our prime driver- philosophically based beliefs, are the true cause for all conflict. The question remains how do we diffuse potential conflict? How do we create inner peace, which leads to proactive harmony with all existence and brings to an end reactive behaviour? We must learn to agree to disagree in peace, strengthened by threefold reasonableness, patience, consideration, and kindness. Though this is not easy we must try to extend our perception to examine other points of view, both good and bad.”

“Out of control violence will destroy humanity. Look well and learn your lesson from the stupidity of the current generation of Yugoslavia on earth. The intolerant misguided “I am the greatest mentality,” may extend its belief into a self-gratification belief, “I am the superior one- all inferiors shall step aside.” And thus such misguided thinking become ideas which lead to self-destruction- for in the end all self-promoted dictators perish in their own perpetual misery, void of inner peace. The wiser walk with humility and respect the equal rights of all other ahimsa persons. The wiser solve their differences of attitude by living the way of non-violence. The wiser walk in the light of love and live the way through nirvana.”

“Therefore, I advise humanity, change your ways, which starts with yourself. Revisit your thoughts; unlearn inhibitions and false knowledge. Unite your beliefs, convictions, and faith with the way of non-violence, the first step towards truth, and reconciliation in agreement.”

“When humanity learns to solve its differences using non-violence, then the world will experience the greatest of all victories. There will be no out-of-control differences, for our diverse cultures will merge as one.”

“Black, Brown, and White, are all equal complimentary colours, in harmony with each other- let it be so also for humanity. Give each other a chance. United together, something beautiful will happen. Let the truth of Love, Freedom, and Peace, expand together eternally and know no limits. Let ahimsa communication become our infinite eternal link between God, Humanity, and Gaia.”

“Your right,” the Scholar agreed.

“The day shall come on planet Earth/Gaia; A new race of children shall be born. Their ancestry shall be traceable back to a common background of black, brown, and white, intermarriage. Pure black, and pure brown, and pure white, shall become happily almost non-existence. The new race will have the best attributes of all races. Unto those persons who falsely claim, superiority over other races, they shall fall by the wayside. Only a fool will try to stop the inevitable. Attempts at sectionalizing superiority dominance over others will always fail. The individual cannot control evolution. Mass evolution has its own driver through the chaos process. We are all members of one human race. Our differences are not of colour, territory or culture. For such defined differences are illusions of untruth, founded upon reams of myth, guides of false knowledge. When the cobwebs of such myth, insecurity, and inhibitions are removed, the veil of illusion falls to the ground, disintegrating to dust. That which is left is one people, one earth race, and one beautiful interface of ahimsa humans. Free from the misguidance of prejudice, paranoia, and fixation. Unwittingly religion leads people to a ‘schizophrenia state,’ that which they become cloaked in a veil of illusion, compared to that personality which they suppress, and truly are, underneath the myth. Only through ‘Cosmicism’ shall they be free. Reality is clear that humanity can be united to become one people. This is not a dream. It is not Utopia. It is achievable, and it shall evolve. For the truth exists, if humanity fails to adapt and become one global people throughout the universe. Humanity shall perish and be in existence no more. Together as one, we will conquer the universe and become its caretakers. This is our destiny. God shall guide us to victory by the way of non-violence.”

“Tell me Alien, what changes should be made?”

“Wisdom” the Messenger answered, “does not believe in reinventing the wheel. If an existing method simply, and pragmatically works, and if it supports the way of ahimsa, carespirit, and unity, which protects the individual and collective rights of all humans to freedom, justice, and peace; then the method is acceptable. Of course by common-sense, all ideas must be in harmony with natural law, the way of ‘Cosmic Gaia.’ Follow the proven path, free from myth. Follow not blindly. Follow wisely with your eyes open, with an understanding of choice and consequence. Be result orientated, but not obsessed by sacrifice of the golden middleway path in all things. Seek continuous improvement of quality existence for self, humanity, and all of Gaia. In your work always give ten percent more effort than is expected. Aim to achieve by evolutionary building blocks of improved action, and better method. Strive to strengthen the quality of existence for all ahimsa persons and creatures of the Cosmos. Do this, and changes shall grow, expand, and evolve gradually, in line with eternal truth. Follow the way of Wisdom and goodness, beauty and truth, shall prevail.”

“Do not despair if during your journey you trip a few times. It is not wrong to learn by trial and error. Experience and skill becomes a guiding light. Armed with commitment, backed by effort, determination, and persistence, you will win.”

“Look Alien,” I need to ask God a question. Will you do it for me?”

“I could,” the Messenger replied, “but the channel is open to all intelligent life. You can do what I do. You can talk to God anytime you want to. Go for it. Ask God, and God will answer. But remember never ask for material things, material assistance, or material protection. God’s communication to you shall always be in the way of guidance to enjoy, goodness, beauty, and truth, for eternity. Do not expect any more.”

“Right on!” the Scholar exclaimed. “I’ve done this before, gradually I am becoming more confident.”

“God,” the Scholar spoke softly. His lips did not move. Sounds of silence flowed from his soul, thoughts with a thinker, reached out in communication. “Do you approve of war?”

“No, definitely not,” God answered, “I object in total to mankind’s evil violent habit of waging war. I will not encourage or condone war. There is no cause for which you have the right to kill. Any person who initiates violence is evil. Any person who starts a war is evil in total, evil in every way, and evil without honour. Any person who uses violence against non-violent people is by their violent act an enemy of humanity; and is guilty of high treason against ‘Cosmic Law.’ I tell you now! Any person who actions war in my name, in the name of God, is a satanic evil person, without integrity, and without concern, for the consequences- such a person, is a liar. They are not fighting in God’s name; such a claim is a lie. They are fighting in Satan’s name. Satan is the spiritual father of all conflict. Satan is the prince of airpower and darkness.”

“The spiritual protection of the cosmic blue light will be withdrawn from those spirits who choose to live in satanic darkness. After finite death, evil spirits will diminish and become food for Satan, such is their fate, and they shall never see eternal life, a life of cosmic consciousness, enjoyed by those spirits who live in the light. Satan is cannibalistic and feeds on all evil spirits.”

“No one person shall successfully reject goodness, beauty, and truth. No one person shall successfully misrepresent that which I am. No one person shall live by Satan’s way and survive for eternity. I tell you now if you start violence you shall perish in spirit. You have the survival right of self-defence no more. Be careful there is a fine red line between violence in counter self-defence, and violence by initiated aggressive first attack.”

“I will make one thing clear in no uncertain terms. Even for reasons of self-defence, I God will not condone or support your decision to wage war by counter-attack. This is your decision, and yours alone, you must face the consequences of your actions. I advise you to be cautious. Be slow to anger. Avoid being sensitive and reactive to criticism. Take no offense at other peoples misguided comments. Try to solve conflict with peaceful reconciliation. Go out of your way to preserve peace. When all efforts have failed, try to peacefully walk away. Agree to disagree in peace, with respect for each other’s right to freedom. Know beyond a shadow of doubt, even when you fight in self-defence, I do still condemn your actions.”

“Well God,” the Scholar asked, “when shall our Messiah come?”

“Behold!” God answered, “Note well! Do not dream upon illusions. See the light of truth for that which it is. Do not look for signs of a coming Messiah. For he shall not come by your interpretation of the signs or by any other form of past prophecy. Know well, the word Messiah in ‘Cosmic Language’ means ‘Messenger of Inspiration, Attitude, Heart.’ Messiah’s are simply Messengers of God who teach non-violence, nothing more. They shall not deliver you from bondage and from your own suffering. Only you can rise up against oppression, poverty, and famine, and deliver yourself from misery. Beware of false prophets, thou shall recognise them by their teachings of the right to use violence and holy war. Whosoever teaches that violence is justified is a false person loyal only to Satan. Only evil encourages holy war. There has never been a manifestation of God. Anyone who claims to be a manifestation of God is a liar. Not even Jesus made such a claim. It was men who nurtured this myth and sold false knowledge.”

“Know that I do communicate with all souls who become true messengers of love, freedom, and peace. Know that in your own quiet lifestyle, you are a messenger of God, simply by teaching children, and living by example the way of love, freedom, and peace. All ‘Messengers of God’ reject the way of violence and teach non-violence.”

“Messengers come and go, and are here now, and have always been here in spirit. A new Messenger is here now and is within you. You must recognise this reality. If you choose, so shall it be.”

“Alien Metteyya is only your temporary spiritual medium until you find the confidence to talk directly to God of Creation.

“But,” the Scholar responded, “tell me really, who is Alien Metteyya? I talk to this character a lot. This character communicates like a synonym of my true self. Alien seems almost human and yet is beyond all my education and training and collides with all accepted normality in society. When my spirit is on earth, I cannot see Alien, but I am always able to communicate with Alien. I sense Aliens presence. Yes as the years have passed, I have found it becoming easier and easier to talk to Alien. I get feedback and guidance from Alien but damit! Who is Alien Metteyya?”

“Be patient,” the Messenger spoke softly, “calm down, relax, and be patient.”

“Huh,” the Scholar paused in thought; “um I thought I was talking to God.”

“You are,” the Messenger replied, “and you are also talking to me.”

“Your spirit you mean,” the Scholar said.

“Yes,” the Messenger agreed, “my spirit, that which is within you. Don’t worry, you at least get to see Alien’s spirit in the ‘Land of Revelation,’ upon the planet Zenith.”

“In my dreams you mean,” the Scholar remarked.

“Maybe,” the Messenger smiled, “but I wouldn’t count on it. The seemingly real is sometimes not real, and dreams become real. The thin red line between the two will leave even the most logical person with a sense of wondering. Do you get my drift?”

“This is getting a bit over the top,” the Scholar said, feeling a bit uneasy with the direction of this communication.”

“Do not become anxious,” God advised, “truth will become clear in a way unexpected. Truth will unfold, as it should. In the meantime enjoy the mystery, thrive upon the thrill of the riddle, and open your heart to love and peace, and feel the spirit of God’s essence, that which I am.”

“Know that through me thou art free, and all the social and tyrannical shackles of mankind shall not hold the free spirit in bondage. You shall come to truly know about Alien Metteyya when the time is right in a way least expected.”

“Oh Christ!” the Scholar bellowed, “here we go again. Round and round in circles. This is beginning to piss me off!”


“Yes God.”

“Calm down, I am greater than a circle, be at peace with thyself and know I am not your imagination. Peace begins by your belief in my peace. Live it. God is within you. Live the way of Good, Order, and Direction. Know that I am the light of Goodness, Beauty and Truth, that which is yours to enjoy. I am here now, as eternal presence. I shall be with you always, as I am with all persons who always live the way of non-violence. Cannot you see the light within you.”

“Yes God, your right I feel calm right now. Silly me for letting disbelief frustrate me. It is wonderful being able to talk to you. But still I feel so confused. It is said the Messiah will come with a sword of steel. When shall this be?”

“Scholar,” God called out, “tell the world this… The Messiah of truth will not come with a sword of steel. Nor will he come with a sceptre of iron; nor shall the Messiah come to rule; nor shall he choose one people as being his chosen few. Know the conditions of cosmic revelation, only through Love, Freedom, and Peace, shall you see the light of truth. Only through the way of ahimsa, satyagraha, and carespirit shall you feel the wonderment and beauty of the cosmic way, the life and truth of God and universal existence. Only through living in the light of God Cosmic Consciousness shall you hear, see, and sense the real truth. All Messengers know only peace within and without. And will not enter those persons who seek to live the way, life, and falsehood of violent conflict and all-out war.”

“How do Messiah’s become chosen?” the Scholar asked.

“They are not chosen by me or anyone else,” God replied, “they are chosen by their own self. Anyone, who lives non-violence, can select to become a Messenger of Time. Believe in yourself, and it shall become so. There is nothing unique about being a Messenger, it is simply a great way to live and feel the supreme essence of life. Know too, that the animals of the planet earth shall be as they have always been. They shall not become tame and timid, for the animals, like plant life is a living part of Gaia, of the creation. They shall not all become placid, for as surely as they do, the world of Gaia will self-destruct. Gaia is for the benefit of all non-violent species. You have been given hands and feet and an upright back, a mobile house to carry your soul. You have been given a mind of power strengthened by levels of intelligence linked to the eternal living cosmic consciousness of God, that which I am, the eternal essence of all truth, your guiding light of Good, Order, and Direction. When you understand, recognise and accept this revelation, you shall be victorious; your spirit shall expand upon your awakening. Something wonderful will begin to happen. Peace will grow within you. You will begin to be born again.”

“No Messenger shall conquer east or west, north or south. Messengers are not conquerors of the physical world or of any cosmic mortal living form. Let it be known of any Messenger who claims to be sent by God, and then teaches the way of violence through war, such a violent person is not a true Messenger, such a person is a liar who bears false witness against I God. True Messengers only teach non-violence, and the right of all persons to live free in speech, in a democracy. Any leader, who denies you freedom of speech and persecutes you for your comments, is by truth an evil tyrant, large or small in power, do not tolerate such despotic mentality. Freedom is your birthright, and whilst you do respect the Ten Commandments, no one has the right to take away such freedom. Messengers only come as caring spirits to unite ahimsa humanitarians, not by force, but simply by invitation to join each other as one eternal family. A ‘True Messenger’ lives the way of goodness and is by higher cosmic nature altruistic towards all non-violent existence. In extension of understanding… a ‘True Messenger,’ lives by a principle code of behaviour, and practices unselfish concern for the welfare of others. A ‘True Messenger’ always teaches and lives true to a pragmatic doctrine of right action, which helps benefit, all others and strengthen the quality of life for Gaia, and ahimsa existence. A ‘True Messenger’ denies being politically correct, and actions focus on freedom of speech, and will reject any power or blasphemy law, which claims superiority over humanity. Such a profound messenger rejects organised religion and chooses to live by a ‘Cosmic Philosophy’, which supports the advancement of humanity by its own ahimsa efforts. And encourages autonomy of human reason and spiritual feeling, and non-acceptance of religious authority, and misuse of parliamentary and judicial power. Messengers may ask you sincerely to join with them and God, and become a self-conqueror of your own, spirit, soul, and destiny. Know that I approve when truth is represented, but also know be careful. There are false messengers who shall try to deceive you. Such evil impersonations hide their violent tendencies under a cloak of non-violence. Trust cautiously and know that trust is earned over a lifetime not freely given.”

“In your moment of acceptance of the cosmic light, a great inner peace shall pass through you, and shall fill your spirit and flood your soul with a lasting sense of tranquility unlike anything you have ever known before. A calm energy even when hampered by the aging process of your body shall strengthen within you in a way you least expect. Vitality shall fire within your spirit. In this joyous moment of spiritual awakening, your heart seared by elation shall flow with love and exhilaration and a new higher sense of freedom shall radiate within you bursting with enthusiasm. Desiring to share your newfound joy with others you will communicate openly so they too may appreciate the wonder of that essence which I am, a spirit of cosmic light a consciousness link between self and eternity. You shall transcend all reason.”

“Beware of those persons who reject my words for the unbelievers may be inclined towards violence and will resent your commitment to cosmic self-realisation. Know that the violent shall perish into darkness and shall never see eternal life. On this higher awareness I tell you now… change your ways, Cosmic Law states… ‘Thou shalt not enforce the death penalty.’ Whosoever actions the death penalty is opposing the way of non-violence. You have the right to enforce justice and protection of your society and by this right you shall enforce life imprisonment never to be released. Guard this enforcement by humanitarian prison conditions, the way of torture, cruelty, and abuse is not the way of God.”

“The wolf and the lamb shall not drink from the same spring at peace with each other. The lion and the doe shall not lie down in the same pasture at peace with each other. The serpent and the mouse shall not rest in the same nest at peace with each other. The spider shall not retire and live in harmony with the fly. The bird shall not become a friend with the worm. And the tiger shall not wag its tail in friendship. All as it is shall stay as it is and shall change gradually by evolution and by no other way. For they are a part of Gaia. Just as you are a part of Gaia. They are of the creation, as you are of the creation. Just as I God is of the creation. Know the higher cosmic reason comes through the spirit. You have been chosen as the caretakers that is your destiny. Take the opportunity and rise higher in peaceful spirit in harmony with Gaia, God, and all of humanity. The creation process shall not stop. Evolution shall continue constantly changing its form. Thus shall it be… as it was written, so shall it be done, upon the eternal ages of physical and spiritual change.”

“Consciousness shall evolve beyond present self for the spirit of light is eternal and is true and constant in its essence, but its power of self-realization shall expand upon itself, forever adding new strength and insight to its spiritual existence. God is growing and Satan is diminishing. The power of light will consume all darkness. The time shall come when darkness in spirit will be no more. Something beautiful will happen unto those persons who fulfil the destiny of the light of truth. Such beatitude will start in mortal life and extend into infinity beyond life, as we know it. Reach out now before it is too late. Join with me in cosmic consciousness. Venture in the power of mystery. Stand in awe and witness the magic of the universe. Enjoy the greater peace as being a part of the creation. Share with each other in harmony with me, the essence of ‘The Universe, Consciousness and Revelation.’ Know I am with thee always when thou seeks me.”

“Only through the power of light shall words of truth shine above the rest of all statements. All words of truth shine above the cloak of fiction. All words of truth shine above the ominous reflections of prophecy. All words of truth shine above the veil of artistic licence, symbols and signs. All words of truth discard the idolatry of deification, fear and worship. All words of truth discard the evil of violent thoughts, actions and attitudes of satanic darkness. All words of truth discard the treachery of hypocrites, deceivers and traitors.”

“Upon this eternal understanding, let it be known throughout all the cosmos that I, God, shall only be known in revelation by the truth, which thou see, hear, and feel in pure naked spirit of clean peaceful consciousness free from the obsession of violent dishonest darkness. Only through the power of light, that which I am, shall thou come to know that which I am, the extension of thyself, thy infinite consciousness, thy eternal revelation, thy cosmic spirit of the universe, thy infinite essence of that which I am. When you come to know me, through the spirit of light, thou shalt know the mind of God.” (ii)

“Gosh,” the Scholar said, “you’ve given me a lot to think about.”

“God’s down to earth,” the Messenger said, “Gods up high. God’s everywhere in the universe. God’s real ‘hip,’ God knows why.”

“What’s hip?” the Scholar asked.

“With it man, Gods with you.”

“Right on!” the Scholar exclaimed, “let’s get with it, and be hip like God!”

“Now you’re getting the idea,” the Messenger remarked, “that is what it is all about, higher spiritual motivation.”

“Great mate, that’s for me,” the Scholar smiled with enthusiasm, “now to seek out more affirmations.”

“Tell me is it true, are there ten cosmic senses?”

“Yes,” the Messenger answered, “each sense is a living aspect of one eternal power… cosmic spiritual consciousness of good and knowledge of evil.”

“What are those senses?”

“I told you in nineteen eighty five, but you did not take me too seriously. Think back.”

“I have but I feel unsure, I am just not certain. I think I know but tell me again. I need to get it right.”

“As requested, I shall reaffirm. There are ‘Ten Cosmic Senses’…

“First, the sense of sight,

“Second, the sense of hearing,

“Third, the sense of touch,

“Fourth, the sense of smell,

“Fifth, the sense of taste,

“Sixth, the sense of cosmic communication,

“Seventh, the sense of creative visualisation,

“Eighth, the sense of spiritual transmigration,

“Ninth, the sense of spiritual relativity,

“Tenth, the sense of spiritual love.”

“Now all humans know the first five senses some know the sixth sense, but now I shall explain in brief the higher five senses which allow intelligence to rise past its own essence…

“The sixth sense of cosmic communication is the power of extra sensory perception, which links to cosmic instinct and inspires self-realisation through opening of a channel to cosmic consciousness.”

“The seventh sense of creative visualisation is very powerful in a spiritual sense and in physical karma. This power allows you the opportunity by your own open-mindedness and even-mindedness, in conjunction with desirelessness to extend your insight and skills beyond all your current limits. It gives you the opportunity to become a shaper of self, and destiny. It also gives you the assistance to help others.”

“The eighth sense of spiritual transmigration, gives you the ability to travel into other worlds of understanding and view other alternative and opposing viewpoints in a different non-conflicting light. You will see concepts without becoming emotionally unbalanced.”

“The ninth sense of spiritual relativity is the latent power within all persons to recognise the essence of truth which harmonises its own entity, and to see through millenniums of cosmic documentation that which is true and that which is false. The way of ahimsa and carespirit with inner peace makes the journey of spiritual relativity possible. Through this unique experience in harmony with spiritual transmigration, creative visualisation, and cosmic communication, spiritual relativity becomes true in living existence. Combined with the tenth sense, all of the last four immortal senses take intelligence past the first five mortal senses, and together enable both intelligence in reason and emotion to unite as one with cosmic feeling past self.

“The tenth sense of spiritual love, is the spirit of perfection in feeling which enlightens all the senses, unifying all consciousness, and thus leads the spirit to higher cosmic universal awareness.”

“Know that fixed dogma, and locked communication can block the power of the last three senses and thereby restrict the advancement of the sixth and seventh sense.”

“Rising from the finite to the infinite, these ten cosmic senses reach out and give unto all persons who seek the joy of goodness, beauty and truth, through the way of good, order, and direction, a sense of love, freedom and peace beyond current belief. Something beautiful happens. Beatitude begins within and expands without, knowing no limits.”

“Okay,” the Scholar said, “I got the picture. But what is freedom and peace?”

“They are benefits, conditions of true consciousness,” the Messenger replied, “they allow the ten cosmic senses to come truly alive. And the first nine cosmic senses will come alive even more so, in unifying strength when lead by the highest cosmic sense, the eternal elated spirit of love. This supreme cosmic sense is the supreme essence of God. By living loves reality, it gives you automatically the opportunity to reach out and enjoy the benefits of freedom and peace. To enjoy inner peace, you must feel the power of spiritual love. Even criminals want inner peace they just have not yet learnt how to achieve it. That is why they are criminals. This is no excuse, mind you. They do not possess inner peace, because they have closed their minds and refused to learn the way of higher cosmic consciousness. All three attributes of higher consciousness, the way of love, freedom, and inner peace, are independent of each other and are also dependent upon each other. Not one can exist without the other. All three qualities and values are circular unto each other, in total essence, all in unity are the essence of God, and are essential to human existence. Thus Love, Freedom, and Peace, is the guiding light of truth, and all-wholesome worthwhile consciousness and existence. With this understanding Love, Freedom, and Peace, is the reason, why victory or death must be chanted against all tyrants.”

“To protect your inspirations unlearn your inhibitions, unlearn your atheist beliefs, unlearn your fixed religious beliefs, and start again. Remove your emotions from the quest for truth; develop diligence and dedication in commitment to finding truth, living its essence, free of prejudice, researched with pragmatic objectivity. Teach behaviour codes of integrity, ethics, chivalry, and ultimate codes of behaviour. Learn higher standards, and teach self-discipline, and discipline, in good habits, right attitude, and right communication. Develop calm conviction even when faced with a barrage of aggressive conflict.”

“If you desire self-confidence, (mind-confidence), you shall acquire it. A person who lacks desire and self-motivation will never gain true confidence. You must believe in yourself. Confidence begins to develop when you decide to become positive in mental attitude. But remember desire for self-confidence is not enough. You must add to this desire a determined commitment of supported persistent effort, backed by courage of conviction, that is, an unsurrendering affirmation that you will work towards strengthening your confidence. To gain confidence you must identify your apprehensions, and inhibitions. You must meet the challenge and face your fears. Strive to conquer all fear. This is not easy, but it can be achieved. Evolve your confidence be patient with yourself. Do not expect change overnight. Confidence grows wiser with age and experience.”

“Water and wind consistently with the passing of time… will wear away the rockface of an Oceanside cliff carving into it a new form. Similarly, you can with persistence wear away your fears and carve yourself into a new person, strengthened by confidence. Your final victory will be that moment of time when you have complete confidence to face any challenges that confront you during the remainder of your life.”

“Do you remember your life upon earth, when as a young man you felt afraid?” The Messenger asked.

“Yes,” the Scholar answered, “I remember. (iii) When I was 17 years of age, I was terrified of heights. Every time I walked across a bridge; I sensed the sides of the bridge vanishing. All I could see was water before me, and I was falling. I did not like this fear, so I decided to deal with it for once and for all. During my eighteenth year, 1966, I started in the summertime to dive of the lower section of the tower in Ryde swimming pool. As I got better at diving, I gradually went higher up the tower. The weeks passed by, my confidence grew, and I still could not dive very gracefully, and sometimes flipped over on my back as I hit the water. A sore back should have deterred me, but it did not. Obsessed to beat my fear, I climbed higher until, by the end of summer, I reached the top of the tower. I looked down; it seemed a long way to the water. I hesitated and then determination took over. I have gone too far and practiced too long and hard to back down now. I decided to just jump straight into the water. Splash! I hit the depths sinking fast to the bottom of the pool. Slowly I surfaced, it seemed like I was forever under the water but in reality, it was just brief seconds. I climbed the tower and jumped again. Then on the third time I dived headfirst. “This is great,” I thought; now I had confidence. And although over the years I had a healthy respect for the danger of heights, I never felt the fear of heights again. I had conquered my fear. After this day I was diving off bridges and climbing one-storey and two-storey buildings to unlock home units when ladies young and elderly had locked themselves out. It eventually caught up with me in my twenty-seventh year, I fell at the age of 26 in October 1975 two-storeys broke both legs and was given three hours to live. I met this challenge too and beat it. I’ve looked death in the eye- I will never surrender.”

“The accident changed my life forever as my destiny changed course.”

“But the story does not end here. When I was twenty years old, I was troubled by my growing fear of getting hurt. I was never allowed to play football as a child, and I was not allowed to do boxing when I first felt the interest at sixteen years. I was not allowed to own a pushbike. And I rarely gained the opportunity to ride anyone else’s bicycle. So I was not aspiring with confidence. I decided to join the Army. I was called up for National Service in 1968. But they would not take me. I was knocked back on medical reasons- I found out fifteen years later that the so-called health complaint was a mistake. I did not have a problem. My childhood ailment was cured by my eighteenth year, and no doctor told me. They just kept writing out prescriptions without question and failed to check my progress. Anyway back to the story. Disappointed I decided to do boxing. I told my parents I was going to the library, which I often did in the past to study the history of Sydney. Instead twice a week I went to the gym. Well as the weeks rolled by, I came home with black eyes, bloody lips and my parents nailed me with a barrage of questions. I said “I didn’t tell you because I did not want a conflict when you tried to talk me out of doing boxing. I have been going for the last four weeks.” They asked me why and I said, “to learn how to defend myself.” I said to Dad, “you never taught me, I didn’t even know basics.” But the real driving reason inside of me was I went to learn how to take a physical hiding. I knew I had to eliminate my fear of getting hurt. I knew if I could take a beating, I could also with confidence fight back hard in self-defence. When I went to the boxing ring on the first night, I stood with my arms stiff as I had seen in old bare fisted pictures of eighteenth century boxers. The trainer said, “What are you doing? Are you afraid of getting hurt?” “No,” I lied feeling embarrassed. He said, “this is how you stand.” He showed me, after that I got the picture. The first time I went into the sparring ring I was afraid. As the weeks rolled by, I grew more skilled, fitter and confident. The trainer would weeks later say, “fight him tonight.” And I would say, “No, I can beat him. I can’t beat the big guy. I want to fight him.” Twice a week I went into the ring fighting Alan, by coincidence that was his name and he was equal to my size and height. Actually I think he was one inch shorter. I was six foot three inches in height. Anyway Alan was a good fighter, far superior to me; he bounced me around the ring like a rubber ball. In the beginning he dropped me in the first round. As the weeks passed, I got better in skill and I was able to survive more time in the rounds, before I went down. I remember hitting him hard the first time I was in the ring with him. I stopped and said, “Sorry did I hurt you?” He answered, “no keep going.” I laughed at my own stress and fear of hurting others years later, but at the time my innocence and artless beliefs aroused in me too much concern. I knew I could not beat him by counter punch. He was too good. So I developed a hammer head style. In short, I just went in slamming punch after punch. It used up my energy levels a lot faster, but as my fitness strengthened so did my staying power. This attack method in the short run exposed me to a more frequent volley of punches, but I did not care. I just wanted to prove to myself, that I had the staying power, that I could give good account of myself, and most important that I could take the punishment. In the end I could stay six to seven rounds before tiredness wore me down. I never fell once I learnt how to hold my own, and I left him sometimes with a bloody face in return for my bruises. After nine months, of boxing I was happy. I now had confidence. I did not really like fighting and I was starting to experience headaches so I decided to give up further boxing- a decision which at the time I did not know, years later when I raised my own children, I would regret. In my twenties and early thirties I started to venture alone into back alley streets of Kings Cross, Redfern, Surry Hills, all of Sydney, and many other rough areas. I regularly walked into bars, pubs, and back streets… conflict came my way. I never started troubled, but I never ran. I stood my ground and fought when I had to fight. I never lost one street fight even when two attacked me. And once I called out all six starting with the leader. I was probably lucky they turned me down but that is another story. The point of this story is simple… I faced my fear of getting hurt. I conquered my fear and in the process, learnt the basics of how to fight. A confidence I have never lost. I now have only one fear and that fear is the fear of failure. Which is why I have worked so hard over the years, to be the best in myself of everything I can give in diligent effort to maximize results. This is my challenge. This is my motivation. This is my feeling of importance. I live for the challenge- it enlivens me. Confidence grows with effort. There is no other way.” (iii)

“Well,” the Messenger said, “you learnt the hard way. But your road ahead unbeknown to you was to be very rocky, uncertain and forever changing destiny. But you learnt. And there was a good reason why you experienced so much.” The Scholar looked at him with a slight smile on his face. “You know the reason,” the Messenger remarked, “there is no need for me to say more.”

“Yes,” the Scholar agreed, “over the years I learnt, a wiser person has total control over their emotions. They only use anger as a controlled weapon for reasons of self-defence, and even then, they are slow to anger and are very controlled in the output of their response.”

“The wiser always remember that aggressive people who attack you verbally, are your friends. Aggressive abusive persons teach you what not to do, and they inadvertently help you to train yourself in the art of being the eye of calm in a storm. By your attackers’ erroneous emotional aggression, they become unwittingly your silent friend… because by their uncontrolled outburst they serve to make you stronger in your skills. You learn how to deal with unproductive emotionalism. People who are hypercritical and abusive are in fact insecure weaker persons in communication skills. They overreact in frustration. Calm conviction always stands stronger regardless of who in truth is really right in their statements. When you are under attack by an abusive person remember calmly, they are your best asset. They are totally disadvantaged by your calm, patient serene nature. In the face of conflict always channel calm through your mind. If your spirit is calm, so too will your mind be free from anxiety and thus shall feel tranquil. Practice every day of your life through conscious effort to always be calm even when challenged head-on and confronted by sensitive issues to the soul. This is not easy to master but it can be done. I learnt this reality slowly the hard way through trial and error. Luckily, I monitored myself, by self-evaluation. If I had not checked my own attitude and response over the years, through a learning curve, I doubt I would have made good improvement progress. Learning to be calm all the time is for most of us the toughest challenge we will ever face. When you achieve calm in the face of conflict. When you can stay cool whilst others are losing control of their minds. When you can live as the eye of calm in a storm, then you have achieved a monumental greatness within yourself. Inner peace is growing within you. Combine your tranquillity with ahimsa karman and carespirit karman and your life will evolve to attain true meaning and purpose. Your highest karma shall come to you. Your destiny shall be fulfilled. This is the road of never ending enlightenment. You will have proven to your inner self- truly the abusive person, however wrong they may be, is your friend. The challenge is there before you. Meet it, handle it, and live it.”

“The wisdom taught two thousand years ago by Jesus upon the planet earth, still holds true,” the Messenger said. “Give kindness and goodwill, walk an extra mile, turn the other cheek, but when that does not work, and you are physically attacked you do have the right to defend yourself by whatever degree of force is necessary to protect yourself and stop the attack.”

“While this is true,” the Scholar remarked, “turning the other cheek is very difficult to practice. Over the years, especially in my twenties, I found it difficult to control my anger against people who are uncaring with a “I’m all right Jack” mentality “that’s their problem,” and idle gossip and hypercriticism. I do not like gossip. To me gossip about people’s personal lives is their business, not mine. Besides you cannot believe gossip. Too many times gossip bares false witness to the truth. Gossip is a total waste of time and effort. Gossip only serves brainless data for scatter-brained entertainment. Likewise I feel a deep repugnance and burning anger towards persons who use cruelty, torture and violence against other persons. I would defend myself, and fight to the death, but I would never torture my enemies. Only dishonorable people deal out cruelty. I have over the years, learned inner peace and to control this flame of anger. Through my spiritual self-realisation I have developed the skill through affirmation self-training to be calm in the midst of conflict.”

“Yes you have,” the Messenger agreed, “by talking to me, and using me as your spiritual guide you have travelled full circle and experienced the way of living in the light.”

“Hi there,” a voice yelled out.

The figure moved closer to join the conversation. Extending his hand in friendship, “how are you going mate!” The Scholar shook his hand. “Great. Are you winning!” he said. “You bet,” the Student replied, “always.” “That’s the right answer,” the Messenger commented. A smile flashed across three faces, inspiring unity in happiness.

“Boy it sure is hot,” the student said.

“Yeah,” the Scholar responded, “you missed the gorgeous chicks sitting over there earlier, under the flame tree.”

“That’s bad luck,” the Student said, “I read your lips as I was walking across.”

“Did you,” the Scholar looked curiously into the Students eyes. “I forgot you can read lips. How is your sister?”

“She still cannot hear,” the Student answered, “they say she will never hear again. But she is in good spirits. Three years have passed since the accident. Time goes quick. You were talking about conflict. Fill me in, this subject interests me, because I know there is a lot to learn about the art of inner peace, and managing aggression, and the right way of handling confrontation.”

“You got it right,” the Scholar said, “it is a difficult scenario in all of its experiences.”

“When a person verbally attacks you,” the Messenger said, “it is a natural instinct to immediately defend yourself and fight back with verbal retaliation. This might satisfy your ego through assumed victory, and it may falsely satisfy your aggressive emotions of desire for vengeance, but in reality, these momentary victories are illusions void of real achievement, empty of peace and happiness. In short no one wins a fight. Both sides lose. Before you verbally attack a person think upon it, take a step back in your thoughts. Answer the question: “is this wise? Isn’t there are better way.” True honest self-evaluation will turn the searchlight inward and perhaps recognise some of the fault for this conflict may lie within the way you have handled the situation. Why not try the braver harder approach and use extra effort in a proactive way to control your emotions. In other words be proactive in communication not reactive.”

“Even when you feel hurt, anger, and indignation, why not use courage to full advantage? Live positive enthusiasm. Swallow your conceit, in other words; reject your need for excessive self-esteem. Have pride in yourself, but only in so far as a feeling of valued honour and self-respect, practiced as a modest sense of worth. Take satisfaction in your own achievements and natural ability but let this not blind you to the higher spirit of humility and calm, the way of inner peace. Be careful in your convictions. The wiser do not allow themselves to become gratified by self-importance, and thus become inordinately high in personal opinion to the point of intolerance to other alternative thoughts. When you fail to restrain your own emotions you automatically slip into the trap of ‘blinkered thinking,’ and tend to become vain, and perhaps haughty in excess to the point of being overbearingly proud and exaggerated in your own opinion. Pride in moderation is a positive quality feeling, which encourages confidence in a sense of personal worth and self-esteem, and helps you find the path to happiness. Pride in excess is a negative feeling, poor in quality and inspires conflict, and leads you along a path of misery. Therefore, the wiser learn to know their true self, through honest self-evaluation, and always strive to be pragmatic and objective in their thoughts. Moral values help our conscience guide us along the right path. Learn the way of the Golden Middle Path between humility and vanity. Avoid the way of becoming domineering and dictatorial in manner and action. For even when you are right, you have not won anything if your opposition rejects your viewpoint. The art of persuasion has more chance of succeeding than aggression. Sometimes we are forced to fight and cannot escape this harsh reality. But the wiser know that beyond a shadow of a doubt, no one wins a fight. When two people face each other in anger with fists clenched both are losers. Even in physical victory, you have lost, for the enemy resents you still.”

“So make a special controlled effort to be at peace with your emotions, bend in the breeze of aggression, bounce up again resilient, undisturbed by the attempts of the oppositions erratic drive to inflict emotional oppression. Do not become obsessed with the fear of losing face. Credibility is lived by results not lost by another person’s opinion. A wholesome attitude does not feel the need to prove himself or herself to any other person. Their true competitor is their own self. They know by honest self-evaluation their own ability, and if they are truly good at something, they feel secure in themselves and do not feel the need to prove to anyone else their true ability. This confidence is the hallmark of inner peace and contentment in self.

 The best way to diffuse an argument is to calmly refuse to fight. Abandon your ego instincts, become agreeable in the first instance, without surrender, and calmly try to explain the alternative point of view, not as a fact, but rather as a consideration. Even when your deepest conviction makes you feel right, never tell the other person they are wrong. Show them by persuasion that ideas may be wrong, not the people. What we believe may become false knowledge if we belief incorrectly in the wrong things. We should reject myth. Good intelligent people are sometimes inadvertently mislead by false knowledge. People are not wrong in their feelings. The idea may be wrong, this is the skill, separate the idea from the person. Reject the concept without criticizing the person. Conflict does not achieve anything. Always take the blame for a misunderstanding; never place the blame on someone else. In truth, when two people are in conflict, both have failed to understand each other’s perception, both are at fault. In the midst of conflict no one is blameless. Until we understand each other’s point of view, we are both at fault. Good communication in peace requires both parties to diplomatically recognise the need for proactive harmony to achieve agreement. This is one of the problems of the judge in court system. Decisions are often far from being proactive. Decisions too often are biased and reactive. Judges can pass down as enforced law unjust decisions, which has not been debated in parliament by the people’s representatives for the people. In short, a judge can dictate an unjust law, without the consensus of the people. Such wrong action may often be in fact, dictatorship attacking the principles of freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and right to equality, that is in effect, a tyrannical attack against democracy.”

“Strive to control your emotions. This is not easy. In fact it can be very difficult and requires extra conscious persistent effort. But the results are wholesome and worthwhile. It may seem easier said than done, but billions of people throughout history have learnt the art of emotional control. Civilisation was born through the development of this skill. Anger is a wasted emotion, which is fruitless; it achieves nothing but failure, conflict, suffering and sometimes tragedy. “So what?” you may say, this is pure repetition, I know this!” Think, if you are feeling irritated by this exposition, you have not developed true inner peace, calm conviction is not yet within. Be patient within self and with others. Repetition in learning, is autosuggestive, and is a wholesome reminder, which brings out subconscious inner knowledge to the foreground and reminds us to freshen up and become alert to our understanding and our need for further insight, patience and deeper inner peace- there is no limit to self-development. Uncontrolled anger is a weakness; anger is not strength. Uncontrolled anger is a reflection of insecurity, fear, and egotism. In short, it is excessive fear and egotism. Be cool, be real, cool, stay calm, walk the way of inner peace. Walk the way of positive enthusiasm; walk with a million-dollar walk even in the face of defeat. Calm patient anger against wrong concepts, backed by self-discipline, persistent determination and diligent effort, in harmony with caring concern, ahimsa values, and inner peace, will succeed in changing destiny.”

“Yeah your right,” the Scholar said, “I learnt the hard way that the wisest way is to always endeavour to walk away from argumentative people and when opportunity avails try to apologise for any resultant misunderstanding. But some may say, “people must be able to debate their point of view. If we just walk away, we will never learn anything. Nor will we ever achieve reconciliation.” True enough, however we should recognise that a discussion is not an argument. A discussion is an exchange of points of view, by questioning and challenging, and by delivering other concepts. On the other hand, an argument is an intolerant abuse of each other, bordering on insult and potential violence. Violence is evil. Violence is satanic. Violence is wrong. Try to walk away from futile arguments. Feel free to enjoy wholesome discussions but avoid debates.”

“During any discussion,” the Messenger remarked, “the wiser use opening ‘considerate words and phrases,’ like “do you think… perhaps… have you considered… what about this point of view… maybe but what about… your probably right, but let me ask you… I agree however, could it be…? I am of the understanding… I have heard it said… I was once told… I don’t know if it is an old wives tale or not but… Perhaps you can shed some light on this thought… but what if…? What do you think of those persons who disagree and say…? Is it true to say…? Is that right, I wonder, maybe, but do you suppose it could be… considerate words and phrases are endless, everyone can think of a fresh kind approach to disagreement. It simply requires calm spirit, kind thought, courage of conviction, and objective evaluation. With these thoughts let us leave this arena of philosophy, with a higher spiritual understanding.”

“Emotional self-control involves a lifetime of conscious effort, persistent self-discipline, and diligent determination. But even when you are strengthened with all this awareness, you are still vulnerable. Our true objective strength comes through recognition of this reality. Within the boundaries of reasonableness, every person must give each other consideration and understanding during their bad spirited days. Throughout life at one time or another, everyone in an ahimsa way fails to control their emotions. It is during such stressful moments of time, that a person needs the most understanding, and consideration. It is easy to be a friend in good times and to love those persons who love you; but it takes a special kind of person to be a friend in bad times and to love those people who despise you. This later feeling is the right spiritual way and the highest truth. It is the way of spiritual love, inner peace, and good order and direction. It is the way of truth, the way of life, and the way of God.”

“During your quest for truth, do not look to your teachers for the constant example, for teachers are human, and are capable of failing. Look to yourself and set your own living example unto yourself. Simply learn the right ahimsa revelations from your teachers. Follow ahimsa truth that has proven itself and ignore the failings of the exponent. Truth is true unto itself and does not change.

“I will try and practice the wisdom you have given me,” the Student said, “but if God is of the Infinite, and Man is of the Finite, how then shall humankind know that which is revelation? What is the true nature of God and Eternity? How do we expand our understanding? How do we become closer to God? What is our meaning and purpose in life? Why does the universe exist? What is our link to the Universe?”

“All revelation is non-violent,” the Messenger answered, “founded upon love, kindness, and peace. All revelation teaches the right to be free, provided you do not deny anyone else the same equal right to live free. Creativity is the cosmic link to universal understanding. Only love and inner peace can bring you closer to God. Your purpose and meaning in life is created by you and not by God. You determine your destiny within the boundaries of natural law. To ask why the universe exists, is to ask why you exist. The answer is the same. You’re here because you’re here, just as day and night is here in their turn. Existence is forever changing within the frame of never-ending existence. Do not look past this answer for there is no answer, save that which you determine to be true. Your link to the universe is as a caretaker. This is your destiny, your responsibility, and your purpose in the flow of chaos.”

“Look above you at the noon sun, do you understand the compositional structure of the sun? Do you know how the sun came to exist? Perhaps you do. But to ask why the sun exists is to ask why the universe exists? The answer you know. Mankind’s knowledge of the sun has grown over the centuries. In the beginning humans worshipped the sun as a God because he did not understand its place in the nature of things. The majority of humans did not believe Nicolaus Copernicus the Polish astronomer, (1473-1543), when he claimed and published in 1543, the world was round, and that earth revolved around the sun. History proved one man, a minority was right, and the majority was wrong. Most people believed the world was flat and if you travelled too far you would fall of the edge of the earth. They also believed the earth was the centre of the universe. So much for false knowledge, blindly believed by the many, and rejected by the one. Galilei Galileo the Italian astronomer, (1564-1642) was condemned by the Christian Inquisition, the Church, and by many other persons, for his published paper which supported the Copernicus theory. As time passed mankind’s creative mind searched the heavens for understanding and gradually humans increased their knowledge and insight about the nature of the sun and the universe. Upon the Copernicus-Galileo revelation, humanity was forced to grow up and accept the higher truth. Tragically the ignorant blinkered thinkers of their time, died without the truth, such was their folly. In comparison to other areas of knowledge sought by man, the bridge of understanding between human intelligence and their quest for truth about the sun is but a short span.”

“The bridge of understanding between man and God can only be united through love. The quest for new knowledge can only be achieved through creative visualisation, followed by education and training. The nature of God’s power will become clear at a destined moment of time. But humans are not yet ready for this ultimate journey into the black hole of time where all instincts and perspectives will be altered and often reversed. This is Alien’s mission upon earth to pave the way for the coming change.”

“Alien?” the Student quizzed, “Did I miss something?”

“Don’t hang on it,” the Messenger responded, “it would be better and wiser for humanity if they did not concern themselves too much with the nature of God and Eternity. All will become clear in the right time. In the current event of immediate revelation human fragile minds would not cope with total understanding of the infinite nature of universal order. They would react, as did those persons who opposed Copernicus and Galileo. The universe will unfold, and humanity will grow and change way past imagination, through the process of natural evolution. Humans can contemplate upon God, and appreciate the mysterious omnipotent nature of God, but humanity will never develop a clear understanding of the infinite in their present mortal state until they cease the habit of violence and rise above feelings of hate, envy, jealousy, anger, and revenge. Revelation will come and humanity shall rise higher in understanding, but the time and distance that mankind has to travel is further than his creative vision. Tangata (# ii) should use knowledge and understanding to build a better taiao (# iii) that will enhance the quality of life for all non-violent living things. Weltall (# iii) is not here just for tangata. Humanity is the appointed caretaker. The universe exists for all of non-violent life to survive in the natural order of things. Humanity by given intelligence and skill, has a serious responsibility to ensure that this natural order is protected and strengthened. Humanity will continue to fail in this bestowed responsibility until they cease forthwith the process of conflict. The way of universal harmony must be introduced by evolution. Humanity shall commit to the protection and preservation of the natural order of ahimsa life. To achieve this goal, humanity shall not surrender to evil. Life shall be harmonised, and evil shall be buried in the void state of darkness, the dimension of non-existence. Evil cannot survive when overpowered by the light of the ever expanding good spirit of love and peace.”

“Humans have an infinite creative communication ability and have an infinite capacity to love. Humanity shall utilise these natural gifts, to develop a progressive universe of higher quality existence. By personal development through personal initiative and effort, the individual will help other people to grow and improve the quality of life. In generations to come, more and more people will unite through new age cosmic consciousness, and achieve greater more magnificent karma together. International team spirit will become a collective federation enhancing a universal path of enlightenment. The Age of Cosmic Peace is coming. Love lived with enthusiasm shall make this true.”

“Mankind must allow the finite mind to act as the logicality (# iv) of communication receptions and transmissions from the linking computer of aligned creativity, which records contact with infinite intelligence beneficial thought patterns and wisdom found in the heart of the cosmic reservoir.” (iv)

“New knowledge and understanding of the known and unknown will aid humanity in their struggle to improve survival conditions. Many planets are not as hospitable as earth-like planets, nevertheless, such planets not at first glance as exciting, can be terra-firmed to return exciting benefits. Such challenges will give humanity an endless glowing meaning and purpose of life. The way of love and inner peace is the path to effective creativity.”

“Love in its highest spiritual essence is so beautiful in natural resource and so potent in inner depths that all persons who experience its enchantment, through expanding sensitivity, do in their increased awareness surpass all previous comprehension. The higher nature of truth and wisdom comes with love. Know it, believe it, and live it.”

“Okay,” the Student said, “you have got my full attention but how shall we know when we are ready for revelation.”

The Messenger smiled as he spoke; “As the sun sets and as darkness falls, so too shall man’s life set and be enveloped by darkness. A time of rest shall lead mans’ spirit to a new dawn of awakening. The order of all that man previously understood will be gone forevermore. A new dimension of power will unfold, as a new order becomes clear. A complete reversal of all that is known will flow into reality. The unknown of today shall be the known of tomorrow and the known of today shall be the forgotten of tomorrow. You shall know the revelation when you hear it and when you see it. Unto those persons who live in the light … mystery shall shrink.”

“Hi there!” the Pupil yelled out. Walking quickly towards the trio he stopped abruptly in front of the Scholar. “I was thinking later on about our conversation on polygamy. What you said inspired me. I feel good. I have never felt so excited. The idea of polygamy is great! I think I will practice polygamy. Is that weird for me? Not real weird but um… exciting weird?”

“Whoops a daisy,” the Scholar softly blurted out. Silence invaded the atmosphere, a flash of surprise rippled across the Students face. The Messenger stood expressionless. “You sort this out,” He said, looking directly into the eyes of the Scholar.

“What on earth gave you the idea polygamy is okay?” the Scholar said as he directed a curious look towards the Pupil.

“You did!”

“Hang on a minute… I simply gave you a round of circular concepts. Some freethinking new age ideas are trending towards out of control scenarios. We are being infiltrated by nonsense. Artless social attitudes are sliding backwards, led by misguided court decisions, irresponsible filmmakers, and backward psychologists. Then of course there is a collective of negative behaviour experts who have no common-sense and lack a wholesome conscience. Let me tell you what God thinks. No on second thought, it would be better if Alien told you what God thinks. He received the message, I didn’t. Over to you Alien! It is time to enlighten the Pupil who is a bit short on understanding.”

“Think,” the Messenger responded, “is the wrong word. It is not Gods opinion. It is not what God thinks. God already knows true value. It is what God knows and has imparted to other messengers of time.”

“Well it happened a year ago Earth time, just before I bounced back to the Zenith to take a communication break, in other words in your language… a holiday. Believe it or not, and I am not a relative of Ripley, I burn out after a round of heavy philosophical translation. It seems everyone in the universe is calling for my services. I have tried to travel incognito, but it does not work. Like you all my other links know who I am and how to contact me. They simply call out Alien! And in true communicative spirit I come running. Just like a genie popping out of a bottle when called by its master. Only catch is… I don’t have a bottle to climb back into for my hideaway. Anyway there I was planning my Easter break back on the Zenith, when I got caught by surprise.”

“Don’t hold us in suspense,” the Student remarked, “keep going.”

“A stranger came up to me whilst I was in New Zealand and asked me if polygamy was okay. She had a distressed look on her face. I asked her what was wrong? She said, “my fiancée has fallen in love with my girlfriend who is my best friend.” “Oh,” I said, “so you love him, but he loves her?” “Well yes and no,” she replied. “I love him, and he loves me. See he loves both my girlfriend and me. And my girlfriend and I love each other so we figured we would all be happier if we all had what we want, each other. The three of us get on great together and my girlfriend and I… are both bisexuals. We have enjoyed each other at times in between boyfriends over the last six years. So you see we have certain magic between our current boyfriend and us. We put it to him, and he likes the idea.” “Naturally what mortal male wouldn’t.” I interjected. “But is it practical?” “To us it is,” she answered, “but to our parents it isn’t. We have not told them yet because it is not socially acceptable, and all of our parents will go off their rocket. A big barney is sure to explode. Oh what will we do? What to do? Oh What to do?” “Relax I said,” she started twitching her nose, “let’s talk to God, we will get the answer.”

“Hey lord!” I yelled out, “this young lady is in a bit of a bind… a sticky wicket so to speak. What do you reckon is the right way to go? I mean what course of action should she take. Make it short and sweet because I want to get going’ I’m on holidays at least I thought I was. I was about to go when this beautiful young lady bailed me up, boy if I was a mortal I would knock on her door. She could put her slippers under my bed any time. Who am I kidding I am a sexless spirit, transient changeable, invisible except when I do not need to be. Anyway God drop it on me lay it right on the line. This anxious lady is waiting for an answer she wants to get back to her sweethearts and tell them the good news. Or is it bad news? Come on! Don’t keep us waiting! Times a blazin’ Its answer time! Turn on the light! And I don’t mean inwards. I mean towards us gives us some inspiration. Hell, get it together your taking your bleeding’ time in answering.”

“That’s the trouble with you Alien,” God answered, “you don’t know when to shut up I couldn’t get a word in if I tried, you locked me out by your babble.”

“What did he say?” She interjected.

“Don’t interrupt me I’m finding out. Over to you God you dig!”

“You are getting sloppy Alien,” God said, “I taught you better communication than that.”

“Okay,” I said. By now I was losing my sense of patience, and for a spirit that it is not good. I knew I had to get it together fast. What was I thinking? Letting go of my down to earth nature was not in this girl’s best interest. And it certainly will not help my other clients either. Come to think of it will screw me up if I do not get it straight. I’ll be out of business no one will call upon me they will stop channelling wouldn’t that be a relief.”

“Alien shut up and cease your soliloquy waffle. I will give you a go…”

Silence permeated the arena.

“I waited. “Okay” I said, “I’m ready to have a go. In other words I will shut up and listen. Speak…” I went silent again. This time I got it together. I was patient.”

“Good,” God said, “now that I have your devoted attention, this is reality… do not roll the drums with excitement for every cause there is a reaction. Good follows good and bad follows bad. Learn to choose wisely and happiness will reign supreme. The way of inner peace is the way to happiness. The way of focused attention is the way of sharing joy. Two people can mutually share love and happiness. Attentive to each other’s needs, they can as companions and close friends, give each other the mystery of love, flowing with enchantment, filled with a sense of awe, a feeling of need, a deliverance of fulfillment. Such a feeling between two persons cannot be extended happily to three or more persons. Attention becomes stretched, disjointed and unstable in orientation. Focus is lost and the three persons will start to feel insecure with each other. The male must sort out his sense of lust and travel full circle and identify his true feelings. He must know whom he yearns to share his life with. If he does not feel this paramount conviction with either girl, then he should walk away from both. Hurt may linger for a while, but in the end each person will find their true emotional balance and will travel full circle and come to know their true needs. The wiser walk away from a path, which offers conflict, and illusion and does not offer total focus in a relationship. In short three or more will not work. It is inevitable… someone will become discontent and all three will flounder. The rest shall become history, as the illusionary triangle disintegrates, and the skeletons of love dissipate. Know that the way to happiness is inner peace and the way to inner peace is in focus upon a life of commitment. And between people only a couple can maintain such focus. To succeed in marriage you must begin with the belief marriage is for keeps and love is not looking at each other, love is friendship, love is looking in the same direction together.”

“Beware of circular arguments which seemingly lead you into truth but in reality are leading down a road of false knowledge. Look to Tao. Here you shall find your balance and know when to accept and when to walk away.”

“And now I shall give you that guidance which you seek…

“Behold! Verily do I say unto you, Cosmic Law states… ‘Thou shalt not practice polygamy’ for though polygamy is not evil, I warn you now it will not lead you to the path of happiness, and will only bestow upon you unhappiness, and loneliness. If you doubt what I said, think back during your lifetime there must have been at least one moment when you stood amongst a crowd and felt lonely. This feeling comes with polygamy… for true focus requires two souls for always, and not just for sometimes.”

“Okay,” I responded, “what else? God you’ve gone silent on me. Where are you?”

“Well,” the lady asked me, “what did he say?”

“I smiled, “The lines gone dead. I’ll try to reconnect.”

“What should I do?” she pestered me for an answer.”

“I’m sorry luv,” I said, “why I called her luv beats me, it just dropped out of my mouth by mistake. For a split second I was a speechless spirit, but then the light came back to me.”

“Look,” I said, “you are a really nice young lady, but God said, ‘Thou shalt not practice polygamy.’ It is not an act of evil. And it is not really immoral. But it is unwise and for the following reasons. Well you know the rest… I’m not going to repeat the details again. Lo and behold, tears welled from her eyes. “But what if he chooses her over me?” She wailed. “I hate to tell you this but them’s the breaks. If he fails, your test and chooses her then you know he was never right for you. It was never meant to be. It might hurt deeply, but you will recover from this hurt, and be free in spirit, and better off. The truth may stir your emotions, and unbalance your confidence for a temporary period, but it is better to know the truth than to live a life of illusion and discover the truth too late, in older years of life. On the other hand if he does choose you, you will know he was for you. But before you jump in with enthusiasm, I would take a step back. If he is indecisive now, about which girl to choose, then it follows he may still impulsively choose you and it may not be a choice true to his convictions. He most likely will become later resentful and commence during trying times in the relationship to wish that he had made the opposite decision. People too often want what they have not got. Many chase the choice they did not grab when they had the chance. He really should have said to one of you girls, you’re the one that I want, I do not want anyone else. But he did not say that. So it is clear he wants his cake and to eat something else at the same time. His indecision is caused by his lack of conviction. In short neither girl is right for him. All three of you by your confusion should walk away from each other and live a new direction. Take my advice or leave it. That’s your choice. You must decide. I cannot do that for you. You create by your decisions your own karma. Learn from it and through good grace in experience wisdom shall unfold within you, and you shall evolve to become your true self. The beginning of happiness starts with inner peace, and inner peace can only come when you know your true self, and what is important to you in life. Live your values but be careful. Only wholesome values will give you happiness.”

“Thank you,” she said.

“She leaned forward to kiss me on the cheek and lost her balance. In a surprised look she almost hit the pavement. Youth was on her side; she quickly regained her balance. When she turned around, I was gone. I just could not tell her I was a spirit!”

“Wow,” the Pupil winced as a pigeon flew past his ear; “I get the picture. Scholar you sure took me for a turn. I’ll be not so quick to believe everything you say.”

“Good move,” the Scholar said, “but be smarter still. Learn to know the truth which stands upon its own truth, then you shall know that which is true and untrue. Then I will not have a chance of leading you through a maze. You might even discover a few tricks and take me off my guard. Isn’t it fun?”

End of Story

Authors Notes:

(i) ‘Energic’ means non-kinetic energy. The energy of the spirit free from body motion, to flow actively in encouragement, confidence, calm, and enthusiasm, which can travel faster than the speed of light, past all reason. Driven by cosmic instinct, intuition, and expanded consciousness, energic spirit feels no limits, and sees all existence as one challenge and one solution. Energic spirit lives its essence forever expanding in the light. Energic spirit communicates through channelling and is the extension of self, when accepted with open mind.

(ii) Up until this year I had not taken Gods messages too seriously, I just recorded them automatically with little confidence in their value. I wrote out of a sense of curiosity to see where this automatic writing would take me. Dare I continue? Or should I abandon this madness and toss this course in secretarial documentation? I even at times responded against serious statements with a flippant backhand of half-backed comedy, a desperate attempt to make a joke out of this extraordinary experience. Thus I often tried to put down these messages and discard this new expanding consciousness. And by a strange change of destiny towards the end of this year in the month of November on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, laying, in bed trying to go to sleep it hit me square in the mind. What if what I have been recording is cosmic truth? What then- what do I do next? Over the next two weeks I quickly scanned my notes of all recordings back to 1984. “My God,” I thought, it is true. It is profound. These are not my thoughts, where did they come from? I must continue with my work regardless of the cost and self-sacrifice. I owe humanity a contribution, not only in my work commitment for my daily bread, but also in my spiritual commitment for the advancement of mankind’s spiritual essence, and the continued improvement of ahimsa justice and quality existence for all humanity. On the 25th December 1993, the message of Jesus reached out to me through the Sermon of the Mount, and I knew this was my destiny. Now I believe…

But do you?

(iii) This is a true story of the Scholar’s struggle with fear and self-confidence.

(iv) This strange paragraph was given to me in automatic writing in 1973. It did not make any sense to me then. I kept it as a curiosity paragraph. In 1993 when I started recording Alien Metteyya’s story on ‘Consciousness’ it bounced back at me, and was identical in words to the original message, except the first word. I deleted man and replaced it with the word mankind.

Gaia Dictionary Synonyms

(# i) Tierra (Spanish) – Land (English) {noun}

(# ii) Tangata (Maori) – People (English) {noun}

(# iii) Taiao (Maori) – Weltall (German) Universe (English) {noun}

(# iv) Logicality – Logical logistic instinctive sensory communication housed in the soul.


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