“Domestically, his policy of glasnost (“openness”) allowed for enhanced freedom of speech and press, while his perestroika (“restructuring”) sought to decentralise economic decision making to improve efficiency. His democratisation measures and formation of the elected Congress of People’s Deputies undermined the one-party state.” Source: Wikipedia

Capitalism is the enemy of Marxism, because Capitalism creates job opportunities and the right to live free, whereas as Karl Marx believed, the people should be oppressed. All forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ are evil.

The Greens by policy are anti-freedom Socialists. The Greens ideology is not compatible with freedom values.

Not one of us in any nation can justify being apathetic and silent, we must responsibly share information and understanding, and stand up and be counted. There is no place for the inferior thinking mentality of the intellectually backward thinking Greens.

Below are slide comments pertaining to Bushfires in Australia in 2019 posted on the 21st November. Our states are hurting badly. We are a country of flood and fire throughout our history. Our 70,000 years of Native Australians, the Aborigines, founders and discoverers of this land understand well the struggle to survive through battles with climate change, not caused by humans, but caused by the process of nature that challenges Gaia, mother earths right to survive.