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Allan Ivarsson has said it many times on BNI… “If we want to live free in speech, choice and equality, we must protect and defend that right using truthful ahimsa methods.”

Ahimsa means non-violent, non-injury methods.


Allan’s 2017 response… “Like Hell El-Mouelhy… weak minded Politicians and CEO’s may submit to the acceptance of Halal Certification fees included in our food prices, paid by consumers, when they are forced to buy food. But the people will always be disgusted with political and corporation cowards that allow you and other Muslims to dictate to us, what we can like and dislike, eat and drink. As for you planning to Islamize Australia that is not going to happen, if it comes down to a last resort civil war battle, we will fight and never surrender.

Read ‘Creeping Sharia Law in Australia’ in 2018 book COMPENDIUM I Amazon.com

Australians are already rejecting Islamic takeover, even though coward politicians are running for cover like rabbits.


El-Mouelhy is no doubt telling us the truth… because Politicians and CEO’s are more interested in their own greed than doing the right thing by ‘True Blue’ Aussies that reject bully dictatorship anti-freedom Islamic Demands. The amusing part of this reality is that only 2.6% of Muslims exist at present in Australia. And that 2.6% of Muslims has all of our coward politicians terrified. Just like in Britain and throughout Europe less than 10% of Muslim population has all political leaders afraid to say “No” to Islamic demands. And there are many politicians in America and Canada that are also afraid to refuse to submit to Islamic Demands.

Desperate pro-bully Islam Politicians exist in Local Government, State Government and Federal Government in our countries. And are enemies of freedom, when they submit to Islamic Demands.

Not one other religion in our Nations is bullying us… all the aggressive religious demands are being delivered by anti-freedom Islam and all the aggressive activist political demands are being delivered by anti-freedom Socialism and even the Greens and all naïve phony Climate Change Activists are Socialists.

Published on Feb 13, 2015

Video comment about the interview… “Halal is part of Sharia Law… Mohamed El-Mouelhy is helping apply that part of Sharia Law in Australia through Halal Certification and non-Muslim’s are buying products and supporting businesses that pay his certification fees… To claim he doesn’t know what Sharia Law is and be a Muslim who is indeed applying it is ridiculous! Of course he wants Sharia Law he’s implementing part of it to make him”.

‘Cosmicism’ has revealed that it is a criminal offence by ‘Cosmic Law’ to file a lawsuit for reasons of defamation or because of what someone has said. In fact filing such a lawsuit is deemed by ‘Cosmicism’ to be an act of cowardice. Many Islamic organisations in the West are filing lawsuits against ‘Freedom of Speech’, and one of the most insidious Islamic Organisations that exists in USA & Canada is CAIR. [In Canada the Islamic Group has changed its name, but it is still CAIR.]

(i) Read… ‘Lawsuits “Eye of the Tiger” in book COMPENDIUM II Amazon.com

I have no doubt El-Mouelhy Chairman of Halal, is not a physical coward, I believe he has more courage than most Australian Politicians, but nevertheless he is an intellectual coward when he files a lawsuit for defamation. He must be stopped.

(i) ‘Cosmic Law’… Thou shalt not sue for reasons of defamation or greed”

Note: It should be remembered that the Qur’an teaches hate speech and instructs all Muslims to reject all non-Muslims and to conquer them. And this is enforced by ‘Sharia Law’ which El-Mouelhy demands be enforced upon all Australians to replace the Australian Constitution.

El-Mouelhy has clearly by his commitment to overthrow our free-spirited country and replace all of our laws with anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’… has openly declared himself as being an enemy of Australia and is thus guilty of High Treason against Australia. In reality he should be arrested and permanently expelled from Australia. But our Politicians are too afraid of him, to make such an expulsion decision which should be mandatory.

Mohamed El-Mouelhy has been ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’.


Note above extract from Mohamed El-Mouelhy comments in which he said… “Bigots and pigs will be declared Haram and must not be approached or touched, they can live together in reserves.” And he meant what he said, because the Qur’an teaches that all Jews are Pigs and Monkeys and all Christians must also be persecuted. As for his phony allegation that all non-Muslims that justifiably reject anti-freedom Islam calling them ‘bigots’… he failed to mention that he is being instructed by the Qur’an which is bigoted against all non-Muslims.

And we cannot forget about what El-Mouelhy said when he made the following commitment to be enforced when Sharia Law rules Australia… “There will be a Halal Butcher on every corner, all other butchers will be offered to convert to Halal or given a passage back to where their ancestors came from.” Those last words are a death threat.

In response to President Donald Trumps signature delivering a Bill making animal cruelty a federal felony… A.I. wrote on BNI in comments…

Allan Ivarsson says…

November 28, 2019 at 2.41 pm

Good News… it’s a start… but the fight is not over yet

Allan Ivarsson says…

November 28, 2019 at 3:15 pm

“What you’re doing right now – reading and understanding these words – is difficult if not impossible for a staggering number of Australians.” [Source (viii)]

(viii) https://allanivarsson.com/2019/11/25/turkey-seyfi-sahin-lied-claiming-charles-darwin-was-a-jew/

But it isn’t just Australians, it is also Americans, New Zealanders, Canadians, British & European.

I have learned since I started posting a website that the least important papers I write are the most popular because they are short and simplistic to read. But the most important detailed documents giving people the tools to stop Islam, Socialism & Communism are being ignored.

The only person that read my kindle book ‘Flat Earth’ which proved Muhammad lied to the 7th Century Arabs was a Dutch lady and author of children’s books in the Netherlands. I promoted her in my 2019 COMPENDIUM V book.

The next core paper proving Muhammad lied to the 7th Century Arabs is the above link. Put the two jigsaw puzzle pieces together and more proof is being tabled Muhammad lied.

Separate Muhammad and Allah & Muhammad’s credibility can be smashed. Allah is just an imaginary cloaking device.

I have published important papers on Islamophobia & Blasphemy and very few readers have read them. If I publish stories about animals and fake climate change I will get better support than if I publish articles proving the West is currently losing its freedom.

Australia and America need to wake up Communist China is getting ready for takeover.

Saudi Arabia the heart of Islam is taking over the West working undercover.

Iran has arrested many people from the West many are in prison, men and women, some have been executed. They include naïve Aussies, Americans, Canadians, British and from different other European Countries. Our Country governments make political gesture statements that they will help their countries people in prison. But it is all pretend concern. In reality our naïve victims are not being helped they are written off just like naïve victims of scams are losers.

I have written and posted a very important paper about Iran, but most people can’t handle reading it. It is written in an easy reading style but that is only true for those that are not intellectually lazy.

Erdogan’s Turkey tells us what happens when a tyrant gains control of Turkey. I published papers on that subject on my website and in one of my COMPENDIUM books.

Indonesia & Bali is becoming a more dangerous place to visit, I have posted important papers on this subject and published two of them in my COMPENDIUM Book series. But people are refusing to read these warning papers and are still going to Bali. And when they are victims our governments will not help them.

98% of our politicians in every Western Nation have become greedy, power hungry and vain, more concerned with their own self-importance than doing the right thing by the people.

CEO’s in Corporations, including the food industry are playing the people treating them like they are fools. And many of us are… no one speaks publicly about the declining quality standards in the food industry since 2,000 CE.

This reminds me of the disturbing warning 1973 film of ‘Soylent Green’ starring Charlton Heston and Leigh Taylor-Young. A science-fiction set in 2022. If we society don’t get more educated we can be silently lead to slaughter. It may be fiction, but the warning message is loud and clear. The Holocaust in Germany was not the only holocaust and killing fields in the world during the 20th Century and if we don’t wake up more is coming.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists write and speak incompetent dribble and they are rarely challenged. Too many people who are intellectually lazy and don’t widely read, treat ‘shrinks’ as though they are Gods. Yes we even have Muslim Psychologists that revere the Qur’an. And Politically Correct Psychologists teach “No” must not be used to children. It is claimed that ‘No’ is a dangerous word. Doesn’t that ring bells about the stupidity of Psychology?

A priest is better than a psychologist and that is not saying much because far too many priests have been found guilty of sexual abuse of children.

As for our Universities they have been infiltrated by Socialism and Islam. Most Universities in the Western World are not standing for protection of Liberty Values including Freedom of Speech.

An example in Australia is Sydney University. 50% of the students attending that University are overseas foreigners, getting their education here then going home. Of that 50%… 25% are from Communist China. The universities rely on the donations from Communist China. All the Universities in Australia reject 100% Freedom of Speech rights, except one University. I believe American Universities are equally vulnerable.

But not much is being said about the decline of freedom values in our Universities and the infiltration by educated Muslims, taught by us, who then use this education to infiltrate our social and political groups within our countries, to strengthen their takeover advantage.

I am only one person, I cannot fix every problem, even though I have the skills to solve every serious philosophical political project management concern on this planet. It is time for the people to lift their game and become truly educated. Don’t rely on degree qualified politicians and CEO’s they are not going to do anything until they fear the people. And the best way to win is using ahimsa tactics that can smash their credibility. Violence and threats always fails.

I have given the West the tools on how to calmly smash Muhammad’s credibility and why outlawing ‘Blasphemy Law’ and all other anti-freedom of speech laws is mandatory.

If people refuse to become educated in non-fiction reading then they will be conquered and I have no sympathy for the lazy apathetic ignorant people that will one day cry, “Why me?” as did tens of thousands of naïve Jews that were victims of the Holocaust. Most of the Jews that survived during WWII were the ones that fought back as warriors. Some by luck survived the death camps, but not many. And if people naively think that this history cannot repeat itself in the West… it can. Islam, Socialism & Communism are our mortal enemies… all three belief systems, political and religious must be wiped out. And lazy apathetic non-readers shall be the first victims.

If I have to I will stand alone and fight seven billion people. The numbers I have to fight are increasing as global population increases.

People have a choice stand with me for 100% Freedom or I shall walk over the spirit of every totalitarian person and one by one smash their credibility.

You are free to live as you choose but you must respect ‘Cosmic Law’ ignore it and Karma will take you down, one piece at a time.

As to why I came to planet earth. That is another story, you need to read and study all my written works to figure out who I am. Mystery only ends when we are truly educated.

I have done the job… I have given earth the tools to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’… learn it or be conquered.

Source: https://barenakedislam.com/2019/11/25/woo-hoo-president-trump-signs-bill-making-animal-cruelty-a-felony/

Additional source: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/nov/25/donald-trump-signs-bill-making-animal-cruelty-fede/

Allan Ivarsson says…

November 26, 2019 at 12:34 am

We must keep criticising and rejecting Islamic Doctrine and Sharia Law and Blasphemy Law.

I have proven in my written works that Allah did not dictate to Muhammad the Qur’an. Muhammad is the liar of all liars. He dictated the Qur’an deceitfully pretending that Allah told him what to write and do. Muhammad knew that Arabs would not follow him, if he did not claim that the words were from Allah. Many not all, gullible Arabs believed him thus deceitful Islam was born.

Source: https://barenakedislam.com/2019/11/25/colorado-republicans-rock-ignore-demands-from-groups-like-cair-to-remove-alleged-anti-islam-memes/


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