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The Lyrics in the below video, are emotional sounds of confusion in thought and desperation. For many heaven on earth does not exist. And hell is real. For being alone, homeless and suffering without help, is hell on earth.

Thousands of Homeless Veteran Americans that fought for our human right to live free, are now stranded without help, feeling betrayed. Dying constantly and no one seems to care. But this isn’t just the story of Americans, it is also the story of Australians, Brits, and many other Western Nations whose veterans are alone and helpless.

But it gets even worse than this… there are tens of thousands of people in the Western Nations that are homeless, and who are not veterans but for endless types of reasons are out on the street alone and helpless. 

Governments are too often donating money, millions of dollars, to overseas countries and fail to first help their own people. That reality is absolute political negligence.  

Psychology has failed these people.

Islam, Christianity and Judaism have failed these people.

New Age and Personal Development Groups have failed these homeless people.

Charity helps some… but charity alone is not enough.

We as a society must change the way we think. Believing in creeds, waiting for entry into heaven and paradise is selfish when we live our lives in apathetic ignorance and do nothing. But most of us are financially powerless, because we are not wealthy and are living our lives struggling to survive, looking after our families, working until we retire, striving to survive in old age, without becoming another logistic in homelessness in old age.

Governments, Australia included, falsely claim that the Pension at 65 years of age is welfare. That idea is a lie. The Pension at 65 years of age is a mandatory human right. Just like Medicare is a human right for all ages. 


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We homo sapiens must change the way we think. The road to ‘Freedom’ cannot be maintained by any religion, cult or negative philosophy. It can only be established by open mind, dynamic philosophy, founded upon ahimsa, altruistic caring values. Those that chase fame and fortune and neglect helping people in need are living very shallow lives. 

The most advanced intelligence in the world is ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ but its existence identified in 2007 by author Allan Ivarsson, shall only succeed in helping people, when they have the open mind dynamic thinking courage, to learn its natural cosmic power that reaches into eternity and becomes one with the true nature of infinite existence.

If you don’t have the persistent courage to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ you shall always live as disadvantaged. A person who masters ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ which includes learning ‘Emotional Intelligence’ & ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ will never experience depression or negativity and will throughout their life always rise above suffering and hardship and become one with God of Creation. We don’t need organised religion to become one with God, a spiritual God that has no physical power but does ‘Live in the Light’ as the eternal communication guide of love and kindness forever. 

To establish dignity for all the homeless, including all Veterans, we must first establish financial aid. Second, guidance in the art of financial, budget management. We need Social Workers, skilled in ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ not in textbook dictum Psychology. When people learn the art of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ they will learn the art of how to live in a positive caring light for self and others and will overthrow depression and negativity. To be free in spirit we must reject all forms of negativity and become focused on the art of self-management. We cannot escape being a burden on society until we learn ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ & ‘Emotional Intelligence’ strengthened by the most advanced intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. 

Good writers should study the teachings of Allan Ivarsson and write books about his philosophy, their added skills and insight, when well written, will help others learn advanced thinking.

Veterans should never be neglected, there should be a program to help all those who leave the service to merge happily back into society, living free in self-sufficiency. 

Politicians in every Nation, need to stop playing political yo-yo games and focus on managing their country for the people. There is no place for political football in the business process of doing what is right for their country. The people pay taxes to help finance the running of their Nation and they pay the wages of the Politicians so they in turn can help the people improve and upgrade the self-sufficiency of their Nation. Those politicians that play political games are not worth a damn.

Allan Ivarsson 2019

Five Finger Death Punch Lyrics

“Wrong Side Of Heaven”

I spoke to God today, and she said that she’s ashamed.
What have I become, what have I done?
I spoke to the Devil today, and he swears he’s not to blame.
And I understood, cause I feel the same.

Arms wide open, I stand alone.
I’m no hero, and I’m not made of stone.
Right or wrong, I can hardly tell.
I’m on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.
The wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side, the righteous side of hell.

I heard from God today, and she sounded just like me.
What have I done, and who have I become.
I saw the Devil today, and he looked a lot like me.
I looked away, I turned away!

Arms wide open, I stand alone.
I’m no hero, and I’m not made of stone.
Right or wrong, I can hardly tell.
I’m on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.
The wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side, the righteous side of hell.

I’m not defending, downward descending,
Falling further and further away!
Getting closer every day!

I’m getting closer every day, to the end.
To the end, the end, the end,
I’m getting closer every day!

Arms wide open, I stand alone.
I’m no hero, and I’m not made of stone.
Right or wrong, I can hardly tell.
I’m on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.
The wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.
The wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side, the righteous side of hell.

Source of Lyrics

“To add to the contributions made by the band through their numerous military concerts, the ensemble wanted to create a music video in order to assist vagrant veterans of the armed forces by publicly portraying the consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder on wounded warriors. Additionally, the group created a “No One Gets Left Behind” jersey to be funded via an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to assist the organizations mentioned in the video.[4] They also requested that the family and friends of deceased military veterans provide dog tags to assist in the preparation of a memorial wall to accompany the band in late 2014. It is proposed that the wall eventually will be placed in a museum to honor those who served.” (i)

“The video, directed by Nick Peterson, increases visibility on the suffering of vagrant veterans of the armed forces and the consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder.” (i) 

(i) Source: Wikipedia Wrong Side of Heaven 



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