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“Think before you Bark Islamophobic”

Yes it’s True…

ISLAMOPHOBIA Means a fear of Islam by Muslims…

“One early use cited as the term’s first use is by the painter Alphonse Etienne Dinet and Algerian intellectual Sliman ben Ibrahim in their 1918 biography of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. Writing in French, they used the term islamophobie. Robin Richardson writes that in the English version of the book the word was not translated as “Islamophobia”, but rather as “feelings inimical to Islam.” Dahou Ezzerhouni has cited several other uses in French as early as 1910, and from 1912 to 1918. These early uses of the term did not, according to Christopher Allen, have the same meaning as in contemporary usage, as they described a fear of Islam by Muslims, rather than a fear or dislike/hatred of Muslims by non-Muslims.” (ii)


I noticed someone has amended the correct 2015 sentence statement in Wikipedia since 2016 which originally read… “These early uses of the term did not, according to Christopher Allen, have the same meaning as in contemporary usage, as they described a fear of Islam by Muslims, rather than a fear or dislike/hatred of Muslims by non-Muslims.”

It now incorrectly reads at 2019 as follows… These early uses of the term did not, according to Christopher Allen, have the same meaning as in contemporary usage, as they described a fear of Islam by liberal Muslims and Muslim feminists, rather than a fear or dislike/hatred of Muslims by non-Muslims.

I disagree with this new 2019 mentality choice of words. The word ‘Liberal’ has different meaning in different countries. Compare Australia & America for a start. And Muslim Feminists there is no such thing. If Muslim women reject Islam, it is not because they are feminists, they reject Islamic Doctrine simply because they want the eternal human right to live free of bully dictatorship.

The original 2015 words published in Wikipedia is the correct understanding of the original meaning of the word “Islamophobia” as follows… as they described a fear of Islam by Muslims, rather than a fear or dislike/hatred of Muslims by non-Muslims.”

For the full history understanding of what ‘Islamophobia’ means read Allan Ivarsson’s 2018 Book COMPENDIUM II

Treatise also published in 2017 Book ‘Insanity of Hate’. Most Journalists, Muslim and Non-Muslim, keep making mistakes about the word “Islamophobia” and any anti-freedom of speech Islamophobia Law is constructed on a complete misunderstanding of the word Islamophobia. Above quote extract page 229 from Paperback treatise in Compendium II on subject titled “Islamophobia”.

It gets worse than this… it is understandable for Muslims to misunderstand the facts about the history of the word ‘Islamophobia’ because they are fed a false knowledge diet of fixed dogma as taught in the Qur’an. Simply because ‘True Muslims’ like ‘True Christians’ do not know how to think with an open mind outside of the square of the square.

But when Non-Muslim Whites start tabling ignorant false knowledge statements accusing others of being Islamophobic because they have the courage to table the ‘Dark Truth about Islamic Doctrine’ then we come to recognise that many Non-Muslim Whites are also stupid and intellectually lazy, because they shoot false knowledge words from their mouth void of truthful intelligence.

In COMPENDIUM I book, I dealt with the subject of ‘Islamophobia & Kafirophobia’. A lot of backward second rate journalists attack people for being “Islamophobic” about Muslims, but they never have the honest courage to criticise Muslims for being Kafirophobic against non-Muslims.

When we visit Allan Ivarsson’s book “Insanity of Hate” we learn the following extract information from his book…

Earlier, in my book “Insanity of Hate” …

I tabled the words, Kafirophobia and Infidelophobia as taught in the Qur’an. These words are equally as valid as Islamophobia. In fact, because the Qur’an teaches totalitarian ideas, it follows that freedom lovers should be more concerned about the anti-freedom apartheid hate speech teachings in the Qur’an, than being worried about some ignorant fool, Muslim or non-Muslim calling them racist or an Islamophobe. But let’s proceed and add two more words that need to be understood.

Veritaphobia: It means ‘Irrational dread of the truth’ or in short… “Fear of the Truth”. People who label others as racist, Islamophobes, suffer from a fixed dogma syndrome called ‘Veritaphobia’. Those who demand conformity to ‘Political Correctness’ also suffer from ‘Veritaphobia’. In fact, since many Psychologists and Psychiatrists, do support anti-freedom Socialism’s 1920’s coined word ‘Political Correctness’ it follows logically that many Psychologists suffer from ‘Veritaphobia’, which smashes further the credibility of Psychology.

A classic example of political correctness, used in British and Australian preschools is that infant children are not allowed to sing ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’. They are told to sing, deemed politically correct, ‘Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep’, which is obviously idiotic unto any person not suffering from ‘Veritaphobia’. Such people suffering from ‘Veritaphobia’ are afraid to offend someone, even when the truth can be proven. People suffering from ‘Veritaphobia’ will reject the truth, when they hear it. Fear and lack of courage controls their mind. People suffering from ‘Veritaphobia’ are guilty of dismissing absolutes, i.e. that which is proven absolute truth. And they true to their mental cowardice, specialise in the degradation of people who profess something to be either, true or untrue. Locked into wilful thinking they join other brain-wrecked thinkers and become a member of a ‘Backward Mentality Mutual Admiration Society’ and true to their self-inflated vanity, they prey on people like vultures that have the courage to put the truth on the table. Every religious person, be they Jew, Christian, Muslim or other that accuses someone of Apostasy, Heresy or being a Blasphemous person, do all suffer from ‘Veritaphobia’.

Far too often people suffering from ‘Veritaphobia’ are highly emotional, easily upset, lacking emotional intelligence, and may even go into a rage of abusive behaviour. Veritaphobia people will table volumes of false knowledge ideas, focused on demonizing all persons that table the truth. Many of these reckless thinking creatures, behave like an inquisition gangster mob, and strive aggressively to smash the credibility of messengers of truth. Those persons that demanded the execution of Jesus all suffered from ‘Veritaphobia’.

Because the ahimsa principles Jesus taught in the Sermon of the Mount, are important truthful values that every person should respect and treasure, whether they are Christian or not, and this also includes Atheists and Muslims. The Sermon of the Mount does negate the Qur’an and if Muslims truly believe in Jesus, they should toss the hate speech Qur’an into the garbage bin and live by the Sermon of the Mount. All persons that believe in totalitarian political/religious enforcement do suffer from ‘Veritaphobia’ that includes, Communists, Fascists, and Socialists as well as many religious fanatics.

The origin of the word ‘Veritaphobia’ starts with the word ‘Verity’ which means, the quality or state of being true, real, or correct. A true principle, statement, idea, truth or fact. (Per Collins English Dictionary 1979 edition.) [It is derived from an Old French word ‘Verite’ from further back Latin ‘veritas’ from verus true.] The problem with the idea of ‘Verity’ is that too often people claim false knowledge ideas as being truth. Thus, the reality of ‘Veritaphobia’ comes onto the table. But even this word can backfire when religions and cults for example, claim their beliefs are the truth. Hence, ‘Alethophobia’ comes into the game as a qualifier of reality.

The challenge to face the truth requires courage, and calm emotional intelligence, backed by pragmatic common sense, founded upon Positive Mental Attitude, void of vanity. Alethophobia: Is another word which also means a crippling fear or dislike of the truth, which includes the refusal to open one’s mind and think outside the square, afraid to turn the searchlight inwards, being locked into fixed dogma thinking, afraid to face and recognise the unflattering truth about reality, which includes a person’s religion, culture, ethnic group and Nation. Without self-honest and caring sense of honour, we are nothing as humans. And become less in character than non-human animals. Many people in the 20th/21st Century suffer from ‘Alethophobia’ when they are afraid to recognise the decline of good character and sense of decency, in the European Union and the United Nations.

Author’s Note: ‘Cosmicism’ is a very open minded belief system within the infinite boundaries of ‘Freedom Values’ in speech and choice. But Cosmicism is also very strict in survival house rules, which are pragmatic common sense. It rejects ‘False Knowledge Creep’ and rejects all forms of fixed dogma and all forms of totalitarianism.

If a person calls themselves a ‘Cosmicist’ and rejects the foundation basis of ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ they are liars, for truthful Cosmicists will not invent another variation of Cosmic Belief System. Libertarians value freedom, but they make one serious mistake, like Atheism, they don’t have agreed house rules and thus their thinking becomes wandering, reckless and too often reactive, shooting their freedom values in the foot, which is a suicidal tactic.

For that reason, I coined the words… “Cosmic Libertarianism” in 2016 to define the basic common sense evolution of good wholesome quality ‘Freedom Values’ that retain pragmatic common sense. Of course, it is easier said than done, because there is always some change agent fool that wants to tear down common sense logic and reinvent the wheel.

Source: Ivarsson, Allan. INSANITY OF HATE: Blue Light Defiance (pp. 148-149). Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition.

Anyone who cannot cope with reading the complete works of Allan Ivarsson, needs to lift their communication skills game. Allan Ivarsson writes for ‘Philosophical History’ in a very easy reading entertaining style on all subjects so that people can easily comprehend what he is saying. And his complete focus linked to all subjects is the protection of the eternal right to 100% “Freedom of Speech.”


Many Muslims do fear Islam, they are afraid to speak about their fear because of ‘Blasphemy Law’ which is enforced by flogging and often the death penalty. Read COMPENDIUM IIA Great Man – The Muslim by Birth that Rejected Islam’

This overview subject presentation was also republished in COMPENDIUM V  ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ printed in Colour on quality white paper in Paperback and also available in colour electronic Kindle book. The COMPENDIUM Series Paperbacks are collector’s items. This COMPENDIUM Series is ideal for students studying History & Philosophy of Ideas in the early 21st Century, including flashbacks. 

Allan Ivarsson Founder of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’

Allan Ivarsson is committed to giving the ‘Free World’ ideas and philosophy and solutions to problems that will preserve and protect freedom values forever and strengthen wisdom guidance and upgrade responsible care of our planet Gaia/Earth.  And in addition lay the foundation stones of eliminating poverty, homelessness, all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ and the insane habit of war.

This is not Utopia; this is simply caring altruistic common-sense objectives.

This is a societal self-improvement evolution process, over decades and centuries. It cannot be achieved by reckless bully demonstrations and bully political dictatorships. Success needs societal team spirit backed by self-education. University education is not always good enough. And too often incorrectly teaches biased fixed dogma thinking.

Society must learn to reject all fixed dogma and become open minded, dynamic in thinking and adaptable to pragmatic change founded upon non-violence as an attitude.

It is essential that every person in a society learns to share information, not for debate, but for discussion and focus on a lifetime ‘Quest for Truth & Wisdom’ in harmony with the chosen lifestyle and career path each individual person selects.

There is no place for coarse language and every person should be committed every day of their life to continuous improvement of their communication skills to the best of their ability.

To succeed every person must learn ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and the art of how to be the eye of calm in a storm. Wiser people never panic and do reject negative thinking and emotions and do always strengthen their beliefs with the foundations of ‘Positive Mental Attitude’. 

There is no place in a good decent wholesome society for anti-freedom belief systems, be they philosophical, political or religious. This means that the anti-freedom belief systems of Marxist Communism, Marxist Socialism & Fanatical ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Islamic Doctrine’ must be eliminated. The better West should live free committed to the essence of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’.

There is no place for ‘Blasphemy Law’ or any other form of anti-freedom of speech law. And there is no acceptable place for ‘Defamation Lawsuits’. There are better wiser ways to oppose wrong statements and wrong thinking.

The wiser will learn the highest most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and help ‘Ahimsa Wisdom’ grow stronger by team spirit encouragement… not by bully proselytization methods.


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