Phone Zombie: Cosmic Law on Driving and Walking

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Phone Zombie: Cosmic Law on Driving and Walking


There is a lot of positive and negative response about foolish pedestrians that walk, listen, type text and read a mobile/cell/smart phone, but really cannot see or hear dangers, that can sadly maim them or too often kill them.

I am now 71 years. I have always lived by a policy throughout my entire teenage life and adult life… I Never follow blindly the crowd. I Never follow fashion trends, in clothing or in other societal thinking. And since my adult years, I Never faithfully follow a belief system which is founded upon fixed dogma, be it religious, political or philosophical. Everything I learn, every idea and subject, good and bad, gets carefully scrutineered for, truth, justice and wrong thinking. Believing blindly is not acceptable. Thriving on envy, jealousy, resentment, and hate is self-destructive.

I don’t like Jewellery, Body Piercing and Tattoos. I have never made love to a woman with body piercing or tattoos. The idea turns me off. The idea of making love to a woman covered in tattoos sends me cold. To me it would be like having sex with a picture. There is nothing beautiful about body piercing and tattoos. Each to their own, I guess. But there are somethings no one should do, for common-sense safety rules, the name of life is to survive into old age. I don’t smoke and I don’t use addictive drugs. And I obey all safety survival rules.

My thinking rules are simple… Always think dynamic, with open mind, think safety, think survive, stay alert, be an individual, reject being a drone controlled by the collective. Reject ‘Thought Police’, reject ‘Political Correctness’. Speak wisely and truthfully to the best of your ability. Think decent, think ethically, think about others and environment, by always trying to do the right thing. Be independent, don’t submit to any form of ‘Totalitarianism’, reject ‘Blasphemy Law’ and reject all anti-freedom of speech laws, with the contempt that such laws must receive.


Zombies traditionally are the living, walking dead in fictional horror presentations in writing, on film and in life, when they give up their sense of awareness about their environment and become intellectually lazy refusing to open their mind to wisdom, science, including Cosmology and to History- Pre, Ancient and Modern, and Philosophy- Light & Dark, True and False, Wise and Foolish, Just and Unjust. Without a pragmatic sense of truthful reality we are the living dead. Our life is sadly incomplete and pointless if we live a life of ignorance caused by our negligent failure to try and learn a good overview of many subjects to give us a wider understanding of the nature of existence, its meaning and purpose and what we can do to become smarter wiser human beings. Being Clever is not good enough, we must always strive to become smarter than just clever. There is a difference between Clever and Smart as I have recorded in previous writings. Read 2009 article ‘Clever versus Smart & Why does Negativity exist?’ Published in 2019 book COMPENDIUM V available in Colour illustrated Paperback and Electronic Kindle at

And now to focus on one serious concern, a societal plague of dangerous collective thinking that targets the maiming and killing of people. It is called by a well-known name the walking, driving, phone zombie. The potentially living walking dead.


Pedestrian Phone Zombies the Walking Dead

We in society are becoming too overprotective of naïve foolish, intellectually lazy people. They must be accountable for their own stupidity. We should not be holding everyone’s hands.

Our responsibility is to teach children the do’s & don’ts, the rights & wrongs, the truth & falsehoods, the fair & not fair, the positive & the negative, the arts & wisdom, Manners & Bad Manners, Integrity, Chivalry, Honour and Justice.

We are not accountable for the stupidity of intellectually lazy adults that refuse to pay attention to their surroundings. We must enforce safety laws, not to protect Zombies, but to protect others from their ignorant stupid behaviour. If a Zombie is killed because of their own careless negligent behaviour that is their tragic problem. But if others are injured, maimed or killed by zombie behaviour stupidity that becomes our societal problem. And we must prevent such disasters, by fining, chastising and educating zombies to wake up and become smarter. Being able to use smartphone technology is only clever, it is not smart when such skills ignore the dangers of environment. It is not enough to be clever; one must learn to be smarter than clever. Smart skills need wisdom, vision, ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and pragmatic common-sense and higher-level smarter thinking needs ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

In a classic logistics example of a pedestrian safety report, observations of 26,390 Pedestrians in Sydney and in Parramatta NSW Australia, identified that 36% who crossed the road were distracted by their smartphones or were wearing earphones. If they can’t hear the sounds on the streets, they can’t instinctively identify the sounds of danger threatening them. And if they are not alert using their eyes to watch their surroundings, they can be hit.

Almost 8% crossed the road illegally. And more than 3% crossed the road illegally using their smartphone or wearing earphones. This logistic was reported by the NRMA in their ‘Open Road’ Magazine dated July/August 2019, subject title… “Don’t Be A Phone Zombie”.

This example is a common problem around the world in every country and it is time to hold these ignorant intellectually lazy fools accountable for their bad behaviour. They are not just threatening their own lives but also the lives of others, including drivers of vehicles who may react to save their lives and inadvertently hit other innocent victims.

The NRMA reported that Pedestrian negligence accounts for 17 percent of all deaths on NSW roads and 9 percent of serious injuries. Being permanently maimed or killed is not a good life.

More than 1500 pedestrians are hit on NSW roads each year and 67 pedestrians lost their lives in 2018. Multiply this logistics by every State and Country and we can by average… guess how this history of pedestrian irresponsible careless negligence exponentially identifies how many pedestrians around the globe are maimed and killed by their own stupidity. For the careless… walking around and driving in peace time conditions is more dangerous than alert professional soldiers fighting in a war zone.

Up in the Northern Regions of NSW, Australia in country towns, I have observed the same problem with Phone Zombies that blindly cross streets oblivious to the sounds and visions of danger. And often cross over roads illegally and fail to use pedestrian road crossings which in many cases is only 10 to 20 metres away from them. Choosing the shortest route to cross over roads is unwise and dangerous and not fair to drivers who see pedestrians suddenly cross in front of them. Nor is it a good example for children who see adults doing the wrong thing.

Those pedestrians that obey the crossing roads rules and drive patiently, are usually more likely to live a safe and healthy life avoiding accidents than those who walk and drive impatiently disobeying the common-sense of ‘Cosmic Law’.

Karma/Result/Consequence gives no quarter to those persons that live refusing to use common-sense.

Smarter People Stop Walking & Stand Still whilst talking & texting.


A wiser person does not ride their bicycle whilst talking or texting.

Walking and Driving in a distracted mentality is a state of ignorant blindness with no awareness of surrounding danger. It’s like the stupidity of playing ‘chicken’ it often becomes true to Karma, catastrophic.

Walking or driving, whilst writing/texting or talking at the same time, might seem clever, but it is not smart.

Driving Phone Zombies- the Steering Dead

Phone Zombies driving a car whilst texting and talking on the phone are insane and irresponsible, they not only threaten their own lives but also the lives of others. A person cannot drive safely when they allow other distractions to reduce their focus and attentiveness. They are in fact criminals by negligence, being enemies of society. They are not living as decent people. They are not doing the right thing. I have no respect for fools. If caught they must be heavily fined and lose points on their licence. If they injure or kill someone whilst driving using a phone they must be prosecuted and jailed according to the laws of the Nation.

Cosmic Law on Driving and Walking states… 

  1. ‘Thou shalt not drive a motor vehicle whilst talking and texting on the phone.’
  2. ‘Thou shalt not drive a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.’
  3. ‘Thou shalt not drive a motor vehicle whilst under the influence of addictive and drowsy drugs.’
  4. ‘Thou shalt not drive a motor vehicle when feeling fatigued.’
  5. ‘Thou shalt not walk away from a motor vehicle, leaving children locked in a car.’
  6. ‘Thou shalt not walk away from a motor vehicle, leaving pets locked in a car.’
  7. ‘Thou shalt obey all road rules.’
  8. ‘Thou shalt not cross over roads illegally… by walking or driving’.
  9. ‘Thou shalt not walk around whilst talking on the phone.’
  10. ‘Thou shalt when talking on the phone in public locations stop and stand still, stay alert’.

Cosmic Law is common-sense law, it should not need to be said to adults, because it is common-sense, but unfortunately many adults, fortunately not all, lack basic common-sense. That reality must change by teaching children ‘Cosmic Law’ during school years.


This foolish man might be standing still whilst reading. But he is still vulnerable to being killed. He is standing too close to the edge of the platform waiting for a train. A person walking past, could accidently knock him forward into the path of an oncoming train. Worse still a person could deliberately push him in front of an arriving train. This has happened. There was such a deliberate action several months ago in Germany.

With or without phone in hand, always stand back from edge of platform, never move forward until train has arrived and stopped.


We all love to communicate, but do it wisely standing or sitting still and always choose carefully who you talk to… “Trust is earned not given”.

Allan Ivarsson © 2020


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