Feature image: Polar Bears at risk of floating out to sea when Ice Melts.

A risk that life has faced for millions of years before Homo Sapiens walked upon the planet.



Ice Melts… Ice Ages


Climate Change is a Natural Process of Gaia. Homo Sapiens cannot control Climate Change.


This paper is an important survival learning subject. I wonder how many people will have the courage and determination to read it? Certainly most Politicians will put it in the too hard basket and ignorant Doomsday Climate Change Activists will continue with their panic-stricken demonstrations unable to comprehend their ignorance and wrong thinking.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

Fighting for Freedom rejecting anti-freedom Socialist Tyranny.

A.I. begins…

Human Beings are not causing Climate Change. Just like Oxygen is essential to the preservation of animal life- human and non-human, CO2 is essential to the survival of vegetation life. In fact CO2 increase is expanding the Greening of our Planet. Which in turn gives us better food production, an always urgent need for our increasing human population. Human beings and many other forms of animal life do not survive well in ice age cold conditions. Many freeze to death. Whilst food supplies decline and often vanish, thus people starve to death. In addition plague conditions increase and people die from serious illness. Living in cold freezing conditions without imports from warmer regions can make life miserable and poor in standards of existence.

Human beings and many other creatures need a warmer planet to survive, without warmth, humankind will perish.

Below the introduction is overview history of Earth’s ‘Ice Ages’ which increases our understanding.

Only anti-freedom Socialist Doomsday Activist Fools demand that Governments must control Climate Change. Only cowardly vain thinking humans desperately believe that Governments can induce and control Climate Change. My answer to those inferior thinking intellectually backward Climate Change Activists, go directly to jail, do not pass go, your irritating panic demands is not wanted in a ‘Freedom Valued Society’ that rejects false knowledge ideas. Demands striving to bully and abuse Governments demanding that they submit to the anti-freedom Totalitarian demands of Climate Change Activism is not acceptable behaviour and such Activists must be deemed as being nothing more than bully outlaws of society. The thinking of doomsday Climate Change Activism is not only wrong, it is disgraceful when it persistently strives to bully people and Governments into submission.

Unfortunately, but true, ‘Climate Change Adult Demonstrators male and female’ need to be arrested for public harassment. Their insane behaviour is now physically out-of-control. And is seriously disrupting the healthy wellbeing of a good peaceful society.

Such demonstrations are an abuse of the privilege of ‘Freedom of Speech’. They claim to be ‘Peaceful’, but they are not peaceful. If a person rejects their thinking and tries to calmly talk to Climate Change Activists on the streets, they will be abused.

Child Activist Greta Thunberg from Sweden, brain-wrecked by Socialist mentality is an ignorant school drop-out, a little girl wrapped up in her own vanity and has no educational knowledge of earth’s Science and true Climate Change process, through the ages of Pre-History, Ancient History and Modern History.

There were fools on the Internet this year that suggested Greta Thunberg should be awarded the ‘Noble Peace’ prize for her activism work. This is the most idiotic idea since naïve Climate Change activism started decades ago. Greta Thunberg activism has not been about fighting for peace it has been about waging war– a great conflict designed to make people poorer and to increase poverty levels in every Nation. And that fact is easy to prove.

In Australia, we have an anti-freedom Socialist Organisation called ‘GetUp’ financed by Socialist billionaire George Soros in USA and by loser Bill Shorten Labor, who tried to become a Prime Minister and was rejected by the people during election voting process. Shorten gave one hundred thousand dollars donation to GetUp in 2005 C.E. to help get this Socialist Organisation started. And George Soros has donated over one million dollars to GetUp. Meanwhile, during all of GetUp’s rants they cheered on Greta Thunberg as being a great champion for fighting to stop Climate Change. That fact proves how stupid GetUp Organisation is and how dimwitted all the supporters of GetUp are.

We humans can control pollution levels and destruction of environment. This management process is called ‘Gaia Management’. It is not a panic process; it is a persistent upgrade control process of what we must do. We already have in place many people around the globe working to protect and preserve wildlife and the essential reduction in destruction of Forests. We do not need panic doomsday climate change activists; we do need genuine caring people striving to protect our planets wildlife and Forests. These individual valiant people all specialise in a specific cause and are not bullying society by dictatorship tactics but are simply focused upon solving a problem and establishing good corrective action to stop erroneous thinking and behaviour. This method is far superior to the insane bully method of anti-freedom Socialist Doomsday Climate Change Activists. The childish immature thinking antics of Greta Thunberg Sweden financed by anti-freedom Socialism, is an example of incompetence and complete stupidity.

It is clear that we have many problems to resolve… a classic example is pollution of our seas with rubbish killing life in our Water World. We also need to build more dams and water catchment areas and terraform our deserts converting them to manufacturing communities and gradually redevelop coastlines into farmlands for growing agriculture and for rebuilding natural wildlife habitats. The coastlines belong to the people as tourists to visit parks, botanical gardens, beaches, with camping places for tents and camping vehicles with clean toilet facilities and should not be a location for building of homes by the rich that thrive on sole occupancy of natural views that belong to the people. Gradually these homes should be purchased by governments and converted to National Parks along the coastline so visitors can always enjoy the peaceful view of the planet earth in all of its magnificence.

Parklands carefully planned, along coastlines, with single story level kiosks for refreshments and outdoor restaurant styles, scattered along park regions near camping sites, will serve the survival needs of tourists.

From the coastline inwards a minimum of three kilometres to five kilometres regions should be allocated for tourists to visit and enjoy the natural beauty of nature. High rise motels and homes should not be located in these coastline wonder worlds of nature. And should be located further inland. Driving six to ten k’s towards coastlines for visiting is not that difficult. In fact many young people can walk or cycle that distance easily in one day.

The wonder, magic and glory of nature must be preserved so that we humans can enjoy the beauty and peace of earth’s natural being. Walking and cycling for the able is a healthy way to live.

Encouraging School Strike Action for Climate Change is a desperate stunt launched by anti-freedom Socialists, who want to control us. Until the age of eighteen years, a child’s place is in school gaining an education. School Strike Action must be outlawed and all adults encouraging, and authorizing Truancy and School Strike Action should be arrested and jailed for a minimum of five years. There is no place for the tyranny of school strike action and there is no place for bully activists that use children as pawns in a political game to control society and dictate that we must submit to bully doomsday climate change activists.

The efforts to destroy a stable free society by anti-freedom Socialism must be stopped head-on.

In Politics the left is Socialism and the right is ‘Libertarianism’. And Islam is Islam. And Communism is Communism. Stop calling political movements left or right. Say it the way it is… the belief system of individual thinkers and organisations, philosophical, political or religious is the motive for all good and bad ideas. There is right and there is wrong. There is just and unjust. There is Truth and Deceit. It is that simple.

Ice Age History Overview

Scientists have recorded five significant ice ages throughout the Earth’s history…

  1. Huronian – 2.4-2.1 billion years ago.
  2. Cryogenian – 850-635 million years ago.
  3. Andean-Saharan – 460-430 million years ago.
  4. Karoo – 360-260 million years ago.
  5. Quaternary – 2.6 million years ago to present.

(i) Source: Ice Age History March 11, 2015, Updated June 7, 2019


Below are extracts of this important history report, read the above link to increase understanding.

“Thanks to the efforts of geologist Louis Agassiz and Serbian mathematician Milutin Milankovitch, scientists have determined that variations in the Earth’s orbit and shifting plate tectonics spur the waxing and waning of these periods.” (i)

Approximately a dozen major glaciations have occurred over the past 1 million years, the largest of which peaked 650,000 years ago and lasted for 50,000 years. The most recent glaciation period, often known simply as the “Ice Age,” reached peak conditions some 18,000 years ago before giving way to the interglacial Holocene epoch 11,700 years ago.” (i)

At the height of the recent glaciation, the ice grew to more than 12,000 feet thick as sheets spread across Canada, Scandinavia, Russia and South America. Corresponding sea levels plunged more than 400 feet, while global temperatures dipped around 10 degrees Fahrenheit on average and up to 40 degrees in some areas.” (i)

Along with solar radiation levels, it is believed that global warming and cooling is connected to plate tectonic activity. The shifting of the Earth’s plates creates large-scale changes to continental masses, which impacts ocean and atmospheric currents, and triggers volcanic activity that releases carbon dioxide into the air.” (i)

An ice age is a period of colder global temperatures that features recurring glacial expansion across the Earth’s surface. Capable of lasting hundreds of millions of years, these periods are interspersed with regular warmer interglacial intervals in which at least one major ice sheet is present. Earth is currently in the midst of an ice age, as the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets remain intact despite moderate temperatures.” (i)

“These global cooling periods begin when a drop in temperature prevents snow from fully melting in some areas. The bottom layer turns to ice, which becomes a glacier as the weight of accumulated snow causes it to slowly move forward. A cyclical pattern emerges in which the snow and ice traps the Earth’s moisture, fueling the growth of these ice sheets as the sea levels simultaneously drop.” (i)


“An ice age causes enormous changes to the Earth’s surface. Glaciers reshape the landscape by picking up rocks and soil and eroding hills during their unstoppable push, their sheer weight depressing the Earth’s crust. As temperatures drop in areas adjacent to these ice cliffs, cold-weather plant life is driven to southern latitudes. Meanwhile, the dramatic drop in sea levels enables rivers to carve out deeper valleys and produce enormous inland lakes, with previously submerged land bridges appearing between continents. Upon retreating during warmer periods, the glaciers leave behind scattered ridges of sediment and fill basins with melted water to create lakes.” (i)

End of history extract. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… I resorted some of the paragraphs to put the upfront focus on the causes of warming and cooling, which is linked to plate tectonics. Variations in earth’s orbit and solar radiation is part of the reasons for changing weather patterns and thus natural process ‘Climate Change’. There are other impacts by the suns activity which also alters ‘Climate’.

CO2 does not alter Climate Change and is a friend not an enemy. The ‘Doomsday Climate Change Activists’, including all Demonstrators are completely off this planet in lack of common-sense logic and understanding. Treat these intellectually lazy fools with the contempt they deserve. Do not tolerate the bully tactics of ‘Climate Change Activists’ who are by their thinking and behaviour anti-freedom Socialists. Their methods are a form of ‘Totalitarianism’ focused on dictating to us. Their unjust attacks against our society must not be tolerated. Their credibility is being smashed not by us but by their own ignorance, which refuses to learn the truth as revealed by Scientists.

Don’t be misled by those scientists that support Climate Change activism they often have been corrupted in their thinking bending in the wind with political climate change activism, to gain government donation to complete their individual and collective need for funding of their selected science project which is being paid by the hard working taxpayers that are not being funded for any advantage.

Farmers that support Climate Change Activists are desperately thinking in error and blame their climate change problems on Governments. No human, including governments, can control and change Climate and Weather Patterns.

The Farmers real problem is establishing strategic management to ensure the right balance of water, food and protective covering exists to offset climate change variations. Carbon trading will not solve their problems. Preventative measures are the first step towards better combat solutions. And reducing CO2 will hurt the farmer.

The cost of energy is excessive in many parts of the world, including Australia. This disgraceful situation exists because of the Greens backward Socialist mentality. Climate change activism is making poor people poorer and that is not acceptable results.

It’s time to stop ‘Climate Change Activism’ and the naïve Politicians supporting this ‘Climate Change Activism’, must be voted out of politics. We don’t want them.

The Little Ice Age


The ‘Little Ice Age’ is an event that began after the ‘Medieval Warming Period’ (900 to 1300 C.E). Global temperatures were warmer than at the present 20th to early 21st Century, modern temperatures.

This is a science subject all of its own- the Greenland GISP2 ice core were about two degrees Fahrenheit, one degree Centigrade/Celsius, warmer than modern temperatures. The deepest ice core found in the world so far on 1st July 1993 was called GISP2. (ii) & (iii)

(ii) Source: National Science Foundation Arctic Program & Greenland Ice Sheet Project Two GISP2. Website maintained by ‘Climate Change Institute’ The University of Maine. https://climatechange.umaine.edu/gisp2/

(iii) Source: Medieval Warm Period. Temperature Fluctuations in Greenland and the Arctic. J. Easterbrook chapter in Evidence-Based Climate Science (Second Edition), 2016 Book # https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/earth-and-planetary-sciences/medieval-warm-period

# About the book.


Climate Science

Data Opposing CO2 Emissions as the Primary Source of Global Warming


Evidence-Based Climate Science: Data Opposing CO2 Emissions as the Primary Source of Global Warming, Second Edition, includes updated data related to the causes of global climate change from experts in meteorology, geology, atmospheric physics, solar physics, geophysics, climatology, and computer modelling. This book objectively gathers and analyses scientific data concerning patterns of past climate changes, influences of changes in ocean temperatures, the effect of solar variation on global climate, and the effect of CO2 on global climate. This analysis is then presented as counter-evidence to the theory that CO2 is the primary cause behind global warming.

Increasingly, scientists are pointing to data which suggests that climate changes are a result of natural cycles, which have been occurring for thousands of years. Unfortunately, global warming has moved into the political realm without enough peer-reviewed research to fully validate and exclude other, more natural, causes of climate change. For example, there is an absence of any physical evidence that CO2 causes global warming, so the only argument for CO2 as the cause of warming rests entirely in computer modelling. Thus, the question becomes, how accurate are the computer models in predicting climate? What other variables could be missing from the models?

In order to understand modern climate changes, we need to look at the past history of climate changes. Vast amounts of physical evidence of climate change over the past centuries and millennia have been gathered by scientists. Significant climate changes have clearly been going on for many thousands of years, long before the recent rise in atmospheric CO2 Evidence-Based Climate Science, Data Opposing CO2 Emissions as the Primary Source of Global Warming, Second Edition, documents past climate changes and presents physical evidence for possible causes.

Table of Contents

Part I: Climatic Perspectives

Part II: Temperature Measurements

Part III: Extreme Weather Events

Part IV: Polar Ice

Part V: Carbon Dioxide

Part VI: Oceans

Part VII: Solar Influences on Climate

Part VIII: Climate Models

Part IX: Climate Prediction

End of about book overview.

The LIA is not a true Ice Age and is more about a cooling of many of the earth’s Northern Hemisphere regions. It was a more difficult period for growing food and grazing.

My colour illustrated treatise 2011 ‘Climate Change’ published in 2018 COMPENDIUM III, available at Amazon.com in quality paper collector’s edition Paperback & Electronic Kindle, touches base with pre-history and ancient civilizations and the ‘Age of the Saxons & Vikings. Extracted quote…It should be noted that during the age of the Vikings, Scandinavia was several degrees warmer than earlier or later times. Many areas only used for summer grazing in cooler climates were farmed year-round during the ‘Viking Age’. Gaia has its own agenda for climate control. And humans cannot change Gaia’s objectives.”

Ice Ages are known to last for millions of years, hence the ‘Little Ice Age’ coined in 1939 in science literature, occurred when the Northern Hemisphere experienced sudden abrupt cooling. It started sometime between the 14th to 16th century, probably evolving gradually and lasted until the mid-19th Century. The current warming period we are enjoying began about 1850 C.E. Science has not established an exact beginning start date, probably, because the shorter the time frame, the more difficult it is to pinpoint an exact time date range. The methods science skillfully uses to work out earth’s pre-history time frames in past Ice Ages and other warmer periods is a skill in itself which needs a specialist paper to describe in overview how it is accurately done.

“Today it is suggested that the cooling or the LIA was not a result of increased glaciation at a global scale but was rather a result of changes in regional climates that took place independently.” (iv)

(iv) Source: By Sankalan Baidya Nov 7, 2015 https://factslegend.org/30-interesting-little-ice-age-facts/

The effects of ‘Little Ice Age’… Several parts of Northern America and Europe experienced colder winters. Expansion of glaciers occurred selectively in the areas of Alaska, Southern Andes, New Zealand and European Alps.

“During mid-17th century, villages and farms were completely wiped out by the advancing glaciers.” (iv)

Netherlands and Britain suffered colder winters. Rivers and canals were frozen with sheets of ice. Don’t think that warming of the planet is dangerous to human survival on the contrary freezing the planet is a far more dangerous concern. In Colder Climates… Food supplies shrink for all animals human or not.

“In Iceland, shipping business came to a halt and the harbors were completely shut down because the sea ice that surrounded Iceland stretched out for miles, closing all sea routes.” (iv)

“In Greenland, Norse colonies met with extinction because livestock ended up dead and crops failed because the winters became harsher. For nearly 310 years (1410-1720), Greenland was cut off from the rest of world because of the ice.” (iv)

The increasing cold caused serious famines. Whereas a warmer climate increases food availability for all life, which is why we need CO2. The political idiots who have included CO2 reduction in emissions carbon trading need their brains examined. And as for inferior thinking ‘Doomsday Climate Change Activists’ throw their panic-stricken coward tantrum thinking into the garbage bin.

Five to ten percent of populations were wiped out in very severe colder times. Countries hit hard included France, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia. 1693 to 1697 proved to be very harsh and cruel cold times for people and all other animal life.

Insanity raged higher true to ‘Dark Age’ mentality…

“Failure of agriculture in many parts of Europe because of the Little Ice Age made people to think (in panic) that it was a result of witchcraft. This resulted in witch hunting and many women were brutally tortured and most of them were burned alive as people thought that the best way to kill a witch and her witchcraft was to burn her alive.” (iv)

This is a classic example of Panic Mentality, like ‘Climate Change Doomsday Activists’. Fortunately modern laws protect us but imagine if these ‘Climate Change Activists’ existed in the age when dark thinking doomsday people existed that believed in witchcraft. A lot of people in our society would be executed for rejecting the insanity of ‘Doomsday Climate Change Activist’ false knowledge claims. Look back into history even the evil ‘Christian Inquisition’ cruelly persecuted and killed people for daring to claim that the sun, not earth was the centre of our Universe and that the earth was not flat. I have posted some of this knowledge in my 2017 book Flat Earth available at Amazon.com in Paperback and Kindle. And today, as I have published in other articles in my book series, Muslim Clerics are still claiming that it is ‘Blasphemy’ to claim that the world is round. The Qur’an says the earth is flat. And ‘Blasphemy Law’ under Islam is punishable by death. My book Flat Earth deals also with that insanity.

“North America too faced exceptionally harsh winters and agriculture failed in many places. The fatality rate among both indigenous people as well as European settlers was very high.” (iv)

Other countries were also hit hard by the lower temperature’s cold climate. Japan, China, Mexico, Africa, New Zealand, Australia and South America, were also affected by LIA impacts. The stories are in history and science with information about life’s struggles during the ‘Little Ice Age’ period. All you have to do is research the knowledge and understanding. An assignment which is too hard for ‘Climate Change Activists’ that are afraid to learn the truth.

Of course false knowledge nonsense theories thrive that reduced human population caused the ‘Little Ice Age’ and that increased CO2 caused colder climate conditions, by triggering reforestation. Which Greens have for once in the past correctly been fighting for… more Greening of the Planet. It is unfortunate that through ‘Climate Change Activism’ that the Greens lost sight of their original foundation objective of preserving wild-life and reforestation of planet. And to achieve that we need to naturally increase CO2. We need to avoid being caught up in wrong thinking ‘Climate Change Activist Doomsday’ fighting and excessive use of renewable energy and rejection of use of important fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

Human beings do not cause climate change, not in cooling of the planet nor in global warming of the process. Science has in many good books identified the real causes of Climate Changes and the Sun’s activities is a key part of that influencing process.

Carbon trading is not helping society it is making society poorer. One of the foolish core parts of Carbon trading is striving to lower CO2 emissions, which will help green the planet more and improve food production.

The other foolish part of Carbon Trading is allowing industries to buy carbon credits so they don’t have to work hard at reducing emissions, which should be about reducing poisonous emissions like CO Carbon Monoxide and other dangerous gases.

One country reducing emissions selling credits for other countries to buy, only means that a global cop-out exists where emissions are not being reduced on planet earth. And the rich are getter richer, whilst the middle class and poor class are getting poorer.

As availability of jobs decline caused by higher energy costs and lower investment in manufacturing, politicians cling to their financial benefits paid for by the taxpayer and do nothing, constantly subservient to the anti-freedom Socialist Greens often ridiculous demands.

Excessive higher taxes used to finance erroneous ‘Climate Change’ objectives, seriously hurts the struggling worker denying them better quality of life living conditions.

The ordinary average worker should be receiving lower taxes and should not be paying for the costs of promoting ‘Carbon Trading’ and all ‘Climate Change Meetings’ around the world financed by false knowledge lack of right thinking.


To be continued…

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