Volcanoes… Friend or Enemy?

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Hawaii Volcanoes


Volcanoes… Friend or Enemy?

Vulcanic CO2 Challenges Carbon Trading

Volcanoes are Territorial and are not friendly to any life form that exists in their territory during their eruption activity. Volcanoes will automatically kill without any concern or conscience about what they are doing, following their own natural cosmic energy instinct to react in much the same way a Reptile crocodile, alligator or poisonous snake or Arachnida scorpion will kill… it’s in their biological instinct, void of conscience.

Thus the wisest survival strategy is to avoid living in active volcanic territory.

However, three billion years history of Vulcanic Activity has revealed that after a volcano becomes dormant, they leave behind the makings of rock sculpture shaped into numerous interesting forms and have paved the way for creation of waterfalls and lakes which has supported future life with great advantages. But all these benefits only work for life whilst the volcano stays dormant. Thus life must stay alert.


Iceland once upon a time a Volcano existed here.


Costa Rico Volcano in Central America


Volcano Lava Eruption


“The Earth is home to 1,500 land volcanoes and 900,000 seafloor volcanoes/hydrothermal vents.” (i)

John Walker 2020

Laboratory Medical Director/Pathologist (1984-2011).

(i) Source: https://www.quora.com/One-volcano-eruption-gives-at-least-20-years-of-human-production-of-CO2-and-other-warming-gases-Why-in-this-case-should-we-care-about-global-warming/answer/John-Walker-922

John Walker February 10, 2020 continues his comments…

“We should care about global warming and global cooling, no matter the cause.” (i)

“But that does not mean we should make draconian changes in global economic, political and energy policies based upon the unproven hypothesis that human emissions of CO2 are leading to apocalyptic global warming. There simply is NO proof of this hypothesis. It is complete supposition.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments…

I agree with Walkers statements. And we should care about global warming and global cooling because it not only impacts upon human survival but also upon the survival of all non-human animals as well.

However, we should not tolerate the Climate Change Alarmists, the Panic Doomsday mentality that is founded completely on incompetent thinking, spending trillions of dollars that should be used instead to create a better quality of life for all Countries and every animal human and non-human.

Warming of the planet is not a frightening prospect because it is only a minor adjustment process which all humans can adapt to. A CO2 greening of the planet will increase quality food supplies for all life. We should be more worried about a freezing of the planet than warming of the planet. Freezing of a planet causes famine, poverty, and higher risk increase in plagues and suffering and death due to freezing conditions.

There are unwise scientists who are overreactive to their fear of Climate Change warming and there are smarter scientists that recognise that CO2 is a friend of earth and that Global Warming should not be feared.

Don’t be misled by false logistics which claims the majority of scientists’ support Panic Doomsday Climate Change Activism. That is not true.

There are volumes of books, articles and Internet postings, warning people not to trust ‘Alarmist Doomsday Climate Change Activists’. In fact there is so many records, telling the truth, that the average person cannot read all the available information and certainly Politicians cannot keep up with their need to upgrade their information and learn the truth.

That is where common-sense must rise up and recognise that CO2 is an essential friend of the world, like Oxygen. Life on our Gaia/Earth Planet cannot survive without these two gases.

And for that reason the entire Carbon Trading global emissions process is wasting trillions of dollars over decades in overreactive global panic. A volcano in eruption releases more CO2 than several years of human Carbon release, which all Vegetation needs as a constant in order to survive. If we reduce CO2… plants suffer and in turn may not produce enough oxygen for us humans and all other non-human animals to survive. That is why clearing too many forests is a serious concern. Protecting forests is not only about protection of wildlife, it is also about protecting and maintaining our essential need for oxygen. Without Carbon Dioxide CO2 and Oxygen, all life shall perish on our planet.

We have far more serious survival issues to worry about than panicking over minor global warming variances.

J.W. comments… “Recent research shows that the volume of volcanic CO2 currently being emitted into Earth’s atmosphere is far greater than previously calculated, challenging the validity of the man-made global warming theory.” (i)

“Natural volcanic and man-made CO2 emissions have the exact same and very distinctive carbon isotopic fingerprint. It is therefore scientifically impossible to distinguish the difference between volcanic CO2 and human-induced CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels.” (i)

A.I. comments… Carbon isotopic fingerprint is the appropriate scientific terminology, but society describes our CO2 emissions as a ‘Carbon Footprint’. And once against panic alarmists in ‘Climate Change Activism’, engage in overreaction ‘Carbon Footprints Activism’ and interweave common-sense survival activity with false knowledge ideas creating confusion in societal thinking.

John Walkers summary of the following truth, a great concern for humanity belongs in the history books so that new generations can reflect back on the serious mistakes made by ‘Socialists Greens’ and other ‘Panic Doomsday Climate Change and Carbon Footprint Activists’, which currently is denying millions of people around the world the right to a better quality of life.

“Those pushing… unproven hypothesis… are demanding massive changes affecting everyone on the planet, such as diverting tens of trillions of dollars from solving known existing existential problems (poverty, hunger, violence, war, infectious disease, cancer research, pollution and over-fishing of our oceans, lack of adequate sanitation, education and clean water, etc.) in order to “fight” an unproven hypothetical future cataclysm with costly methods which have not been proven effective, replacing capitalism and democracy with global socialism and authoritarian one world government, and redistributing global wealth.(i)

“Such actions would be irresponsible, illogical, socialistic, cruel and lead to massive morbidity and mortality!” (i)

“The trillions of dollars of scarce global resources wasted on global warming hysteria, anti-fossil fuel fanaticism and green energy schemes, properly deployed, could have improved and saved many lives.” (i)

About two million children below the age of five die from contaminated water every year – about 70 million dead kids since the advent of global warming alarmism. Bjorn Lomborg estimates that a fraction of these squandered green energy funds could have put clean water and sanitation systems into every community in the world.” (i)

“Waste of funds and loss of opportunity due to global warming alarmism and green energy nonsense have harmed people around the world. In North America and Europe, trillions of dollars have been wasted on grid-connected green energy schemes that have increased energy costs, increased winter mortality, and reduced the stability of vital electrical grids.” (i)

Thus ends a bloody good summary of reality, created by incompetent ‘Climate Change Activists’. John Walker said it well and said it right.

Of course as Walker said in the issues of neglected concerns… Etc. means more issues need addressing. Which is not about ‘Climate Change and Carbon Footprint Activism’ but is about the development of common-sense ‘Gaia Management’. I have talked about this before in other posts and shall one jigsaw puzzle piece at a time table more insight for wiser thinkers to collect and use in our global fight to overthrow ‘Socialist Climate Change Activism’ and replace it with common-sense caring of our planet and environment backed by an eternal commitment to free the world, eliminate Poverty, make energy prices cheaper and fight more skillfully cancers and diseases.

As Walker tabled… increased winter mortality due to incompetent grid-connected green energy schemes failed to back-up with other sources of energy, when sun and wind ceased to exist and thus was responsible for the death of many people, including the vulnerable elderly. I have read about these tragedies in Europe, no doubt it happens elsewhere where ‘Socialist Green Carbon Footprints’ have walked.

We will not eliminate the ‘Habit of War’ until we eliminate every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ that strives to thrive on our Planet.

And we will not eliminate ‘Totalitarianism’ until we eliminate ‘Blasphemy Law’ and every form of ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech Law’ and we will not establish the 100% human right to ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Equality’ until all fixed dogma that rejects 100% Freedom of Speech is exposed and rejected outright.

Don’t worry 99% of Degree Qualified Politicians in the early 21st Century around the globe are so undisciplined and incompetent that they don’t have the ability to keep up with author Allan Ivarsson Number one ‘Cosmic Philosopher’. By the time they figure his skills out, it will be too late for their credibility, for all eternity, will have been smashed. It will take a new breed of Politicians to learn the skills taught by A.I. to rise up and correct the serious errors of global Politics and some Judicial individuals.

As for anti-freedom Socialism, Communism, and anti-freedom Sharia Law, their days are numbered and shall evolve into decline as 100% ‘Freedom Values’ in Speech, Choice and Equality rises stronger, interfaced with wholesome ‘Democratic Capitalism’ that which is ‘Welfare Capitalism’, protecting the individual’s right to live free in speech and choice provided their thinking and behaviour respects everyone else’s right to live free from harassment and abuse.

Such a societal political system is founded upon the values of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which respects common-sense survival laws and the human right to free trade and the collective societal right to smaller governments and lower taxes and a ‘Societal Health System’ and retirement pension system that protects the rights and wellbeing of all elderly people from the age of 65 years.

The key focus of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ is the elimination of famine, homelessness, poverty and the insane ‘Habit of War’. To achieve this we need Politicians that are using the most advanced intelligence in the Universe. It is called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

The end of Socialism in Universities is a mandatory objective. Universities that ban 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ are inferior thinking intellectually backward Universities. In academic response such Universities deserve no ahimsa quarter. Their anti-freedom credibility must be smashed.

CO2 is an essential survival friend, just like O is an essential survival friend.


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