COVID-19 India: Police Officers Panic and use Violent Abuse to Force the People to Submit to Isolation Demands… this is a form of ‘Totalitarianism’

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Feature Image: Elephants are not impressed by bully dictatorship and will fight back. The Law of Nature Rejects Oppression.




Buddhist looks out thinking about Buddha’s kind Ahimsa (Non-Injury) Philosophy.


Buddha Rejects the use of violence. 

COVID-19 India: Police Officers Panic and use Violent Abuse to Force the People to Submit to Isolation Demands… this is a form of ‘Totalitarianism’.



Watch this disturbing below video… If Police Officers started hitting me with Bamboo Sticks, I would fight back to the death. There is no place for bully dictatorship. Whilst Governments may reasonably appeal to the need for self-isolation common sense that does not give Governments the right to bully abuse people by bashing them with bamboo sticks or any other weapon tactic. Every individual person must decide for themselves what to do during a disease crisis. The cruelty tactic of the Indian Police Officers in the below video is not acceptable behaviour and must be stopped.

In Australia people are facing fines of $1,000 to $11,000 for not using ‘Social Distancing’. Fining people for failing to practice ‘Social Distancing’ is an unjust totalitarian bully act and is absolutely unjust and  is an oppressive abuse of the human right to freedom of choice in decisions.

Fines of $1,000 dollars is nothing to a rich person, it is chicken feed cash. But to Middle Class people and poor people and to the unemployed, it is like receiving a million dollar fine which they cannot afford to pay. The rich easily walk away pay the fine and smile, the poor suffer constant misery imposed upon them by bully authoritarian laws.

There is no mention by Governments of what happens to the ‘Homeless’ during this crisis. Australia has over 100,000 homeless persons. 

In this link about Australian Fines (click here) the fine range was $1,000 for breaking Isolation Rules to $5,000 for businesses staying open, failing to close in lockdown. People can also be jailed for up to six months for disobeying restrictions. However, on the Television news the other night, I heard that fines could be as high as $11,000.

Government messages about these new fine laws are vague and incompetent in communication to the people from state to state and from Federal Government. The entire fine threat is a bully disgrace. A ‘Police State’ of tyranny is now evolving. 

In UK people will be fined. 

Coronavirus rule breakers face arrest and large fines as UK is put into lockdown

Report by James Hockaday Monday 23 Mar 2020 8:41 pm (i)

Boris Johnson says police will be rolled out to enforce an unprecedented nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Officers will be able to fine anyone who disobeys sweeping new measures including a ban on gatherings of more than two people.(i)

“The Prime Minister said individuals will only be able to leave their homes for a short list of reasons and that all shops selling non-essential items have been ordered to close. It follows concerns that not enough people were following the Government’s social-distancing guidance as the Covid-19 death toll continued to rise.” (i)

“Addressing the nation this evening, Johnson said: If you don’t follow the rules the police will have the powers to enforce them, including through fines and dispersing gatherings.’ Britons have been told they can only leave the house to shop for basic necessities ‘as infrequently as possible’ and to perform one kind of exercise a day. People will also be allowed to head outside to seek medical help, provide care to a vulnerable person or to travel to work ‘if absolutely necessary’, although it is not yet clear how this will be decided.” (i)


A. I. comments continue…    The British People had more freedom in their country during World War II than they do now.

Incidentally, with reference to the idea, tabled in Australia & Britain that we must strive to use home delivery that idea is seriously flawed. First… there is no guarantee that the person doing the delivery is not a carrier of COVID-19. Second… virus contamination can cling to can items for several hours, contaminated by a packer. Third… it is easy to receive an accurate good Pizza delivery. But home deliveries involving several items, including frozen food are vulnerable to wrong item delivery errors. Fourth… there are many places which supply Corporations will not deliver to.

Years ago I inquired about receiving home deliveries for cases of red wine and beer to be delivered to our home. They refused to deliver because we lived in a Rural Location in Northern NSW. We live only 20 k’s, a 25 minute drive from the City, but it was too far for business deliveries. I have to pick up the heavy weights once per month. I am 71 years old, can barely walk and have a very crippled left leg. Fortunately, I am a very tough man, with a strong ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ since I was 21 years of age in 1969, hence I devised a system, to reduce my walking and carrying process. I would rather pickup other food deliveries to ensure all is accurate and quality is checked by me, before purchase. My wife of 74 years has the same view. 

If people take the risk of rejecting self-isolation and become infected they must face the consequence of their bad decision and become Quarantined for 14 days to protect society.

It must be remembered that people need survival supplies and must leave home and travel to take back home what they need. We must trust they will act safely and practice to the best of their ability, to use ‘Social Distancing’ and strive to avoid close contact with other people. Most wise people will do this instinctively to protect themselves and their own home family. Only the foolish will take risks.

Most of the people being bashed in this video were commuters travelling forward to a destination some on bikes and others on scooters.

Families must stick together at home, which means in travel they cannot practice ‘Social Distancing’ with each other. Parents must keep children by their side and hence cannot practice ‘Social Distancing’ with their children. Common-sense must prevail.

The Indian Police Officers have revealed that the Indian Authority does not have a sense of decency and common sense. It is also unjust to fine people for not practicing ‘Social Distancing’ in a group, as is the tactics being used by the now ‘Totalitarian Australian & British Governments’ using a ‘Police State’ enforcement tactic.

Appealing to people to use ‘Social Distancing’ is a good reasonable approach to stop the rapid spreading of COVID-19, but it is not right to cross the line and bash people and fine people for failing to practice ‘Social Distancing’ with family and friends. ‘Social Distancing’ is a personal choice not a dictatorship decision. 

It is reasonable for stores to create ‘Social Distancing’ rules in their stores and the Managers of these stores do justly have the right to evict troublemakers from their stores and do have the right to demand people leave the store who refuse to respect store rules of conduct.

When people do the wrong thing, store managers do have the right to ring the Police and have eviction enforced. But this self-defence rule has always correctly existed in society to protect the freedom rights of people not to be harassed by other troublemakers.

Medical people, including Doctors are wisely doing consultations by phone to avoid physical contact during this Corona Virus Invasion. However, they will not stop physical meetings with their patients when a physical test and observation is the only way to solve a health problem.

‘Social Distancing’ of 1.5 to 2 metres whilst being correctly a reasonable safety objective cannot always be enforced even by the Medical Profession and by Teachers looking after the needs of Children in Schools and Pre-Schools. 

University Social Distancing is easier to achieve with adults than with young children at school.

Many of us myself included criticized… all the panic buying rush to stores… it was often shameful behaviour, but on the other hand, it now seems their panic was justified by the now Draconian Laws being enforced by fines threatening the freedom rights of every person. This new form of ‘Totalitarianism’ is going too far… and represents authoritarian panic as a subtle disguise to further down-the-track impose more anti-freedom Socialism, the transition stage to Communism to oppress the entire Free World.

Governments are now being watched by ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

To be continued…

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