Who will win in conquering the West? Coronavirus, anti-Freedom Islam, anti-Freedom Socialism or Chinese Communism? Think… we must lift our game and become more alert.

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Stop & Think!

Do you want Freedom or Oppression?

BNI Newsflash 10th April 2020 …

FYI: CAIR got this excellent video removed from YouTube. Please complain to YouTube about caving to a designated terrorist group. See if you can find it elsewhere: “Europe in 2047″


Europe including Britain Prophesy in 2047

I found it through this sight, click on below link to see.


BNI also found it…

‘ISLAMIZATION OF EUROPE’ VIDEO REPOSTED after Youtube Nazis took it down

This is the trail of YouTube’s automatic vague reasons for deleting a video which good people have worked hard long hours of effort to get a message out to the people about what is happening in the world. The rising danger of oppression and destruction of Western Freedom is happening rapidly.

YouTube created a great idea technology social media process, but they sadly caved into criticism by ‘Politically Correct’ anti-freedom Socialists and by anti-freedom Islamic Dictators the worst and most dangerous in America being ‘CAIR’ in bed with terrorist organisation Hamas .

The greatest tragedy of all is that YouTube was founded in America, the land of the 1st Amendment in the American Constitution that defends and protects the eternal human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’.

America is the only country in the world that defends and protects the human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ in their Constitution and YouTube chose to allow wrong thinking infiltration to penetrate deeply into their organisation which recklessly rejects the human right to speak freely about the dangers of all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ threatening our society.

YouTube Directors clearly do not understand that if ‘Totalitarianism’ takeover wins control of America, YouTube will be closed down by force and will be financially wiped out. It is in YouTube’s survival interest to support the truthful prophesy message in the above video about ‘Europe in 2047’.

This was YouTube’s automatic message…



This was my question submission to YouTube who failed to answer my questions…


YouTube claims “How can we improve it?” But the automatic question is not sincere. To improve their business service they must begin by rejecting all forms of bully ‘Totalitarianism’. And Islamic Organisation CAIR is an anti-freedom organisation openly committed to the overthrow of the American Constitution to be replaced by anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’. All CAIR’s bully demands must be rejected, always say, “NO!” to CAIR.

This was an American Patriots response to me through BNI…

Hadenoughalready says…

We’re all in this together, Allan. Here’s my re-post on HN&F (our site):


I’d be honored if you’d stop by and comment.

“WWG1-WGA” is our UNITED battle cry; So true!

Note: The key words…

We’re all in this together.”

This ‘Hadenoughalready’ message applies to every Nation that wants to live 100% Free of all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’. 


Now this is my response to the film… something to think about…

Jan 27, 2020 film preview…

Questionable Forecast… Don’t Panic…

Don’t become an Alarmist…

Do stay alert… do upgrade your education about reality… and about fixed dogma anti-freedom belief systems, be they Philosophical, Political or Religious or Cult.

Don’t underestimate the danger… do watch out for anti-freedom greedy politicians and coward politicians. Don’t vote for them. Do watch out for greedy CEO’s that care more about making money than about doing the right thing by their country.

Do support self-sufficiency and reject imports when your country has the ability to produce in Primary Industry and the ability to Manufacture those items. It is better to pay more for products and keep people employed to reduce unemployment and poverty than to buy imports at cheaper prices.

Remember the survival rule… Quality First… Price Second. Cheaper is not always better.

Free Trade is a good thing… but not at the loss of self-sufficiency.

Free Trade with ‘Totalitarian’ Nations is not wise. Strengthening the prosperity of anti-freedom Nations only makes them financially stronger and more capable to build Military Strength to rise up and invade ‘Liberty’ valued society.

We are in a war, founded upon the advance of oppressive economics and fixed dogma anti-freedom belief systems.

The war is ‘Totalitarianism’ fighting ‘Freedom Values’.

Video Source: https://barenakedislam.com/2020/04/08/must-see-could-this-be-europe-in-a-few-decades/

Who will win in conquering the West? Coronavirus, anti-Freedom Islam, anti-Freedom Socialism or Chinese Communism? Think… we must lift our game and become more alert.

Socialism is driving Energy Costs up higher and is wrongly pushing CO2 as the cause of global warming, falsely claiming that humans are causing ‘Global Warming’; that idea is a lie and has been proven to be false knowledge.

Allan Ivarsson 2020


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