Chinese Navy Preparing for World War III

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Chinese Navy Preparing for World War III


Unknown Between 2020 to 2050?

If you value your right to live Free… Stay Alert

Remember in World War II… Japan & Germany were small countries in comparison to Communist China. Germany created a nightmare in Europe and Northern Africa. Japan created a theatre of war nightmare in the South Pacific and in South Asia.

Fiction War Movies based upon historical fact have revealed to us about the horror of war in Vietnam, Korea, WWII & World War I just to name only four wars of many numerous wars that have been raging around the world for over 3,000 years.

If Japan could cause such destruction at Pearl Harbour, Midway, the Coral Sea, and on the Kokoda Trail, plus too many other battleground locations to list, image the terrible disaster that China can launch. Twenty times worse than Imperial Japan’s assault invasion.

We in Australia & America have been giving too much trade in imports and exports which Communist China is using to build a stronger military power to enable them to stop trading with us and instead invade and take all we own, like military pirates do.

We would be very naive and stupid if we cannot see the danger.

Even America under the leadership of Democrat Obama started sacrificing its military strength whilst China kept persistently building its strength. Fortunately under Trump he started a strengthening of the American Military. But even America needs to lift its military game more to stay ahead of China. The good news is that Republican Trump is now looking at American concerns about excessive trade with China. Let us hope that after Trump we do not get another dopey Democrat that starts tearing down military strength like idiot Obama did. If I were American I would vote ‘Republican’.

Australian Politicians, all Parties, since 1975 have become complacent about building a stronger Nation in Military Strength and a stronger Self-Sufficient Nation in Manufacturing and Primary Industry. After 2,001, Australia went into decline in self-sufficiency choosing to import what we had the ability to grow and manufacture. In addition, the push to strengthen our military slowed right down to a snail pace slow motion activity.

China’s military and self-sufficiency strength is so far ahead of us, we will take forty years to catch up to them if that is ever possible. Without American support we will perish in another World War.

It is time for all Australian Politicians to wake up and commit to rapidly building a Self-Sufficient Industry backed by accelerated military strength. Building our own Missile Bases, stronger Air Force and Navy with Army Military Strategic Defence against Invasion. We must strengthen our alliance with the United States of America.

A Nation that is not Combat Ready and is not willing to strengthen its defence is a Nation that will perish.

China is not interested in long term friendship. It is using us and all Western Nations to build itself into a self-reliant Superpower so it can rule the world. If you think this is not true then you are not very alert, Communism found upon Marxism has a history of being obsessed with conquering others. China is Communist/Marxist a ‘Totalitarian Nation that is focused on ruling the world.

The IPA, Institute of Public Affairs founded in 1943, that fights for preservation of ‘Freedom Values’ in Australia is one of the most intelligent and smartest organisations in academic Australia but even they have a flaw in their thinking.

The IPA believe that global trading must be a level trading field void of tariffs. And that trading with China is a good thing. The problem is that to achieve that dreamy global goal Australia sacrificed its Self-Sufficiency and has become for survival reasons now over dependent on imports.

It is not a level trading field if competitive Nations pay lower wages and retain higher levels of poverty whilst other Nations pay higher wages and have lower poverty levels. Good wage level industries cannot compete with lower wage level industries in a level trade playing field. Hence, tariffs are needed to protect self-sufficiency.

In addition, paying higher energy costs like that which exists in Australia, makes our competitive ability lower in performance. And we can thank the idiot Greens wrong thinking for this excessive energy costs imposed not only on our industries but on every Aussie household.

In the event of war, we will suffer seriously when import supplies are cut-off and we are not founded in Self-Sufficient Industrial Strength. Over the last forty years we Australians thanks to the incompetence of our Politicians have failed to build more Dams and Water Catchment Areas around Australia to protect the survival of our Primary Industries and our Cities with increasing Population numbers.

Remember, no food supplies = famine.

We are overdependent on ‘Renewal Energy’ and have failed to use more fossil fuel and the building of Nuclear Energy Plants to reduce Energy Costs.

We have become a lazy Nation in intelligence, education, and expansion development of industries. We should be building our own boats, ships, submarines, vehicles, planes and military needs. Why are we failing to do this? Because we are lazy.

Lazy thinking people become puppets of the state and gradually lose their right to live free and if China invades will perish.

Remember well, America trusted Japan and thought they were at peace, and then Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbour without warning. Do you think China will give us warning when they decide to conquer everything in their vision?

 And it should be noted there were Americans in the 1930’s warning of the danger of Japan and they were ignored.

Just like some Europeans including in Britain were warned about the danger of Hitler in the 1930’s and they ignored it until it was too late.

The very fact that China recently surveyed our waters using Chinese Navy sent a message they are getting ready for planned invasion.

COVID-19 came from China and forced all Nations around the globe into an economic recession of hardship, many died. China was not hurt by COVID-19 they were willing to sacrifice some of their own people out of 1.4 billion people to make China stronger at the expense of the West. China used COVID-19 as a biological weapon to hurt us. How do we know this is true? Because, China knew about the existence of COVID-19 last November 2019. And said nothing about the disease which came from the ‘Wet Markets’, until late February. By then it was too late… China let the disease invade the world to give China economic strength over the world. Xi Jinping has a lot to answer for because of his deliberate deceit of silence against the West.

Forget the false knowledge dangers of ‘Climate Change’ and focus on building ‘Self-Sufficiency’. Climate Change will not wipe us out, but Military invasion will. We had a taste of the dangers of the invasion of COVID-19 released by China. An all out Military Invasion will be far worse than the economic set-back of COVID-19.

It is time we the people held all Politicians accountable for their apathy and complacency.

Allan Ivarsson


More to think about…

Allan Ivarsson comments… One thing after having seen the conclusion on this video, whilst it is true Cyber Warfare is evolving… it is not true to think that man to man physical battle will not continue. China’s commitment to building a Superpower military force proves that physical warfare shall continue. 


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