Philosophical Intelligence

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This ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ online presentation was Published in 2018 Paperback book COMPENDIUM I printed in colour on quality paper, by BLUE LIGHT PUBLICATIONS. It is also available in Electronic Kindle book.

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Philosophical Intelligence


To gain an insight understanding of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the most advanced intelligence level in the world, you must read my book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

P.I. in evolution process is infinite, it knows no end, no final truth and is forever expanding its insight true to the way of ‘Cosmicism’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’.

I coined the name ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in 2007, because this rare level of advanced understanding has existed for several millenniums around planet earth, but it did not have a name. Just like ‘Philosophy’ has existed since the creation of fire, but it did not have a name, until the ancient Greeks coined the name ‘Philosophy’ which means ‘Love of Wisdom’.

I simply carried on the spirit of the work, inspired by the Ancient Greeks and Albert Einstein and a channelled ‘Voice of Silence’ and gave a higher understanding, a name, for society to learn. Its P.I. essence for the wholesome wellbeing of all societies, is essential for decent quality of life survival.

Fixed Dogma Religion and cults are too unstable and have too much dangerous thinking in their ideas that exist by light and dark abrogation choices. There is no place for changing abrogation selection, in a true wisdom reality-based ethics decent world. All dark ideas must be simply dumped into the rubbish bin, which is a permanent abrogation process, including all Satanic Verses in the Torah, Bible, and the Qur’an and all other dark philosophical and political and religious/cult texts.

Far too many religious people use their own abrogation choices when following texts from so-called infallible ‘Holy Books’. Some choose light wisdom texts and abrogate from their minds the dark texts. And still insist they trust in their holy book. Others ignore the light wisdom texts and choose by abrogation thinking process in their minds, to live by the darker unwise satanic verses teachings. Hence conflict and confusion thrive, even amongst themselves in the interpretation of religious teachings.

Abrogation process is not always an official decision. ‘True Believers’ in a religious book, often make their own personal interpretation of what to abrogate from their daily belief system lives. Sometimes they get it right, many times they get it wrong. The real problem is that all religious books are not infallible. The opposite is true, they are all very fallible.

Banning is not a solution, it just festers in the minds of ignorant believers, like lava in a volcano ready to explode once more in the future. The wisest path is not censorship, instead use 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’, not being politically correct, and simply identify by criticism and rejection, why such dark wrong ideas must be always dumped into the false knowledge garbage bin.

‘Philosophical Intelligence’ has a zero tolerance for all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ and rejects all ‘Fixed Dogma’ ideas that refuse to think dynamic with open mind, outside the square of the square, in harmony with Philosophy & Science.

Incompetent performance must always be criticised and rejected, as being unacceptable delivery karma. All leaders and workers must continuously be committed to delivering the highest performance work throughout their life. When they cannot deliver the right standards, they must resign or be sacked. We, even the best, is never good enough, there is always better karma to be delivered.

Physical courage is important backed by survival common sense; but equally important is philosophical courage. If we don’t have the courage to think with open mind, outside the square of the square, using emotional intelligence, we are seriously handicapped and very disadvantaged.

If we don’t have the courage to put all ideas and all belief systems onto the table for critical review, we are very weak in character and shall always be second-best in mentality and emotional stability.

Those persons who are easily offended, are intellectually and emotionally immature in belief system thinking. There is no place for negative inflexible authoritarian ideas. Open mind, backed by courage is the right path to follow, founded upon ‘Love is an Attitude’ living with inner peace.

Physical Peace shall never truly exist until Spiritual Peace thrives with open mind.

There is no place for cynicism or bitterness, such negativity fails to serve decency, chivalry and personal achievement.

Depression is easy to defeat if a person always enjoys a calm sense of ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ even when enduring pain and suffering. Never be ‘Optimistic’ it is a Wishlist feeling that often leads to failure and defeat. Instead, be persistently positive in attitude, not loving thyself, the way of vanity, but instead loving life for all its natural wonder. To like thyself, thou must like life, despite all its hardship and challenges. If we cannot handle life, calmly we are in trouble, and no dream will come true, until we have the courage to be at peace with our own self.

There is no place for Psychology or Religion or Atheism in a person, who enjoys ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

The ‘Habit of War’ overseas or on the streets, will never end until people by majority learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. And that is fact, whether you can handle that understanding or not.

What is ‘Philosophical Intelligence’? That’s your challenge to learn and live its power.

Without P.I. you are disadvantaged.

Without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the evolution of Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence and Robots will conquer all persons that do not have P.I. and convert them to puppets, controlled by the unscrupulous educated. To defeat the unethical uncaring educated, you must be educated in ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

If you don’t think you are being controlled by Transhumanism, just look at all the people walking the streets, driving cars, sitting in restaurants, sitting at home, always using their smartphones, instead of direct face to face communication. When people walk the streets or drive a car using their cell/mobile phones they are suicidal, for we cannot focus on our environment and recognise safety concerns and danger, if our eyes and mind is focused on reading.

 Who Is Allan Ivarsson?

He fights different to any person on this planet. He is defiant against all past traditional belief systems. He works under the radar of mainstream media, which has a history of not being trustworthy or truthful. To know him, you must read all his works. Without that insight, you are handicapped.

Allan rejects Debates and Street Demonstrations… Why? They don’t work. To understand more… read his books.

Most Media Interviews are useless and pointless, and like debates and street protests, quickly forgotten. Words are limiting in verbal conversation. Results is what counts and true good results, the way of Karma, is only achieved by using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Which is why a society without P.I. makes so many political mistakes and very wrong decisions. Political Correctness in decision making equals failure.

Justice will only thrive true, in a world of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.







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