Hi Readers… I have extended the subject headings of my website to cover more insight. These so far include… Books by A.I., Cosmic Law, Mission Statement, Ivarsson Profile I to VII, Music and more to come and share with others.

The Music I have selected fits the inspiration of my work; I enjoy doing as a service to you all.

I am committed in my elderly years as a mentor, to pass forward the benefit of all the knowledge and experience I have enjoyed during a lifetime of learning.

I hope that all my works helps others to understand the right and wrong of thinking.

I wish you all the best in peace and happiness. May you all ‘Live Free’.

I shall be facing soon a dangerous operation… but I have no fear for the ‘Light of God of Creation’ walks with me.

I have during my life, been forced to face death many times and I survived by living a path of miracles; when my time is up… it is up… and I have no regrets… the adventure I lived has been amazing, way past my youthful expectations.

Allan Peter Ivarsson 2020


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