Sheep Exported from Australia

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The First Video tables improvements to shipping standards of sheep, to reduce cruelty, but it does not identify the cruelty they experience upon arrival into ‘Islamic Nations’. The videos below identify other cruelty experiences by sheep. Just because one shipping transport has upgraded kinder behaviour does not mean that all other transports are not cruel. On the other hand put yourself in the position of being a live sheep. How would you like to be jam herded into a jail, crammed together with others so that you could barely move? Is this the act of decency?

There is no kindness towards animals in Islamic Nations. And that fact must be said again & again. Until people learn to put decency first before greed.

“I Support the Complete Banning of Live Exports”.

Allan Ivarsson 2020



Videos H/T BNI tabling cruel reality…. all of us including BNI, are horrified by the cruelty that animals suffer in Islamic Nations and by the cruelty live animals suffer during livestock shipment to other Nations overseas. I have added a few more videos to the list… we must stop live export. It is kinder to humanely kill animals than to ship them live to experience a life of misery. And we humans falsely call ourselves ‘Civilized’.

No amount of financial income in live exports justifies the cruelty which animals experience during transport and overseas after they arrive to be subjected to more cruelty by uncaring inhumane Muslims.

Animals have rights also just like humans to enjoy kindness and consideration. Only evil allows and encourages animals to be cruelly treated for profit.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

PS. Watch the below video of more cruelty. Not one of us, BNI included wants to watch these videos but we would be worthless as human beings if we did not watch them and pass them forward to send a message loud and clear. “All Cruelty Against Animals Must Be Stopped!” If we refuse to watch these videos and refuse to write and speak against such evil cruelty then we are guilty by apathy/indifference to being an accessory to the crime of allowing cruelty to animals to exist. And such apathy is not acceptable behaviour.

The below comments by BNI open our eyes more…

ANIMAL ABUSE: Watch how Muslims in Morocco prepare for the Eid al-Adha holiday

It’s called the Festival of Sacrifice but it’s more than just slitting the throats of fully conscious animals so they writhe in pain as they bleed to death which can take several minutes. Watch how the savages fight each other to grab the animals off the back of a truck and then drag them through the streets, often by their horns or tails.


More Sheep Export Videos…


Be Kind… there is no place for Cruelty


Cosmic Law states on Transport of Animals…

1.”Thou shalt not transport live animal exports overseas.”

2. “Thou shalt not transport live animals caged in cruel conditions on land or on sea.”

3. “Thou shalt not place greed before kindness and decency.”

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