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Seek to understand all cosmic perceptions of existence, all infinite truths, and all alternatives of existence. Only fools fight each other over intangible beliefs that are not complete. No conviction can ever be complete, there must always be some reasonable doubt, and all conviction must make allowance for expansion beyond self.

All persons who initiate violent force to impose their will upon others, and who kill in the name of a cause, are spiritual weaklings. Only evil uses violence against peaceful life forms, and ruthlessly destroys material things in the name of God, or in the name of claimed truth.

Now upon this infinite extension lies a consciousness that death brings the realisation of how meaningless life seems. When nothing is left but the memories of the living, and when the living are gone, so too are the memories, and then all is nothing, reverting to the state of existence where everything was nothing before, we were born.

What then is meaning within our life? The answer is, only that meaning which we give unto ourselves by our own needs, efforts and self-imposed importance. Our identity is that of our spirit, the nature of how we sense, feel and reason. Our spiritual attitude guides our instinctive nature. Instinct can be trained and developed as we choose, and as required by survival needs.

Life’s order and direction only gains value when ‘G’ is placed in front of the letters ‘O’ and ‘D.’ Good fulfils itself and strengthens identity when it leads order and direction. Such is the way, truth and life of GOD of Creation. Bad choices will inevitably destroy our identity and quality of existence.

Our purpose in life comes only by our own creation, that which is motivated by our soul of threefold consciousness. In life we have two choices, the way of Good or Bad, the way of Right or Wrong. Good things improve the quality of our existence and the universe around us. Bad things destroy quality of our life and the universe around us.

Life is a constant struggle between “the haves and the have-nots,” “the caring and the uncaring,” “the ambitious and the unambitious.” Within these three areas of struggle lies a cross section of variable results: “the famous and the unknown,” “the wealthy and the poor,” “the healthy and the ill.” Life shows no mercy and gives no justice to anyone in existence. To improve opportunity, simply identify your goals; add a little luck, practice caution, action an intense degree of effort, backed by a dash of persistent will power. Driven by pragmatic creative visualisation, and emotional intelligence, effort shaken all around by the challenge can result with the dice of our destiny rolling any number of different ways. Only our spiritual conviction, the way of living in the light, can maintain and secure our destiny and be sure of one direction.

Now one might ask; if existence is so circumstantial, so elementary a game of chance, a pattern of chaos, with limited hope of always gaining right justice, what then is true?

Well the truth is: that only those persons who feel the spirit of love and live with this conviction, giving all that they can possibly give of themselves; only those persons shall see the light of revelation.

All persons who reject the power of love are lost and shall never know anything else but conflict in spirit. But living in a spirit of love does not mean submission to bullies of any kind. It simply means…live true to goodwill, kindness, consideration, courtesy, chivalry, honour, ethics, decency the way of manners, which means that we respect others and their rights.

The spirit of love can only exist in a wholesome way in a World that values ‘Liberty’ in ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice.’

Cosmic Consciousness –the essence of its existence…

If thou look skywards into the blue light of eternity, where time and space is three-dimensional, mass and energy cyclic in motion, creativity and change expanding and contracting; where light and darkness competes against each other. Where light travels through darkness documenting everything in its path, preserving historical images forevermore, travelling along lines of infinity to be read only by advanced levels of intelligent interceptors, be they vehicular materials, or spiritual mediums…

Thou shall see the truth, that all phenomenal experience be it psychic-hyperphysical, or spiritual forces of a different kind, and all valid ideas, and all inspired harmonious creativity, comes from the infinite reservoir of existence. The spirit of all that we are, the source of all material knowledge, all consciousness, light and dark, all psychic insight, that part of existence which is of the creation, that which we call God. Such is the communication link an endless flow of power that never stops expanding, recycling its realisation with intelligent life again and again gradually diminishing horizons of darkness.

Cosmic Consciousness is the infinite reservoir of knowledge, which is in a finite sense like a computer disc, with no boundary. It is an endless source of insight, which expands upon it, sharing awareness, and recording new information. An intangible disc housed in the universal computer of creation. Extend yourself past finite limitations, and thou shalt see the perception of how vast and real is the power of cosmic consciousness. It cannot be measured, quantified, or adequately described. It is sufficient to recognise its existence, its wholesome power, and to know how to draw upon its wisdom, and live true to its inspiration. In living its encouragement God develops within.

Thus, it unfolds that humanity through fear ignorance and frailty clung to beliefs in creators, protectors and life hereafter via heaven, paradise, hell or reincarnation. Few in ancient times were brave enough to face reality, and of those persons who fought for reform many were executed.

Upon this awareness, Humanity has failed as a united group to extend themselves past the boundaries of reason, where reason alone, has no place in existence, and where all instinct must reverse itself, and unlearn all its social inhibitions.

All revelation is true, only by our receptiveness to the communication transmissions which come to us from spaces beyond, where time does not exist, and is simply a measure of distance and changing state, that finally cannot even be measured, as the power of truth reverses its own entity. Such is quiddity, that which actualises its own essence.

Only the enlightened will come to terms with this reflection. The rest are already lost and will see only what they want to see. The unenlightened will never understand the sounds of silence from beyond the graves of existence, where life has become dust, and dust has become nothing, and nothing exists, for nothing is something reversionally capable of change, ready to begin the cycle of existence once again.

It has been great to be a part of life, and in the face of death, the realisation unfolds, that it is the struggle, which enlivens humanity. When that struggle is gone, so too is life, and only the quality of existence determines the value of the struggle for survival, progress and insight.

Violent struggle is unrewarding,

Being stupidity at its best, and madness at its worst;

Non-violent struggle is rewarding,

Being wiser at its best, and better-quality existence at its worst;

Upon this stage of life, the sound of birds whistles high above preying on insects of the land. Fishes of the sea eat each other, mammals and reptiles kill each other in their struggle for survival, the worst killer being man; all victims of a cruel and unjust system which religious leaders urge us to believe, that a God of Love created this living system of cruelty.

All of this brings the higher realisation of how cruel and unjust our existence is when we prey upon each other denying all life around us the same equal opportunity to survive. This higher realisation opens the spirit of truth, unfolding an infinite awareness that God is not the creator, but rather God is like us “of the creation.”

Life would be kinder if all existence learnt the way of vegetarianism and the way of self-managed birth control, void of government interference. Over population of any species strangles life and destroys the very value and beauty of a balanced existence.

A higher realisation evolves, that only in self-defence do we have the right to use whatever degree of force is necessary, and even then, we must first try to walk away, lest we fail to expand the potential of improving the quality of existence for ourselves, and all other life.

It is our mind, which is the mechanism of our attitude. A good right conviction can automatically open the door of vision to release our spirit, and through the unfolding power of revelation, we can go beyond all understanding, and return to the eternal peace from whence we came, before our time upon this planet of the universe.

Death is just a state of final peace, an equaliser for us all. Race, colour, and creed are no longer valid; health, wealth and fame are no longer relevant; lust, greed and ambition is no longer useful; all is gone forevermore.

Upon this higher realisation, let us choose the dawn of inner peace in life, where true freedom of the spirit feels love for all existence. In life and in death, only those persons, who seek to exist in the way of ahimsa, shall find eternal truth, and expand along the line of infinity.

To live, having found higher realisation through Nirvana is of the greatest joy and experience, a spirit of feeling, positively greater, than the negative state of never knowing what one could have found.

Experience is the essence of all insight, and only higher consciousness serves the realisation of that revelation, which should come to each soul before their final sunset.

For those that don’t know, ‘Ahimsa’ means Non-violence, Non-killing, Non-injury, Non-harming, Non-hurting. It is an excellent ‘Pali’ word which describes well the foundation of human thinking to come.

May Peace Be Within You Always

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