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Through the Light


“The Power of Cosmic Consciousness is within us all.”

Walking along the sand, the Scholar contemplated upon the nature of awareness. He stopped to pick up a large conch shell, which lay near the water’s edge. Examining the empty spiral shell he wondered, “How long has it been deserted? In what age of time did the Gastropoda leave its mollusc life to become a part of the infinite cycle of regeneration? Oh God, what value is this lifeless shell now? This locomotive organ once ventrally moved across the surface not realising that the end would come. Is a human beings life any more significant than that of a shellfish?”

Sitting down on the sand near the water’s edge, the Scholar felt the exhilarating touch of life’s base. Sea water swirled around his bare feet whilst he gazed upon the setting sun. Darkness soon blanketed the beach. Lighting his lantern, the Scholar placed it on the sand by his right hand side. An hour passed… the tide slowly receded away from his feet. The light from the crescent of the moon seemed to join forces with the single light upon the beach. As the Scholar glanced at his lantern, he witnessed a flickering moment, a light breeze filled the air and then all was still once again.

“Well I think I’ll go,” the Scholar soliloquised, “the darkness of the night is starting to pass through me.”

Standing up, the Scholar turned to walk away from the ocean side. He moved a few paces, then immediately stopped in his tracks. A voice called out, “Scholar of Life! Scholar do not be concerned, simply look well for the truth. For just as the lantern lights your way, so too shall the relativity of your existence reveal itself in the changing wind of destiny; all will become clear as you seek to understand along the path of peace.”

Turning around, the Scholar searched for the sound. He saw a face. A pale being hovered in the sky to the right of the moons crescent. The round slightly diffused face was almost indistinguishable, there did not seem to be any definite features, hairless in image, and yet, of form almost transparent, the lips of the face continued to speak as a translucent light of gentleness radiated through the eyes.

“Who are you?” the Scholar asked.

“I am the spirit of yourself, if you believe, I am your destiny.”

“Through ‘Cosmic Chaos’ and the way of eternal expansion thou shall find me. I am the light of your awareness, do not fear me, yearn to share with me and I will give all to you. Walk into the ‘Blue Light’ and I shall ease your troubled mind.”

In an instant, a triangular beam of translucent blue light formed at the water’s edge. Standing still for a moment, the Scholar hesitated.

“Come,” the voice of reassurance said, “do not be afraid, walk into the light of revelation, and you shall understand.”

Slowly walking forward, the Scholar entered the eternal light at the threshold of reality. The world in which he had previously stood seemed a distant illusion, and now in this moment what at first seemed a dream became reality.

Materialising in front of the Scholar in the land of revelation, the form of the Messenger appeared.

“What form of trickery are you casting upon me this night?” the Scholar exclaimed.

“None my son,” the Messenger assured, “there is no trickery except that which you create in your own mind. Remove the anxiety from your heart, I am your friend and I am your voice of silence from above and beyond. I am of you, I am your destiny, I know of your past. I am the guiding light of all humanity. I am the spirit of you. I am the Messenger within your soul. Through the light of a spiritual awakening you can learn about human behaviour, the reality of yourself, the illusions of life, and the power within you, which will guide you beyond yourself.”

“What do you mean?” the Scholar asked.

“Through the light you shall see,” the Messenger answered, “a spiritual awakening is a conscious realisation of feeling which opens the personal need to ask, seek, and knock upon the door of sempiternal insight; inspired by a deep desire for inner peace, the soul of awakening releases its spirit of endeavour into the world around in a constant quest for understanding. Slowly and steadily through industrious effort, the spirit of the mind rises from above its base instinctive level and reaches into higher plains of consciousness. Moving closer to the ‘Godhead of Revelation’, that is, the ‘Godhead of Eternal Truth’ where all laws of reality occupies a relative place in the balance of infinite understanding. Through the timeless hearth, humanity shall rise towards the highest.”

“Highest?” the Scholar inquisitively remarked, “highest…highest what?”

“Be patient, I am not yet ready to leave,” the Messenger revealed. “The spirit of good is the intangible expanding power of eternal life, which is contained within the soul. This spiritual power, that is, this spiritual spirit, this infinite source of infinitesimal energic power expands through the light of development. When allowed, the power of darkness destroys the spiritual light of potential through the diminutive process of degeneration. The power of light, which rejects evil, builds potential, and leads its eternal self through the finite levels of growth into expanding cosmic awareness. In death, the Id of light expands within the mind and releases its own spiritual energic power which flows back to the ‘Godhead of Infinite Guidance’. In death, the Id of darkness collapses and releases diminishing forces, which float into aimless drift, until gradual dissipation breaks up the composition of spirit. Darkness leads to death. If you doubt what I say, think again, look to Black Holes, as surely as material vanishes into darkness, so too shall the spirit of light perish when it fails to reject evil by zero tolerance.”

“Spiritual forces of energy are part of the internal composition of the soul. This spiritual power is of three parts, ‘Dark Realisation’, ‘Light Awareness’, and ‘Creative Visualisation’. How you use these three powers of energic force will determine the nature of your existence and the final course of your destiny. It is difficult to describe in a way you will understand, so I shall say it as near as it is. The Id is a thin belt of seemingly matter-less energy, which contains inside its triquarius boundary, like the petals of a flower spinning fast, petals linking to each other weaving in and out. A translucent blue colour trinic lighter energic power which is infinitesimal in size, so small that there is not an invention yet, which can detect its existence.”

“Through a spiritual awakening thou shall expand thou horizons and depth of understanding. The more thou learn, the more thou shall seek to understand. Rise by constant conscious effort… the higher thou travel along the path of enlightenment, the further thou shall reach out for increased insight. The further thou reach, the higher thou shall travel until the past form of insight, becomes so low in the level of escalation that thou will wonder upon how thou ever enjoyed the lower level of understanding. In the highest exposition of truth, thou shall discover that the lowest of understanding, shall think thee now strange, and you shall be beyond their comprehension. Godlike in projection, not as a God, for thou art but human, but Godlike in thou spirit of love and peace, thou shall become to other mortals, a misunderstood conception. Many misguided persons shall unwisely fear thee, and thus by their insecurity, shall become violent and abusive towards thee; they foolishly will react this way, because they do not understand thy higher levels of cosmic consciousness. Some persons shall blindly reject thy existence, without even making the effort to know thee or read thy teachings, others shall incorrectly revere thee, they too are misguided; many afraid of thee will try to destroy thou reality, whilst others will stupidly create ceremonial effigies trapped by their own illusions.”

“As you travel through the transitions of eternal consciousness, thou spiritual awakening shall expand into timelessness, where all forms merge into one, and one is one of self, and all beyond self. Through the highest thou shall reach the highest, and in the highest moment of transition, thou shall still feel in the lowest behind destiny. For destiny will always stay ahead in the highest.”

“If the highest of all highest is of God,” the Scholar queried, “then the lowest of all lowest must be of Satan. Who then is the Antichrist?

“It is not a person,” the Messenger answered, “nor a nation, or a creed; Satan is the Antichrist who comes in many forms and has many names. God has only one name and has no other name. God’s name is God.”

“God is the father of all love, truth, and understanding, and thus gives harmony.”

“Satan is the father of all hate, falsehood and confusion, and thus gives conflict.”

“Satan has many names, and disguises itself to cause trouble, whilst God has only one name to inspire unity.”

“But who is the Antichrist?”

“Satan is now of a new form that began many millenniums ago…you shall know when the time is right.”

Stunned by these words, the Scholar stood quietly still. In a moment, the Messenger vanished, the blue triangle of light dissipated; darkness once more filled the space. Glancing towards the warm face of love hovering in the sky, the Scholar watched the face of encouragement fade as his voice called out…

“Now refocus your thoughts on spiritual expansion, go son of humanity, for by thy growing awareness, thou are now transcendent, towards the highest thou shall rise.”

It came to pass…

The Scholar returned from his dream to earthly life, or did he? What had changed? The Scholars instinctive cosmic feeling of spirits beyond led him by faith. Many of the messages were still unclear, being beyond his comprehension, and yet he sensed with the passing of time, his reticence about his insight would lead him further towards the infinite hearth of reality. In the event that the Scholar chooses to speak freely, the strangeness of his era would turn upon him.

In 2006, a voice of silence came to him during the evening of one night, when he experienced an electrical blackout caused by a lightning storm. The voice quietly said… “Scholar of Life years ago you asked who is the Antichrist? Now I shall give you the answer.”

The Scholar waited patiently for six minutes in the dark, sitting by a Citronella Oil Lamp, The flame flicked lightly. The Scholar impatiently said, “Well Messenger, what is the answer?”

The voice of silence replied… “Blasphemy Law” the universal dictatorship enforced by evil people. Do not worry all persons that enforce ‘Blasphemy Law’ and any other form of anti-freedom of speech law, shall automatically lose their right to eternal life. As it was written so it shall be done.”

Author Comments 2013: This 1986 fiction story, encasing a true channelling experience, reveals a ‘jigsaw puzzle piece’ to understanding the essence of ‘Soul, Spirit and God’. The wiser will stay complete with open mind; the unwise shall cling to fixed dogma.

Source: ‘Philosophical Intelligence’

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