Reincarnation – Ted & Fred

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This online humour was Published in 2019 Paperback book COMPENDIUM IV printed in colour on quality paper, by BLUE LIGHT PUBLICATIONS. It is also available in Electronic Kindle book.

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“I know a guy who sells rust free cars,” said Fred.

“Yeah?” responded Ted, “Fair dinkum?”

“Yep,” said Fred, “You get the rust for nothing.”

Source: Ivarsson, Allan. 2017 FLAT EARTH: Blue Light Defiance ‘Law Suits – Eye of the Tiger’ (Kindle Locations 1072-1076). Blue Light Publications. Kindle Edition.

Reincarnation – Ted & Fred

‘Dumb & Dumber’

TED: “I do not believe in the reincarnation theory. Rebirth of a soul in successive bodies is total nonsense. Really! The stupid things, which people believe… I mean transmigration of a soul from one life to another life, to another life, is a fantasy of wishful thinking by those persons who cannot accept death as a permanent end to life on earth.”

“Common sense must prevail. How can it be?”

“The world’s population is constantly increasing. If reincarnation was true, you would expect the population level to stay about the same, plus or minus ten percent.”

FRED: “Ah but…did you know…

“The world’s population of frogs is decreasing.”

TED: “One day in 4.5 billion years from now, the planet Earth will be destroyed. So much for the reincarnation theory, everyone will perish and will not gain rebirth.”

FRED: “Did you know that in the end we are all reborn.”

TED: “How? Everything returns to cosmic dust to recycle its entity. From the explosion, new formations of spheres and galaxies evolve to replace the old disintegrated bodies. Nothing lasts forever. Just as life lives and dies, so too does all non-organic life, forever changing its form.”

FRED: “Ah yes, but…

“We all become stars.”

TED: “In my past life I was a Dinosaur, I lived in the Mesozoic era. Before that I was an Ant. Last century, I lived in Paris. I was a sex maniac.”

FRED: “So what! I was all three in one lifetime. I was an ant sex maniac with a dinosaur mentality. No reason just hard fun.”

TED: “I was once the Dalai Lama in Tibet.”

FRED: “So how come you are not in the history books?”

TED: “When I was two years old, I lived in the mountains.”

FRED: “And? Go on…”

TED: “The fools couldn’t find me.”

FRED: “A fortune teller told me that in a previous life I had a really good time.”

TED: “Well don’t hold me in suspense! What did you do?”

FRED: “I had a lot of lively fun. And I mean lively.”

TED: “Go’n.”

FRED: “I was a rabbit!”

TED: “How then did you progress up the ladder to become human?”

FRED: “I guess I was good at it.”

TED: “Yeah well, you haven’t done so great at this level of reincarnation. So, you had better watch out.”

FRED: “Why what for? I’m doing okay.”

TED: “In the next life, you’re just as likely to regress.”

FRED: “Oh nonsense! I went up the ladder not down it!”

TED: “Yeah but have you played the game ‘Snakes and Ladders?’ Well reincarnation is a bit like that game. If you do well by continuous improvement you climb the ladder, to a better level of existence. If you make a wrong move, you can easily slip down the snake to a lower level. See what I mean?”

FRED: “Slip back to what? I’m lively and just as smart as always.”

TED: “Yea that’s true. That is why you’re likely to become… a bunny!”

“Hey Fred!”

“Yes Ted, what now!”

“You know that song climb every mountain.”


“Well I’ve been trying for years, but I can’t get past first base.”

“Why Ted?”

“There’s just too many of them. I don’t know where to start!”



A point of view

Fred: “Did you know there is a law against suicide?”

Ted: “Really?”

Fred: “Yep.”

Ted: “Well I’ll be!”

Fred: “Yeah, you had better watch out, if you succeed, you’re in big trouble.”

Ted: “Golleey! It sure doesn’t pay to break the law… does it?”


I’m Ted my favourite colour is Red.

I’m Fred and my favourite colour is Green.

And now we leave you with ideas from the Scholar of Life.

And his favourite colour is ‘Blue’.

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