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Change Process


Paul Keating the 24th Prime Minister of Australia (1991-1996 C.E.) and Treasurer of Australia (1983-1991) had a good vision for Australia. Part of his agenda correctly included making Australia a Republic. Paul Keating was a talented man, but like all of us, some of his ideas, were wrong. This is why, we need freedom of speech, and the right to tactfully criticise ideas. Freedom of speech keeps all our ideas on the table in check and forces us to open our mind, by stepping outside the box of comfort zone thinking and fixed dogma mentality.

Jihad Islam finds the process of freedom of speech offensive and is willing to execute, torture and imprison those persons who disagree with Islam’s evil Totalitarian Apartheid ‘Sharia Law’ doctrine as founded upon instructions in the Qur’an.

True to his vision, the ‘Keating Government’ tried to establish an ‘Australian Republic’, which I might add…I supported the goal. The objective failed, because the persons involved made the entire process over complicated. A lot of half-baked clowns, were allowed, to get involved. In short, the entire debate and ideas process turned into an expensive circus. Fools wanted to radically change the ‘Australian Constitution’ and the ‘Australian Flag’. The one thing all these clowns had in common was that they did not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. As I said earlier, all they had to do was delete the Governor Generals seat the link to England and we can become a republic. Too easy! Democracy in decision is essential, but without P.I. it will fail. Oliver Cromwell’s democracy vision in the 17th Century, was defeated because those in parliament did not have P.I. and could not visualise a by the people government process.

Another classic example of lack of P.I. is when governments introduce a pragmatic good wholesome process, and a new incoming government of a different party, scraps the idea simply because it was not their idea. This idiocy happens in the business world as well when a new manager takes over a seat. Change for change sake is stupid. Change must always reflect a process of expanding continuous improvement. Change which goes recklessly up and down, is an out-of-control process, delivering expensive results going nowhere except around in circles.

Movers, Shapers, Maintainers & Change Agents


(Revision 1:2007)

By Author

I now refer to my previous published notes about Movers, Shapers, Maintainers, and Change Agents. I rewrote traditional university definitions and changed the business world definition of these process types. Of the five hundred people who have read this new definition, I do not believe anyone has grasped what this really means. Hence, I table the published comments below…

“A ‘Mover’ is a person who is a good maintainer of existing methods and contributes small innovative improvements to existent process methods. A ‘Shaper’ is a specialist who can identify ‘Strengths and Weaknesses’ within a scenario and can using Emotional Intelligence, Pragmatism, and Creative Visualisation, solve problems and create solutions of an advanced changing nature to the wholesome betterment of process performance and efficiency. A ‘Shaper’ specialises in solutions. A ‘Shaper’ is not a ‘Change Agent’. A ‘Maintainer’ lacks innovative vision and does the job the way it has always been processed as per training. Good ‘Maintainers’ are content with their job process and are essential to industry performance. ‘Movers and Shapers’ are never content to stay in a purely maintain seat for more than eighteen months. Inevitably ‘Movers and Shapers’ move on seeking new challenges. A ‘Change Agent’ is a person claiming to be ‘Shaper’ who lacks pragmatic creative visualisation and lacks emotional intelligence. A ‘Change Agent’ will reinvent the wheel and claim it as their own invention and will change for change sake- often for the incompetent worst.”

“Many employers make the same constant mistake…they fail to identify each seat requirement, that is, each needed position, as being a “Shaping position, a Moving position or a Maintain position or as a required combination of any three aspects of such skills.” Likewise, they foolishly fail to match the employee skills to the requirements of the needed performance. Result…wrong match discontent, failure and poor performance.” (i)

The above statement was recorded in 2000 C.E. and published in 2003. It now needs a slight addition. After years of research, I came to understand the existence of P.I. in 2007. Hence the following added definition…

“Movers, Shapers and Maintainers with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, can outperform those Movers, Shapers and Maintainers who do not have P.I. Change agents will never learn P.I. they are too reactionary to learn P.I. To establish P.I. one must first gain E.I. and become a smarter person. The world does not need Change Agents. Society does need Movers, Shapers and Maintainers with P.I.”.

Politicians need to change their automated ‘Change Agent’ thinking process to pragmatic thinking as ‘Shapers’ with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. The result would be less conflict in parliament and more harmony with the public. Ideas will never be smoothly received by all. But people with P.I. will be in better tune with each other. The first rule of being a great shaper, if someone in the seat previously, has created a great idea, an important process principle, don’t tear it down. Simply improve on it, via the evolutionary process of continuous improvement. Political Parties and New Owners of excellent businesses, often make the stupid mistake, of discarding proven path excellent methods and ideas. If it works significantly well, don’t change it. Use the Kiss method.

That is why Keating’s bid for creation of an ‘Australian Republic’ failed; too many participants were only ‘Change Agents’. With their involvement, the plan to create a ‘Republic’ was doomed to fail.

The founding fathers of the ‘American Constitution’ were ‘Shapers’ that is why they succeeded.

(i) Source: Author’s Profile: Meditations (2000 C.E.) Blue Light Test Pilot Book, published 2003.

(ii) Source: 2018 Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ by Allan Ivarsson -This edition includes 2007 revision not included in first 2003 publication.

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