Malaysia’s ex-PM said that Muslims have a right ‘to kill millions of French people’ if Islam is insulted.

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Feature Image: Beach Langkawi Malaysia – the Jewel of Kedah. It is sad that Muslims that don’t treasure ‘Freedom Values’, do not appreciate that beautiful scenes like this location stands automatically for defence of ‘Freedom Values’ because that is the ‘Law of Nature’.

(Passed Forward by ‘Blue Light’ Cosmic Philosophy)

Malaysia’s ex-PM said that Muslims have a right ‘to kill millions of French people’ if Islam is insulted. This also makes 11.9 million French Canadians vulnerable in Canada.

Highlights of the report by Daily Mail Australia…

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Qur’an Triggers Terror Attack.

Highlights of the report by Daily Mail Australia…

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Highlights of the report by Daily Mail Australia…

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Allan Ivarsson comments…

I agree with the argument that ‘Free Speech’ gives people the right to draw cartoons both tasteful and in bad taste on any subject or person. No one has the right to bully people for what they write or draw. ‘Freedom of Speech’ does give people the human right to say how they feel, even when their thinking is wrong.

However, ‘Freedom of Speech’ does not give people the right to force their ideas upon others. Sharing ideas in public is different to imposing ideas upon others. Demonstrations are an abuse of ‘Freedom Privilege’ when they attempt to use force to dictate to others that their ideas must be obeyed by everyone else. It is an act of treason against freedom loving people to block streets in demonstration, denying people freedom of passage in peace, void of harassment.

The violent attack by ‘Jihad Muslims’ cruelly knifing and beheading men and women because they reject ‘Islamic Dictatorship Doctrine’ is absolute evil and such persons do deserve execution for their crimes against humanity.

The problem is that Muslim children are being trained to hate all non-Muslims from the age of infancy and are also being taught to kill by use of Halal throat slitting of animals so that by the time the Muslim is a teenager he has the skills to slit any persons throat as instructed in the Koran.

This is why any intelligent person that values their right to live free will never trust any Muslim. We have no way of knowing who a good altruistic Muslim is, and who is a ‘Jihad Muslim’. Therefore no Muslim can be trusted. The smartest thing a Muslim can do is become an ex-Muslim. But they face a danger because ‘Blasphemy Law’ backed by ‘Sharia Law’ threatens to cruelly execute any Muslim that rejects anti-freedom Islam.

Now I have never since I read the Qur’an in 1984, cross-checked by other translations, hesitated in criticising, and rejecting the ‘Satanic Verses’ hate speech in the Qur’an. I wrote in my book titled ‘Flat Earth’ proof that Muhammad lied in his dictatorship of the contents in the Qur’an.

I follow common-sense ‘Cosmic Law’ the law of the Universe tabled by ‘God of Creation’ through me as a ‘Messenger of Time’. And amongst the fifty-four commandments on ‘Freedom of Speech’ the following laws of decency were tabled…

6. Thou shalt listen to speakers and give them respect for their right to speak freely, even if thou do not agree with what they are saying.

7.Thou shalt by courtesy, consideration and acts of common decency, not disrupt, abuse, heckle, taunt, mock speakers.

8. Thou shalt not disrupt peaceful non-threatening rallies.

9. Thou shalt not abuse, bully, heckle, taunt, mock marchers in a rally, even when thou disagree with the promotional theme of the rally.

10. Thou shalt by courtesy, consideration and acts of common decency, not taunt and mock people, in cartoons, float parades, photographs and in comedy stage acts. Freedom of Speech gives us the right to speak badly, subject to the fact that such speech is not abusive. But common decency speaks nicely with honour using good manners.

11. Thou shalt remember that making fun of people may be a right of freedom of speech, but nevertheless, it is an act of shameful disrespect and subsequent bad manners.

12. Thou shalt remember the valid adage… “Do unto others as you expect them to do unto you”. “Give others respect as you expect them to respect you”. “Good Manners, simply says I respect you”. Be nice, be kind, be considerate, be truthful, be honest, be patient, be calm, be encouraging and always defend the right of every person to live free in speech and choice, void of harassment of any form.

For reasons of decency as instructed to me by ‘God of Creation’ I will never mock people or ideas, or Gods, or Leaders or Founders of Religion. And I will never create photoshop twisted images of people or cartoons to make fun of even evil people like Muhammad. But I will criticise ideas, I will reject ideas and I will say “No”.

And I do openly reject all anti-freedom laws and all anti-freedom ideologies and ideas, likeBlasphemy Law’, ‘Sharia Law’, Communism, Fascism, Islam and Socialism and all ‘Street Demonstrations’ that are focused on bullying people into submission of their ideas.

If people cannot understand the difference between the ‘Moral Values’ of Decency, which does not make fun of people, which is ‘Reality-Based Ethics’, and the ‘Freedom of Speech’ right to criticise and reject ideas fairly and justly then such people are a sorry lot indeed.

I would never draw cartoons of Muhammad because that idea is the wrong thing to do. But I would criticise and reject the wrong ideas that Muhammad taught and reject them with the disgust such evil ideas deserve.

Ranting and raving about the dark minds of people like Muhammad does not achieve anything if it fails to identify why Muhammad teachings were wrong. It is wiser to focus on teaching the wrong of anti-freedom ideologies like Islam and the contents in the Qur’an and Hadiths, than to waste time drawing caricature of a man we never saw, in an age when accurate paintings were scarce and photography did not exist.

Muslims around the world have proven like the 95-year-old ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia have claimed that all persons using ‘Freedom of Speech’ to criticise Islam, which they childishly call ‘Insult’, must be killed.

The ex-Prime Minister proved that his thinking is evil and that he has always been a ‘Totalitarian’ enemy of freedom values and decency. Removing his dark thinking ‘tweet’ does not solve anything, it simply hides the truth about ‘Jihad Muslim’ dark wrong thinking.

It is for this reason that Muslims cannot ever be trusted and that they should not be allowed to live in a free world Nation. Those that demand special privileges and the practice of ‘Sharia Law’ should be charged with ‘Treason’ and permanently expelled from the Nation, whether they were born in that country or not.

There is no place in the free world for totalitarian dictatorship, not now, not ever. Amen.


‘God of Creation’ through ‘Cosmic Law’ bans life the right to deny any animal the right to live free be they human or non-human. Any animal human and non-human has the right of self-defence and the right to kill to eat that is all.

Read ‘Flat Earth’ for more evidence that Muhammad lied.

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