The Real Problem of America is… [not Donald Trump]

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Feature Image: Trump Boeing San Jose International Airport 2013

Four Years of Socialist Biden & Harris shall be dangerously far worse than another four years of Trump & Pence who stand for ‘Freedom Values’.

Allan Ivarsson 2020 6th November

I now believe my opening statement on my Facebook Post about Trump was unfair and incorrect, even though I have always been a Trump supporter since July 2015.

I said… “Trump has lost it by claiming that mail-in votes is fraud.”

I was wrong. He has not lost it. His statement was the truth as more new evidence came to light the next day which I posted and passed forward.

The rest of my remarks on this post are valid concerns.

Allan Ivarsson 2020 7th November.

Socialism is an enemy of ‘Freedom Values’ and is in bed with ‘Communist China’.

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‘Communist China’

Communist China Military Threat

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Communist China Water War

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Communist China Trade Threat

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Communist China Investment in Australia

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